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33 Unique (And Affordable) Gifts for Girls That Don’t Suck

Choosing the perfect presents to give to girls isn’t the easiest thing to do – they can change their mind at the drop of a hat. But with this list, you’ll be able to find some amazingly unique gifts for girls which won’t suck. In fact, you’ll be their favorite for a long time.

You won’t need to look anywhere else to find unique gifts for girls once you see what’s in this list.

VTech Kidizoom Camera Pix

Great for nurturing a love of photography from an early age, the Vtech Kidizoom will let your daughter take pictures of all the things she loves without needing to use your expensive camera. There’s also a built-in video recorder and voice recorder so she can explore more media avenues than just photography.


Stop Motion Claymation Kit

Take this Claymation kit and you’ll be able to bring your child’s ideas to life in a real stop motion animation. Mold and move the clay into different characters and positions, add a smart phone with a stop motion app, and you could create a brand new TV series which your child will love.


Caticorn Plush Toy Cat Unicorn With Rainbow Tail

Unicorns and rainbows are really popular at the moment…wherever you look, there they are. Cats have always been popular, look at how many cat videos people watch daily on YouTube. This plush white feline has an added golden unicorn horn and a rainbow tail just to make her even more magical.


Upcycled Sari Butterfly Wings

Most young girls love pretending to be fairies, right? Take these butterfly wings and yours will soon be fluttering around the house and backyard in a magical world where she can fly. These wings aren’t ordinary ones though, they’ve been made from upcycled sari material which would have ended up in the trash.


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Photos are a great way to display some of your most precious memories, but in an age of smart phones, we don’t often print out our pictures. With the Fujifilm InstaX Mini 9, not only will you be able to capture high quality images but they print out almost instantly as well.


Real Cooking Special Pack

Everyone likes a bit of chocolate; chocolate cakes, truffles, bars, melted…you name it, we love it. Just like your daughter will love this cooking kit which will allow her to create beautiful chocolate molded shapes and use the “pen” to decorate biscuits etc. with delicious chocolatey designs.

Prices Vary

Fingerless Gloves

As the weather turns from summer into autumn, it’s hard to know what to dress our children in. It’s too brisk for summer clothes but not cold enough to pull out those thick knits. These fingerless gloves are perfect transitional pieces as they’ll keep their hands cozy but they’re still able to play freely.


Jumbo Daydreamer Bubble Scoop Bath Melt

Self-care should be something we teach our daughters from an early age so they understand that looking after their physical and mental wellbeing is important. A good bubble bath is great for this, but what’s a bubble bath without bubbles? Pop one of these in and she’ll soon be covered in a blanket of them.


Guinea Pig Playset

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility and you want to make sure that your child understands that, otherwise you’ll be left looking after it. Try her out with a knitted guinea pig first and see if she’d keep a real one alive. This unique gift for girls could be the deciding factor!


Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

Kaleidoscopes are fascinating; looking through one feels as though you’ve gone to a different planet, but have you ever wondered how they’re made? With this kit, you’ll be able to create some amazing DIY kaleidoscopes as well as teach your child about the science behind it.


Paw Patrol Action Pack Pup & Badge

Paw Patrol is a firm favorite among a lot of toddlers and young children. Everest is reporting for duty here, ready to help anyone stuck in the snow or ice. With her grappling hook, she’s able to climb up any surface and rescue whoever needs her help.


Spalding NBA Street Basketball

Basketball is a great sport for your daughter to get into, it helps with a lot of skills including team building and stamina. If she’s a typical girly girl, she’ll love this purple and pink basketball which is perfect for hitting the court with, especially as it has great grip for the ground and her hands.


Natural Face Paint Kit

There are many ways to enhance your daughter’s artistic skills, you could use pens and paper or paints and an easel. How about face painting? These paints are non-toxic and made from organic ingredients which aren’t harmful so you can turn your daughter into whatever she wants without worry.


Personalized M Is for Me Book

If there’s anything we need to pass onto our children, self confidence should be it. With this gorgeous personalized book, you’ll be able to show her all of the traits which make her unique and special. It’s a beautiful way to get her to believe in herself which is something she will need throughout her life.


WOW Penny’s Pooch ‘n’ Ride

Make believe play is important for our children’s development as it expands their imagination and encourages them to think about the world around them. Add this four piece set to her toys and she’ll have great fun driving the lady around in the car and putting the dog in its basket.


Ty Beanie Babies Max & Ruby Plush

Max and Ruby are great for getting children to understand sibling relationships, especially if they’ve got another one on the way. Perfect if you’re looking for unique gifts for girls, this stuffed plush toy of Ruby will be great for her to cuddle while watching the TV show.


Scary Bingo

Finding games which the whole family can play isn’t easy, especially if each member has different tastes. Scary Bingo is perfect for you all as it combines traditional bingo with scary (but friendly) monsters, who have come along to play with you. It’s the perfect silly family game.


Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

We all had silly putty when we were younger, didn’t we? But the clue is in the name, it’s supposed to be silly. This more grown-up clear version does the same thing but is great for fiddling with while you’re concentrating or relieving stress which you need to release, and best of all…it bounces!


Fairy Kit

Every little girl loves fairies, there’s something enchanting about these magical beings who supposedly live at the bottom of the yard. With this kit, your daughter will be able to make some amazing fairy themed crafts, from tiny beds for the fairies to sleep on, to a fairy dust necklace.


SAVYOU Mokomoko Llama Alpaca Hug Pillow

There’s scientific evidence to suggest that we sleep better when we’re cuddling something or someone we love. Your daughter is probably too big to sleep in your arms now but she could use this super fluffy llama hug pillow, instead. This scented pillow is so soft, it’ll help her drift off to sleep easily.


Easy Weaving Loom

Knitting and crocheting are very popular at the moment, with more young people picking up their needles and hooks to learn this old craft. But if that’s not her thing, maybe she’d suit a loom, instead? It’s easy enough to use and she could create scarves or even throws if she puts a few looms together.


Mattel Games Apples to Apples Junior

Apples to Apples is a great party card game for adults but it’s not necessarily suitable for children. That’s why there’s now this junior version for kids. Take it in turns to be the judge and draw a green card with one word on, then choose who has picked the best red card.


Fisher-Price My First Dollhouse

All children should have a dollhouse to play with, and this one from Fisher-Price is bright and colorful so it will immediately get their attention. The house has five rooms over three floors, so your child can role play using each member of the family (three included) and make them go about their daily lives.


Hatchimals Penguala

Hatchimals are a really popular toy at the moment and now your child can get their hands on this penguin one. They won’t know who’s inside though, and it’s their job to look after the egg until it hatches. If they listen really carefully, they might be able to hear the heartbeat through the shell.


Little Feminist Card Deck

Teaching your kids about the strong influential females who have helped change the world is important, especially now that feminism is a huge talking point. Use this deck of cards to not only teach your kids how to play card games but also about these fierce women, too.


HABA Clara Doll

Every little girl remembers her first dolly, the one she used to carry about with her everywhere. Clara is super soft and she gives the best cuddles, especially when it’s time to go to sleep. Her beautiful pink and blue outfit is adorable and your daughter will want a matching outfit pretty soon.


Hedstrom Hopper Ball

Space hoppers are great fun for both adults and children. Climb on, hold onto the handle for dear life, and start jumping! They’re perfect for family barbeques or summer parties, and this purple polka dot one is ideal for your daughter to use so she can join in with the fun.


USA Jumbo Coloring Poster

It’s so important to learn all about the place you live, and this jumbo coloring poster is a perfect way to teach your child about America. When buying unique gifts for girls, educational items are great as your child will be learning without even realizing it.


ANKIT Mermaid Pillow Reversible Sequin Pillow

Reversible sequin pillows are great for many things. They look good, you can change the color of the cushion depending on your mood, and they’re also a great de-stresser, too. The rhythmic motion of moving the sequins up and down will help to calm and relax anyone.

Prices Vary

Garden Plate & Utensils

Getting fussy eaters to enjoy mealtimes is such a struggle for many parents. Hopefully these cute garden utensils will help them chow down on some nutritious vegetables. After all, using a teeny rake, hoe and shovel to eat with has to be more fun than regular cutlery, right?

Prices vary

Little Treasures Loz Princess Peach Building Set

Just like LEGO, these micro building blocks are designed to help improve a whole range of your child’s skills. They’ll be able to use these brightly colored bricks to build anything they can think up, expanding their imagination and improving their spatial awareness and fine motor skills.


3 Adorable Diy Gifts for Little Girls

Diy Homemade Paper Doll Kit

This is a great gift idea for girls if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Spend some time cutting out different dress shapes and hair styles, and then your little girl can create her very own paper dolls. And the best thing is that you can always create more if she wants it.

Diy Mermaid Tail Blanket

Becoming a mermaid seems great when you’re young, but unless she’s going to sprout a tail and head off to the ocean, it’s not likely to happen. You can make her dreams come true anyway with this gorgeous handmade mermaid tail blanket, perfect for snuggling under to watch movies.

Diy Wooden Bead Doll Necklace

If your little girl loves jewelry, getting her a “proper” necklace probably isn’t the best idea as she might break it easily. Have a go at making her an adorable wooden doll necklace using this online tutorial. You can create any style of doll – as long as she loves it that’s all that matters.

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