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35 Heartwarming and Unique Gifts for Your Grandma, Nana or Nonna

When you want to show your grandparents or even your parents just how much you love and value them, you want to get them a gift which is really meaningful. There’s nothing more special than a one of a kind gift, so get stuck into this list of unique gifts for grandma and see which adorable item grabs your attention.

unique gifts for grandma

Willow Tree Grandmother Hand Painted Sculpted Figure

There’s something special about the relationship between a grandma and her grandchildren. Even though she’s been through parenthood herself, it’s almost as though she’s starting over with her grandkids (and only gets to enjoy the good parts!) This Willow Tree sculpture shows that relationship in a really simple yet moving way.


Grandparent Pen Pal Set

Life happens and sometimes families have to move away from each other. But that doesn’t mean that grandparents can’t have a good relationship with their grandchildren. This pen pal set will make it easy for your children to keep in touch with your parents in an old fashioned way.


Cucina Della Nonna Kitchen Sign

It’s well known that Italian Nonnas have the most delicious recipes which they’ll rustle up in the kitchen. They just love to feed! If your grandma is Queen of the Kitchen, this “Nonna’s Kitchen” sign will be the perfect accessory for the heart of her home.


Hammered Gold Heart Ring Holder

Small jewelry and rings need somewhere safe to be kept otherwise they could go missing at a moment’s notice. This beautiful gold plate is heart shaped and will hold your loved one’s precious jewelry safely; every time they put on their favorite piece, they’ll think of you.


Microgreen Vertical Garden

It doesn’t matter if you live in a tiny apartment with no yard, you’ll still be able to grow delicious and nutritious microgreens with this vertical garden. As long as the base is filled with water and there’s some form on light, you’ll get sprouts appearing in no time.

Prices vary

Nana Gift Vintage Lace Rose Vine Jewelry Holder

Your nana could use this for her jewelry or as a display dish; the possibilities are endless. It’s made from clay with floral lace impressions which are made from vintage lace being pressed into the clay. It’s beautiful, and each dish will be one of a kind as they’re all hand sculpted.


Petunia Hanging Garden Sculpture

Perfect for a lovingly tended to garden, this glass blown ornament will look gorgeous as the light catches it and the gentle summer breeze makes it spin. The pale blue blossoms will definitely get noticed by anyone who comes to visit and chances are that they’ll want one, too!


One Bowl Bread Maker

Breadmaking is a lot of fun but it can create a lot of mess, from simply measuring the ingredients to kneading the dough. You won’t be able to stop baking your own loaves with this one bowl bread maker; you can measure, mix, knead and bake in the same silicone bowl.


Sailboat Birch Lamp

Is there anything more beautiful than seeing the sunlight bouncing off the ocean? This handcrafted birch lamp aims to recreate this amazing view in your home, no matter how far away you are from the sea. It would make a wonderful gift for anyone who is a fan of the big blue.


Tired as a Grandmother Mug

It’s almost part of the job description as a grandparent that they get to look after their grandkids every once in a while while mom and dad enjoy some time off. But if they’ve forgotten how exhausting children can be, this mug will be the perfect thing to drink their morning coffee from.

Prices vary

Travel Knitting Bag

Knitting has become very popular recently, whether you’re young or old. Use this travel knitting bag for knitting on the go to store your needles, wool and latest project in. It’s made from a blend of organic cotton and recycled plastic bottles so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet while making a new scarf.


Cushion Co Strawberry Pie Sewing Pin

Grandmas are the ones we go to when we want something mended – they just seem to have a way with sewing. With this strawberry pie pin cushion, they’ll always have somewhere to keep their needles and pins safe and it’ll fit perfectly in her sewing basket.

Prices Vary

Kauna Grass Handwoven Basket Bag

It doesn’t matter whether they use it as their everyday bag or as a picnic basket, this Kauna grass bag is handwoven by artisans in India from sturdy water reeds and because of this, each basket is one of a kind, making it the perfect unique gift for Grandma.


Wire Wrapped Nana Bracelet

Your nana will wear this bracelet with pride as it shows off her favorite title. It doesn’t matter what you call her, you can customize this bracelet with her title and also choose the color of the metal, so you know that she’ll absolutely love it.

Prices vary

GrandBox Subscription Box

When you want to buy gifts for your grandparents to show them how much they mean to you, why not go for a subscription box instead of a generic gift? Grandbox is shipped every month and each box has a different theme to make them smile and feel special.

Prices vary

They Call Me Grandma T-Shirt

Grandmas don’t always knit and bake cakes – some of them like to feel young and being with their grandchildren helps them with this. Give her this t-shirt for her to wear when she’s looking after her grandkids so she can show everyone just how cool she is.

Prices vary

Blooming Magnolia Scarf

This delicate scarf will look lovely on your grandma – it doesn’t matter what outfit she pairs it with as it’ll go with everything. The scarf is printed with gentle watercolor pink magnolias and it’ll make the perfect gift for a flower or gardening loving granny.


My Favorite People call me Grandma Mug

She’ll always smile when drinking her morning coffee because of this mug. It’ll remind her of her favorite people every time she takes a sip, and the watercolor pink flowers add a lovely delicate touch. You can also choose the size of the mug too, so you can make it the perfect size for Grandma.

Prices vary

Nanas Little Monsters Mug

We can all pretend that kids are angels all the time but that would be a big fat lie. However, that doesn’t matter to granny because she’ll love her grandkids no matter what. This mug will show the world that she’s proud to call those little monsters her grandchildren.

Prices vary

Best Effin Grandma Ever Coffee Mug

This is the perfect gift for an older grandchild to give to their favorite grandma. As kids get older, they don’t want to buy the cutesy presents but still need to show their appreciation. It’ll make Gran smile every time she makes a cup of coffee in it as she thinks of her favorite grandchild.

Prices Vary

Oma Personalized Wall Art

Grandma will love displaying this in her house to show off her pride and joys. You can change the title of your grandparent, and there’s room for up to eight children on this personalized burlap frame, making it 100% unique which is what you want for your one of a kind gran.


Cheer Crates Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are the perfect unique gifts for grandma because it shows her that you’ve taken the time to find her something different. Cheer Crates contain different items which are designed to cheer someone up, and they can be tailored so you know Gran will get things she loves.

Prices vary

Nana Necklace

Perfect for a nan who doesn’t wear loads of jewelry, this simple yet beautiful necklace is a lovely way to show off the bond between a grandmother and her grandchild. Two interlocking circles – one big and one small – and a meaningful message will show her just how much she means to you.


Driven by One Hot Grandma License Plate Holder

Who says that grandmas can’t be cool? This driving license frame will be a great accessory for Gran’s car, and anyone driving behind her will know who is behind the wheel. It should fit most standard size plates and the premium inks will withstand all kinds of weather.

Prices Vary

Generations Necklace

Celebrating the generations in your family is really important, especially if you’re all of the same gender and have a close relationship. Get one of these necklaces for your grandma and you and your mom can have matching ones, showing everyone that you all have an unbreakable bond.

Prices vary

Birthstone Charm Necklace

Grandparents don’t have favorite grandchildren, they love all of them equally and want to show off every one of them. Your gran will love wearing this birthstone necklace every day and telling people about her grandkids when they ask about her latest piece of jewelry.

Prices vary

Nana Wall Art

Nanas are the matriarchs of the family, everyone loves and respects her. If you’re looking for unique gifts for grandma, this wooden sign is the perfect present for her as it explains how the word “Nana” is pronounced and the definition of her amazing title.


Senior Delight Subscription Box

As we get older, we need things to cheer us up and keep our minds active. Give the gift of delight to your grandparents with this subscription box which gets shipped monthly. Inside, there’s a cool selection of 6-8 items which have all been approved by geriatric specialists so you know they’re getting the best.

Prices vary

My Favorite People Call Me

It doesn’t matter whether Grandma displays this on her desk or hangs it on the wall, she’ll always feel close to her grandchildren when she looks at it. You can choose the background color and the heart color so it’ll be unique to her, and there’s even room for up to 5 of her grandchildren’s names.

Prices vary

Burton I’m A Grandma, What’s Your Super Power Mug

This brightly colored mug would be perfect for Gran to take to work or just to have her morning cup of coffee in. She’ll be reminded of her grandkids whenever she looks at it, and she’ll have a smile on her face thinking about her little treasures.

Prices Vary

First Time Grandparent Pillow

Becoming a grandparent for the first time is such a special time and it needs to be commemorated. This adorable cushion is perfect if you want unique gifts for Grandma and Grandpa to mark the occasion; it can be customized with names and dates and they’ll treasure it forever.


Nonna’s Cucina Cutting Board

Perfect for Nonna’s Cuchina, this cutting board will be a great addition to the heart of the home. Made from unique bits of wood and laser cut with your design, no two boards are the same which means that they’re all one of a kind; a bit like your amazing grandma.

Prices vary

Brazilian Honey Sampler

Honey can vary so much from pot to pot, based on what the bees have eaten. If your Gran is a keen cook or baker, this Brazilian Honey Sampler set will be perfect for her to try some honey she hasn’t tried before, and then add that to her meals and bakes.


Almond & Cashew Butter Trio

Peanut butter has been the favorite nut butter for so many years but now, there are some new ones which have made an appearance. This trio of almond and cashew butters will introduce you to the world of nutritious nuts, each one with its own signature taste.


Nana’s Sippy Cup

It’s nice sometimes to pretend to be a kid again, without the worries and stresses of adulthood. Make nana feel young again with this personalized sippy cup; not only can you choose the name which is printed on the side but you can also choose the color of the words, too.


3 Sweet Diy Gifts for Grandparents

Diy Picture Clock

This DIY clock makeover is a perfect subtle way to add photos to a home without them being too obvious. You’ll be able to decide on a color and theme for your new clock and then add precious family photos, of newborn babies or weddings, and show your grandma all that her family has achieved.

Diy Grandparent Mugs

There is nothing more meaningful that a handmade gift, especially when it comes from a child. Instead of spending loads of money at a paint-your-own pottery place, why not use this tutorial and let your child design a mug for their grandparents? You’re guaranteed to get a really cute result.

Diy Embroidered Hand Print Gift Idea

Kids grow up so fast and it’s easy to forget just how small they once were. Don’t go to the store and buy the grandparents a gift, have a go at making these embroided hand frame instead. They’re so easy to do and a perfect memento of how teeny your baby’s hands were.

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