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27 Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Weird Mom Who Has Everything

With Christmas on the way, you must be on the lookout for the ultimate gifts for the people in your life. If your mom is one of those people, why not check out this collection of unique presents that she will love. From candles to blankets, this list has a little of everything.


Peacock Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer with Spoon

Whether she wants to drink from it or leave it on display, this cup and saucer set will make mothers everywhere happy this Christmas. Absolutely stunning in design, the high quality set features a cup, saucer and spoon that have all been created from enamel porcelain to look just like a pretty peacock.


Frosted Desktop Water Decanter

Drinking water does not have to just be a monotonous part of simply staying hydrated, it can become a source of luxury and enjoyment by storing and serving it in one of these decanters. Made from frosted glass and with a cup included, it is the perfect way to keep water close.


FOREO UFO Smart Mask Treatment Device

Say hello to the FOREO UFO. This ingenious product can be paired with a face mask and the accompanying app to provide the user with a tailored facial specifically designed for the mask that is being used! In as little as 90 seconds, the LED lights and sonic pulses will penetrate, clean and hydrate the skin.


Skyline Furniture Tufted Fainting Sofa

Every lady deserves their own fainting sofa to lounge on. If you are looking for a cool gift for your mom, this could be it. Handmade right here in the United States, this beautiful sofa has a Victorian feel, velvet upholstery, and solid wooden legs. A perfect gift idea for any eccentric mom.

Prices Vary

Wishbeads Intention Bracelet

Do you know someone that could benefit from keeping their wishes or dreams with them at all times? This gift really is awesome, and allows them to write their wishes on teeny tiny pieces of paper to be stored inside the beautiful and handmade bead bracelet; you can guarantee they will absolutely adore it.


Worry Healing Hut

Life is too short to be worrying, yet some of us spend every waking moment thinking and worrying about one thing or another. If you know someone like that, get them this cool worry healing hut that allows people to actually burn their worries and watch them go up in flames and smoke!


Burrito Blanket

Super soft, snuggly and warm, this blanket will put a smile on just about anyone’s face. If your mom loves movie marathons and Mexican food, this is the blanket for her thanks to its brilliantly clever burrito design. Once she’s wrapped up, she will look as delicious as she does comfortable.


Bear Hands Oven Mitts Set

From Fred & Friends come these hilariously funny oven mitts that are just perfect for making someone laugh this gift giving season. Made using heat resistant silicone, the mitts themselves are perfect for holding hot plates and dishes. Oh yeah, the best part? They look just like bear paws!


Thailand: The Cookbook

Thai cuisine is simply delicious; however, it is not something that is widely practiced in American kitchens. If you know that the mother in your life loves to cook, introduce her to these new and exciting tastes with this cookbook that is full to the brim with traditional Thai dishes.


Personalized Moonshine Jug & Kit

Keep the bounty hunters at bay by brewing up a batch of moonshine safely and legally thanks to this brilliant DIY kit. A lot of fun to complete, it is a great activity for any alcohol admirer and comes supplied with 3 flavors! Simple to make and delicious to drink, you can’t go wrong.


Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest

Indoor trees are a wonderful way for one to introduce a feeling of calm and serenity into the home – that is why these would make a perfect present for mommas everywhere. With everything needed to grow her own mini dawn redwood bonsai forest, this kit is one gift which will really grow on her.


Penn-Plax Aquaponic Betta Fish Tank

Who knew that plants and fish could complement each other’s growth and health so well? Aquaponics is the fascinating science of using fish to grow luscious plants, and this cool fish tank allows you to do it from home! Replicating nature’s cycle, it is a fun present to receive.


Rose Gold Moon Phase Necklace

Do you have a lot of love for your mom? Lucky her! Show her just how much you love her by expressing your feelings with this beautiful handmade pendant that shows the phases of the moon. Made from rose gold plated stainless steel, she will want to wear it each and every day.

Prices Vary

Acoustic Guitar Bookends

Music helps make the world go around. If the woman that cared for you growing up is a big fan of all things musical, these bookends will definitely make her happy. Designed to look like acoustic guitar bodies, the bookends will look wonderful on a bookshelf and will become a real conversation starter.



Succulents have been given as gifts for a long time now, and it really is easy to see why so many people like them! If your mom has a green thumb, give her a collection of these 20 unique and interesting succulents that she can proudly display wherever she likes.


Inspirational Geode Bath Bombs

Hand painted to look like awe inspiring geodes, these three unusual bath bombs have been created to deliver a wonderfully exciting and interesting fizz show for at least 3 mesmerizing minutes each. Once complete, they will get to work creating a relaxing and soothing place to soak.


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Do you wish that your mother was closer? If life has caused you two to drift apart from each other, these lamps will bring you together again. Also ideal for long distance relationships, you can each own one that is synced to the other, allowing one to light up when the other is touched!

Price varies

Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks Set

Tea is great for our bodies, both on the inside and on the outside. These ingenious eye masks are the perfect way to get the rejuvenating benefits of tea without having little bags falling from your face every 2 minutes. Simply brew them like normal, let them cool and you’re good to go.


Music Playing Cards

With the genres represented by suites, these delightfully different playing cards are a great way to bring people together, having fun and laughing. Pick a pack up for your own music lover and watch the joy on their face as they explore the different artists that are littered throughout the deck.


Evolatree Anti-Frizz Microfiber Hair Towel

The longer the hair, the harder it is to dry. This ultra soft hair towel is a great way to combat this problem as it will help the hair to dry quicker than ever. Made from microfiber, it has been created to be kinder to hair and to avoid associated problems with towel drying.


Unisex Burrito Socks

How awesome are these? Literally anyone that enjoys a good old fashioned burrito would love to wrap their feet up in a pair of these socks. Both extremely soft and comfortable, these fun cotton blend socks are ideal for every foodie out there, and look just like a burrito when rolled up.


Bloody Mary Diagram Glassware

Is there someone in your life that adores downing a Bloody Mary? These delightful pint glasses colorfully depict the ingredients needed to whip up one of these classic cocktails which is both useful, and cool to look at. A brilliant way to learn how to make this drink.


Wine Cork Country Maps

This awesome gift is only the start of an ongoing, exciting project. This fun piece of wood is shaped just like the United States of America and features cork shaped holes that allow the recipient to display corks from the places in which they drank the wine. By the end they will have a wonderful art piece.


Glowing Venus Scarf

Venus is the neighboring planet that we all know and love; with an extremely warm atmosphere, the planet boasts beautiful, vibrant colors that can make your jaw drop. If you are hunting for a gift for your mom, why not grab her one of these scarfs that have been decorated with the same amazing colors.


Hand Lettering 101

Hand lettering and calligraphy really is a lost art, one that needs to be revived. Help someone you know to learn this brilliant skill by picking them up a copy of this cool book. Hand lettering 101 will take them through each and every process needed to become competent with a pen in their hand.


Hidden Crystal Candle

Say hello to these stunning soy candles if you are looking for a great gift for any hippy mother. Wonderfully scented and long lasting, these candles have a hidden surprise. Inside each and every one you will discover a hidden crystal that has its own healing benefits that can be kept forever.


Page Anchor

Forget folding down pages or losing little book marks, this clever book anchor is the ideal way to keep a book propped open and stop the reader from losing their page. Ideal for drawing books, academic books, or recipe books, the steel anchor is safe to use and extremely useful.


3 Creative Diy Gifts to Make Mom Smile

Diy Peacock Bookmark

If the lady in your life loves her books, this is the gift for her. Instead of buying it, however, you can make it with the information you find here. Follow the link and check out the instructions on creating a beautiful homemade peacock bookmark that she will treasure forever.

Diy Pallet Wine Rack

Pallets have been the main component in many different DIY projects in recent years, and this one is no different. With the endgame being a professional looking wine rack, the following article will take you step by step through the process as you aim to create this cool product.

Diy Leather Bottom Fabric Tote

Looking to make a gift for your mom instead of buying one? Don’t worry, as the following page will provide you with all of the information you could need to do just that. Simple and a lot of fun, this project will leave you with a leather bottom tote bag that she will treasure.

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