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105 Unique Groomsmen Gifts That Don’t Suck

Come the run-up to the big day, the last thing a bride and groom want is stress about the last little things, like groomsmen gifts. Luckily, we have constructed this list which is absolutely jam-packed full with gifts that will blow their smart black socks off – we even have replacements for those, too!


The Man Can Gift Set

Scrub up with The Man Can bath and body gift set. In this skin care set, packaged in what looks like a paint can, you will find a body mitt, hand butter, soap, shave gel and bay rum oil. Each of these luxurious products is made with all natural products and handsome scents.


Mini Flip Cup Game

Every bachelor party needs this mini flip cup game – it’s one even lightweights can’t excuse their way out of, since the cups are only shot-sized. Players line up opposite each other and race to finish their drinks, drinking one and then trying to flip their empty cup upside down using the board.


NFL Game Used Uniform Wallet

Surprise him with a totally awesome NFL game-used uniform wallet. On the outside, these wallets look normal, but once you open it up you’ll notice that each divider is made with game-used jerseys. Each jersey is cut so that the wallet shows at least two colors of the uniform.


JackCubeDesign Leather Valet Tray

Forget the rush to find all of your necessities – with the JackCubeDesign valet box, you have everything in one space right where you left it. Your car keys, wallet, glasses, and other trinkets are there waiting for you, plus with 2 charging ports, your mobiles and devices are fully charged ready for the day,


Custom Etched Growler

Keep your beer colder and fresher for longer with this neat stoneware growler. With a handle ergonomically designed to fit the hand, carrying the growler is comfortable and easy. This growler can also be custom engraved with a nickname or surname, etc, up to 12 characters.


Personalized Black Leather Flask Wood Box Set

Show your gratitude with this classy black leather hip flask set. In the box is a durable 6oz. stainless steel hip flask with a personalized black leather case (there are multiple options for personalization), and the flask also comes with 4 steel shot cups and a funnel for easy pouring.

Prices Vary

Whiskey-Enhancing Oak Honey Tumbler

Enhance whiskey’s complex tastes and aromas with an oak honey tumbler. Each one of these superb drinking vessels is crafted from one solid piece of oak with a widened base to allow aromas to expand, and then lined with a honey wax to bring out the whiskey’s flavor (extra wax is included).

Price varies

TRAVANDO Money Clip Wallet

This money clip wallet by Travando is slim and attractive, though its size doesn’t compromise functionality. This dapper wallet offers 7 card slots, with one on the front that has a notch to push the card out easily – handy for cards you use most often – and a money clip to hold your bills.


Pick Your Poison Guitar Glasses

Any music fan is going to love that you hand ‘picked’ them such a cool glass, which features a pick wedged into the side of it. Crafted from lightweight borosilicate, you can choose between a shot, whiskey, or pint glass, to match their favorite tipple.

Price varies

BEARDEUR Premium Master Beard Kit

Keep that beard looking extra fine with this premium master beard kit, which comes with everything they need to maintain their beard and keep it on top form. Containing a wide and fine-toothed wooden comb, boar bristle beard brush, organic beard oil, and a mini mustache comb, this kit will keep those whiskers in tip-top shape.

Prices Vary

Personalized Knife

These pocket knives make ideal gifts for groomsmen. The stunning wooden handles are laser engraved in the USA with your groomsmen’s names and the date of the big day, making them the perfect keepsakes and, of course, the pocket knives have a bottle opener, handy for the upcoming celebrations.

Prices Vary

Genuine Ox-Horn Viking Drinking Horn

Celebrate in Norse style with this wicked genuine ox-horn Viking drinking horn. Even the stand is made with ethically sourced ox horn, and each one holds around 16oz of beer or ale (or should it be mead?) The inside is coated with food-grade lacquer, to ensure completely safe consumption for those delicate Viking constitutions.


Wooden Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener

Say cheers to this fab beer caddy, which is crafted from reclaimed wood and has enough space for 6 bottles. This superb gift means the party can get started straight away, because it even comes equipped with a built-in bottle opener, so there’s no delay as you rummage in the drawers to find your old one.


Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers

After the bachelor party, preparations, and big day are all over, the only thing left to do is relax, and what better way to do that than by kicking off those smart shoes and donning a pair of these super-comfortable herbal warming slippers, which can even be heated in the microwave for that extra blast of warmth.


ManChDa Roman Numerals Dial Skeleton Pocket Watch

Watches make great gifts, but why not go for something more original, like this super cool pocket watch? It comes with a classic cowboy chain and has a double cover, so you can see the fascinating skeleton mechanics at work; plus, it comes presented in a gift box – perfect for giving as a special thank you.


Mantello Folding Cherry Wood Cigar Ashtray Set

From Mantello Cigars we have this beautiful cherry wood cigar ashtray set. Inside of the discreet folding wooden box, you’ll find a large stainless steel ashtray reservoir, cigar bed, guillotine cigar cutter and lighter. Any cigar smoking gentleman will appreciate the classic beauty of this luxurious set.


Stainless Steel Wallet

No one will be ‘steeling’ your details with this clever stainless steel wallet. Not only is it sturdy, thin, and futuristic, but it has all the pockets you will need for your bills and cards, plus – being made of stainless steel – it also blocks out unauthorized transmission from RFID enabled credit cards and ID’s.


Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag

Once they’ve had the Vetelli hanging toiletry bag, they’ll never want to travel without it ever again. The bag has 2 large pockets and 2 smaller, giving travelers more than enough space to carry all of their toiletry essentials and then some, and wraps up tight to fit neatly inside suitcases or weekend bags.


Wooden Gift Box

These stunning wooden gift boxes certainly make a unique gift. The boxes are stained in a color of your choice and then engraved with whatever wording suits the occasion, like their name, or simply just ‘groomsman’. You could even choose to fill it with extra items for a gift that keeps on giving.


Beer Opening Glass

There’s nothing worse than craving an ice cold beer, only to find that the bottle opener is nowhere in sight. That problem will become a thing of the past when you have this uber cool glass, based on the classic British pint. With two openers built-in – for a pop-top and screw-top – refreshment is at your fingertips.


KUMONE Cashmere Scarf Wool Knit Scarves

He’s going to look great and feel even better when sporting this smart cashmere scarf. Being camel colored, it’s sure to match any outfit, although most importantly it’ll keep him warm and cozy throughout the colder months, and thanks to the light and soft materials, it can comfortably be worn all day long.

Prices Vary

Equation Geek Watch

Rattle their brains with this equation geek watch. Instead of the usual English numbers or even Roman numerals, this exquisite watch features an equivalent notation of each number. Don’t worry, your groomsmen won’t be left too confused as it comes with a cheat sheet that explains each of the notations.


Best Man Beer Mugs Set

Give cheers to your groomsmen with these incredibly detailed engraved beer mugs. They come as a set of 6, so you have plenty for your chosen guys. Each one is deeply engraved using crystal imagery sand carving, giving them a high-quality finish that will last for a lifetime.


Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless-Steel Grill Set

Spoil the grill master with this wonderful 14 piece set from Cuisinart. The set includes everything he could possibly need to grill to perfection; spatula, grill tongs, basting brush, 4 pairs of corn holders, cleaning brush, and an extra brush head, presented inside a durable aluminum storage case.

Prices Vary

Ante Up Poker Pint Glass

Give the chip off the ol’ block something to smile about with these ante up poker pint glasses. These tumblers feature a poker chip wedged into the side of the glass, and you can choose between a red or black one, or why not go for both? You don’t want to take any chances, after all.


Personalized Barrel Mug

They’re sure to love these white oak and aluminium barrel mugs, which are handmade by coopers in Virginia, then emblazoned with your groomsmen’s name/s. The aluminum lining will keep their drink cool til the next round without affecting the taste, whatever their poison might be…that’s if it lasts that long.


Lillian Rose Groomsman Survival Kit

With so many preparations, it’s only to be expected that the groomsmen might possibly forget a thing or two come the big day, and that’s where this wedding day survival kit comes in. It has everything covered; tweezers, Q-Tips, a razor, pair of black socks, 2 Band-Aids, and more to head off any emergency.

Prices Vary

Groomsman Personalizied Zippo Lighter

A Zippo lighter is always a fool proof gift, especially one that’s high quality and also engraved. You can have this brushed silver one personalized with 3 lines of up to 15 characters in each line, so you could even choose to write a personal message to your groomsman, as well as his name.


Groom Squad Groomsmen PopSocket!

With so much going on and a strict schedule to adhere to, you’ll find a Groom Squad popsocket will come in handy on the big day. This handy little gadget will stop those shaky-with-nerves hands from dropping their devices, and are invaluable should the phone or tablet need propping up for easy reading or selfies.


On The Rocks Set

It’s a well-known fact that whiskey is better on the rocks – make that a literal statement by using these brilliant granite discs. Gathered from New England beaches, these rocks can be stored in the fridge ready to be dropped into a drink to keep it cool and refreshing without diluting the taste.


James Bentley Double Wall Whiskey Glasses

These revolutionary whiskey glasses will change the way you drink your tipple, thanks to the double-walled design, which not only keeps your drink cooler, but also slows down the ice-melting process if you prefer your drink on the rocks. With stunning aesthetics, this set of 2 also comes with a pair of sphere ice-ball molds.


Authentic Stadium Seat Cufflinks

Sometimes it’s not the team you’re in love with, it’s the experience of watching it in your favorite stadium. If your buddies have a ground they hold close to their hearts, why not bring it even closer with these seat cufflinks? Each pair is made with salvaged seats from one of 12 famous stadiums.

Price varies

Groomsman Guitar Picks

You’ve struck gold with these neat groomsman guitar picks by Graphics and More. Each pack comes with 6 picks with ‘Groomsman’ printed on them, which can be used for novelty purposes or maybe even to perform the song for the first dance! Either way, we think they’ll rock your best buds’ socks off.


Game Used Baseball Bat Bottle Openers

Crack open the celebratory booze with this fabulous game-used baseball bat bottle opener. Made from reclaimed real game-play bats from your favorite teams – from Cubs to Tigers and all of the top teams in between – they come gift boxed with a story card and hologram number which depicts which game they were used in.

Price varies

EILIKS Emergency Survival Kit

Put their skills to the test with this super cool survival gear kit. Should they ever face a zombie apocalypse or become stranded on an island, they have everything they need to survive – flint stone and scraper, compass, military knife, whistle, flashlight and more – making this a great gift for the prepper on your list.

Prices Vary

Game Used NHL Hockey Stick Bottle Opener

Hockey lovers are going to go crazy for these game used NHL bottle openers, which are made from real hockey sticks used by your favorite teams; the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, Florida Panthers and more. Using the holographic number on the bottle opener, they can also search the sticks’ history online, to see when/where it was used.

Price varies

Engraved Groomsmen Pocket Watch Gift

This lovely engraved pocket watch by Frederick James is sure to have your groomsman smiling from ear to ear. Now he can keep track of the time and schedule while enjoying the thoughtful gift he has been given. It features a polished steel finish, Roman style watch face, and a 45cm chain with clip.


Timbrefone Acoustic Phone Amp

Handmade in High Ridge, Missouri, we have this funky Timbrefone acoustic phone amp. This amp doesn’t need to be plugged in, nor does it require batteries, it simply amplifies your phone’s music with its sculpted cone shape, and since it doesn’t need to be plugged in, it can be used anywhere you like.


Earth Cufflinks

For the mate that’s always down to earth, we have these rather fitting cufflinks. Encased under glass you will find a picture of our planet, which shows your bestie that he means to the world to you without being overly sentimental. Unobtrusive but classy, they’re perfect for wearing on the big day itself.


Cufflinks Organizing & Travel Case

Keep those easy to lose pairs of cufflinks organized with this vegan leather travel case. With 2 velvet-lined rows, this secure case with snap closure holds 5 pairs of cufflinks, perfect for those who are always on the go – whether that’s for meetings, events or special occasions.


Beer Bottle Shot Glasses and Display Tray

You may recognize these cool shot glasses; yep, that’s right – they are made from the necks of beer bottles! These repurposed shot glasses are kept in a hand-finished wooden display tray, ready to be used by party-goers or after-dinner drinkers. It certainly makes a great addition to a home bar or drinks cabinet.


Square Gear Cufflinks

Filled with miniature gears, these cool cufflinks by Joseph Cirincione make amazing gifts for mechanics, motorbike riders, or bike aficionados. Made with silver and gold, they’ll complement any suit or smart shirt perfectly – you could even say they would take it up a gear.


Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition

Pre-loaded with 30 exciting games, such as the Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong, the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES classic edition is certainly a gift to wow any groomsman. It includes the old-school gray controller that we were all used to, plus an HMDI cable to link it up to a TV or monitor.

Prices Vary

Baseball Stadium Blueprints

See your favorite stadiums like never before with these baseball ground blueprints. These neat diagrams are printed with your team’s color, so just one look on the wall will show all of your guests who you’re rooting for, along with an at-a-glance knowledge of the chosen stadium’s details.


Vintage-Inspired Craft Beer Opener

If you drink craft beer, you’ll appreciate just how carefully this vintage-inspired bottle opener does its job. This clever gadget doesn’t cause any dents or scratches in the lid or bottle, leaving it in pristine condition to add to your collection, so you can enjoy the delicious beverage with a keen sense of achievement.


The Necktie Travel Roll

When it comes to traveling, it’s important to pack lightly, which is why you’re going to love the necktie travel roll. This neat little contraption fits 3 ties rolled up inside, which leaves them wrinkle-free and looking as good as new so you can look as sharp as ever, no matter where you are.


Stainless Steel 11 in 1 Beer Opener Survival Card

Once you have a survival card tool in your life, you’ll never look back. Being the same size as a credit card, you can carry it with you wherever you go. It comes with a ruler, beer opener, saw blade, can opener, cutting edge and more – who knew just one card could do so much?


WENSHIDA Old Railroad Style Bronze Pocket Watch

With a style that looks just as timeless as your friendship, it’s safe to say this unique retro railroad-style pocket watch will make a fitting groomsman gift. This octagonal bronze timepiece is almost gothic-like in its appearance, while the skeletonized engraved design makes it a beautiful table piece, ornament, or watch for everyday use.

Prices Vary

Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

For fans of golf and whiskey, you won’t find a better gift than these golf ball whiskey chillers. There’s no better way of celebrating the special day running as smoothly as planned than with a shot or two of whiskey, so don’t ruin it by using ice that melts far too quickly!


Personalized Cooler Chairs

Whether he’s always off fishing or camping, he’s bound to appreciate this folding cooler chair. The cooler can be used to keep bait fresh or keep drinks and food cool throughout the day. Since it folds up, it’s nice and portable, not only that but it’s also even personalized with your recipients’ name.

Prices Vary

Das Horn

If there’s one time in life when you can knock it back and act like a king, it’s at your friend’s bachelor party. Why stick to a boring pint glass when you can drink out of this funky drinking horn instead? After all, it’s much more stylish and even holds more beer.


Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

He’s sure to go wild for this officially licensed NHL game-used hockey puck bottle opener. Each of these bottle openers is made with actual game play pucks from famous teams, and comes with a holographic number where you can verify its game details online. It also comes with an authenticity certificate.

Price varies

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Whiskey aficionados are sure to appreciate these nifty whiskey stones. Used instead of ice, these stones keep your drink at the perfect temperature, and they don’t melt, so they don’t spoil your drink. The gift box comes with 9 stones and a velvet pouch to store them in the refrigerator with.

Prices Vary

Personalized Socks

Have your groomsman feel as dapper as possible with these personalized socks. Each pair is black and personalized with initials, name, or word, so you could even have them made for the wedding day with ‘groomsman’ on them – that way, no matter how tipsy he becomes, he can’t forget his role.


Whiskey Stones & Rocks Glass Set

Whiskey on the rocks please, literally. This set uses soapstone ‘rocks’ that keep your drink ice cold without diluting it. Soapstone is also a softer type of stone, so it won’t scratch or damage your fancy new glasses. Keep them stored in your fridge so they’re ready to use whenever you fancy a tipple.

Price varies

Personalized 50 Caliber BMG Bullet Bottle Openers

Treat them all with this amazing set of 50 caliber BMG bullet bottle openers. All 4 of these openers are presented in a lovely gift box and personalized with your groomsmen’s names or title, such as “father of the groom”, etc. Being so unique, it’s sure to be a gift they’ll treasure forever.

Prices Vary

Bourbon Barrel Leaf Glasses

Most bourbon barrels are made from oak or maple trees, which is why these leaf glasses are so fitting for any bourbon connoisseur. These glasses won’t give your drink the classic nutty wooden notes, but they do pay homage to how your beverage was aged perfectly.


Tripple Torch Cigar Lighter

Slim and slick, the ergonomic design of this triple torch cigar lighter is made for 1 handed use. It features a triple flame lighter on the top and a cigar punch on the side, and is also just the right size to fit in a pocket. This cigar lighter is gifted in a Mrs. Brog box.


All Natural Shoe Care Kit

Keep your snazzy shoes looking top notch with this all-natural shoe care kit. Inside of the kit, you will find a shoe cream which cleans and moisturizes your shoe, a tonic that restores and protects and gives shine, as well as a serum for intensive repair. The set also comes with 2 buffing cloths.


Craft IPA Beer Shampoo & Conditioner

Keep your hair looking spiffy with these California-made all-natural beer shampoos and conditioners. These fabulous hair products also contain sunflower oil, goji berry, aloe leaf, fennel seeds and more to clean and condition your locks from root to tip. Not only will your hair look amazing, but it’ll also smell just as good, too.


New York Transit Token Lock Keychain

This authentic New York subway token may not get you anywhere, but it does give you a nostalgic piece of history as it features an authentic, dime-sized token circulated from 1953-69. Officially licensed, it is encased in a keychain that looks like a lock, and is presented in a subway-themed gift box.


Spinning Spirits Set

Your groomsmen are certain to fall in love with this beautifully handcrafted spirits set. The glassware is hand-blown, shaped, torch-cut and fire-polished in Chicago and the Czech Republic by a friend of the maker’s family, while the wonderful wooden stand is made with reclaimed wood from Illinois. It’s definitely a decanter set like no other.

Price varies

Personalized Folding Pocket Knife

It’s safe to say your friends are going to feel super sharp with these personalized folding knives. The wooden handles on the knives are engraved with their names, ‘groomsman’ title, and the date of the wedding, for them to look back on and keep forever.

Prices Vary

Beer Foaming Stones

Beer just isn’t the same when it’s not from the tap, but you can replicate the taste with these clever beer foaming stones. Not only do they create an irresistible thick foam head that lasts until the last drop, but they also enhance the beer’s flavor and aroma.


Authentic NFL Stadium Seat Cufflinks

If you know someone who is in love with NFL, these cufflinks make the ideal gift choice. Created from reclaimed seats from a choice of 13 stadiums, these sterling silver pieces are understated but classy, with a true nod to the recipient’s favorite team and are officially licensed by the NFL.


Dinosaur Whiskey Stones

Turn heads with these awesome dinosaur whiskey stones. Handmade and shaped like T-Rex heads, these adorable stones are made with granite and look just like fossils. Chill them in the freezer until they’re needed, then drop them in your drink for a perfectly cooled tipple.


Sculptable Collar Stays

Say goodbye to ugly, droopy collars, and keep your groomsmen looking dapper all day long with these sculptable aluminum collar stays. Insert them into your collar, shape them to how you like them and voila, effortlessly sharp, perky collars throughout the whole day without having to adjust them.


Multi-Tool Box of Wonders

We like to think of ourselves as evolved, but in certain situations, we’re not as prepared as we think. This multi-tool box of tricks contains everything from a micro screwdriver to an orange peeler, and each piece comes with an image of a member of the animal kingdom, just to remind us to be a little more resourceful.


Personalized Favors Playing Card Holder

Relax those pre-wedding nerves with a quick game of, well, anything that involves cards and dice. This gorgeous rose wood box contains 2 playing card decks and 5 casino style rolling dice, and comes in a variety of designs, so no matter what the occasion, there’s a set to suit.

Prices Vary

Flask Book Box

Keep your spirits up (stocked up, that is) with this ingenious flask book box. Squirreled away between the covers of this reclaimed library book, you will find a flask shaped hole, just right for the included 6 oz. flask, so you can keep that exquisite double malt scotch hidden away and just for you.


Handpresso Hybrid Outdoor Case with Flask and Cups

Enjoy a refreshing hot beverage no matter where you are with this Handpresso hybrid outdoor case. Inside the durable holder, you’ll find four unbreakable espresso cups and an easy pour flask, so whether you’re on a hike, camping or fishing, you can still take a stop for a brew and a hit of caffeine.

Prices Vary

Leather Journal Gift Set

Now he can keep track of his most precious thoughts and memories with this stunning leather journal, starting off with his best friend’s wedding day, of course. Being made with such soft leather, the journal neatly rolls up for easy storage, so it can be taken anywhere.

Prices Vary

Rosewood Finish Flask Gift Set

Check out this lovely rosewood finish flask gift set, which comes with a 7oz stainless steel flask, funnel, a matching shot glass, poker size playing cards, and 5 dice. The perfect way to unwind after the big day, with a game, a celebratory drink, and most importantly, your closest friends.



The last thing you would want to celebrate with is a warm beer, but when there’s no room in the fridge, what can you do? Designed to fit inside a bottle, this pre-cooled rod slips inside after you’ve taken the first sip, and keeps that beer tasting cool and refreshing to the last mouthful.


Bewell Wooden Watch

How handsome is this gorgeous Bewell wooden watch? It’ll definitely take pride of place sitting on your groomsman’s wrists. Each watch is handcrafted using 100% natural wood from Africa, and comes in a choice of four varieties – ebony, brown, maple, or red sandalwood – and comes with a tool and extra link, too.


Groomsmen Roller Ballpen

Classy and understated, this luxurious leather money clip also comes with a refillable black and gold colored pen – the perfect gift for your groomsman and close friends. Each item can be personalized with up to 3 lines on the money clip, making it a truly memorable gift to mark the occasion.


Personalized Set of Gunmetal Beer Mugs

This smart set of 16oz. gunmetal beer mugs is always going to be a failproof gift for the lads, whether it’s your brother, father or best friend. The mugs are also personalized with their names and date of the wedding, making the gift all that more special – cheers to that!

Prices Vary

Gift Tie Set

Give this gift to your groomsmen before the wedding and you may find they outdo you in the style stakes! Consisting of 3 striped ties, 4 pairs of matching cufflinks, 4 tie clips, and 3 handkerchiefs, this set will serve your male friends and relatives through many a function in the coming months and years.


Please Bring Me Beer Men’s Socks

Once the wedding day has been and gone, your groomsmen will finally be able to put their feet up, giving them the perfect opportunity to don these “please bring me beer” socks. The phrase is woven onto the bottom, so as soon as they put their feet up, their request is made.


Stoneware Growler

Created by Brett Binford and Chris Lyon, these neat stoneware growlers are hand-crafted for just one use; beer. Once you’ve tasted your ale out of this amazing growler, you’ll never go back to anything else because being made of stone, it keeps the drink at the most perfect temperature possible. We’ll drink to that.


Personlized Khaki Cooler Tote

After a busy day hiking, it’s always nice to down a cold drink, and that’s where these superb cooler bags come in. With a 12 pack insert and leak-proof liner, these bags can also be personalized with up to 7 characters, making them a great choice for birthday gifts, or tokens of thanks for groomsmen.

Prices Vary

Bottle Opener Bow Tie

Keep your male friends both smart and slaked with this 2 in 1 bow tie and bottle opener. Made from a stylish and timeless gray wool, this bow tie comes with a hidden compartment which houses an indispensable opener for those celebratory bottles of beer once the champers has been downed.


Wooden Bow Tie

Have your groomsmen fit in with your décor when you buy them these unique bow ties. Made from ethically sourced wood, these ties look smart and contemporary, and will be a real talking point among the guests. Adjustable to fit all neck sizes, there is no tying involved, making them perfect for shaky pre-wedding hands.


Vintage Shave Kit

Have their beard looking groomed to the nines with this retro vintage shave kit. The set arrives in a rustic distressed looking box lined with burlap fabric, and inside you will find a safety razor (no one wants any cuts on the big day), boar brush, cream dish, and premium shave balm and cream.

Prices Vary

Silver USB Cufflinks

Make sure those rehearsal dinner photos are in safe hands with a pair of USB cufflinks, which will keep those embarrassing ‘college days’ pics safe and ready to mortify. Holding up to 16GB of data, there’s more than enough space, from those bearskin rug baby photos to that first hangover evidence.


Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit

Stir things up a bit with this old-fashioned whiskey infusion kit. It has everything you need to create a charming cocktail – all you need to do is add your favorite rye or bourbon. Included is a 500ml Italian glass bottle with custom label, 4-inch funnel, and coffee filter, plus a vial of 100% organic botanicals.

Price varies

Engraved Stainless Steel Flask

Whether they’re drinkers or not, these flasks are sure to make an unforgettable gift. They come as a set of 6, so you can engrave them all with your group of groomsmen’s names, role, and of course the date of the wedding – you don’t want anyone forgetting that after they’ve had a shot or two.


Jack Daniels(R) Whiskey Barrel Cufflinks

Handmade in Louisiana, these fancy Jack Daniels whiskey barrel cufflinks are hand cut from the same barrel, which you also receive an authentication certificate for. The cufflinks make a great gift for those who simply love whiskey or those who have to suit up on the daily for work.

Prices Vary

Do Good Cotton Hammock

Hand woven from a whopping three miles of hand dyed cotton cord, these incredible hammocks are big enough for two, and can bear weight of up to 400lbs. Each sale helps to support the endangered village people of Mlabri in Northern Thailand, so you can relax knowing your gift has done good.


Military Blanket Toiletry Bag

Take yourself to the bunker with this military blanket toiletry bag – handmade in Brooklyn using unissued military blankets. These sturdy bags are lined with water-resistant waxed cotton, so should any toothpastes explode, or aftershaves spill, you face an easy clean up instead of a total disaster.


Handmade Beer Mug Set

Take things back a century or two with these handmade beer mugs. These huge 20oz. mugs are handmade using oak wood and then lined with stainless steel, to help keep your beer cooler for longer; for the cooler months, they will even keep your coffee warm!


Rosewood Finish Flask Gift Set

These beautiful rosewood flask gift sets are sure to have your guys feeling special and appreciated. Each one is carefully engraved with a name, groomsman title, and date of the wedding – could there be a better way of saying thank you? Inside the box is a flask, funnel, shot glass, playing cards and 5 dice.

Prices Vary

Groomsmen Gifts Whiskey Decanter

Whiskey fans will be forever grateful for this wonderful monogrammed decanter by What’s Custom. The huge 28oz. glass decanters are monogrammed with a letter/initial of choice and presented in a matching wooden gift box. The decanters are also made with a rubber sealing to ensure your spirits stay fresh.


SIBOSUN Antique Pocket Watch

Of course, a ring may not be the most fitting gift for a male friend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them something gold and meaningful, such as these fabulous pocket watches. The timepieces are open-faced, so at just a glance you’ll see the sensational skeleton mechanics and craftsmanship.

Prices Vary

Norse Tradesman Viking Horn Mug Tankard Set

Made using ox horn and premium wood, it’s safe to say this Viking horn tankard set is a gift that will wow. Each mug is flame treated and hand-scored, giving them their signature caramel color. Super sturdy and built to last, you and the lads will be enjoying these for years of rounds to come.

Prices Vary

Kate Aspen Groomsman Kit

Give a huge thanks with this cool groomsman gift box full of awesome trinkets. Inside of the ready-to-gift Kate Aspen box is a handy bottle opener keychain, cigar cutter, pair of sunglasses with the word ‘groomsman’ on the arm (useful for the inevitable hangover), beer mug, and an insulated drink sleeve.


Engraved Initial Cufflinks and Tie Clip Bar Set

From Loyallook we have this rather smart stainless steel cufflink and tie clip bar set. Both the cufflinks and tie clip are engraved with your groomsman’s’ initial and presented in a lovely gift box. Purchase a set for yourself and your groomsmen and you’ll all match beautifully come your big day.


Personal Minibar Travel Set

Create your classic cocktails no matter where you are with this personal minibar travel set. The set consists of a soft vegan leather case and five 50ml fillable bottles that fit snuggly inside, giving you just enough to share a tipple or two with your buddies.


Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer

For the guy who has a large family or just simply has a trunk full of, well, junk, now he can keep it neat with this organizer full of handy compartments. Being collapsible it can be used whenever he needs and then folded to make room for the portable grill or pet dog.


Gentleman Jon Deluxe Wet Shave Kit

Beards and bare-faces will look their ultimate best with this Gentleman Jon deluxe wet shave kit. Containing everything a gent needs for a perfect wet shave, including a badger hair brush and safety razor, this grooming kit also comes with a handy toiletry bag so it can be taken on travels or vacations.


Custom Map Money Clip

Whether it’s the place you and your best bud met or perhaps the location of your wedding venue, these custom map money clips make a special gift. You can even have the clips engraved with a little message or name, for that extra thoughtful touch.

Price varies

Personalized Groomsmen Beer Glasses

Looks like it’s your round with this super manly set of personalized groomsman beer glasses. You can choose to purchase a set of 3, 5 or 7 glasses and personalize them with their names, title, and the wedding date, making them the perfect keepsake while giving them a new beer glass at the same time.


Handsome Man Grooming Can

Paint, sorry, pamper the guys with this Handsome Man Grooming Can. Inside of what looks like a paint can, are an abundance of pampering products that are sure to have him feeling sharp come the wedding day – a brick of soap, lip balm, menthol-based face wash, shaving cream and even more.


7 Deadly Sins Glasses Set

What’s a bachelor party without a sin or two, or seven, perhaps? This witty glass set is engraved with cartoons that each represent the 7 deadly sins, drawn up by the award-winning cartoonist Mort Gerberg. Which sin will you commit tonight? What happens between the groomsmen, stays with the groomsmen.


Pin-Stripe Gentleman’s Hidden Cane Umbrella

Look classy and timeless with the pin-stripe hidden cane umbrella. With just a flick of your wrist, the cane turns into a nifty umbrella, so you can stay looking smart and on top-form come rain or shine. Plus it’s even big enough for two, so don’t forget to be a gentleman and share…


3 Thoughtful Diy Groomsmen Gifts

Diy Groomsmen Boxes

Check out this superb blog post by The Rustic willow for instructions on how to make these impressive Groomsman Survival Kits. The simple wooden box you start off with becomes unrecognizable as you stain and score it, before filling it with all kinds of essentials, such as a flask, cigars, body spray, and gum.

Diy Etched Glass Mugs

While there is an abundance of personalized mugs online, that doesn’t mean you can’t DIY your own, which you can by following this super easy tutorial. For this DIY you’ll need contact paper, small paint brush, exacto knife, glass etching cream and, of course, a glass mug. The design is up to you.

Diy Groomsmen Minibar in a Jar Gift

Show him just how much he means to you with this neat minibar in a jar idea by Evermine. To start, simply grab mini versions of his favorite liquors and then place them in a wide-mouth mason jar, before decorating with a paper bag, personalized labels, and tags for a truly professional finish.

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