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21 Unique Valentine’s Flowers (That are Not Real Flowers)

You picked out a funky, smart card, you got some groovy chocolates, and you have a great date all planned out. You’re psyched—his year you’re on top of it, filled with Valentine’s swagger. Now you want flowers that are just as cool as everything else. Don’t worry, we have an idea: flowers that are not real flowers.

Unfortunately flowers die, but not the ones in this selection of Valentine’s flowers that aren’t actually flowers. I love how they capture the beauty of a flower and will last and last.

Leather Rose Bouquet

Roses are the traditional way to tell your sweetheart Happy Valentine’s Day, but this rose bouquet is far from traditional. It’s handmade from genuine leather and hand-dyed to order. You choose the color you want the roses to be—just contact the artist when you make your order.

Prices vary

Soap Rose Arrangement

She’ll think you’re cooler than a polar bear’s toenails when you give her this Valentine’s Gift. Why? Because like Outkast, she’ll be so fresh and so clean after using her handmade, perfumed, soap roses. They come in a re-usable white ceramic vase that says “Love and Happiness” on the outside.

Prices Vary

House Among The Roses

Make an impression on her this Valentine’s Day with a high-quality canvas print of “The House Among The Roses” by 20th century French painter Claude Monet. The impressionists were masters of color, mood, and finding the romance in nature. You’ll also get good boyfriend points for showing off how cultured you are.

Prices Vary

Designer Floral Handbag

When is a rose not the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? When you get her a smokin’ hot handmade designer leather handbag, that’s when. Pijushi bags have been wowing women for over a decade. This one is deep red leather with a 3-D rose motif and green leather accents.


Rose Perfume Bottle

Does your lady like pretty things? Does she have shelves full of glass knick-knacks and a bathroom counter that looks like a department store display case? If so, then this is the gift for her: it’s a handmade glass perfume bottle painted with tiny pink roses.

Prices Vary

Calla Lilly Locket

One-of-a-kind and made to order in Australia: a Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t get any more thoughtful and romantic than that. She’ll love this silver plated brass locket mounted on a plated silver chain. This unique gift is for the woman who doesn’t like or want typical girly Valentine’s Day flowers.


Glass Sunflower

Guys, we guarantee that at some point along the way you’re sweetheart has told you what her favorite flower is. If it’s the sunflower, then this Valentine’s Day get her this hand crafted, blown glass sunflower. It will show her you’ve been listening—and that counts for a whole lot.

Prices Vary

Real Flower iPhone Case

Okay we lied! This gift is real flowers—but they’re real flowers in an unexpected context: dried, pressed, coated in resin and worked into a clear, plastic iPhone case. No two of these cases are alike, so she’s guaranteed to be the only one in her gal group with this cool phone case.

Prices Vary

Handcrafted Wooden Daisies

Take a step outside the box of chocolates and bouquet of roses and consider this: a mason jar filled with nine hand-carved and painted wooden daisies. Each flower has nine white petals set around a dark-stained center. The stems are copper wire and can be arranged to taste, fresh every day.

Prices Vary

Handmade Copper Wall Flowers

Even if you have a sweetheart who’s super quirky and full-on alternative, flowers are still the best way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” to her. But you can still get your flower on and be funky and quirky, too. These copper wall flowers keep it traditional without being boring.


Chartres Rose Window Jigsaw Puzzle

Bring the legendary romance of medieval France to your sweetheart this Valentine’s day with the Rose Window of Chartres. It’s said to be the most beautiful stained glass window in the world. You and your honey can find out yourself when you spend some quality time doing this puzzle together.

Prices Vary

Red Satin Spirals

If she’s not a one-hundred percent traditional girl, this bouquet of a dozen paper roses wrapped in deep red satin could be just the ticket. The spiral design gives them a cool, hipsterish, art-deco feel, and the fact that they’re roses grounds them firmly in Valentine’s Day tradition.

Prices Vary

Handcrafted Wooden Rose

She likes things that are solid and built to last, which means she’s probably not a crystal flower type—or maybe she’s not the flower-type at all. But you still can’t resist the urge to give her a rose for Valentine’s Day. This wood rose is the answer: the perfect way to give a rose to a non-girly woman.

Prices Vary

Stained Glass Window Panel

Bring the art of stained glass home to her this Valentine’s day with this handcrafted Tiffany-style floral window panel. Each colorful pane is encased in brass, just like the traditional stained glass windows seen in medieval Cathedrals across Europe. This piece is twenty by thirty-four inches, ready to add color and style to any room in the house.

Prices Vary

7 DIY Flower Gifts

Flower Lights

Light up her life with this cool idea to turn light bulbs into a beautiful floral creations. This tutorial shows you how to take simple cardstock paper, cut it into flower petals, and attach it to small light bulbs and to create a bouquet of light. The instructional uses small bulbs, but it will work perfectly for any size light bulb.

Crepe Anemones

Make the flowers your give your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day something special. In under ten steps using material you can find at any hardware store with a gardening section, these crepe paper Anemones are sure to make her squeal with delight.

Tissue PomPoms

An explosion of color and Valentine’s Day joy! Your sweetheart will be overwhelmed by these oversize tissue paper PomPoms. You’ll need scissors, floral wire, binder clips or paper clips, and it’s off to the races. Spruce up the house for the most romantic day of the year—then leave them up to remind her of all the work you did.

Tin Can Flowers

Did you know that it’s possible to do something with an old tin can beside recycle it? Fact: With this tutorial, you can take a beer can, soda, or coffee can and transform it into a stunning Valentine’s Day gift. Guys, this one is so simple little kids can do it—so there’s no excuse. Make your lady a flower this year.

Coffee Filter Flowers

We know what you’re thinking. Coffee filter flowers will probably look like a string of snowflakes made by preschoolers—but that’s where you’re wrong. This Valentine’s Day you can craft beautiful flowers in eleven steps and all you need is scissors, tape, and coffee filters.

Leather Floral Necklace

This DIY shows you how to take old leather flowers from old clips or hair bands and make them into a unique leather flower necklace. Choose Valentine’s Day colors, follow the simple steps on this instructional, and she’ll have a present that’s extra special—because you took the time to make it.

Button Flower

Guys, if she likes things simple, cute, and creative, this DIY is for you. All you need to make this unique Valentine’s Day gift is craft wire and an assortment of colorful buttons. This project will take you twenty minutes, tops, and you’ll win the day for sure.

Light Bulb Vase

What to do that burnt out light bulb? Recycle it? Throw it away? No! Make your sweetheart fall in love with you even more by following this super-creative tutorial and change that old light bulb into a vase that holds your Valentine’s flowers—the crepe Anemones you made from the tutorial above, for instance.

Fabric Rose Bouquet

A few wooden garden sticks, a two inch strip of fabric, a bit of green felt, and a hot glue gun is all you need to make a full bouquet of fabric roses to wow your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. The best thing about fabric flowers is they don’t die. Make them once, and they’ll be around for years.

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