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40 Cool Valentine’s Day Gifts for Drinkers

Some people out there like a drink and there’s no shame in that; it can turn the dullest event into something quite fun! If your loved one loves a cocktail or a glass of wine with their food, this list is the one for you. You’ll find the perfect Valentine’s gift for them in here.


Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit

If you like a cocktail, this Old Fashioned Whiskey set is perfect. It allows you to create a perfect Old Fashioned cocktail with minimal fuss; all you need to add is a bottle of your favorite rye or bourbon and bottoms up! You can even buy refill kits if you want to keep on drinking.

Prices vary

Winc Wine Subscription Box

No meal is complete without a delicious bottle of wine to go with it, and that’s where this subscription comes in. All you need to do is answer six questions so Winc get an idea of your preferred tastes, and then you’ll receive wines hand chosen to fit your personal palate.

Prices vary

Mixology Cocktail Kit

There’s more to cocktails than just drinking them – a true mixologist has to understand the flavors and combinations of different alcohol. Take it one step further with this Mixology Cocktail Kit which will allow you to add another dimension to your drinks and truly impress your guests at your next dinner party.


Whiskey Glass Set

This kit would make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to drink whiskey or scotch at the end of the night. Inside the beautiful crafted wooden box, you’ll find two 11.15oz drinking glasses, 2 slate coasters, a pair of tongs and some granite rocks which will keep your drink cool without diluting the flavor.


Ginger Beer Making Kit with Copper Mule Mugs

One of the essential ingredients in a Moscow Mule is ginger beer – it’s the element which gives it that kick. Don’t settle for store bought though, use this kit to make your very own batch of ginger beer, perfect for adding to your cocktails. Use the included copper mugs to drink your concoction from.

Prices vary

Champagne And Confections

Your significant other will be so pleased to receive these on Valentines Day. What better way to show your affection than with champagne and chocolates? You can even choose the bottle which they’ll receive, depending on how big your budget is and how important you think they are.

Prices vary

Stone Wine Glass Pirouette Set

Whether you throw a lot of dinner parties or you just like a glass of wine with dinner, this Stone Wine Glass Caddy is perfect. Use the stone knob on the top to bring the glasses to the table, avoiding any unnecessary smudges which you’d need to clean before your guests can enjoy some wine.


Sparkling Rose Wine Making Kit

Rosé is delicious and there’s no better gift to give to your wife or girlfriend than this; a rosé making kit. Simply mix the premium grape juice with the yeast and let it do it’s thing for six weeks, when you’ll have enough wine to fill six empty champagne bottles.


Whiskey Bullet Stones with Base

Enjoying a scotch on the rocks is one of life’s simple pleasures, but once those icy rocks start to melt, it dilutes the flavor of the alcohol. Get around this problem by serving his next glass with these; bullet shaped whiskey coolers. They even come presented in a revolver shaped freezer base.

Prices Vary

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Making Kit

Whether you were born in Napa Valley or you’re just a fan of the wine that’s produced there, this wine making kit will allow you to recreate the flavors of a Californian Cabernet Sauvignon wherever you live. It provides you with enough ingredients to make a gallon, so plenty for you to enjoy.


Great American Red Wine Trio

Presented in a beautiful wooden crate, this trio of American red wines is the perfect gift for anyone who loves a glass. You’ll receive three of the nicest red wines America has to offer, including a smooth Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon which has hints of blackcurrant and cherries.

Prices vary

Chalkboard Stemless Wine Glasses Set

If you’ve ever been to a dinner party, you’ll know that you need to keep a close eye on your glass at all times, otherwise someone will come along and take it without realising. Mark your drink with these stemless chalkboard glasses so no one will run off with your vino.


Insulated Beer Mug

A warm beer isn’t a nice drink, in fact it’ll probably make you want to throw it out. Don’t waste the good stuff, put your favorite beer, ale or lager into this insulated copper plated beer mug, instead. Thanks to science, your drink will stay cold down to the very last drop.

Prices Vary

Pretzel & Beer Cheese Kit

Is there anything nicer than a soft, freshly baked pretzel? Yes actually, when you take that pretzel and dip it into some homemade beer cheese. This kit provides you with most of the ingredients you need to create both of these Bavarian delicacies, you just need to add a couple more.


Beer in 45 Languages T-Shirt

When you go on holiday to new places, you’ll need to learn a few words in the native language just to get by. With this t-shirt, you’ll soon know how to say “beer” in 45 different languages. You’ll never go thirsty in a foreign country again.

Prices Vary

Personalized Moonshine Jug & Kit

Moonshine is a drink which most of us have heard of but we haven’t had the opportunity to drink, thanks to legalities. This kit will allow you to whip up a batch (don’t worry, it’s not the real thing) and then add one of the three included flavors to your brew.


Pinot Grigio Wine Making Kit

If you’ve never been to Italy, you don’t know what you’re missing. They make some of the most delicious foods in the world and they produce some incredible wines, too. Use this kit to make your own batch of crisp Pinot Grigio and pretend that you’re enjoying a glass on the banks of Lake Garda.


USA Beer Cap Map

Perfect for all lovers of beer, this USA wooden map is the best place for him to store his precious caps. There’s room for 69 and it’s up to him which ones he chooses to display. At 2 foot, it comes with nails so he can attach it to the wall as soon as he receives it.


Italian Wine Tour

Celebrate the best that Italy has to offer with this gift. Inside the beautiful wooden wine crate, you’ll discover three Italian wines; a Pinot Grigio, a Chianti and a Toscana Red. Pour yourself a glass (or two) and savor everything Italy has to offer.

Prices vary

Gin and Tonic Diagram Glassware Set

There are only three ingredients needed for a good gin and tonic; a good quality gin, fizzy tonic, and some ice cubes. Oh, and maybe a slice of lime. These highball glasses have a diagram on the front so you’ll never forget an essential element when putting together this delicious drink.


Hot Toddy Diagram Glassware Set

On a crisp autumn day or a cold winter’s night, there’s nothing nicer than wrapping your gloved hands around a glass of Hot Toddy. These glasses have been printed with a diagram of the essential ingredients needed to recreate this drink, including whiskey and honey.


Flavair Whiskey Subscription Box

Whiskey is an acquired taste, with the different blends tasting slightly different to the next. Let the whiskey lover you know explore the world of spirits with this membership. They’ll get access to a “Try Before You Buy” option, attend live tasting events, and much, much more.

Prices vary

PortoVino Wine Purse

If you’ve ever been to a dinner party, you’ll know that it can be really difficult scoring yourself a drink. Give this tote bag to your wife or girlfriend and she’ll never have that problem again. The party pouch can hold 1.5l of wine, and the pouring spout can be hidden when she doesn’t need it.


Absinthe Making Kit

In just 26 hours, you’ll have turned your favorite alcohol into a bottle of absinthe. Known as the “Green Fairy” in Bohemian legend, this emerald colored drink is flavored with eleven botanical herbs and spices, including fennel, anise and artesima. You can also buy refill kits so you can make bottle after bottle.

Prices vary

Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware Set

A Bloody Mary isn’t a simple cocktail, there are a lot of elements which make up this drink which many of us enjoy at brunch. If you’re a fan of a late breakfast, add these diagram pint glasses to your collection and you’ll never miss a crucial ingredient again.


Dom Perignon With Personalized Gift Box

We all know just how expensive Dom Perignon is, and a bottle alone would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift. But this one is that little bit more special; it comes in a gift box which has a personalized engraved plaque on it, reminding them of the best Valentine’s Day they’ve ever had.

Prices vary

Probably Beer Enamel Coffee Mug

Going camping is a great way to spend time with your loved one without the distraction of technology, but your other half might need some convincing. Give them something to smile about with this enamel mug which has “Probably Beer” printed on the side; it’s actually perfect for any liquid – hot or cold – of their choice.


Corkcicle Cigar Glass

If you need a gift for your manly man, you won’t get anything more masculine than this cigar glass. Not only will the glass hold their favorite bourbon or scotch, there’s also a little indent where he can rest his cigar. No more fumbling with his glass and cigar while he’s socializing.


Toast Of California Wine Basket

If you can’t decide on what you want to get for your lovely other half, this gift basket is ideal. It contains lots of different gourmet foods, both sweet and savory, as well as two bottles of wine; one Mountain Reserve Red and a crisp white Chardonnay.

Prices vary

Wine Lovers Perfect Gift Box

Do you and your husband or wife consider yourselves to be wine connoisseurs? If so, this wine lovers hamper will be the perfect gift for you both to enjoy on Valentine’s Day. It contains a pair of socks, a stemless glass and a beautiful lavender and chamomile soy wax candle.


Sloping Ski Glasses

This four piece glasses set will look cute sitting on a shelf, waiting to be used, and would make a perfect gift for someone who loves to hit the slopes on their skis. Every time they get these glasses out, they’ll be reminded of the rush and exhilaration as they make their way down the mountain side.


Hard Cider Making Kit

Rediscover the delicious taste of Hard Cider with this kit. It contains almost everything you need to brew three batches of your own; all you need to add is your favorite pasteurized cider and some patience, and you’ll soon be rewarded with the sweet taste of Hard Cider.


Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

Have you ever fancied trying your hand at making your own blend of whiskey or rum? Well with this kit you can, right in the comfort of your own home. Simply cure the wooden barrel and then add grain alcohol and a bottle of the included Swish Barrel Essence.

Prices vary

Premium Wine Gift Set

To be the hostess with the mostess, you need to have everything taken care of and avoid any potential disaster…like not being able to open the wine! Give this wine accessories gift set to your wife or even your next party host and they’ll never have an embarrassing mishap again.

Prices Vary

Rocking Record Glasses

Perfect for lovers of all things vintage, these record glasses are sure to put them in a spin. The base is designed to cause movement, making your drink rock and sway in between sips. Not only do they look super cool, but they’ll be a great talking point among your guests.


Beer Lover’s Coloring Book

Adult coloring is a massive trend at the moment but a lot of the coloring books can be a disappointment. Not this one though. It’s perfect for anyone who loves a pint of beer, and every page has a cool design to color in alongside a funny quote which is sure to make them smile.


Portable Beer Dispenser

There’s no denying that a draft beer tastes so much nicer than if it’d come out of a can or bottle. You can now have that delicious taste at home with this portable beer dispenser. It’s small enough to carry around with you but it can still hold a standard can of liquid.

Prices Vary

Tears of My Enemies Flask

A hip flask is necessary for bringing around your favorite drink without people knowing what’s inside; for all they know, you could have water or juice in there. With the words “Tears of my Enemies” printed on the side, you’ll ward off the judgemental people anyway!


Guitar Glasses Set

Whether you’re a guitar player yourself or you’re just a fan of this incredible instrument, this set of four glasses will be a brilliant addition to your home. The clear glasses will show off what’s inside while the different colored guitars will allow you to remember which drink is yours.


West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

If you’re a fan of drinking beer, there’s no reason why you can’t try your hand at brewing your own IPA. This kit will provide you with a gallon of beer which is enough to fill around 10-12 bottles. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, and you might help someone find their passion in life!

Prices vary

3 Diy Cocktail Gifts

Diy Candy Flavored Vodka

If you have some candy lying around, from Christmas or even Halloween, and you don’t know what to do with it, here’s the answer. Use it to make your very own batches of candy flavored vodka. There’s no limit to your imagination, follow this tutorial and see what you can create.

Diy Peach Margarita Gift Basket

Put together this gift basket and provide your loved one with everything they need to create some peach margaritas in their home. Take inspiration from this blog post and you will think up SO many cocktail combinations for gift baskets – your friends and family will love you for it.

Diy Mason Jar Cocktail Gifts

These DIY mason jar cocktails make perfect gifts for any occasion; Christmas, birthdays, and even Valentines Day. This blog post has a few combinations you could put together for your friends and family, such as a Jack and Coke or a Red Bull and vodka.

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