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27 Valentine’s Cologne Sets for Him That You’ll Love Too

This Valentine’s Day, give him the gift of fragrance – from modest price points, to luxury items, these designer scents are sure to please you as much as they will please him. Find a new cologne or choose his favorite go-to spray. Smelling like a man doesn’t have to be boring.


Prada Luna Rossa Gift Set

Whether he’s a new beau or an old familiar love, when you want to be closer to him, Prada Luna Rossa makes the experience that much more pleasant. This top of the line fragrance set includes aftershave balm and EDT spray to keep that exotic aura fresh from morning till night. Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Prices Vary

Vérsåce Dylan Blue Cologné Gift Set

Versace is a trusted name when it comes to all things fashionable. The Versace Dylan Blue for men is a triple treat for his grooming pleasure. And when he’s wearing your signature scent, you’ll know love is in the air. Featuring EDT spray, aftershave balm, and scented shower gel for an overall effect.

Prices Vary

Jean Paul Gaultier By Jean Paul Gaultier

When you’re looking for a gift that says “ooh la la” look no further than Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. The gift set includes the classic eau de toilette spray and shower gel. Let your favorite gent experience the heady feeling of continental joie de vivre every time his thoughts turn to you.

Prices Vary

Vera Wang By Vera Wang For Men

Vera Wang for Men is the gift set for the guy who appreciates the finer things in life – like you! This elegant fragrance is perfect for a special evening out or an even more special evening at home. When you think of Valentines think Vera. The moderate price point is a pleasure for your budget.

Prices Vary

L’Homme Yves Saint Laurent By Yves Saint Laurent

If “classic” and “timeless” are words that come to mind when you think of him, then choose this classic and timeless fragrance from Yves Saint Laurent for Men. The gift set includes shower gel and EDT spray for head-to-toe and morning-to-evening freshness. Make his signature scent L’Homme by YSL. The pleasure will be all yours.


Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce Gift Set

Abercrombie & Fitch – for the more discerning young man on your Valentine’s Day list. Choose “Fierce” the two-piece gift set, which includes the signature cologne and a generously-sized all-over body wash. The first name in top of the line casual luxury wear now is also the go-to fragrance for the confident, modern guy.

Prices Vary

Bvlgari Man in Black Gift Set

BVLGARI Man in Black is the gift set from the distinguished house of Bulgari for the distinguished gentleman on your Valentine’s Day list. This fragrance set includes the eau de toilette spray, aftershave balm, and shampoo/shower gel combination. From morning to midnight, he will be the epitome of glamor and good taste.

Prices Vary

Versace Eros Gift Set

Even if your beloved isn’t a Greek god, he is worthy of the fragrance named for one: From the house of Versace, we offer the three-piece mini gift set in the scent “Eros” this Valentine’s Day. An EDT splash, aftershave balm, and shower gel keep him fresh and make him feel your love all day.


Armani Code by Giorgio Armani Gift Set

Armani Code by Giorgio Armani for Men is the gift set he’s hoping you’ll choose this year. This appealing masculine scent is suitable for a day at the office or a weekend at the beach. The subtle sophistication that goes with the Armani name will be his when he wears this signature scent.


Tommy Bahama Maritime Gift Set

Tommy Bahama brings a note of excitement to everything, including fragrance. The Tommy Bahama Maritime gift set features the signature scent that adds a nautical jaunt to any step and imbues the wearer with an adventurous air. Eau de cologne spray, hair and body wash, and aftershave balm are included for all his grooming needs.

Prices Vary

Versace Pour Homme Men Gift Set

The Versace Pour Homme gift set is ideal for the man with discriminating taste and perfect for those who love him who are on a more modest budget. Sophisticated and youthful, yet balanced and mature, choose this EDT spray and hair & body shampoo combo. When he wears it, he’ll definitely make a favorable impression.


Gucci Guilty Gift Set

So you’ve selected “Guilty” from Gucci as a Valentine’s Day gift for a special man. Whether he’s guilty of looking good, stealing your heart, or making you blush, this three-piece gift set says you’ve judged him and found him worthy of your attention. Scented spray, aftershave balm, and shower gel are included.

Prices Vary

Michael Kors Cologne Set

Michael Kors for Men comes in a three-piece gift set, including cologne, aftershave balm, and hair and body wash. This designer fragrance is a thoughtful selection for the up-and-coming gent who works hard, plays hard, and knows how to relax. What better way to say “be my valentine” than with a stunning scent package.


Skulls and Roses ED Hardy Colognes

Not every fellow has the confidence to pull off an edgy look or present himself with a devil-may-care swagger. For those who do, Skulls and Roses by Ed Hardy is the scent of a he-man. Whether he’s an entrepreneur on the way up or firmly ensconced in his success, make this his signature fragrance.


Cuba Classic For Men Gift Set

Even in a one-man band, there’s more than one note. For your fellow, who never wants to be predictable or boring, choose this fabulous set from the design house of Cuba. Four fantastic scents — Cuba Gold, Cuba Red, Cuba Orange, and Cuba Blue give him options and an element of surprise every day.


Ralph Lauren Polo Variety Gift Set

Valentine’s Day is a fun time to share with someone special, and this variety mini gift set from the iconic Ralph Lauren Polo collection is a fun way to let him know you think he’s tops. Featuring Classic Polo splash, the set also includes Polo Red, Polo Blue, and Polo Black to keep things interesting.


Sean John Unforgivable Set

He doesn’t have to be a bad boy to wear Sean John Unforgivable Men. In fact, when you choose this fabulous three-piece gift set, you’ll be tempted to tempt him to take a walk on the naughty side. The clean masculine scent is not your grandpa’s cologne. Give him Unforgivable, or you won’t forgive yourself.


Ralph Lauren Polo Black Gift Set

Polo Black from Ralph Lauren. The fragrance is classic and sophisticated, just like your main man. This gift set includes the EDT spray and alcohol-free deodorant to keep him cool and collected in any situation, from a busy business meeting to a more intimate rendezvous with you. Choose this iconic scent for a one-of-a-kind guy.


Dolce & Gabbana The One Gift Set

So you’ve kissed a lot of frogs, and now you’ve finally found the perfect man. This Valentine’s Day let him know he’s “The One” with this incredible three-piece gift set from Dolce & Gabbana. The One for Men includes designer EDT spray, aftershave balm, and shower gel. Give him head-to-toe exclusivity along with your heart.


Light Blue Cologne Set by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue cologne for men from the design house of Dolce & Gabbana is available in a three-piece gift set just in time for Valentine’s Day. Choose this thoughtful collection, which includes the eau de toilette spray, aftershave balm, and shower gel for all-day freshness. The perfect fragrance for the discerning young man.


Acqua Di Gio By Giorgio Armani

There’s something distinctive about the man who wears Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani that makes you feel protected and adored when you’re in his presence. Naturally, you’ll want to give him a present that reminds him how adorable you actually are. Choose this eau de toilette spray and alcohol-free deodorant combo for Valentine’s Day.


Nautica The Nautica Collection Gift Set

Just because one has a signature fragrance doesn’t mean one has to be predictable, dull, or boring. Nautica for Men offers this signature selection with three amazing takes on the scent: Nautica Blue, Nautica Voyage, and of course, Nautica Classic. Perfect for the decisive man who likes to have more than one option at hand.

Prices Vary

Vérsacé Erøs Cologné Gift Set

When love is in the air, the fragrance of choice is Versace Eros Cologne for Men. This elegant gift set includes a generous 3.4-ounce eau de toilette spray and shower gel. When he deserves to be treated like a god let him envelop himself from head to toe with his signature fragrance.

Prices Vary

Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Gift Set

Finding the balance between work and play is easy with Ralph Lauren. Choose the Polo Blue gift set which includes eau de toilette spray and alcohol-free deodorant for the complex man who manages to keep the fun in functional as he easily goes from hardcore business to focusing on a leisurely weekend getaway with you.

Prices Vary

Versace Man by Versace Gift Set

Turn to the design house of Gianni Versace for a cool, crisp fragrance set this Valentine’s Day. Versace Man eau de toilette spray and shower gel are just right for a daytime expression that sets a pleasant tone as he goes about his business at work without compromising his good taste or stunning personality.


Guess Suede by Guess Gift Set

The three-piece gift set by Guess features EDT spray, aftershave balm, and hair & body wash in Guess Suede. As you might expect, this manly scent is fresh and warm, lingering in that delicious way that makes your pitter-pat go heart-heart-heart. He won’t have to guess how you feel when you choose Guess Suede.

Prices Vary

Davidoff Cool Water Set

The Cool Water gift collection by the design house of Davidoff includes EDT spray, aftershave splash, aftershave balm, and shower gel. This crisp scent will make you shiver as the notes range from woodsy to marine. This generous combo has an attractive price point, too. Just the thing for the practical man who enjoys indulgences.


3 Natural Diy Colognes For Him

Diy Men’s Natural Cologne

Searching for a signature fragrance can sometimes be hit and miss – especially for the man in your life. He doesn’t want to smell like everyone else, especially not his granddad, or the teenager down the block. Time for DIY to create a sensational, natural roll-on or spray scent that’s one-of-a-kind, just like he is.

Diy Men’s Cologne Roll On

It’s Valentine’s Day and you want it to be super special. You can choose traditional and boring sentimental gifts, or you can DIY and create an amazing roll-on fragrance especially for your favorite fellow. This great tutorial shows you how to get the scent you’ll both love and offers a printable label to boot.

Diy Feel Rugged, Smell Amazing Men’s Natural Cologne

Even tough guys can be sensitive to certain chemicals in their favorite fragrances. Or maybe they find commercial cologne just doesn’t strike the right chord for them. This DIY gives you plenty of options for making manly perfumes using natural essential oils in an oil-based version for a lingering scent or water-based spray for everyday.

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