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50 Life-changing Experience-Based Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

With Valentine’s Day on its way, it is time to start thinking about what you want to buy for your other half. Instead of buying them generic gifts, why not treat them to an experience rather than a product? From flight experiences to romantic boat rides, this list has it all.


Hot Air Balloon Ride (Tallmadge, OH)

Ohio is home to some of the most outstanding countryside in the entire United States. If your loved one has a head for heights and the ability to appreciate natural beauty, send them floating thousands of feet into the skies of Ohio in a stunning hot air balloon.

From $250

Tampa Sunset Helicopter Tour

The Tampa Bay sunset is one that is admired by people all over the world. This Valentine’s Day, you and your boyfriend can soar into the clouds in the most popular helicopter in the world as you take in the romantic glow created by the sinking sun on your tour around the skyline.

From $318

Bull Riding School (Humansville, MO)

Has your man always wanted to try his hand at being in the rodeo? It sounds impossible, but it really isn’t! With this awesome experience, they will be able to attend the country’s best rodeo school as they attempt to stay on top of an untamed bull. Check it out.

From $450

Harbor Sunset Cruise (Boston, MA)

The Boston Harbor really is the perfect place to take your lover for Valentine’s. Hop aboard a boat and settle down to enjoy a 90 minute narrated tour around the sunset lit harbor! With so many different sights to behold, it really will be a romantic experience that you can share together.

From $63

Playing Lesson With a Pro (Littleton, CO)

Is he an avid golfer? If so, this is the gift for him. Treat him to a wonderful golfing lesson from none other than PGA pro Joe Herbert. Situated at the Arrowhead gold club, this brilliant experience will teach him more than you could ever imagine and will leave him with more than an improved swing.

From $225

Private Sunset Sailing Cruise (Austin, TX)

Are you familiar with Lake Travis? More importantly is your man? If so, this memorable cruise experience will bring him closer than ever to the beautiful waters. This private 2 hour cruise will leave him with memories of you, him, the water and the awe inspiring views.

From $320

Whale Watching Experience (Boston, MA)

How many people do you know that can say they have been up close and personal with wild whales? Not many we would imagine. If your other half has a soft spot for the beauties of wildlife, this whale watching experience will allow him to see them whilst enjoying a first class boating experience.

From $56

Fly a Biplane (Stanton, MN)

There are not many greater gifts than the gift of flight. If the man that you know and love has an interest in aviation, you can arrange for them to take to the skies themselves. They will be able to climb inside a 1941 Stearman and even take control of the aircraft in the skies over Minnesota.

From $256

Race a Porsche (Kansas Speedway)

If he is a big fan of cars, class, speed and style, this is the gift that you need to buy him. Located at the Kansas Speedway, this awesome experience will allow them the chance to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT3 as they race around this famous track.

From $368

Private Hill Country Wine Tour (Austin, TX)

Is he the kind of person that really, really enjoys wine? Brilliant, then surprise him with a private wine tour around vineyards and wineries that can be found in Texas Hill Country. Comfortably seated inside a luxury car, it is an experience neither of you will forget.

From $700

Learn to Fly a Helicopter (Waterford, MI)

If he has always had a passion for flight and would love to have the opportunity to take to the controls of a helicopter, make sure that he has the chance with this brilliantly exciting gift. Located in Oakland County Airport, he will be able to see for miles around as he soars through the sky.

From $350

Teepee Overnight Adventure (Atlanta, GA)

The native Americans knew how to get cozy. If you are trying to think of a unique way to get away with your man this Valentine’s Day, why not spend the night in an authentic teepee under the Atlanta stars. It really is luxury camping at its finest.

From $129

Sunset Helicopter Tour (Pittstown, NJ)

If he could spend a day doing anything, would he suggest a helicopter ride? Make this coming Valentine’s better than any other by organizing him the opportunity to enjoy a glass of champagne whilst scanning the stunning views that New Jersey has to offer! Safe, fun and a very memorable experience.

From $375

Upper Yough Whitewater Rafting (Friendsville, MD)

Located on the East Coast, this wonderful gift package will make your other half happier than ever before. With a deli style picnic lunch included, this experience will allow him the opportunity to to enjoy an action packed day of whitewater rafting on the Upper Youghiogheny river in Maryland.

From $165

T6 Texan Warbird Ride Outer Banks

Does the man in your life have a big love for the warbirds that ruled the skies during the second world war? If so, he will jump at the chance to fly in a T6 Texan. With this gift package, he will be able to fly aboard ‘Sweet Sophia’ as he darts around the North Carolina sky.

From $249

African Safari Zipline Adventure (Camp Verde, AZ)

Visiting wildlife parks is a lot of fun, it’s great to look at these incredible animals up close and personal. Give your boyfriend the opportunity to see a selection of the world’s coolest predators as he soars through the air on a zipline over the Out of Africa wildlife park in Camp Verde.

From $107

Private DJ Lesson (Chicago, IL)

If he lives for music, and would love a chance to learn how to produce the very best beats around, treat him to a private DJ lesson. Provided by a school founded by the DJ of Run DMC, you already know that he will receive the best education around as he feeds his passion for sound.

From $125

Old Town Alexandria Food Tour (Alexandria, VA)

America is absolutely full to the brim with history! If you think that the man in your life would enjoy the chance to explore the food and drink that is on offer in Old Town Alexandria, you can set him up with this delightful, passionate and jam-packed tour of the restaurants that exist in this great place.

From $65

Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon Ride

Napa Valley is world famous for its breathtaking views and stunning sights. There is no better way to take in these unbelievable experiences than way up in the air! Help your man to achieve this by sending him up in a hot air balloon for a memorable ride over California.

Prices Vary

Tandem Hang Gliding Flight (Granite Shoals, TX)

Hang gliding is one of those things that lots of people want to experience, yet never get the opportunity to do so. Thanks to this awesome gift, you can show your other half how much you love him by sending him on a tandem flight over Texas as he learns the ropes behind this exciting adrenaline rush.

From $279

Flyboard Adventure (Nashville, TN)

Have you heard of flyboarding? If so, you will know how cool it actually is. This February, gift your boyfriend the chance to go out on to the water and subsequently hover and fly above it, just like magic! The best part is you can join in and have some couple’s fun.

From $195

Glamping in Moab (Moab, UT)

Glamping is the perfect way to sleep in the great outdoors without getting mud in your hair and bugs in your pants. Instead of forking out for a fancy hotel, take your partner on a romantic getaway that involves 2 nights inside a luxury safari tent that boasts a king size bed and a wood burning stove.

From $522

French Quarter Food Tour (New Orleans, LA)

The French Quarter of New Orleans is home to some seriously tasty cuisine. This brilliant, local and informative tour will take you and your beloved man around the very best restaurants that they have to offer whilst also taking in the beautiful sights that are on offer in this great city.

From $58

Pocono Helicopter Tour

Do you and your partner live close to New Jersey? Are you looking for something new and exciting to do as you celebrate Valentine’s? Wonderful, then check this out. This awesome helicopter tour will take you both up the Delaware River as you take in the stunning scenery that includes mountains and more.

From $600

Private Wine Education Tour (Hume, VA)

The journey that wine makes before it reaches your lips is a great one. If the man that you know and love has a special interest in wine, take him on this private education tour. Situated close to Washington, this brilliant tour will take them through the vineyards as they learn, and enjoy wine tasting.

From $85

Private Gondola Tour (New Orleans, LA)

You don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy a ride on a gondola; with this gift, you and your boyfriend can enjoy an hour long gentle journey around New Orleans. Romantic and full of some of the best sights available in the city, the journey even comes with complimentary snacks.

From $90

Scenic Glider Ride (Boulder, CO)

Gliders are quiet, peaceful and a wonderfully unique way to experience the magic of flight. Instead of buying him flowers or chocolate, treat your man to a once in a lifetime experience as he soars through the Colorado sky in sheer awe of the beauty that can be seen from above.

From $110

Play With Heavy Machinery (Hastings, MN)

Does he have a fascination with construction sites? Namely the big, awesome, cool machines that can be found upon them? If you would like for him to have a chance to play with these heavy beasts, treat him to this gift that will allow him this opportunity. The earth will definitely be moving for him!

From $316

Aerobatic Thrill Ride (Mesa, AZ)

The Extra 300L is known around the world for its ability to perform unbelievable aerobatics. Partnered with a skilled pilot, your boyfriend will be able to experience the thrill that can be discovered whilst spinning, spiraling and looping through the clouds with this awesome flight gift.

From $643

Newport Beach Whale Watching

Whales are magnificent. This February, show him how much you love him by taking him on an unforgettable whale watching cruise. Located in Newport Beach, California, this super exciting gift will ensure that you both enjoy an up close and personal viewing experience on this Coast Guard approved tour.

Prices Vary

Guided Fly Fishing (Ohiopyle, PA)

Fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in the whole world – it is a great way to relax and enjoy the natural world. With the best scenery around and a qualified tour guide, this fly fishing gift is ideal for your fella and is something he will genuinely want to do.

From $301

Formula 2000 Racing (Pocono Raceway)

Would he love to be a racecar driver? It may sound like a dream, but you can bring it to life with this brilliant gift package. Allow him the chance to sit behind the wheel of a Formula 2000 racing car and soar around the Pocono Raceway in style and speed.

From $575

Race a Lamborghini (Kent, WA)

If you were to offer him the chance to drive a supercar, would he be hopping with excitement? If so, pick up this gift package today and he will be able to climb inside a Lamborghini Huracan and put his foot to the floor as he smiles his way around the Pacific Raceways.

Prices Vary

Tandem Skydiving (Grove City, PA)

Jumping out of an airplane at over 13,000 feet is something that is on many a person’s bucket list. If the man that you love is one of these people, you can make this wish come true in the form of this awesome experience gift. Located in Pennsylvania, it will be a day he will never forget.

From $239

Striped Bass Fishing Charter (Nashville, TN)

Every fisherman would love to spend a day fishing for bass. With knowledgeable guides on hand, this gift will make sure that your man will be able to enjoy one of the most famous fishing lakes in the United States. With all of the equipment they could need supplied, they simply need to enjoy.

From $425

Ultimate Seattle Helicopter Tour

Seattle really is a beautiful city! With so many different sights to behold, this helicopter tour will make your other half feel like the luckiest man alive. Whilst hovering high in the sky, you will both be able to enjoy unforgettable moments together; what a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s.

From $143

Learn to Fly Big Sur

Flight is something that man has dreamed of for hundreds of years; thanks to technology, we can now achieve it. If he would love to learn how to fly, he can take to the controls of the Cessna 172 in the skies above California with a certified instructor thanks to this unique and exciting gift.

Prices Vary

Chicago Helicopter Tour

America is home to so many wonderful places, Chicago being one of them. Partnered with a certified, quality pilot, you and your other half will be able to enjoy a romantic ride in a historic helicopter as you take in the stunning sights that can be seen from the skies above this awesome city.

From $375

Davinici’s Gold Scavenger Hunt (Multiple Cities)

Is he a unique individual? If he is as intellectual as he is attractive, you should treat him to this exciting scavenger hunt. With some of the coolest and most detailed treasure maps, clues and more around, this DaVinci inspired scavenger hunt will help him to see Charleston like never before.

From $2410

Private Wakeboarding Cable Lesson (Rosharon, TX)

The water is the perfect place to discover new sports, if your lover is an active aqua enthusiast, invest in this wakeboarding experience. He will be given the opportunity to take to the water in Houston as he is taught theins and outs of this fun hobby by qualified instructors.

From $97

Private Glass Blowing (Brooklyn, NY)

Glass blowing is an old art form that can be used to create some truly beautiful pieces. If he has an artistic streak, you should treat him to this exciting private glass blowing class in New York City. With experts on hand to show him the ropes, he will be creating his own art in no time at all.

From $225

Fly Like a Fighter Pilot (Chino, CA)

Who wouldn’t want to be a fighter pilot? Soaring through the skies at speeds that not many people get to reach must be amazing. If you know that this is something that your boyfriend would enjoy, pick him up this gift experience that will allow him to fly an L-39 Albatross jet plane with a skilled pilot.

Prices Vary

Indoor Skydiving (Nashua, NH)

If you know that he would love the sensation of skydiving without the stomach churning freefall from the clouds, this is the gift that you need to get him. Thanks to a state-of-the-art wind tunnel, he will be able to float, hover and fly as he enjoys his indoor skydiving session! Make sure to take pictures.

From $55

Drive an Indy Car (Michigan International Speedway)

When it comes to motorsports, Indy Car races are some of the coolest. With that in mind, make sure that your man feels loved by getting him this wonderful gift experience that will allow him the opportunity to try his skills at driving one of these awesome vehicles.

From $359

Bioluminescent Paddle Adventure (Titusville, FL)

Wow, if you have been searching for the most unique way to show him how much you love him, check this out. This bioluminescent paddle adventure will see the two of you paddle in a kayak or a canoe as you are amazed by the beauty of a natural lightshow.

From $49

Wine Tasting Sail (Manhattan, NY)

Sailing in the waters around New York is a wonderful way to spend the day. If this sounds like something that would appeal to your boyfriend, enjoy a day on a sailboat with him, enjoying stunning views and an evening full of wine tasting – how incredible does that sound?

From $101

The Illuminati Hunt (Multiple Cities)

The Illuminati Hunt is the exciting gift that the man in your life will love. Fully intellectual and a race against time, this brilliant hunt makes use of UV lights as players run around following clues and as they track down the treasure. A brilliantly unique way to spend an evening.

From $2410

Marengo Cavern Caving Adventure for Six (Marengo, IN)

Our planet is home to many different and exciting caverns and caves that not many people are able to explore. This February, give your loved one the rare chance to explore the Morengo Cavern; ancient and enormous, it offers a truly remarkable experience that will never be forgotten.

From $204

Trapeze Lesson (Phoenix)

Have you ever watched a trapeze artist? They look almost magical. Instead of buying him something generic, treat him to a trapeze lesson that will see him swinging and soaring through the air as he learns a new skill that not many people get the chance to enjoy.

From $89

Deluxe Glamping in the Smoky Mountains (Pigeon Forge, TN)

The Smoky Mountains are truly beautiful, nobody can deny that. If your other half would not normally enjoy a night under the stars, you need to take him on this luxury glamping holiday! With all of the nature of a camping holiday paired with the amenities of a hotel, you can’t go wrong.

From $686

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