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29 Unusual Christmas Gifts for Nerdy Dads

So it’s time to sort out Dad’s Christmas pressie, but if you are stuck for ideas, check out this awesome list of geektastic gifts. Whether your pops is a Star Wars fan, a lover of weird gadgets or a puzzle master, we have just the thing.


Star Wars Darth Vader Porcelain Stein

Enter the dark side with this Darth Vader porcelain stein. Drink-safe and holding a decent 32 ounces, he won’t want to drink from anything else ever again. On the front of the stein is a picture of the Lord of the Sith, and on the back is one of his most famous quotes.


Beam System for Remote Communications

Blow his mind with the Beam System for remote communications. Sometimes you just cannot make that important meeting, but this way, you can be there AND be square, well, rectangle. Its 53-inch height and natural mobility really makes it feel like you’re in the room, while the high-quality speakers and microphone ensures conversations are smooth.

Prices Vary

Never Forget T-Shirt

This nostalgic shirt is sure to make Dad chuckle. It features a floppy disc, VHS tape, and music tape with “never forget” written underneath. Now he can proudly parade the height of technology from ‘back in the day’ and may even teach the young ’uns a thing or two.


SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike

Once you’ve used the SwagCyle Pro, you’ll never want to travel any other way again. This folding electric bike is super portable, perfect for taking onto public transport, running errands or simply getting you from A to B. It goes up to a swift 18mph and even charges your phone, too.


Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

Experience gaming like never before with the Oculus Rift + Touch virtual reality system. Yes, this really is like all of the systems you see in futuristic movies. It comes with 6 free games, so Dad can get to trying out his new toy right away, with titles such as Lucky’s Tale, Toybox, and more.


Sindoh 3D Printer

Bring your creations to life with the cutting edge Sindoh 3D Printer. Don’t let the world of 3D printing scare you – Sindoh have made using the printer effortless and easy, plus you can monitor the printing of your objects no matter where you are, via the integrated camera and app.

Prices Vary

Kano Computer Kit

Put his techy skills to the test with the Kano Computer Kit. It comes with everything he needs to construct the computer, but not only that – it gives the know-how to complete coding challenges. He’ll learn how to code apps, music, games, art and even more. Come the end, he’ll feel like a tech-mastermind!

Prices Vary

The Batman Chess Set

This Christmas gift is a checkmate, that’s for sure. You won’t find kings and queens on this Batman chessboard; instead, it has The Dark Knight vs The Joker. On The Joker’s team, you’ll find Harley Quinn and Joker hats, while Batman’s includes Batgirl, the Batmobile and his logo.


Garmin GPS and GLONASS Receiver

Take hiking to the next level with the Garmin GPSMAP 64st. With its quad helix antenna, this nifty device quickly and precisely locates your position, no matter where you are, be it in covered forestry, deep canyons, or between tall buildings. It’ll help you find your way, wherever you are.


Periodic Table of States Platter

Serve up this platter for Christmas, and any geeky Dad will definitely be full…of smiles. This periodic table of states platter features the elements of what makes your state special; in each block of the table you will see local wildlife to traditional foods, lakes, cultural icons, and landmarks.


Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

With the Rocketbook Wave smart book, he’ll never lose track of his ideas again. This clever book connects to an app so he can take pictures of his work and writing and have it with him in his pocket whenever he needs it. The app also sorts it all into folders by page order.


Black Cuboid Cube Twisty Puzzle Smooth

Pops is going to love the challenge this cube twisty puzzle brings. It’s a great puzzle for beginners as it’s much easier than the traditional cuboid puzzles, but don’t underestimate it, it’ll definitely still get those cogs turning as he tries to figure it out!

Prices Vary

Wood Magnetic Balance Lamp

Powered by USB, this innovative lamp doesn’t turn on at a flick of a button, tap, or even a clap; instead, it has 2 magnet spheres. There is a magnet at the top and bottom of the lamp; simply pull them together and they’ll keep the lamp on, pull them apart and it will turn off.


Frank Lloyd Wright Double Sided Puzzle

Have twice the fun with this Frank Lloyd Wright double sided puzzle. On one side of the puzzle is a beautiful picture of his Fallingwater piece, and on the other is the intricate floor plan, which is bound to give even the biggest puzzle aficionados a run for their money.


Things They Don’t Teach You in School Game

For some reason, dads are full of random facts that nobody else seems to know, and now you can fill him with even more, with the ‘things they don’t teach you in school’ game. This hilarious game contains 400 wacky facts, and even throws in some useless knowledge just for the fun of it.


Lune Light

Spruce up his man cave with the wonderful Lune Light – a circle LED lamp that brightens up any room with its beautiful light show. It can change into a whole rainbow of colors, from green to blue, red and even yellow, all of which can be adjusted, and is operated by a simple tap of the hand.


Moving Locomotive Kit

Any train or machine fan will appreciate this moving locomotive kit. Pop out the pieces from pre-cut plywood and construct the real-working locomotive. Each piece adds a little more detail and understanding into how these incredible machines worked, though instead of steam, this model is powered by a rubber band.


Wanderlust Cross Stitch Map

Whether he no longer travels, or is just as eager to get-up-and-go as he was 30 years ago, you’re sure to make his day with this super lovely wanderlust cross stitch map gift. This gorgeous atlas map allows him to make a different colored stitch for every trip and vacation he’s been on.


80s Music Domo Arigato Robot Graphic T-Shirt

Throw it back to the 80’s with this nerdy robot shirt. On the front is a picture of a robot bustin’ some moves to some music, with “Domo arigato” written underneath him, which means “thank you”. A tribute to the pop-disco group Abba, perhaps? Who knows?

Prices Vary

Circuit Board Coasters

Add a spark to any table with these neat circuit board coasters. The pack comes with 6 coasters, each one made with a unique retired circuit board with a sturdy corkboard bottom. If you’re looking for something unusual for the nerdy dads out there, this is it!


Smart Lighting Panels

Why go for boring traditional lighting when you can have these ultra-cool smart lighting panels instead? Arrange the panels however you like and create a custom signature art piece of ambient lighting fit for any room in the house. Even picky moms will approve.

Prices vary

Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Photo Mini Printer

We all know what dads are like with their obsession for taking pictures of anything, anywhere. Well, now he can document his findings, selfies, and stunning photos right away with the Polaroid Zip wireless mini printer. The printer connects to his smartphone and can produce photos he likes instantly.


Kurt Adler Batman Bat Signal Projector

No bat cave – sorry, nerdy man cave – is complete without its very own Batman signal projector. Simply plug in this cool light device, aim it against a wall or ceiling, and there you have it, Batman’s classic signal projected, just like in the movies. It’s bound to impress the big man.


The American Red Cross Hand Crank Radio

Visit the good ol’ days with The American Red Cross radio. Even dads with a dislike for modern technology can’t shake a stick at this radio. It can be powered by hand crank, solar power, or batteries, so even if you’re in a blackout, you can still have your tunes and weather alerts at hand.


Wooden Fractal Puzzle

Put his mind (and patience) to the test with this crazy wooden fractal puzzle. Unlike traditional puzzles, this one is a crossover with geometry and jigsaw art, and even with a reference picture, your pa may find himself stuck for a fair few hours, so you may want to grab him a snack or two.


littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

From LittleBits comes the Star Wars droid inventor kit, a fitting gift this Christmas for fans of the franchise. First of all, they start by building the droid, and from there they can learn to code and play with the droid. Once they have the coding mastered, they can complete missions, play games, and more.

Prices Vary

Solar Powered Charger & Light

Save on the electricity bill and have him charge his devices with this sun-tastic solar powered charger and light. It takes just 2 hours to fully charge mobiles, so he can go back to texting, calling, and playing his favorite games before he knows it. Super handy for camping trips and vacations.


Imagination Paperweight

Inspire and motivate your top dog with this imagination paperweight. Perfect for placing on his office desk, it features a wonderful famous quote from Einstein himself. Just those few words will help him get through the long work day and aim for his goals, no matter how big or scary they may seem.


Geode Puzzle

Stunning yet tricky, these neat geode puzzles are definitely worth the time and effort needed to put them together. They may look crazy, but every piece is inspired by how the geodes are created in nature, with each one having a distinct color, shape, and pattern.


3 Thoughtful Geeky Diy Gifts

Diy Poke Ball Table Lamp

Most people love Pokemon, no matter what their age, but it’s a known fact that the nerdy types like them that little bit more. While you may not be able to rustle-up a Pikachu or Bulbasaur for the big day, you can create this wicked DIY poke ball night lamp, which will mean just as much.

Diy Geek Dishes

Whether it’s Gandalf or an hour or two spent as the fearsome Link in The Legend of Zelda, we all have something we’re a little geeky about. This year, instead of a figure or new game, why not make your Pa a gift to satiate his geekiness instead, like these fun DIY dishes.

Diy Darth Vader Hoodie

Since Christmas and the cold go hand in hand, it makes sense to DIY a hoodie, don’t you think? Take a look at this tutorial by ‘Mad in Crafts’ to find out how you can create your very own Darth Vader hoodie. We all know Star Wars dads will have no problems wearing this around town.

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