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15 Whacky Gifts That Are on the Pervy Side

Here are some of the wackiest gifts you can get for the pervy person in your life. They are sure to get a giggle out of them, and be a gift they remember for quite some time since you threw caution to the wind.

15 Whacky Gifts That Are on the Pervy Side- haha! Love these.

Ryan Gosling’s Face Panties

Many girls can agree on these panties since they’re lined with the face of Ryan Gosling. Not only is his face plastered on the front, but there’s another depiction of his face for the back. He’s serving double duty with these panties.


Kama Sutra Chocolates

You can’t go wrong when you combine sex and chocolate. These suggestive chocolates show you all sorts of positions you can get yourself into, and at the same time they help push those endorphins even higher during a session.


Teabagging Tea Bag

The aptly named term teabagging has never been better replicated than with this teabagging tea bag. It resembles a pair of testicles and you get to dunk them into your cup of tea again and again until it’s properly steeped.

Prices Vary

Pop Up Book of Sex

When you pop open this pop up book of sex don’t be surprised if it’s not the only thing that pops up. There are some pretty detailed pictures in this book, and the fun part is you get to manipulate the participants just like a real pop up book.


Butt Towel

When they wear this butt towel it won’t matter if the towel is covering their rear end or not because you’ll have a visual of it regardless. It’s a fun towel that is sure to get a double take the first few times they wear it.

Prices Vary

Strip Club Cash Cannon

Walk up to the club like what up you got a big wad of cash with the Strip Club Cash Cannon. They’ll go crazy when they see the dollar bills literally shooting into the air as you take aim at your favorite dancers.


Humping USB Dog

This little guy just doesn’t get tired. He keeps going and going as long as he’s plugged into a USB slot. He doesn’t serve any other function than to gyrate suggestively on the side of your computer.


Stress Mushrooms

Here’s a gift that will help them relieve some stress, and there’s nothing suggestive about it, really. It’s just as suggestive as using one of those Shake Weights. The mushroom gets a proper rub down with this one.


Reindeer Threesome Sweater

Be the hands down winner of the next ugly Christmas sweater contest when you show up donning this reindeer threesome sweater. It’s a ménage à Blitzen with Rudolph sandwiched between two other reindeer.


Hilarious Hand Sanitizer

With this hand sanitizer you’re broadcasting the real reason why you find it so important to use some after a trip to the bathroom. Let people know you’ll happily shake their hands after they use some.

Prices Vary

Weener Kleener Soap

Here’s a specially designed soap that makes sure he’ll be nice and clean all the way up and down his shaft. You just place it on much like a ring goes on a finger, and the soap does most of the work from there.


Happy Man Bottle Stopper

Ready to meet the happiest man on the planet? This little guy finds his nirvana each time you use him to cork up a bottle. He’s always at the ready, and even when he’s not in use he’s still eager and raring to go.


Undies for Two

Half the fun is getting into these undies, the rest is up to you. That’s the catch phrase for these underwear that are built for two bodies. They’ll keep you connected in the position of love, and getting out can be tricky.

Prices Vary

Penis Egg Fryer

Here’s a fun way to wake up, eggs fried to look like a penis. Perhaps a frustrated lover can cook them up to give the man a reminder of what’s needed, or it could be used as a reward breakfast for a stellar performance the night before.


3D Big Butt Book

He likes big butts and he can’t deny, so why not satisfy his yearning with this 3D book that puts big butts right in his face. This is one book you probably won’t see on a coffee table any time soon, but it’s a whole lotta fun.



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