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39 Most Unique Gifts for Women of 2018 – Clever Christmas Gifts for Her

It’s hard to adequately describe this list of unique gifts for women, but you can be certain you will give an amazing gift that she won’t get from someone else. From amazing handcrafted items like jewelry and soy candles to exciting gift box subscriptions and hand-thrown pottery, you will find it all here.

This list of unique gifts for women includes amazing handcrafted items you won’t find anywhere else like sculptures, jewelry, pottery, and so much more.

23andMe DNA Ancestry and Health Test Kit

If you’re looking for unique gifts for women, it doesn’t get any more creative than a DNA testing kit. The box comes with a saliva collection tube and a specimen bag to take a quick sample. Return it for a DNA report that can tell you about your ancestry, genetic traits, health risks, and more.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

Do you know a woman who loves wine? Do you think she would love having wine delivered right to her door every month? Is that a dumb question? Of course it is! Get that wine-lover a subscription box to receive a selection of four fun and unique wines every month. She will love you forever.

Price varies

Julep Maven Makeup Subscription Box

Give a woman a gift as unique as she is with a Julep Beauty Box subscription. She gets to provide information about her preferences, then make her own selections, or be surprised. There are two price tiers, pre-paid discounts, and no contracts. She will think of you every time she gets her beauty box.

Price varies

Love with Food Subscription Box

Who doesn’t love snacks? Give a gift that will remind them of you every time they receive it. With the “Love with Food” snack box subscription, you can choose from three plans offering an array of healthy, good-for-you food, and for each box they sell, they donate a free meal to a food bank.

Price varies

Ava Ovulation Tracking Bracelet

Speaking of unique gifts, for a woman who is concentrating on family planning, this ovulation tracking bracelet can help her track her hormonal cycle, find her fertility window, and after success, understand her pregnancy. She’ll appreciate the opportunity to put this amazing technology to work and she is sure not to get a duplicate gift.

Price varies

Force of Nature

For a woman who is interested in natural cleaning products, give her this amazing new technology that turns tap water into a cleaner as effective as bleach, but without any harsh chemicals. This small appliance uses an innovative technology to turn water, salt, and vinegar, into a multi-purpose cleaner safe for the whole family.

Prices vary

Do You Look Like Your Dog Matching Game

“Whose pooch is that doggie in the window?” might cross your mind when you play “Do You Look Like Your Dog?” Match photos of dogs to their look-alike owners as you play this great memory game, by turning tiles over until you have a human/canine match. Remember where unmatched pups are until you match them all.


Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

Have you ever wondered why women say they need their “beauty” sleep? It’s proven that restful, quality slumber is essential to good health, which is the foundation of looking good. This premium weighted blanket from Quility is like a comforting cuddle to help her fall asleep and stay asleep for the recommended eight hours.


Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Is there anything more disappointing than reaching for your favorite mug only to find your beverage has gone cold? Especially when you’re in the middle of a gripping project. The innovative Ember Temperature Control ceramic mug keeps liquids at a constant temperature to the very last drop. What a thoughtful gift! Available for iOS and Android.


R Space Lamp

Sometimes you just need a little light. This lamp is portable, rechargeable, and remote-controlled for adding a touch of illumination. Folded up, it looks like a capital letter “R” then transforms to a stunning lantern that complements any decor. Even if her name doesn’t begin with “R” she’s sure to appreciate your brilliant gift.


BakerStone Original Box Kit Pizza Oven

Gourmet pizza fresh off the grill? With the ingenious BakerStone, the “original box kit pizza oven”, you can have any pizza you can imagine right out of this nifty invention, which works on your gas grill. What an amazing idea. You get that great pizza oven crunch in the convenience of your own backyard anytime.


ElectricCotton Candy Machine

What could be more perfect than her very own pink cotton candy machine from VIVO? That lighter-than-air candyfloss confection that brings to mind lovely days gone by – her first carnival, the circus, or a favorite outing to the amusement park – and this gift tells her you think she’s as fabulous as she is sweet.


Glass Human Heart Sculpture

If she makes your heart go pitter-patter, then maybe it’s time to give her your heart. Or at least a replica in stunning hand-blown glass. The artists created this anatomical heart design, complete with colored vessels, as an homage to their love story. Now you can share Heart of Glass with the one you love.


Amethyst Dice

This whimsical gift is certain to raise the stakes in your relationship. A pair of dice in elegant amethyst is nestled in a wooden stand crafted from reclaimed wood for optimal display in her home or office paradise. These handmade cubes beg to be caressed and are also suitable for use as paperweights or bookends.


Zodiac Perfume

When there’s something so exquisitely special about the woman in your life – but you can’t quite put your finger on it – you could be besotted. In which case, you’ll be scouring the globe for elegant gifts for this beguiling lass. Choose a fragrance based on her zodiac sign from Zodika Perfumery, to match that ‘star’ quality.


SEGWAY miniPRO Smart Self Balancing Transporter

The Segway miniPRO Smart self-balancing transporter is the ideal gift for the busy modern woman. Whether she dashes across campus or traverses to the conference room, this handy personal transporter is fun as well as a time-saving device. Bluetooth compatible for remote control with customized LED lights, this eco-friendly ride is a thoughtful gift.


Motiv Ring

The smallest fitness tracker available is a stylish ring from Motiv Ring. It tracks steps and pulse, and monitors sleep, as well as noting calories burned. Waterproof for 24/7 feedback, this is just the ticket for the health-conscious woman looking for practical and elegant pieces to complement her active lifestyle.


Cubii Jr: Desk Elliptical w/ Built In Display Monitor

Cubii Jr. is perfect for getting a little extra exercise in during those long hours we spend seated at our desks. The elliptical design keeps muscles moving without bumping your knees. Adjustable resistance levels and workout tracking make this great machine a must-have for anyone who craves more activity, including executives, assistants, and students.


Cosmic Spacedye Pom Scarf

Fashion meets fun with this lovely Cosmic Spacedye pom scarf. The celestial coloring makes this warm and cozy scarf unique, while the sassy pom pom trim keeps it youthful. Nothing is quite as cozy as a warm knit scarf on a bitter winter day. It’s like a hug around her neck when you’re not there.


Click & Grow Smart Indoor Garden

Fresh herbs make all the difference in gourmet and everyday flavors. This convenient Click & Grow Smart Garden is the ideal way for her to keep her favorite greens in bloom all year around. Everything she needs for clean, pesticide-free plants is included in this thoughtful gift. Perfect for the woman who takes pride in her cooking.


Philips Wake-up Light with Sunrise Simulation Alarm Clock

We were designed to wake at dawn and fall asleep as the sunlight faded. In our busy, modern world, that’s rarely the case. Harsh bells, strident alarms, or electronic chimes have taken the place of feeling the sun’s first rays on your face. The Philips Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock simulates increasing light to wake naturally.


MDRN Life Neck Pillow

The perfect gift for the traveler in your life, this unique micro-bead neck pillow is the answer to preventing uncomfortable car rides and plane trips. The distinctive watermelon design features a clip for no-slip comfort and doubles as a luggage attachment. Give the gift of comfortable and restful travel and you will be a hero.


Ooma Bowl

Ooma bowls are the amazing ergonomic vessels that are designed to balance comfortably in one hand, leaving the other hand free for eating! These adorable two-sided bowls keep your food from any unintentional comingling. Whether it’s fruit and cheese, chips and dip, or soup and crackers, these beautiful bowls make for convenient eating.


Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush

The amazing Colorescience Sunscreen Brush is one of several unique gifts for women on this list. This award-winning, lightweight, mineral powder is widely recommended by dermatologists. It is perfect alone or as sheer coverage over make-up. Apply every two hours for maximum sunscreen protection. It is rated SPF 50 and is excellent for sensitive skin.

Prices Vary

Scratch Map

This is the perfect gift for the world traveler. This unique scratch-off map allows you to uncover the places you have visited in order to reveal pops of color for an interesting art piece. It might even inspire you when choosing your next adventure, and makes a great memento for where you have been.

Price varies

The Aromatherapy Shower Kit

Why just take a regular old shower when you can step into your own personal aromatherapy spa? With this shower kit, you get an adjustable device that holds essential oil pods and clips to your shower head. It comes with three pods that last about 5 showers each. Refill oils are available.


Automatic Handbag Illuminator

How many times have you searched for something in your purse and sworn that it’s deliberately moving to the bottom of the bag to hide from you? Well, no more with this amazing automatic handbag illuminator. Drop it in and it senses when your hand is close and will light up for 8 seconds.


Shattered Glass Ceiling Necklace

For the empowered woman who lets nothing hold her back, you can celebrate her achievements with this “shattered glass ceiling” necklace. The piece of glass is broken manually, displayed between two solid panes, and finished with a satin sterling silver setting and chain. Celebrate her accomplishments and determination with this unique gift.


Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Give the gift of relaxation with this calming heat pillow. Instead of being traditionally stuffed, this pillow is filled with locally sourced barley and lavender. Microwave it for up to 2 minutes to release long-lasting warmth and delicious fragrance. This sweet, 100% cotton pillow really is the stuff dreams are made of.


Sewing Station

This gorgeous hand-thrown stoneware sewing station is shaped like an oversized spool and is designed to hold all of your sewing implements. The removable lid reveals convenient storage for whatnots, while there is a hole to keep scissors handy, and a fabric-covered pin cushion so you’ll always know where your needles are.


Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

Celebrate spring and the beauty that is the explosion of cherry blossom trees with this pretty keepsake. Rather than snow, when you shake this globe, you will be delighted by a light dusting of pretty pink flowers. This beautiful bubble is fun in spring, but might also help you make it through the winter.


SPI Home Octopus Pillar Candelabra

You can be certain that you are giving the most unique gift of all with this octopus candelabra. At 12” high and 15” wide, this aluminum candle holder in a dark bronze finish is the perfect complement to a table centerpiece or anywhere you would like to make a statement. This is a great conversation-starter.


London Ring

This beautiful hand-made “London ring” is the perfect memento to remind you of a special trip to the UK capital. Available in a selection of metals, this ring features the skyline of many famous sites including Big Ben, The London Eye, Buckingham Palace, the London Tower Bridge, and more.

Price varies

Yoga Pose Hanging Sculptures

These metal sculptures make unique gifts for women who love yoga. These handmade copper hanging art pieces are available in one of four traditional poses: Downward Dog, Tree, Lotus, and Triangle. Hang them in a tree, on the porch, or in a window to remind you to always keep calm and carry on. Namaste.


Clarisonic Mia Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush

Remove makeup, dirt, oil and sweat 6x better than hands alone with this gentle, two speed facial brush. Speed 2 for daily cleansing and Speed 1 for sensitive or delicate skin days. Includes 2 yr warranty.

Prices Vary

Guide Birds

These little birds really take you under their wing to guide your spirit every day – choose one colorful bird each day to be your motivation. Each one corresponds to an inspirational word such as joy, courage, and generosity. The decorative, leaf-shaped plate gives your special bird-of-the-day a place to perch.


Wine Soaps

When it’s too early in the day for a glass of wine, make a splash with these wine-infused bars of hand-made soap paired with essential oils. Turn your morning shower into Happy Hour every day with these amazing soaps made with a variety of white and red wine selections.


Castaway Gemstone Necklace

These beautiful “castaway” necklaces are made from colorful glass beads and a variety of gem stones to create a look so serene you will feel as if you have been deserted on a tropical island. Made to wear long or doubled-up, they make a stunning statement piece, and can easily transition from casual to dressy.


Druzy Stud Earrings

These natural, glittering quartz gem stones are called Druzy and they make a beautiful pair of stud earrings that are impressive and eye-catching. Choose from several sparkling colors that will make any special occasion even more special. These are a perfect gift to impress her with your good taste.


Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

This “Thank You for Your Part in My Journey” necklace is a unique and meaningful gift that comes with a lovely 13th century quote about gratitude. The beautiful stone charms and metals represent truth while on a journey. The symbolism of this piece makes it the perfect gift to thank a special person.


Long Distance Friendship Lamp

These amazing “friendship” lamps are synced to each other via Wi-Fi. No matter how far apart they are – even across the country – when one lamp is lit, the other emits the same warm glow. What a wonderful way to let someone know when you are thinking of them. Perfect for lovers who live apart.

Price varies

Convertible Travel Pillow Infinity Scarf

This stylish infinity scarf is hiding a secret weapon! Unzip and blow into the built-in pocket to inflate an amazingly comfortable travel pillow. Perfect for the woman on-the-go who likes to look great while travelling. No need for unsightly, bulky neck pillows anymore – now, you’ll always be comfortable and cozy no matter where you go.


Easy Egg Peeler

This amazing egg peeler works like magic, but really uses science and a patented design to quickly and easily peel a hardboiled egg. All you do is add a little water and shake back and forth for a few seconds. No more egg shells in your tuna salad, just the perfect, hardboiled egg every time.


Antiqued Brass Growhouse

Do you need some unique gifts for women who like to garden, but don’t have the space or time? She will love this grow-house that uses cutting-edge technology to provide the light needed for your plants. This “green” feature is perfect for any room in the house or to keep herbs handy in the kitchen.


Felt Succulents Kit

Don’t have a green thumb? That’s no problem with this clever, crafty kit that comes with all the supplies you need to create 18 felt succulents. Crafting is relaxing and satisfying, and when you have completed this project, you will have a unique piece of décor that will enhance any room.


Gold Peacock Bracelet

Every woman needs a peacock bracelet, and you can be sure she won’t be receiving the same gift from someone else. This beautiful hand-made item features a large cut-out peacock charm with three crystal and pearl beads that are reminiscent of the bird’s colorful plumage. This is a unique, stylish look she will love.


Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag

Artisans take the image of a plain, ordinary zipper storage bag and turn it into a blown-glass sculpture that will be a conversation starter in any home or office. This cleverly designed “un-zipped” zipper bag can hold anything! Turn it into a candy jar or catch-all for keys or jewelry.


Chakra Flying Wish Paper

This activity set encourages users to dream big, then let the wind carry their hopes where it may. Simply write your wish on the special paper, roll into a tube, then place on the platform staging ground. As you light the top edge, the paper burns and your dreams will float away on a breeze.


Oh For F*#*s Sake Mug Coffee Mug

This adults-only coffee mug is for folks who are not afraid of salty language. “Oh, For Fucks Sake” will greet you every morning, encircled by a row of beautiful flowers that can be customized by color. Get your morning coffee on with a mug that says exactly what you are thinking, especially if it’s Monday.


Homesick Candles

These hand-poured soy candles are the perfect gift for a person who can’t go home again. When they are homesick for their birthplace, you can give them the scents of home with these candles inspired by all 50 states. From floral bouquets to pine, they can travel home in their dreams.


Pearl Teardrop Solar Lantern

As dusk falls, the beautiful pattern on this lace-like outdoor light spreads across the ground to light your way to safe harbor. A perfect welcome to place on your porch or to light family gatherings on your patio, the built-in light sensor automatically turns the light on when the sun goes down.


Floral Batik Kimono Robe

Give her the gift of luxury with this beautiful batik kimono robe handcrafted by Indonesian artisans. She will love wrapping herself in the bouquet of lush lilacs, blushing hydrangeas, and stunning orchids with this incredible piece. The pockets add practicality, and the lavender trim and belt make a stylish statement to finish the look.


8 Unique Diy Christmas Gifts for Her

Diy Vanilla Rose Soap

Follow this simple tutorial for making these tiny, beautiful rose-vanilla soaps. These would be a great Ladies-Night-In activity or would make a great addition to a home-made spa gift basket. They would even make lovely party favors for a Garden Party or Ladies Luncheon. Though simple to make, you will need some specific special ingredients.

Diy Copper Gold Leaf Vases

Grab a vase and DIY it into something special using gold-leaf foil in a copper finish. A simple vase goes from good to glam when you add the shiny stuff. This tutorial shows you the basics, and then it is up to you to use your imagination to create your own unique gifts for women.

Diy Foldable Recipe/Tablet Stand

Check out this idea for creating a recipe stand that can hold a cookbook or tablet. It’s compact and folds for storage, so it won’t be on your counter taking up valuable real estate when you don’t need it. Just fold it flat and pop it in a drawer or cabinet.

Diy Washi Tape Serving Tray

Breakfast in bed is more than a luxurious way to start the day – it’s one of the ways you can tell someone you appreciate them and care for them. This DIY is perfect for giving an old serving tray a makeover with Washi tape. The sky’s the limit when it comes to fun and complementary designs.

Diy Decorative Kitchen Chalkboard

A kitchen chalkboard is not a new idea – it’s certainly a convenient and practical element to the busy woman’s decor. This DIY is perfect for updating and framing a plain blackboard into a stunning work of art that complements the decor – perfect after a renovation or moving. It’s a lovely labor of love.

Diy Hand-Stitched Tote Bag

You won’t have to be a master tailor to transform an ordinary bag into an extraordinary tote she will use every day. The simple DIY tutorial will guide you step by step to creating your masterpiece. Maybe you’ll even be bold with added color or design. Either way, she’ll have an eco-friendly and useful carryall.

Diy Gold-Dipped Drop Earrings

A touch of gold makes these gold-dipped round drop hand-crafted earrings a special and unique gift. This DIY is innovative and easy to follow. You’ll be able to create a one-of-a-kind set that goes with every outfit. They’re sure to become her favorite accessories because you made them especially for her.

Diy Petite Succulents Favor

Tiny succulents are all the rage these days. You can put your unique and loving touch to a thoughtful gift when you follow this DIY to craft square little beds (from lovely votive candle holders) to plant these adorable little greens. A restful and calming display is the result of your effort, which she’ll treasure.

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