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27 Unusual Gifts That Might Not Be for Everyone

Take a walk on the weird side with this list of unusual gifts. You won’t find any crowd pleasers here, these are gifts where you really have to know your recipient pretty well to make sure that they’ll like it. The benefit of giving an unusual gift is that they’ll never forget opening it, so pick something off-the-wall and celebrate the oddball in your life.

These unusual gifts are completely off the wall and may not be for everyone. But for the special few, these weird items will make the perfect gifts.

Dead Fred Pen-Holder

This funny gift is for a person with a morbid sense of humor. The end of the pen sticks into the chest of a red, plastic figure lying on its back. It looks like it’s been killed by the pen. Every they reach for the pen, they’ll get a nice chuckle.


The 80 Hour Horizontal Candle

This cool looking, long lasting candle has an all-natural beeswax wick wrapped around a copper frame. You pull out three inches of the wick at a time, and it burns for an hour. It has a steampunk look to it. An interesting conversation piece.


The Placenta Cookbook

The name says it all. You can’t go wrong with this one. You’ll know if the person on your gift list is the type of person who will eat the placenta, or will accuse you of voodoo and run for the hills. This book has twenty five recipes for cooking up placenta.


Adult Fortune Cookies

This gift is labeled NSFW: Not Safe For Work. It’s filled with two hundred individually wrapped fortune cookies. But these aren’t your typical fortunes. Each one is either offensive, insulting, or both. The cookies come in a black box, and include instructions on a fun way to use the cookies as a dinner party game.


Fifty Shades of Grey Game

Fifty Shades of Gray is the book that introduced tens of thousands of previously innocent (yeah, right) men and women around the country to the lascivious world of BDSM. This game is great for adults who are open minded ready to learn more about their friends.


Butterfly Barefoot Sandals

These decorative sandals go from mid-calf to the top of the foot. There’s nothing on the bottom, though. They’re purely for accent, with an attractive butterfly design. They’re a great gift for the hippie girl in your life, the poolside lounger, or to wear at a beach party.

Prices Vary

The Toilet Mug

This is a coffee mug that looks exactly like a toilet. It’s got a black rim that looks like the seat, and the handle is a perfect replica of the rectangular back-side of a standard home toilet. For the person in your life who’s a big fan of potty humor.


Dead Horse Mask

This is another one for a person with a morbid sense of humor. It looks like the dead horse from the Godfather. You’ll know who would wear this one on Halloween, and who wouldn’t. It takes a special person to love this gift, but that person will love it.


Premium Fake Poop

This a big ‘ol pile ‘o poop. It’s a great gift for a practical joker, or for a person on whom you want to play a practical joke. It’s so realistically designed, you can almost smell it just looking at the picture. As the manufacturer says, “it’s our top of the line poop.” Don’t skimp on poop. Especially at Christmas.

Prices Vary

Zombie Family Car Stickers

This is a zombie version of the back-window minivan car stickers depicting the family inside. It’s got the whole shebang. A mom, a dad, two teenagers, two toddlers, a cat and a dog. No one will feel left out. The family can terrorize the neighborhood all together. The family meal takes on a whole new meaning.

Prices Vary

The Umbrella Hat

These are the hats you see people wearing at sports events, out golfing, at amusement parks, or sometimes at the beach. It’s a headband with a circular umbrella attached. It can be used to keep the water off, or on hot days, as a personal parasol.


The Voodoo Knife Block

This knife set is like our Dead Fred pen holder. It comes with five knives, but the holder is what makes it special. It’s a red, plastic person. Each knife has a slot in a different part of the body. One in each leg, two in the torso, and one in the middle of the forehead.

Prices Vary

The OCD Cutting Board

This is a cutting board for that person in your life who absolutely has to get everything exactly right. It’s got gridlines and angles for all manner of cutting. It’s got guides for brunoise, batonnet, allumetter, julienne, fine julienne, as well as medium or small dice. The lines are burnished, not printed, so they won’t wear off.


The Musuc Sleepsuit

This is a human-shaped sleeping bag. It’s the Michelin Man meets the great outdoors. There are some people who simply don’t like zipping up in a sleeping bag, and this is specially made for them. It’s got Velcro closures on the hands, feet and face.

Prices Vary

Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

This shower gel dispenser mounts easily on the bathroom while. It’s shaped like a giant nose, and dispense shower gel out of the right nostril at the push of a button. This is a funny gift for kids, teenagers, or that friend who’s not likely to look at it and say “eeeeewwwwww”.

Prices Vary

Crap Stickty Notes

This funny set of sticky notes says “CRAP” across the top. Below that, it’s got tick boxes for Boring Crap, Useless Crap, More Crap, Total Crap, Other Crap, and Crappy Crap. This gift is for the person in your life who always has a ton of crap to do, but needs help remembering which type of crap to do, and when.


Chucky Action Figure

Chucky is the uber-creepy, scary doll from the Child’s Play movie franchise. If a kid’s toy can put an honest-to-goodness chill in your spine, Chucky can do it. He’s that spooky. This Chucky is over a foot tall, has a knife in his hand, and he’s loaded with seven phrases from the movies.

Prices Vary

A Gentle Reminder Boy Shorts

This is a pair of red, boy style underwear made for the woman whose partner needs a bit of reminding about exactly what to do in a particular situation. It’s spelled out in no uncertain terms in white lettering right across the front. Have a look—you’ll know right away if it’s the right gift.

Prices Vary

The Book of Loaded Questions

This is an adult party game that’s sure to be fun for you and your group of friends. They can’t be shy, though, and they have to be ready to answer questions that are meant for mature grown-ups. This is the new and improved edition for 2015, stacked with 308 funny, provocative conversation starters.


Star Wars Origami

You’ll know in an instant if this is the right gift. If you have a crafty Star Wars cosplay type in your life, this gift is a sure winner. This one can also work well for kids to use at home, or for a preschool or grade school teacher looking for fun new activities for their students.

Prices Vary

Friday the 13th Jason Mask

Here’s another one for the horror movie fans out there. It’s a perfect replica of Jason’s hockey mask from the Friday the 13th series. It’s distressed to look off-white and faded, has the distinctive red marks over the eyes and under the cheeks. It’s got elastic straps to keep in place.

Prices Vary

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Gross! This shower gel holder looks exactly like a blood-transfusion bag from the hospital. It hangs from the shower head by a convenient rope, and it’s filled with thirteen and a half ounces of blood-red shower gel. Squeeze the bag, and out comes the blood. Like we said: gross!


Giant Rubber Ducky

There are people in the world who’d be over the moon for a big rubber ducky. When we say big, we mean it. This rubber ducky is over six feet tall. It’s great for the pool, the lake, or to simply sit in your yard. It comes with tie-downs to keep it in place.

Prices Vary

The Little Bit Naughty Book

This is another book geared toward a couple that’s looking to get a little more spicy during their private, adult time. It’s written by well-known author Siobhan Kelly. If you’ve ever wanted to go through the “Doorway to Heaven” or wondered what a “Spinning Jenny” is, then this is what you want to get for your partner. You hope.

Prices Vary

Warwolf Trebuchet Kit

This gift it tailor made for your friends in the SCA—the Society for Creative Anachronism. It’s a group the re-enact medieval battles, complete with costumes, weapons, and battles. This is an exact replica of the Stirling Warwolf, the legendary trebuchet used in battle by King Edward I of England.


Planet Plates

The science enthusiast in your life will love this set of planet plates. Everyone else? Maybe not so much. This set of eight, dishwasher-safe melamine plates is printed with realistic images of all the planets in our solar system. Yes, only eight. Alas, poor Pluto no longer makes the list.

Prices Vary

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