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50 Hilarious Valentine’s Gifts for Your Best Friends

Valentine’s Day is not all about couples, it is simply a great day to celebrate your love for anyone that you appreciate. If your best friend forever is in need of a bit of love this coming February, use this list of gift ideas to make them laugh, smile and feel loved.

Share the love with your friends and pick them up something from this collection of funny gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Ban.do Canvas Fries Before Guys Tote

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, so if you have love for your best friend, this could be the gift that you should buy them! This simple yet awesome tote bag reads ‘fries before guys’ and is perfect for those friends that are single and happy about it.


Hippo Twatamus Coffee Cup

Looking for a friendly and funny way to tell someone to be nice? This mug is the way to do it. With a cute image of a hippo printed on the side, the giant 15oz mug also features the words ‘don’t be a hippo-twatamus’. Trust us, the recipient will love it.


BigMouth Inc The Great Garden Gnome Massacre

If they are proud of their garden and also have a soft spot for giant dinosaurs and sci-fi monsters, this is the garden gnome for them. Featuring Godzilla eating a load of gnomes, it is a funny yet frightening garden ornament and is guaranteed to be met with laughter by any who see it.

Prices Vary

Okurrr Button

If your friend is a fan of celebrities such as Cardi B and many others, this is the present that they will appreciate. At the touch of a button, they will be able to blare out that signature sound that can be often heard from said celebrities whenever they want.


Happy Singles Day T-Shirt

Every Valentine’s Day, so many single people feel doom and gloom. Instead of letting them complain about their loneliness, help them to celebrate their singleton status with this cool t shirt. Available in a range of colors and even reading ‘happy single’s day’, they will adore it.


Prince Harry Lifesize Standup Cardboard Cutout

Do they need a man in their life this Valentine’s? Give them the company of a true Englishman in the form of this fun and humorous cardboard cutout. Featuring Prince Harry, this high quality and highly detailed cutout is the gift that they will find funny this February.


Thread Tank IDK Google It Relaxed V-Neck

Your friend deserves to be given a gift this Valentine’s Day, even if they are single. Show them that you love them by picking up this fun, exciting and comical t shirt. Comfortable and available in a range of colors, the t shirt reads ‘idk, google it’; the perfect answer to any question.

Prices Vary

A Yawn Is a Silent Scream for Coffee Mug

If you know someone that lives for the sweet release of energy that can be found at the bottom of a mug of coffee, this is the vessel that they need. Ready to hold a whopping 20oz of their favorite hot drink, the mug lovingly reads ‘a yawn is a silent scream for coffee’.


Betsey Johnson Toast to You Purse

How funny is this cool and quirky purse? Ready and raring for gift giving, the purse has been designed to look just like a toaster that is cooking up a delicious Poptart. Brought to us by Betsey Johnson, it is definitely a funny way to show them how much you love them.

Prices Vary

Belovecol One Piece Swimsuit

Who can not find this funny? If they like to go to the beach or down to the local pool, this could be the new swimsuit for them. Designed to look exactly like a bloke in a mankini, this hilarious item of clothing will definitely get them a lot of looks poolside!


Vino2Go Portable Wine Glass

It is not always socially acceptable to drink wine on the go, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do just that! With the right equipment it will be easy and convenient, thanks to this travel wine glass – the wine lover that you know will be happier than ever before.


Eggplant Sauce Bottle

Do you put your handwash into a separate dispenser? Then why not do the same for your sauce! Perfect as a gift, this eggplant sauce bottle does exactly as it says on the tin and is a wonderfully unique and great looking way to dispense sauce.


Weird Crushes: British Hunks

Some men are obviously sexy, others aren’t. A fun card game to play with friends, this hilarious game features 55 hunks from all over Britain – the best part is, they are all definitely weird crushes. Ideal as a Valentine’s present for your pal, this game is wonderful.


I Love your Face Coffee Mug

Forget trying to tell them how much you appreciate and love them with fancy words, and keep things simple. In big letters, this ceramic mug features the words ‘I like your face’ and is a simple yet effective way of making them feel special. Both funny and sweet.


Blobfish Slippers

Some people say the blobfish is cute, most will strongly, strongly disagree. Extremely warm, fluffy and conveniently cozy, these blobfish slippers will make your best friend’s feet look absolutely dire, yet be warm and comfortable at the same time. Kind of cute, very cuddly and extremely creepy.


Milo the Corgi Humidifier

Functional as both a humidifier and diffuser, this air cleansing Corgi is the dog that they will want to wake up to on the 14th February. Cute to look at, this effective pooch will become their favorite pet as it continues to keep them breathing fresh, clean air at all times.


Sashay Away Doormat

Are they a fan of the hit television series RuPauls’s Drag Race? If so, this sassy doormat has been inspired by the show itself and will definitely light up their life. Great to look at, the mat itself reads ‘Sashay away’ and will be met with laughter by any fan of the show.


CafePress This Might Be Wine Mug

Everybody needs an insulated travel mug of their own, they are just convenient. This particular travel mug has been invented to be used by those that love to sip on their favorite tipple at all hours of the day. With the caption ‘this could be wine’, the recipient will definitely find it funny.

Prices Vary

Best Friend Keyrings

If you are desperately searching for a Valentine’s gift for your best friend, this could definitely be it. Showcasing two hands with interlocking pinkies, these brilliant keyrings are the ultimate way to show the bond that you and your BFF share, check them out and see what you think.


Wine Purse Cooler

Transporting wine is not the easiest of tasks, it can go very wrong very quickly. If you would like to find the most convenient way for your friend to carry their drinks, take a look at this. With a funny message on the front, the insulated wine bag comes with a removable bladder, spout and more features.

Prices Vary

DoxieBall Basketball Trash Can Game

Some people genuinely have an aversion to putting their trash in the trashcan. If you are trying to think of a funny way to get your friend to start cleaning up their own trash, get them this brilliant basketball trashcan game that makes recycling fun and accessible for everyone.


Gizmo Chia Pet

If you have seen Gremlins, you will be familiar with Gizmo. This adorable little guy has been reinvented and is ready and waiting to help your best friend to grow chia. In no time at all, he will be donning a luscious green coat full of the wonderful stuff.


Justin Trudeau Candle

If they are single this coming Valentine’s Day, you can guarantee that they wish that they were spending the day with the Canadian prime minister. Give them the company of this great man’s smell with this funny Justin Trudeau scented candle. Handmade and full of fun.


Thug Life Flowers Doormat

Who do you think of when you see this comical door mat? Whoever they are, they deserve to be treated to it. Covered in floral patterns and looking extremely pretty, the durable, slip resistant mat surprisingly reads ‘thug life’. How funny is that? See it in all its glory right here.

Prices Vary

Blinker Fluid Prank

Do you know someone that is gullible enough to believe that their car actually needs blinker fluid? Brilliant, then this is the perfect prank for them. Ready in time for Valentine’s Day, you can pick them up this wonderfully convincing bottle of blinker fluid that will set them up for the ultimate laughs.


Knock Knock Self-Therapy Note Pad

Save them some money on buying therapy for themselves by picking them up one of these self therapy note pads. Lighthearted and a lot of fun, these brilliant pads offer step by step processes that will help the recipient to help themselves! Pick up a pad now, ready for Valentine’s.


Custom Face Magnet

How cool would it be to be able to put your face or your best friend’s face onto magnets? Well now you can. All that you need to do is order your required amount of awesome magnets on the following page and upload your favored images.


We’re Friends Cause We’re Both Nuts Mug

How adorable is this mug? Designed specifically for your best pal, the mug itself will make them giddy with glee. Featuring an image of 2 monkey nuts alongside the caption ‘we’re friends cause we’re both nuts’; if the shoe fits, why not? A delightful gift to give them this February.


Haluoo If You Can Read This Bring Me Socks

Food lovers everywhere will be queuing up to get themselves a pair of these socks. If your BFF is one of these people, make them smile by buying them a pair right now. Covered in images of certain foods, the soles of the socks will ask any onlooker to get them their favorite munch there and then.

Prices Vary

Bad Advice from Wine

Wine has this funny ability to tell you to do crazy things that sober you would not want to do. With this notebook full of quotes, you can give your friend a summary of some of the most comical things that wine has ever said! With so many, they will not stop laughing.


We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile Gift

Your single friend may not be relishing the fact that Valentine’s Day is around the corner. If this is the case, fear not as with this box you will be able to make them feel more loved than ever. With a cute and funny message included, along with the ability for personalization, the keepsake box is perfect.


I’d Fight a Bear for You Mug

Fighting a bear is no small feat; if you would like all of the sentiment behind saying you’d fight a bear for someone with none of the danger, you can get them this hilarious and personalized mug that they will just love to drink their coffee out of. It has to be seen to be believed.


Best Friend Trouble T-Shirts

Are you and your best pal like peanut butter and jelly? Yin and Yang? If you two go together well, pick up a pair of these t shirts. Simply decide which one of you is the troublemaker and wear your new and comfortable items of clothing accordingly. Matching shirts are the best!


From Crook to Cook – the Snoop Dogg Cookbook

Snoop Dogg must spend so much time of his life with the munchies, that he knows good food when he sees it. This brilliant cookbook is full to the brim with the hip hop legend’s favorite recipes and preferred munch! The ideal gift for your food loving friend.


Poop and Toilet Paper Keychains

Shop is no longer open.


Fred STUCK UP Bubble Gum Refrigerator Magnets

Created to look exactly like chewed up chewing gum, these ingenious fridge magnets are perfect for holding just about anything up on the fridge. Funny as fudge, the candy themed magnets come in a range of different ‘flavors’ and will definitely become a brilliant conversation starter that your friend will adore.

Prices Vary

Inflatable Avocado Pool Float

Avocado is the superfood that has taken the world by storm! So many people everywhere cannot go a single day without this delicious and healthy treat. With a beach ball pit included, this comical and inflatable pool float looks exactly like half of an avocado and will be the perfect place to chill out this coming summer.


Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert

Some people love wine, but are too intimidated by the world of wine tasting to ever become a connoisseur. With the help of this adult scratch and sniff book, they will be able to thumb through the pages as they become a genuine wine expert. What a great gift.


Dead Celebs

Lots of celebrities manage to retain their fame, even after they have taken a one way trip to the grave. If you know of someone that is obsessed with the dead, this comical card game will definitely cheer them up on Valentine’s Day. Fun, simple and seriously strange.


V Is For Vodka Not Valentines Shirt

Some people associate the letter V with Valentine’s Day, others associate it with vodka. Your single friend deserves a gift this coming February, so why not pick them up this high quality and definitely funny t shirt that shows their love for the famous drink. Brought to us by HG Apparel.


Sister Wife Mug

Wow, how brilliant is this? If they have a good sense of humor, this could be the mug for them this Valentine’s Day. Show them how much you love them with this simple and loving mug that reads ‘If I was a Mormon Fundamentalist, I would want you as my sister wife’.


Best Friend Magnet

Handmade and extremely relatable, this magnet is the gift that you will want to get for your best friend this coming February. With a cool, retro design, the magnet features a fun phrase that sums up exactly what you think of your favorite friend in the whole world.


Unicorn Slime

Unicorns are more popular than ever; some people are absolutely obsessed with them! This unicorn ‘poop’ is the prettiest slime that you will ever find. If there is someone in your life that loves these mythical beasts, treat them to a tin of the stuff right now.

Prices Vary

Unicorn Earmuffs

Warm ears are underrated. Make sure that your favorite person in the world never has cold ears again by getting them a pair of these funny yet equally beautiful unicorn themed earmuffs. Designed to make the wearer look just like a unicorn themselves, you really cannot go wrong.


Tall/Short Best Friend Matching T-Shirts

You may match in most ways, but are you and your best friend completely different heights? Not to worry, you will be able to wear these awesome matching t shirts. With one labelling the tall friend and the other the short, the comfortable garments will be well received.


Dark Stock Photos

Do they have a sick mind? So do lots of people. Make them especially happy by picking them up this exciting book. Filled with over 120 of the darkest stock images that are available to buy, this full up photography book will keep your pal entertained and enthralled.


Shark Attack Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Salt and pepper shakers make wonderful gifts, for either collectors or simply admirers. If you are on the lookout for something lighthearted and fun to buy your friend for Valentine’s, this shark attack salt and pepper set is the way to go. Hand painted and complete with magnets, they will love it.

Prices Vary

Don’t Be A Salty Bitch Mug

Sometimes, it is helpful to be reminded not to be salty af. With this 11oz ceramic mug, you can give your loved one a constant reminder to keep their cool. Sturdy and ready for a long relationship with the recipient, this comical mug is waiting for a new home.


Blue Q Crew Socks

It is no bad thing to admit that your best bud is a psycho; even if they are sweet on the outside. These hilarious socks are here to sum up your feelings towards your friend. Featuring the words ‘cute, but psycho, but cute’, your friend will wear them proudly as much as they can.


Fred SLOW BREW Sloth Tea Infuser

Infusing tea is no small feat, it needs to be done properly to ensure maximum flavor. Treat your loved one to this super adorable sloth tea infuser. Designed for simplicity, the recipient only needs to add their favorite loose tea and hang the sloth on the side of the mug as they wait for that first sip.


3 Sweet Diy Valentines Day Gifts for Friends

Diy Strawberry Lemon Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are simple to make and can have amazing effects when used on the skin. With Valentine’s Day on the way, use this here tutorial to create a delightful strawberry and lemon sugar scrub in your very own home ready for gift giving.

Diy Hot Chocolate Treat Bags

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go together like ham and cheese. With a free printable available also, the following page contains every piece of information that you could need to make a hot chocolate treat bag that will definitely be enjoyed this February when given to a friend.

Diy Chocolate Bouquet

Bouquets do not always have to contain flowers, in fact they will probably be better received when they contain chocolates. If you have no idea how to put together a bouquet of chocolate, have a read through the following information and find out in time for Valentine’s Day.

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