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39 Most Romantic Gifts for Wives of 2018 (Show Her How Much You Care)

It’s so important to show your wife how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Check out this ‘unique gifts for wife’ list and you’re sure to find that perfect present to make sure she knows you adore her.

If you need a 'unique gifts for wife' list, this one has some amazing gift ideas which will be perfect.

Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

This unique gift for your wife will remind her that she is loved every minute of every day. Made from pewter, these two hands form the shape of a heart and it’s the perfect size to sit on her desk, shelf in her office, or maybe even a bookcase.


Love Is Art Kit

Every couple is different, in more ways than one. Use this kit to make your love into a unique piece of art to hang in your bedroom or, if you’re bold enough, in your living room where everyone can see it. It contains everything you need to create your artwork, including a body scrubber.

Prices vary

Turning Back Time Pendant

Jewelry is a great gift to give to your wife, but if you want it to have a romantic touch, how about this pendant? With a beautiful quote engraved on the front, she’ll know how much you love her every time she fastens the clasp around her neck.


Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Receiving a love note is very rare these days, even by text or email. Bring back this lost art but give it a modern twist with this cute Lovebox messenger. Send a note via the app and it’ll appear on the mirrored screen under the wooden lid.


Love “Nose” Necklace

Elephants use their trunks for a lot of things, the same way we use our hands; to carry things, lift things, and even to shower themselves. But they also use them in a romantic way which this gorgeous silver necklace depicts, with the two elephants’ trunks entwined in a loving embrace.


Bloomsy Box Beautiful Flowers Every Month

Women love receiving flowers, and there’s nothing nicer than having fresh flowers in your home. Bloomsy Box is a subscription service which will deliver fresh flowers from sustainable farms weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly so you don’t need to worry about which bunch to choose for her.

Prices vary

Gift Basket Village Date Night Romantic Gift Basket

If you have a young family, date nights aren’t always possible. Finding childcare is a struggle and money might be a bit tight, so instead of missing out altogether, why not use this gift basket and treat your wife at home? It contains everything you need for a stunning Italian dinner and dessert.


Love You Always

There is nothing like a loving embrace from your other half. This sculpture perfectly depicts that and it’s a great ornament for a desk or shelf. Made from wax and cast in bronze, it’s a simple yet beautiful way to show your love for your wife.


How Do I Love Thee From A-Z

Can you count how many things there are that you love about your wife? Use this cute keepsake letter notebook to tell her just 26 of them, with prompts on every page. You can remind her about memories you share, some of her quirks, or dreams you have for the future.


Personalized All Heart Bangle Set

When you have kids, you have to share your wife with your children. Show her how much she means to all of you with this lovely hand stamped bangle. Add names or meaningful dates to the bracelet and she’ll be reminded of you all wherever she is.

Prices vary

Paint Your Life Custom Painting

Photos are lovely but they’re no good if you keep forgetting to print them out. Turn some of your favorite pictures into a gorgeous painting which would make an amazing gift for your wife, whether it’s her birthday, your anniversary or simply just because.

Prices vary

Kissing Mugs Set

If you’re looking for unique gifts for your wife, these kissing mugs might be exactly what you’re after. In alternating red and white, these mugs fit together nicely and look as though they’re kissing while they’re being stored. The matching spoons can be used for hot chocolate, cream, or just to stir your morning coffee.


Personalized Couple Tandem Bike Art

Every home needs some personalized art hanging on the wall, and if you and your wife enjoy cycling, this print is perfect. Just make sure you give the artist the correct hair and skin tones and then you’ll forever be in print cycling on a tandem bike…there’s even room for your pet.


Crimson Heart Umbrella

When we imagine the rain, dark colors spring to mind like greys and black. Add a splash of color to those rainy days with this adorable red heart shaped umbrella. It’s strong but lightweight and is totally windproof, so you’ll never have to worry about it turning inside out.


Top Shelf Love Notes Memory Jar

Fill this glass jar with memories and moments you’ve shared with your wife, starting from when you met. Give it to her to put on her work desk and then whenever she’s feeling down, she’ll pull out a memory and it’ll instantly cheer her up and make her smile again.


Personalized Wedding & Anniversary Tree

You can personalize this anniversary tree to make it personal to you and your wife. Choose between 3 backgrounds; the Wedding March sheet music, a map of the place you met or married, and a sonnet from Shakespeare. Add your names and the special date you share and this will be a beautiful gift.


Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal

Between the two of you, you’ll be able to create a lovely keepsake gift using this 3 year journal. On every day of the year, there’s a question and space for you both to put an answer and it’ll be lovely to look back on those three years and see how you’ve both changed.

Prices Vary

Mates For Life

Humans are a monogamous species, choosing one mate to be with for life, but did you know that there are a few animal species which do the same? This beautiful print shows just 12 wild animals who will mate for life, and it’s a unique gift to give to your significant other.

Prices vary

Anniversary Serving Tray

Breakfast in bed is just one of the romantic gestures you can do to show your wife how much you love her, and this personalized serving tray will give it that finishing touch. Made from mango wood, you can add your initials to one of the trees and make it personal to your relationship.


Love is Pillow

Cushions add a personal feel to a home, especially if you’ve chosen them based on their prints. This downy pillow has a passage from 1 Corinthians entitled “The Way of Love” and it’s often chosen to be read at weddings, so it would make a great wedding or anniversary present.


Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles Kit

Chocolate is supposed to be an aphrodisiac and makes a great gift for you to give to your partner, but this kit takes it one step further. Try your hand at making some truffles with your wife; it’s a great date night activity and you’ll be able to find out if it truly is an aphrodisiac.


Forever Together Photo Coasters

These photo coasters will fit in perfectly in your happy home. It’s up to you which photos you put in them; choose ones which are meaningful to you both and you’ll be able to look at them everyday, and even your friends and family will be able to gush over them.

Prices vary

Love Language Desktop Sculpture

If you aren’t the wildly romantic type, this sculpture is the perfect gift for you to give to your wife on your anniversary. Sign language is a way of communicating without speaking and if you don’t want an over the top gesture, spelling out L-O-V-E is a good compromise.


Stars Align Personalized Wind Sculpture

Do you believe that fate brought you and your wife together? That you were meant to be and it was written in the stars? Whether you do or not, this personalized sculpture is great to hang in a window so when the wind catches it, your names and meaningful date will spin and twirl around together.


Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin

Spa days are perfect for spending some quality time together and showing your wife that you know she needs some time out, but they’re expensive. Instead, treat her to an at home spa experience with this Farm Fresh tin which is filled with relaxing handmade products.


12 Ways to Say I Love You Journal

Telling someone you love them is a big deal, but after you’ve been with them for a while, you don’t say it as often as you should. This journal has 12 prompts which will encourage you to think of different ways to express your affection, and she’ll be able to look at it for years to come.


Kissing Lovers Sculpture

This is most definitely a unique gift for your wife as each one is different. Made from a single stone, it’s carved in Zimbabwe and depicts two lovers kissing. After it’s been carved, it’s polished with sand and beeswax so it’ll arrive at your home in perfect condition.


Personalized Horseshoe Heart Trivet

Horseshoes are traditionally given to couples on the day of their wedding as they’re supposed to bring good luck. In the center of this sculpture there’s a real horseshoe, but there are also bands of metal which entwine to make a heart shape. Personalize it with special dates or initials for that unique touch.

Prices vary

Personalized All Heart Necklace

This necklace is so simple but it looks amazing. Hanging on a silver chain, you can personalize the two sterling silver discs with your name and that of your wife, and they’ll be joined together by a golden heart which symbolizes the love you have for each other.

Prices vary

Maycom Leather Couple Keychain

No one but the two of you will know what these simplistic keychains mean and that makes it even more special. With a lock on one and the key on another, you’ll show your wife that she truly has the key to your heart and you’re not afraid to admit it.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

A date night isn’t complete without a bottle (or two) of wine but how do you know which is the right one for your wife? Sign up to this subscription service and you’ll get sent 4 handpicked bottles of wine straight to your front door, depending on her personal palette.

Prices vary

USB Cassette Mixtape

Whether you made her a mixtape when you first started dating or you like the idea of one, bring this old romantic trend into the modern day with this; a USB drive which can hold up to 3500+ songs or even photos, hidden inside a cassette tape style exterior.


What I Love About You by Me Book

There are so many reasons why we fell in love with our other halves – it’s difficult to remember them all and articulate them. But this sweet journal is filled with blank pages which have little prompts on to get your feelings down on paper, so they can read them whenever they want to.


Wine Soaps

Made from all natural ingredients, these vegan and gluten free soaps are the perfect wake-me-up for any wine lover. The notes from popular wine blends are taken and turned into some wonderfully fragranced soap which will set you up for the day ahead. Cheers!


Personalized Love Birch Cuff

Carving your initials into a tree is an old school way of sealing the deal and making your relationship official. This is a beautiful unique gift for your wife; the brass cuff – cast on real birch bark – is engraved with your initials just as it would be on an actual tree.


Hand Engraved Compass Necklaces

Life can sometimes be tricky, dealing us hands we never thought we’d be dealt or taking us down paths we didn’t think we’d have to walk. Give this working compass necklace to your wife to remind her that you’ll be beside her, no matter where life takes you.


Links of Love Necklace

The simple design on this necklace looks stunning, but there’s a beautiful message behind it. See how the rings are linked together? This represents the bond between two people and how infinite love can be. The relationships we have with people are special, and this is the perfect way to show someone you care.


Tabletopics Couples: Questions to Start Great Conversations

Find out more about your wife with these TableTopics cards. They make a great activity for you to do when you’re having a quiet night in. Each card has a different card provoking question on which will teach you more about your wife with each question asked.


Korean Love Style His & Hers Matching Set with a Lucky Bean

These matching necklaces will make a great anniversary present to mark the day you gave each other wedding rings. Made from titanium stainless steel, each ring has a meaningful quote engraved in it and cubic zirconia stones dotted over the whole necklace. She’s guaranteed to love it.


3 Relaxing Diy Rose Bath Soaks

Diy Rose Petal Bath Salts

Drawing your wife a bath is one of the most simple yet thoughtful things you can do for her. Instead of buying expensive bath products, why not have a go at making these rose bath salts, using the flowers growing in your own back yard?

Diy Pink Rose and Himalayan Salt Soak

Making your own bath products is simpler than you think, especially when you follow simple tutorials like this.  You’ll soon have a relaxing and luxurious pink rose and Himalayan salt soak which you can use in a bath you’ve run for your lovely wife…why not jump in and join her?

Diy Irresistible Rose Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a must for a relaxing soak in the bath, but the ones from the store can cost a lot of money for what they are. This tutorial talks you through making some floral rose ones, but you can experiment and add your own scents and colors to them.

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