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39 Unusual Father’s Day Gifts That Will Surprise and Delight

Maybe your dad is a little bit different from other dads, has unusual interests, or is just a touch quirky. Have no fear, as this list contains Father’s Day gifts that are just made for those dads who like something a little more unusual than the average father.

Unusual Father's Day Gifts

Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack

If you have a forgetful dad then this Father’s Day gift will be a welcome help. The Tile combo pack consists of 2 Tile Slim and 2 Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers which are great for keeping tabs on where you left your keys or bags. Water resistant and easy to use.


Segway One S1

For the adventurous dad, this great Segway will unleash him onto all manner of trails. Certified to UL 2272 standards, this ride features a lithium-ion battery that delivers sustainable power and will give up to 15 miles on a single charge at a speed of 12.5 mph.

Prices Vary

Wave Rebel Oxygen Bodyboard

If your dad is a bit of a beach bum then what better than giving him a board to hit the surf on. Designed for the advanced rider, this board includes a straight fabric leash and is suitable for a rider of 5’ 6’’ and above and over 190lbs. Let him own the waves.

Prices Vary

Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle

Many dads like to go exploring or hiking and this water bottle is ideal for such a purpose. Portable and durable, the bottle is also collapsible and leak-proof but can still be cleaned in the dishwasher. Handling hot or cold drinks, the bottle is also freezeable and made from 100% food-grade materials.


Aircee Mini Solar System Crystal Ball With A Stand

Some dads love to understand the stars and our place in this universe and for them this mini solar system will be an absolute joy. 80mm in diameter and weighing 670g, the pack includes the solar system ball and a wooden cuboid stand for mounting at home or in the office.


Street Fighter Socks

For anyone brought up in the 80s or 90s then this pair of fighting socks will ring the reminiscing bell loudly. Based on the popular Street Fighter video game, these socks will turn heads as well as bringing back many a match up at the local arcade.


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Take your father back to a better time of simple but classic arcade games. This Nintendo entertainment system is preloaded with 30 games from an era when playability was everything. With one old school NES classic controller and an AC adapter, you’ll be ready to kick ass!


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

If your father is a leader in his organization or maybe his football team, then this renowned and well loved book about leadership may be just for him. A New York Times, BusinessWeek and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Seth Godin’s visionary book has already helped thousands of would-be leaders.


Trailblazer Outdoor Co. Double Nest Hammock

Let your father take to the woods with his beloved in this fantastic double hammock. This triple stitched nest hammock features tree friendly, heavy duty adjustable straps and a carabiner in a sewn on stuff sack. Perfect for camping, hiking or even just lounging around in his own back garden.

Prices Vary

Life-Sized Scrabble Board Game Set

For the word smith in the family this superb oversized scrabble board is a must. Why bother keeping the game to an intense table session when you can play at a BBQ or party involving many more people. Great as a centrepiece at any gathering and top fun for families and groups.

Prices Vary

Eleton Tear Drop Duo Drizzler

For the father who also fancies himself as a chef, this great double pourer will be a perfect match as a Father’s Day gift. With a non dropping pouring system, there’ll be no unnecessary spills, and the cork stoppers preserve the flavor and freshness of your chosen oils.

Prices Vary

Custom BobbleHead

If you think your dad’s favorite person might be himself then this replica doll may be just the gift for him. Made from different colors of polymer clay, these dolls are never painted or come from molds but are each based on photographs sent in by the purchaser.

Price Varies

Back to the Roots Water Garden

Get your father his own water garden as he goes back to his roots. This mini aquaponic tank is a closed-loop ecosystem with the betta fish waste fertilizing the plants on the surface whilst they clean and filter the water for the fish. Low maintenance and self-cleaning.


Commodore 64 Mini

Your father will remember this gem from the 80s when the age of computers was just starting. This clever retro version contains 64 built in games and plugs into your TV via the included HDMI cable, meaning the heady days of playability being all are back again.


The Lord of the Rings Collector’s Chess Set

Featuring characters from the films, this Warner brothers licensed set will delight any movie buff father. With 32 playing pieces in fine pewter and in detailed likeness to the films’ characters, this set will be the envy of other fathers. With an ancient map of Middle-earth mounted beneath the playing surface.

Prices Vary

TRAKK ACTIV Bluetooth Bike Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker will let you boom as you cycle through the streets. The device is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof and stain resistant as you would expect from a speaker designed for outdoor use. With an FM radio built-in, the 16W advanced bass enhancement technology sound easily defeats traffic noise.

Prices Vary

ecobee4 Thermostat with Sensor

For a father who likes control over his surroundings, this smart thermostat will be another extension to having the perfect home. Measuring temperature and occupancy using advanced sensing, this device could save up to 23% on heating and cooling bills. Works with Amazon Alexa and other Smart systems.

Prices Vary

Harry Potter Gringotts Checkers Set

For fans of the young wizard, this Harry Potter checkers set will be an intriguing present. Officially authorized by Warner brothers and inspired by the Gringotts coins, this set includes the playing board and checkers pieces. Make game time a time of wonder with this smart playing set.


Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

Fans of the film series will love these Fast and Furious car sets that can be controlled from your personal device. With eight battlefields built from durable magnetic track pieces that snap together, there’s also room for expansion by adding other sets from the Anki Overdrive universe.

Prices Vary

Soditer Levitation Globe

This amazing gift will be a thing of wonder on Father’s Day as your family get to see real levitation in action. With an electromagnetic base that comes with an LED light feature for the pedestal, auto rotation of the object is also seen due to the electro magnet and the magnetic field employed.

Prices Vary

Philips Somneo Sunrise Light

If your dad struggles to sleep, then this Father’s Day gift could just change his life. This light therapy clock and sunrise alarm are designed to improve your energy, sleep. and well being by making you rise with a natural dawn in your room. Simple yet effective sleep solution.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera

This instant film camera automatically detects the brightness of surroundings and controls your flash and shutter speed to compensate. With a double exposure mode for 2 images on one sheet and a bulb mode for shooting light trails, this retro look camera is a forward piece of technology in an old skin.


Jetboi MiniMo Cooking System

For a father who likes the outdoors, this neat cooking system will be just the ticket. With a redesigned valve and regulator for better simmer control, the device also comes with a convenient push-button lighter, a low spoon angle for easy eating and an insulating drink through lid and measuring cup.

Prices Vary

RSVP Herb Scissors

For a dad who loves to cook, these scissors could be the answer for Father’s Day. Made from stainless steel, these 5 blade herb scissors come with an easy cleaning comb and a protective cover. Quality finished with a cushioned non-slip grip handle and 5 extra sharp 3 inch blades.


Master Lock Bluetooth Padlock

Even locks become more technological as time goes on and this particular lock is opened by use of your smartphone via a Bluetooth link. Easy to use and with shared access, the durable design has a 2 piece weather cover and a metal body construction with boron carbide shackle.


Beer Layering Tool

For a father who knows his beer there’s no more difficult pour than a black and tan. However, help is on the way with this beer leveler which assists in keeping the beers initially separate and avoids mixing. Popular in British pubs since the late 19thC, it’s now available in your own home.


U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Turntable

For a dad who loves his music, he can now return to the days of long players and vinyl with this high performance turntable which is made in the USA. Easy to setup and with lifetime technical support, the device comes with a dust cover, RCA cables and a felt mat.


SubPac M2X Wearable Physical Audio System

For a busy dad, both arms are needed to cover the various needs of the family, but now he can take his soundtrack with him as he deals with life by wearing this dynamic speaker outfit, designed with a new ergonomic shape for maximum body contact and comfort.

Prices Vary

Kestrel DROP D3

For the father who needs to know everything, this data logger will be a perfect tool to establish what’s happening in various locations. Designed to monitor and record such things as temperature, humidity, heat index and dew point temperature amongst many others, the uses are endless in the outdoor and industrial worlds.


Whiskey Wedge and Glass

If your spirits are too often diluted rather than chilled then this clever glass has a solution. With a silicone mold that freezes water in a triangle shape to create a diagonally bisected glass when placed inside, this glass will be a curious centerpiece of the conversation.


Echo Show

When Alexa isn’t enough, the Echo Show takes over. This device brings you everything you love about Alexa but can show you things such as video flash briefings, Amazon video content, or maybe music lyrics. With powerful room-filling speakers, it can connect to your other home devices.


Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera

With instant photos after your great photography, this instant film camera will be a fun and well used Father’s Day gift. Smudge-proof 2×3 inch photos are produced with ease and all without ink, ribbons or toner cartridges. There’s also an in-built selfie mirror in case your ego gets the better of you, too.


Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Some fathers like to know how things work, especially people, and what better book to buy for them than “Blink”, the follow up to Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point”. Explaining how we think without thinking, this book uncovers whether there is method in the instant decision.

Prices Vary

RIF6 CUBE Mobile Pico Projector

When he’s taken those vacation videos and home movies then your father will require something to show these masterpieces on when he is visiting others. This ultra portable Pico projector comes equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 90 minutes and is compatible with HDMI devices.


Philips Airfryer

Get your dad a healthy option this Father’s Day with a gift that uses up to 75% less fat. Thanks to the patented starfish design, this is the fastest and most even cooking method around. A large 28oz frying basket ensures your father will never go hungry.

Prices Vary

Mozzbi Premium Pizza Cutter Wheel

This pizza cutter is a class above the rest as it cuts through any pizza first time. With a perfect fit in your palm, there’ll be no sore hands as its laser precision blade does all the work for you. The cutter also dismantles for easy cleaning after the cutting is done.


Personalized Bar Sign

Let your dad spice up his play room with this great Father’s day gift; a stunning bar sign. Customizable with a logo to suit his own particular style, words are lit up above a black finish with a red metallic background. A clip in light is included with a 7 watt bulb.


Urban Trends Ceramic Phrenology Head Bust

Make your dad’s office look classier by getting him this fantastic bust for Father’s Day. Made in ceramic type, the classic design is well known and will resonate with all who see it. Sized at 6.5x6x12 inches, it will be a taking point within any room without dominating the entire view.

Prices Vary

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Lift your note taking to a new level with the world’s first smart microwave-to-erase-and-reuse notebook. Simply take your notes and then transfer them to your computer or device by using the rocket book app. Then microwave the notebook to reuse it up to five times.


3 Unusual Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Varsity Cardigan

If you are thinking of making your father some clothing for Father’s Day then this great blog will help you to personalize a cardigan for him and give him his own varsity style top. With clear photographs and easy to follow instructions, this gift will be a cinch.

Diy PJ Pants

Make your father some stylish lounge pants for Father’s Day and even make extra for the whole family. This easy to understand blog will have you firing up your sewing machine again and creating in style. There’s great photographs to assist you in understanding this challenging methodology.

Diy Bay Rum Aftershave

Make you dad smell nice this Father’s Day by creating a rum based aftershave that he will love to splash on his face. All the required instructions are in this blog, along with excellent photographs and helpful hints to ensure a smooth manufacturing process at the first attempt.

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