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24 Unique Wedding Gifts for Parents That They’ll Actually Like and Use

While the wedding day seems to be all about the happy couple, there are often people who get forgotten about; their parents. They did an excellent job raising their children so they should be celebrated as well. With these unique wedding gifts for parents, the bride and groom will be able to present them with items they’ll actually like and use.

Unique wedding gifts for parents that they will actually love and use.

Lillian Rose New Mother Hankie

It’s inevitable that the mothers will cry at some point in the wedding. This sweet hankie is the perfect gift for the bride to present to her mother in law.


Father of the Bride Tie Patch

It can be a bittersweet moment for a father, watching his little girl getting married. With this personalized tie patch, she can let him know that he’ll always be important to her.


Father Stainless Steel Tie Bars

This tie clip is the perfect gift to give to the father of the bride; it’ll let everyone know who he is and it even has a hidden message on the back.


Mother's Keychain

Impressing the mother in law can be a tricky task for any man. He’ll be sure to get in her good books with this beautiful pendant keychain.


Engraved Personalized Clock

It’s not just the happy couple who deserve celebrating on the wedding day, their moms and dads do too. This personalized clock makes a beautiful wedding gift for parents of the newlyweds.


Mother of The Bride Jewelry Set

Made with cubic zirconia, this gorgeous jewelry set would make a lovely wedding gift for either the mother of the bride or the mom of the groom.


Mother and Father of the Groom Wedding Mug Set

The parents of the groom will be able to toast their success at raising a lovely man with these matching mugs; even if that toast only happens at breakfast!


Custom Made Music Box Father of the Bride

Customize this wooden music box with any song of choice as well as changing the color of the box; it’s a lovely keepsake for the father of the bride.


Mom and Dad Thank You Personalized Wedding Frame

With this wooden photo frame, both the bride and the groom can thank their parents for everything they’ve done by presenting them with a photo of their wedding day.


Father of the Bride, Scan For Payment Mug

It’s tradition that the father of the bride pays for his daughter’s wedding. Whether that tradition is being followed or not, this gag mug will make a hilarious gift for him.


Engraved Serving Tray

This engraved wooden tray will show the parents of the happy couple that their children are truly grateful for everything they gave them when they were growing up.


Personalized Handkerchiefs

Handkerchiefs are an essential at a wedding, especially for the parents. Gift these personalized ones to them before the wedding so they’ll have something to catch those tears.


Personalized Parents of the Bride & Groom Picture Frame

Parents shape the way their children grow up. With this photo frame, the newlyweds will be able to show their gratitude to the people who brought them up.


Mothers Keepsake Box

This sentimental keepsake box is sure to bring the mother of the bride to tears but for the right reasons; she’ll know that she did a great job with her little girl.


Custom Cutting Board

It makes things easier on the bride and groom if they get matching wedding presents for the parents, and this personalized wooden chopping board is a perfect example.


Amy Holt Bridal Wedding Handkerchief Gift Set

Watching their little girl get married will be a tear-jerking moment for her parents; this gift set of handkerchiefs is an ideal present for the bride to give her mom and dad.


Father of the Bride Socks

The most important walk a father will do is walking his daughter down the aisle. He can wear these socks and then keep them as a reminder of that special day.


Mom Keepsake Heart Box

By giving this keepsake box to the mother of the bride, she’ll always have somewhere to place her valuables and it’ll remind her of her darling daughter.


Personalized Platter with Initial and Wedding Date

This platter will become their most prized possession as it reminds them of the day their child got married to the person they love the most; a bittersweet thought for a parent.


Personalized Parents of the Bride & Groom Cutting Board

Made from genuine walnut wood, this personalized cutting board makes a lovely gift for parents of the happy couple; it’s a unique piece and one they’ll cherish.


Engraved Personalized Beer Mugs

Both the father of the bride and the father of the groom can toast to their new “child-in-law” with this engraved 25oz beer mug, complete with the wedding date.

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All that we are Keepsake Blanket

The parents of the newlyweds can snuggle up under this keepsake plush blanket, knowing their child is happy and they did a good job in raising them.


Mother of the Groom Necklace

The bond between a mother and her son is sacred and it won’t be broken by marriage. With this necklace, she’ll be reassured that her little boy will still be there.


3 Unique DIY Wedding Gift Ideas for Parents

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Diy Mother/Mother In Law Gifts

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Diy Photo Lined Jewelry Boxes

Using the special photos from the wedding day, these unique photo lined DIY jewelry boxes would make lovely keepsake gifts for the mothers of the happy couple.


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