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38 Most Unique Gifts for Kids Who Have Everything

Are you always on the hunt for the best and most unique gifts for kids? Great, then you should have a read of the following list. Containing a whole host of some of the most exciting and different gifts that you could ever think of, it is the perfect place to do your shopping.

Think outside of the box for your child’s next present by checking out this collection of unique gifts for kids.

Little Patient

Organ-ize your gift-giving this year with the adorable Erwin or Rosi doll from Uncommon Goods. Made from soft plush material, this anatomy doll contains six tiny color-coded organs which can be removed and replaced, while learning all about them in the accompanying booklet. Perfect for learning, or to help dispel nerves surrounding surgery.


3Doodler Make Your Own HEXBUG

The whole world fell in love with Hexbug robots when they first appeared more than 10 years ago, but now they have been brought right up to date thanks to 3D drawing! Kids can create their own weird and wonderful body parts by drawing directly onto the three motors included, and set them free to explore.


littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Just when you thought Star Wars couldn’t get any cooler! This impressive award winning droid inventor kit from LittleBits contains everything you could need to build and program your very own droid. Compatible with a smart device, you can complete more than 22 missions and challenges, invent new droids, and personalize them when complete.


Scientific Explorer Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit

You can magic up a unique gift for kids with this Slinky Magic Science for Wizards Only Kit. Not only will they learn cool magic tricks, but they will learn all about the science behind those tricks, too, making them the brainiest wizards around! Contains chemicals, test tubes, wand, and all the other tools of the trade.


Smartgurlz with Zara Doll

Check out this SmartGurlz Zara doll playset if you are interested in giving your child a refreshing way to have STEM play. This award winning toy enables users to download an accompanying app and begin to learn how to complete simple coding. Follow the link to see the toy set in full.

Prices Vary

Razor Force Drifter Kart

From Razor Force comes this awesome drifter kart for kids. With an electric motor and slick rear wheels, children can have as much sideways fun as they like! With a rear handbrake and a variable speed throttle, kids will be spinning and sliding in no time at all.


Makey Makey An Invention Kit for Everyone

Take a look at the Makey Makey invention kit and discover a whole world of educational fun that your children will be able to enjoy. The clever kit allows kids to turn tons of different everyday objects into touchpads that they can use to control games and activities. So cool!


Seedling Create Your Own Designer Doll

Do you think that your precious little one would like a new best friend in the shape of a cool doll? Of course they would. With the following creative kit, kids can fashion their doll in any way that they would like from a blank canvas – the possibilities are endless.

Prices Vary

Gymnic Rody Horse

The Gymnic Rody Horse has been a family favorite toy for many many years now! Bounce, bob, and ride along on the heavy duty, inflatable horse. Your little one’s motor skills and muscle development will improve massively through use of this awesome horse. Check it out.


ThinkFun Shadows in the Forest Board Game

From ThinkFun comes the Shadows in the Forest strategy board game. Fun for the whole family, this play in the dark game benefits from awesome glow in the dark features. Award winning and extremely exciting, this fun game will be unlike anything you have played before.


Ice Cream Truck Playhouse

Does your child absolutely adore ice cream? Who doesn’t, right? Get them their very own ice cream truck thanks to this fun pretend playhouse. Decorated to look just like a real ice cream truck, your little one can buy, sell, or simply enjoy pretend ice creams year round.


Manhattan Toy Nursing Nina Cat Nurturing Soft Toy

Help teach children all about nurturing care with this Nursing Nina from Manhattan Toy. The plush pussy cat comes with 3 soft kittens that attach to the magnets on her underside to imitate feeding. A fun, cuddly toy set that will help children to learn as they play.


Joovy Bicycoo Balance Bike

From Joovy comes the Bicycoo balance bike. If your child has reached the age in which they should start learning to ride a bike, this is the perfect place to start. Your little one will learn how to balance and get used to the feeling of being on a bike without having to worry about pedals.


Cat Bingo

Cat Bingo is the fun game for any and every cat crazy person in your life. With 64 different cat breeds included in the game, you are listening out for the breeds on your card, and not the numbers. You will learn a whole lot more about cats as you play, and most importantly, have fun.


Slurpee Maker

Does your child get excited every time you go to 7 Eleven in the hope that they will get a Slurpee? If so, you can make them the happiest kid in the whole of America by getting them one of these brilliant Slurpee machines that will help them make the frosted drink of their choice whenever they want.

Prices Vary

PlayMonster My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage

The My Fairy Garden Magical Cottage is the fun way to get children planting and growing their own stunning garden. With a Freya the fairy doll included, along with everything kids need to start growing, the fun can begin straight of the box. Check it out in full here.


Personalized Mini Rolling Pin

Does your child love nothing more than baking? If that is the case, take a look at this brilliant personalized rolling pin. Have your child’s name printed onto the rolling pin and watch their amazement rise as they leave their mark on all that they bake.


Creativity for Kids Fashion Headbands Craft Kit

From Creativity for Kids comes the Fashion Headbands craft kit. If you are interested in finding unique gifts for kids, this kit could be the perfect choice as it helps children to be creative as they design and make their own personal and custom headbands.


Peerless Performer Microphone Pink Edition

Help your child to become the pop star they have always wanted to be by setting them up with this height adjustable microphone. With various exciting features such as sound effects and a flashing disco ball, it is a no brainer. Take a look in full right here!

Prices Vary

Folkmanis Giant Clam Hand Puppet Plush

Your child will be able to entertain the entire family when they get their hand inside this Giant Clam plush puppet. Whether they want to put on an entire show or simply have a laugh, this puppet will be their best friend in doing so. High quality and realistic in design, it is awesome.


Earth Worm Recycled Crayons

The earth worm recycled crayons are so cool. If you are looking for an interesting gift idea for the little one in your life you should think about getting them a set of these worms that have been recycled from the ends of discarded crayons. You can even still draw with them!


Talkin’ Animals That Get Kids Active! Chirpie

Designed to get kids active, these fun and exciting talking animals are ready and raring to play. With sensors throughout, the fun animals can react with funny sayings depending on how you are playing with them! Throw them, spin them, tap them…do whatever you like and see how they respond.

Prices Vary

Ice Cream and Cake Beach Set

Instead of building a sand castle, why not build a sand ice cream parlor? That’s right, this fun beach play set allows children to build and create as much sand made ice cream that they could ever want! With tons of accessories included, it is the ultimate beach playset.


Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes have developed in recent years. This ingenious and amazing creative toy set allows children to create their own paper airplanes and then control them with their own smartphones thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity and electric motor. How cool is that, right?


WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

How much would your child like to have their own robot? A lot? Well check out this brilliantly clever coding robot from WowWee. Program the robot in any way you like and play games and activities as you learn a whole lot more about the world of coding. Robotics can be a lot of fun.


On-the-Go Art Set

Does your precious child enjoy creating beautiful masterpieces wherever they go? Kit them out in the best way you can by getting them one of these delightful and portable on the go art sets that will give them the right tools to take their passion with them wherever they go.


Toddlers Ambulance Medical Kits Toy

Inside this cool kid’s ambulance toy, you will discover a whole range of medical equipment that children can use to keep their patient healthy. With flashing lights and sounds, this bump and go car will change direction every time it bumps into something! Full of interactive fun, it is worth taking a look.


WowWee Fury Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings

If you are hunting for unique gifts for kids, take a look at this! Brought to us by WowWee, this fingerlings untamed raptor toy is a cool collectible dino that any child would love to have. These dinosaurs can be vicious when untamed, but calm when tamed and will react to your every move.


Waboba Moon Ball

This Waboba Moon Ball is the fun ball that will keep kids amazed and excited. When it bounces, it will make a loud popping noise and be launched into the air in any which way. Fun and unpredictable, it is a great way to spice up a classic game and is fun for the entire family.

Prices Vary

PDesktop Basketball Game

Are you ready to score some baskets? If course you are. Thanks to this fun desktop basketball game, you can have some head to head basketball shootouts without ever leaving the house! You can even keep track of the score with the manual tracker attached.

Prices Vary

LEGO Creator 3in1 Sunshine Surfer Van Building Kit

Is your kid a big fan of LEGO? Great! Then they will adore this fun toy set from LEGO’s Creator series. Build your very own campervan complete with all of the added accessories one might need to have beachside camping fun. With 2 mini figures included, your child’s toy set would love this addition.


Sushi Sidewalk Chalk

Sushi is awesome; to prepare, to eat, to look at…to draw with? Thanks to these sidewalk sushi chalks, your little one can take their very own sushi rolls outside with them to draw, write, or create their own masterpieces on the pathway! A cool idea that kids will go crazy for.


LEGO City Pickup & Caravan Building Kit

From the LEGO City series comes this epic and exciting pickup and caravan toy set. Build everything that you could need for an action packed camping adventure (including the caravan and truck) and take to the trails in search of the perfect spot. The ideal pretend play set.


LEGO Shark Suit Guy Minifigure

Are you a lover and collector of all things LEGO? Good, because this mini figure definitely needs to be a part of your collection. This LEGO mini figurine dons a cool looking shark suit from series 15 and comes with all of the original accessories and inserts.


Seedling Design Your Own Night Light

From Seedling comes the design your own night light creative kit for children. With a blank radio light globe included, children can decorate it in any way that they deem suitable! With an alternating LED light inside, their creation will glow all night long.

Prices Vary

Construction Plate & Utensils

When looking for unique gifts for kids, you should definitely consider the product that will encourage them to eat all of their dinner! This fun plate will make children see their dinner as a construction site as they sort, arrange and eat their food with the included utensils.

Price varies

Robot Turtles with Adventure Quest Coding Board Game

Are your children big fans of board games? The following game is the ultimate and fun way to teach little ones the basic and essential information that all coders need to know without them realizing that they are learning. They will want nothing more than to play again and again.


Mirari Roll & Return Ball

This fun and exciting roll and return ball benefits from lots of different modes that allow it to grow with your child as they develop and learn. Roll it, spin it, or even set it so that it returns to you! The inside penguin even stays upright no matter what the ball does.


3 Creative Diy Gifts for Kids

Diy Felt Horse, Unicorn and Pegasus

Are you interested in using your creative skills to make your child a felt horse? Or even make one with them? If so, follow the link to find a DIY guide along with a digital download pattern. Make either a horse, pony or even a unicorn! Check it out now.

Diy Guess Who Game

Have you ever played a guess who game? If you have, you will know just how much fun they are to play. Create you very own from scratch using the following article and guide. Easy to make and fun to play with the whole family, it is worth taking a look.

Diy Constellation Flashlight Discs

Using a flashlight and just a few other simple materials, you will be able to create a fun project with your kids that will allow them to get an up close look at some cool constellations that you can design yourself. With all of the information here, all you need to do is follow the link.

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