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33 One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Cards

News Flash: The card section in the candy aisle at the grocery store is not the place to find a unique Valentine’s Day card for the love of your life. This list is the place. You’ll find cards here that you won’t find anywhere else. From the funny to the romantic to the just plain cute, we’ve got a card for you and your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day isn’t what it used to be, and now I can pretty much rewrite the rules with one of these awesome one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day cards.

Willow Tree Pop-Up Card

A willow tree, a babbling brook, a small wooden bridge, a couple in love—it sounds like a pitch for the proposal scene in a romantic comedy—but it’s really all here in this Valentine’s Day card. There’s a willow tree outlined on the front, and when you open it up, you get the 3-D love scene.


Thanks For Loving Me

From the hippie, non-leg shaving woman to the man of her dreams comes this funny Valentine’s Day card. It reads “Thanks for Loving Me, Even When I Don’t Shave My Legs.” If he loves you no matter what, whether you’re in your yoga clothes, or dressed to the nines, this one is for him.


Paris In The Rain

There’s a bridge in Paris called the “Love Lock Bridge”. It’s where couples go and place a lock on the railing, so they can come back year after year to remind themselves of their bond, as symbolized by the lock. This card is blank inside, with a full color photo of the bridge on the front.


Sea Shell Hearts

Two hearts beat as one. This rustic, handmade card has two interlocking hearts made from a collection of tiny Limpet shells found on the beach. They’ve been buffed, brushes, shaped and textured by time and the tides. No two shells are alike, and no two of these cards are the same.


Romantic Victorian

For the woman who loves a classic card, this is a perfect choice. Lace and ribbon are fixed on distressed rose paper backed with thick terracotta card stock. It’s accented with flowers and a charm heart, with the words “Be Mine” embossed in gold to finish it off.


Judy Garland Embossed

Judy Garland sang and danced her way into our hearts and souls ages ago. And she says it all with the quote on this Valentine’s Day Card: “It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.” The card is accented by a deep red lipstick impression and a dangling heart.


Crazy Pho You

Slurping Vietnamese noodles from paper soup containers is one of the most romantic things you do—cause you and your Valentine live for ethnic food, and you love to find the latest little hole-in-the-wall soup shop in the neighborhood. Celebrate the day and you love of Pho all at once with this funny card.


Where It All Began

Take it back to the beginning. To the city where your love began. This personalized card is made out of wood and engraved with a city skyline. It’s shaped like a two-cent postage stamp—the example is San Francisco, but you can choose from dozens of U.S. cities.


You Give Me Porpoise

Your Valentine completes you. They make you feel like your life is complete, and when you come home at the end of the day, there’s no place you’d rather be. Matter of fact, all day long, your entire porpoise is to make it home to them. Let them know! State your porpoise out loud!


Mike Tyson Valentine

Iron Mike was one of a kind. He cut through the competition like a pavement saw. And he had an unmistakable lisp that everyone makes fun of—but never to his face. Make sure he’s not around when you read this one: Happy Valentine’th Day!


My Significant Otter

Something about Valentine’s Day cards and puns just can’t be separated. This one is has a couple of those lovable little river creatures—yes, you guesses it, otters—being all lovey-dovey on the front. There’s a pink heart and a light blue background to make it complete.


You Are My One in Seven Billion

There are just over seven billion people on earth, and if you found one who can tolerate you, then you better keep them. And if they love you back, you really better hold on and never let go. This card says it straight up in black and white: You are My One in Seven Billion.


Motorcycle Pop-Up

Are you a biker couple? Do you love nothing more than the open road, a powerful machine, the feeling of the wind in your hair and the road spinning out beneath two wheels? If that’s you, then this is your card: it’s got a dark-green pop-up motorcycle with a sidecar in the middle. Say I love you, and hit the road!


I Lava You

Your love is powerful. It’s a force of nature. It starts deep in the earth, like a raging fire. It builds and it builds, and then on Valentine’s Day—it erupts like red hot lava! This card sums that up: it’s got an exploding volcano and the words “I Lava You” coming out in the smoke.


Couples That Fart Together

You’ve been together so long you don’t even shut the door when you got to the bathroom. At the dinner table, you belch unabashedly. Is this a sign that you’re uncouth? Not at all. Because, like this card says, “Couples That Fart Together, Stay Together.”


Football Fans Only

Deflategate? Not in your house. Last December, the only thing football fans could talk about was Tom Brady, The New England Patriots, and those gosh-darn deflated footballs. Have a laugh all over again with this Valentine’s Day card: it says “We Know Whose Balls Aren’t Deflated” on the front.


Galaga Love

If a relationship was the 80s video game Galaga, then Valentine’s Day would be the “Challenging Stage.” Get your 80s honey this Galaga, with the enemy ships in heart formation, write your love message on the back, and you’ll get your bonus then thousand points.


The Turtle Package

Your Valentine has it all. They’re cute, funny, smart, and sensitive. And they love animals, and even more, they love animal puns. Which makes them exactly what this card says: The Turtle Package. Give them a giggle this Valentine’s Day with this funny card printed on a heavy craft card.


Hotter Than Sriracha

Some like it hot! Sriracha hot sauce is so popular that it’s almost a cult. Sriracha fans will put it on anything from a main course to desert and anything in between. They’ll put the red rooster logo on t-shirts, socks, and now you can out it on your Sriracha lover’s Valentine card.


Warning: Adult Language

If you have a good repartee with your woman and you don’t mind throwing around some dirty language now and then, this card is for you. It’s got three hearts across the top, and the words “To My Best _____.” We’ll let you use your imagination for the rest—or you can just check out the picture.


The Awkward Card

You’re weird and awkward. So is your partner. When two self-admitted weird, awkward people meet and fall in love, it’s a love like no other. Some call it geek love, and some call it Nerdvana. Call it what you like: this is the perfect Valentine’s Card if it describes you and your special someone.


Anatomically Correct

Gross, funny, anatomically correct and politically incorrect: that sums up this card. The front has a print of an actual human heart. Above the picture it says “I totally [expletive deleted]…” then below, it says “you!” The clean version? I Heart You. Get this one for the Valentine who likes things off-color.


Funny Romance

You’ve been together for a long time. You made it through college, first jobs, kids, the whole shebang. Now, what sounds romantic is coming home early from work and taking a nice long afternoon nap. This Valentine’s card captures that sentiment and puts it in words.


Zombie Valentine

Flesh eating undead creatures walk the night—and you both love them. You watch The Walking Dead religiously, and you’ve seen every zombie movie there is to see. You and your Valentine shrieked with joy when Ash vs. The Living Dead came out last fall. Celebrate your zombie love this Valentine’s Day.


Great Chemistry

Na + Cl, aka NaCl, aka sodium and chlorine, join to form table salt—they’re perfectly complementary elements. The positive electrons in one sync up with the negative electrons in the other. That’s you and your partner. You mix to form the perfect pair, and this Valentine’s card shows it.


Carved Wooden Card

Say it so it lasts with the Valentine’s Day card made from real wood. It’s a 4X6 card Happy Valentine’s Day carved across the front, and the letters “L.O.V.E.” carved across the bottom, floating in hearts tied with bows. This card won’t get tossed in the recycling—it’ll stay on display for years.


Why I Love You

You love them for their brains. No, you love them for their money. No, you love them for what’s on the inside—that big old heart of gold. Or maybe you can be totally honest and say it like this card says it, right out in the open: “I’m Only In This For Your CUTE BUTT.”


Always Time for You

You’ve seen the internet meme of the lady with the catch phrase “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!” This is a Valentine’s Day take on that. Instead of her famous line, there’s a picture of her—this time with hot pink lipstick—saying “I Got Time For You.”


All Those Love Songs

Ever been too proud to beg? Not if you’ve really been in love, you haven’t. There comes a time in life when all the corniest lyrics in all the love songs suddenly make sense. It might be during a heartbreak, or if you’re one of the lucky ones, it happens when you meet your life partner.


Floral Collage

This multi-media card has everything you could want in a Valentine’s Day card. Red Hearts, ribbon, silver beads, and pressed leaves. You can contact the maker and have them write a message inside, or they can leave it blank so you can compose your own love note.


For Cyclists Only

Pick up lines are a dime a dozen. Here’s one for the computer age: Baby, are you the F5 key? Cause you sure are refreshing. This card skips all that nonsense—it’s a card for adults with a picture of a bicycle and the simple two word phrase “Ride Me” written next to it. No explanation necessary.


11 DIY Valentines Cards

Music Themed Cards

You’re singing my song! Download and print this set of musical themed Valentine’s Day cards for all the music lovers in your life. They’re one-hundred percent cute. You can put them on thick cardstock of different colors, and they’ll look like you went all out.

String Art Cards

String them along with this beautiful card. The nine-step instructions come with a downloadable, printable template. You’ll need some colored string and colored paper and a little bit of skill with needle and thread, but in the end you’ll have a card like no other.

Tandem Cycling

This card is cute, clever, and classic all at the same time. The design is simple: it’s a tandem bike with the saying “We’re So Much Better Together” in capital letters below the picture. If it’s true for you and your Valentine, then this is your perfect card.

“You’re Such a Honey”

Wondering what to bring to an office party? You don’t want to be romantic with your co-workers, of course, but you do want to be sweet and thoughtful. This tutorial strikes the perfect balance. It’s got little honey bees and a template for cupcake toppers.

Heart Pull-Out Card

Sometimes simple and understated is a better choice than over the top and gaudy—and that’s the case with this flower and heart card template. It’s a lovely red heart inside a green card trimmed with rose petals. What counts is what your write inside.

Face Time

Face time is sooo important—and we’re not talking about a smart phone app. This Valentine’s Day card is made of hand-drawn girls and boys faces. They’re ready to decorate with pink tootsie roll hair bows for the girls and eyeglasses cut from construction paper for the boys.

Heart Envelope

The perfect card needs the perfect envelope. Sometimes you find the card, but the envelope doesn’t live up to what’s inside. This downloadable template is the answer. It’s a small cut-envelope held closed by a heart-shaped clasp. You can choose the style and thickness of the paper to match the card you put inside.

Cute as a Button

Two for one special on this DIY—a “Cute as a Button” Valentine’s card and a “You are My Sparkle” Valentine’s card. You’ll need a magic marker, a couple of blank cards—color of your choosing—a button, some sequins, and a little bit of glue. Good penmanship is a plus!

“I Only Have Eyes for You”

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and this card has eyes galore. The supplies are easy to find: stick-on googly eyes, white paint, a small paintbrush, and a blank card. The instructions show you how to space the lettering to make it come out just right. Who doesn’t love a good Valentine’s Day pun!

Minecraft Valentine

We can’t ignore the fact that kids are completely insane for Minecraft these days. Minecraft games, Minecraft videos, Minecraft songs, Minecraft action figures—now we have an easy to make, printable Minecraft Valentine’s Day card. Your kid will love you for this.

Card Placemat

Here’s another one for the kids. Well, for parents, actually. Ever wonder what on earth do you’re supposed to do with all those little cards your kids bring home from the school Valentine’s Day party? Wonder no more. In ten minutes, the problem is solved: you make a child’s placemat out of them!

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