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30 Unusual Gifts for Guys under $15

Getting your guy unusual gifts is a sure way to make them special and make him remember them. If you go the mainstream way and just get him things that everyone knows about, or that make complete sense, he’ll likely forget about it because it’s a bit boring. These gifts are sure to stand out, and you can bet he’ll like any of the gifts for him as long as you tailor your selection to his likes.

30 Unusual Gifts for Men Under 15 Dollars- for those that want to give a little differently this year. Nothing like a good surprise!

Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt

This is a fully functional oven mitt that is giving the Spock sign, so you can bake like a Vulcan. It’s not unusual to see Star Trek memorabilia, but this oven mitt takes the cake when it comes to a quirky gift for a guy. Live long and bake on.


The Official Bullsh*t Button

If you are sensing some of it in the air you might want to push this official button. It is big and red and sounds the alarm whenever you think the levels are getting too high around you. This is a fun and somewhat unusual gift to give to a coworker or other man in your life.


Melting Clock

This clock looks like something you’d find hanging on the wall in the Salvador Dali Museum. Rather than give him an ordinary clock that just sits there, this clock gives the appearance that it is melting off the shelf and adds some definite character to the room.


Jelly Belly Cocktail Classics

Usually Jelly Bellys are made to taste like simple things like watermelon, pear, orange, or cotton candy. This collection of Jelly Belly jelly beans is modeled after classic cocktails, so when he can’t have a drink he can always nibble on these jelly beans for the flavor.

Prices Vary

Mini Business Card File Cabinet

This business card holder resembles a mini file cabinet, and is sized just big enough to hold standard business cards. Rather than using a Rolodex or other business card holder, this adds a bit of interesting decor to the office, and actually serves a function.


Butt Station Tape Dispenser

This tape dispenser has a lot going on, and is made to resemble a busy bathroom scene. This guy is doing everything, including holding your pen in his mouth, and dispensing your tape with his hands. The poor guy just can’t get any peace and privacy, so if he can relate he’ll appreciate this gift.

Prices Vary

Periodic BaCoN Shirt

This shirt has the word bacon spelled out using elements, and is sure to appeal to anyone who likes Breaking Bad, bacon, or preferably both. It’s the sort of shirt that makes a statement, but no one is quite sure what that statement means. Perhaps you like bacon, perhaps you like science. it’s for them to figure out.


Brown Squirrel Outdoor Birdfeeder

This brown squirrel bird feeder is sure to spruce up the garden or outdoor area for any man that likes to spend time outdoors. Whether he likes gardening, or just keeping the yard looking nice, he’s sure to appreciate this bird feeder and will love looking at all the birds that make use of it.

Prices Vary

Hand Cell Phone Holder

This cell phone holder is actually a pair of hands, so it has a very interesting look to it, and is unlike any other cell phone holder we’ve been able to find. It does the job quite well, keeping the phone in place, and becomes a conversation piece for anyone that sees it.


Sh*t List

This list really makes things official, and includes space on it too strategize how you will exact your revenge, and also a checklist to keep track of who you’ve dealt with and who you haven’t. It can be confusing who’s on the list and who isn’t, so be sure to keep things straight with this poster.

Prices Vary

Shark With Frickin’ Laser Pointer

Here’s a tribute to the Austin Powers franchise and the famous line given by Dr. Evil where he just wants some sharks with frickin’ lasers on them. This is actually a laser pointer, and it is a lot of fun to use, however you might not want to use it in an important presentation unless you know your audience well.


Butt Face Soap

This soap is separated so that you don’t use the wrong part of the soap for the different parts of your body. One side of the soap is for use in one area, while the other side is for the other, and you won’t get it confused because the words are carved right into the soap, and they’re different colors.


Binary Code Digital Mens Watch

This men’s watch displays the time in binary code, which is a slap in the face to the rest of the world that has gone digital. Be sure that he’s the kind of guy that would be able to decipher what this watch is saying, or he probably won’t wear it too often, or he’ll just be late all the time.

Prices Vary

Toxic Waste Drum Laundry Basket

Get him this laundry basket if you smell too many noxious fumes coming from his laundry basket. It sends a message that perhaps he should change his clothes more often, or start doing his own laundry. This is also the good way to keep the clothes contained, rather than having them strewn about the closet.


Emergency Underpants

These underpants are made to be used in an emergency, when you’ve soiled your underpants and need out of them, but don’t have a spare pair handy. They are designed to get you out of your sticky situation and back home so you can change into a clean regular pair of underpants.


Deluxe Rubber Chicken

This deluxe rubber chicken is a great gift for any guy that thinks he is a comedian, or wants to be a magician. It’s the sort of problem that you see used at these types of performances, and gag reels, and there’s plenty of ideas that he can come up with, so he’ll just have to use his imagination.


Bacon Wallet

This wallet resembles strips of bacon, but is actually a fully functional wallet that you can use for your daily needs. If you know he likes bacon, and needs a new wallet, you might have struck gold with this bacon lookalike wallet. Just don’t be surprised if you see him smelling or licking it.


World’s Longest Beard

If he has trouble growing a beard of any length, this is a great gift to help him out. It is billed as the world’s longest beard, and few can argue, since it stretches halfway down his body. This makes for a fun gift as part of the costume, or just for goofing around and being silly.

Prices Vary

Fail Button

Once he starts carrying around this fail button, you may hear the classic womp womp womp sound every time you or others make an error. This might get annoying, so keep in mind that you may suffer from this gift. But it’s all in good fun, and we all make mistakes, so it’s fun to make light of them.

Prices Vary

Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

This flying screaming monkey gets slung through the air slingshot style, and is a whole lot of fun for anyone that has a fondness for monkeys. Chances are he doesn’t have anything like this, so it will be a most unusual get for him, which doesn’t make it any less awesome, in fact, quite the opposite.


Shakespeare Does Star Wars

If you’ve ever wondered what the Star Wars saga would sound like in Shakespearean times, this gives you your answer. It is the Star Wars story told in Shakespearean prose, so you will understand the gist of what is happening, even know it is told in a very old world style.


Canned Unicorn Meat

While girls might things that unicorns are magical, guys just think of them as another source of food. This can of unicorn meat is not real, and on the inside is just a stuffed dismembered unicorn, really driving home the point. He’s sure to want to see what’s on the inside as soon as he opens it.

Prices Vary

Pull My Finger Farting Santa

This farting Santa is just begging you to pull his finger, at which point he will let out another rip. This is a fun gift to give to any guy that has a bit of a gas problem, especially around the holiday season with all of the big meals and holiday eating. He’s sure to have a lot of fun with it, but don’t be surprised when he starts blaming Santa a lot.

Prices Vary

Google Eyes Drink Markers

These drink markers let you know whose drink is whose, in a very fun and peculiar way. It is like giving the bottles eyes, and you can tell by the color of the band whose drink belongs to who. When you put eyes on a bottle, it personifies it so don’t be surprised if you find yourself acting out scenes with the bottle.


Zombie Finger Puppets

These finger puppets come in many different zombie styles, so on just one hand you can have several different zombies all interacting with each other. This is a great gift for the zombie lover in your life, and should keep them occupied for at least a little while while they put on zombie theater.

Prices Vary

Pirate Notepad with Stickers

Here’s a notepad that is full of fun pirate scenes, and comes complete with stickers so he can come up with mini pirate adventures. If you know he’s a fan of pirates this makes a great gift that is cute and novel. You typically don’t see you cute and pirate mixed together, so this is quite a find.


Vader’s Little Princess

This book tells a different tale of what it would be like if Darth Vader was a loving and caring father to his daughter, Princess Leia. It is an interesting take on the Star Wars story and turns the whole thing on its head to see just how things might have been.


9 Unusual DIY Gifts for Guys

Vintage Suitcase Speakers

Here’s an unusual gift he won’t see coming. You take an old suitcase and make a speaker out of it. It’s totally portable, just like a suitcase is, and sounds good because it provides just the right sized container for a speaker.

Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap

This is a soap that he probably hasn’t seen before, since it’s made from natural ingredients as well as beer. They’ve mixed honey, dark beer, and oils together to make a wonderful smelling soap he’ll be eager to try out.

Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Man up is bathroom with this Jack Daniels soap dispenser. It uses an old bottle of Jack with a dispensing top so he’ll be able to practice good bathroom hygiene and at the same time feel cool while washing his hands.

Buttoned Up Collared Shirt

Take one of his rather plain shirts and upgrade it with buttons. It’s a quirky style that is sure to make him smile, and it will help one of his shirts go from boring to totally original. Choose buttons that fit his favorite color or tastes.

Custom Tea Bag Holder

If he’s a tea drinker you can make a custom tea bag holder for him. Here they’ve made it out of Abraham Lincoln because that’s what they had on hand. You can take one of his magazines and find an image that you know he’ll love.

Drum Shade Lamp

Help decorate his place and brighten it up at the same time with this drum shade lamp. It’s not very hard to make, and if you’re stuck trying to find original gifts, this is a great way to get bailed out and get him something special.

Decorative iPad Cover

Cover up his iPad and do it with some style when you make this decorative cover. The great part is you can follow this tutorial but change it up to suit his sense of style. It hases hama beads and is a fun project to try out.

Paper Bow Tie

He probably didn’t know that you can make a bow tie out of paper. This tie has a very unique look to it, and he’ll definitely stand out. At the same time it does the job that a tie does, and he’ll still look stylish in it from a few feet away.

Buttony Shirt

With this DIY project you give one of his white shirts a button overhaul, placing brightly colored buttons all over the front of it. You’ll have to determine whether he’d wear a shirt like this, but if it caught your eye chances are he’ll be fine with it.


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