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67 Unique Gifts for Girlfriends – Creative Gifts to Surprise Her

Finding unique gifts for girlfriends can be tricky, but don’t worry because we’ve done all the hard work for you and found these cool items that the lucky lady is bound to love. From top of the range coffee machines to adorable photo books of your relationship, this list has something for everyone.

Whether she is a health fanatic, foodie or fashionista, you're sure to find the perfectly unique gift for your girlfriend that she will actually love and use all the time.

Bubble Tea Kit

With deliciously chewy tapioca pearls, this bubble tea kit will enable her to create 2 different flavors of bubble tea, and drink it through the eco-friendly stainless steel straws included.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Saucy girlfriends everywhere will rejoice when they unwrap this kit which allows them to make 6 bottles of hot and spicy sauces from the peppers, chillies, and powders supplied.


FatFitFun Subscription Box

Luxury products to spoil your girlfriend, delivered monthly. The best beauty products, clothing and other goods to pamper your sweetheart.


Intention Candles

Lighting a candle can be an important part of meditating, so give her one which comes with an intention like self-love or well-being, to concentrate the mind on what she wants to achieve.


I'll Be There Necklace

A truly touching gift for girlfriends, this handmade pendant is made from sterling silver and brass and has been imprinted with a sweet message to let her know she’s never alone.


WishBombs Inspirational Bath Bombs with Message

Like a fragrant fortune cookie for the skin, these bath bombs are made using natural ingredients and scented with essential oils, and contain a hidden inspirational message which appears once the fizz has finished.


Allbirds Wool Runners

If you love her from head to toe, make sure she feels it with a pair of Allbirds runners, which are made from the softest Merino sheep’s wool for a breathable, luxurious feel.


Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

She’ll be prepared for anything (well, almost) with this aluminum flashlight which contains canisters full of outdoor essentials such as waterproof matches, water purification tablets, and a compass to find her way home.


Candy Club Subscription Box

Candy Club will send sweets for your sweet and sugar for your honey every single month when you buy either a Fun Box or Party Box subscription based on her personalized candy profile.


Custom Map Frame

Highlight a place that’s special to her with this gorgeous map photo frame, which pinpoints a chosen location and has space for a 4” x 6” photograph to document the event.


Champagne and Truffles Gift Basket

Gift baskets can be as simple or as extravagant as you like, and this one is definitely the latter, with champagne, chocolate truffles, caramels, and delicate wafers presented in a faux leather basket.

Prices vary

THE Cashmere Crew

Weekends are just made for wearing cashmere, and this beautiful sweater, which is feather soft and in a relaxed fit, will look perfect paired with jeans and a pair of comfy flats.


Skin Renewing Masks

With enough ingredients for 15 face masks in each kit, you can choose whether to help her detox or glow (or how about both?) using beautiful, organic oils, clays, flowers and more.


Terrarium Candle

Hand-poured in Vancouver, these delightful poppy or cactus terrarium candles are made using soy wax, and are infused with either the beautiful scents of pine and vanilla or jasmine and white tea.


Blooming Lollipops

With tempting flavor combinations such as strawberry and basil, and champagne and roses, these lollipops also contain herb seeds in the sticks so she can plant them afterwards for her own culinary crop.


Plant Sitter Watering Stakes

These terracotta stakes will cleverly sit in the soil and hold a water-filled wine bottle, allowing the water to slowly seep into the pot, keeping the plants perfectly watered, all the time.


12 Shower Steamers Set

Why sacrifice the spa experience for speed? These heavenly scented cubes are infused with essential oils and can be used as a body scrub or steamer to enrich even the quickest of showers.


Healing Crystal Water Bottle

There are many different water infusers on the market today, but unlike most of them, this one uses a beautiful amethyst quartz crystal to bring balance and harmony to hydration.


Scent Bird Perfume Subscription Box

She can name drop in style with this subscription service, which sends an 8ml bottle – the equivalent of around 140 sprays – of designer fragrance every single month.

Prices vary

Away Weekender Bag

Deceptively roomy, this stylish duffle bag features an external shoe compartment, as well as a pocket for her laptop, and yet is small enough to fit in the overhead bin.


Avocado Multi-Tool

Avocado lovers will treasure this tool which features a pronged pick for stone removal, as well as a blade for cutting the skin, and a scoop for removing that delicious pale flesh.


She Explores

An inspiring gift for girlfriends who love to celebrate the sisterhood, this book documents the travel adventures of 40 motivational and independent women who have blazed a trail around the globe.


Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Give her back a piece of childhood with this viewfinder, which uses her actual photographs to create a slideshow of memories that she can view in a beautifully nostalgic way.

Prices vary

Historic Women Who Dared Wine Glasses

They may be gone but they won’t be forgotten with this set of wine glasses which each feature a trailblazing woman from the world of science, suffrage, human rights, and medicine.

Prices vary

Literary Insults Chart

Give her an arsenal of answers and comebacks with this fun poster, which is printed with a plethora of insults from the world of literature, including the bard himself, William Shakespeare.


DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

Add a tub of ice cream to this gift and she’ll be able to make up to 32 delectable mochi balls – soft and chewy on the outside, and cold and creamy within.


Nevertheless She Persisted Puzzle

Build up a picture of some of history’s most influential women with this 1000 piece jigsaw which features 24 ladies who made their names by standing up for what they believed in.


On/Off Lamp

Watch her face light up, as well as her room, when she sees this incredibly fun desk lamp, which is shaped like an oversized switch and can be operated with a simple touch.


Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

We’ve all gotten the lyrics wrong at one time or another, so make it a talking point with these cork coasters which boast some of the funniest mistaken lyrics of all time.


Art Nouveau Collectible Mermaid Hand Mirror

For those who are fans of mystical things or items that look vintage, this Art Nouveau Mermaid Hand Mirror will, on ‘reflection’, make a truly unique gift for girlfriends. This high-quality mirror is crafted with resin, giving it the most beautiful, intricate detailing. It’s definitely one to keep and pass down to future children.


DecoBREEZE Electric Circulating Figurine Fan

Impress your ‘fine-apple’ with this snazzy DecoBREEZE Table Fan. This super arty fan is made in the shape of a pineapple, so for those who are obsessed with all things fruity, you really can’t go wrong. It is also the perfect size to place on top of an office desk or nightstand.


Love with Food Subscription Box

Struggling to find something for the health-conscious (or those who are gluten free)? Then look no further because the Love With Food subscription box is a great choice of gift, plus they get a new box every month, what could be better than that? Yummy snacks straight to your door? That’s a winner right there.

Price varies

Julep Maven Makeup Subscription Box

Why not have a thoughtful little gift sent out throughout the year ‘just because’, like this lovely Julep Maven Makeup subscription box. Each month she will receive a box with specially selected skincare and makeup items, or she could even have the boxes made custom to her own preferences – how neat.

Price varies

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

If she simply can’t get up in the morning without a good cup of coffee, then treat her to coffee that’s not only good, but coffee that’s luxurious and ever so delicious. With beverages like those the Breville Barista Express Machine brews up, who wouldn’t want to get up and start their day?


Old Dutch Cast Iron Sapporo Teapot

Naturally, your girlfriend only deserves the finest tea, and unless she has one of these Old Dutch Cast Iron Teapots, she really won’t be having it, so, of course, it’s your job to rectify that. Why are these teapots so great? Well, because cast iron evenly distributes heat and extracts the full flavor of the tea.


Socksmith Avacado Crew Socks

Why ‘avocuddle’ when she could have these super cool Socksmith avocado socks, instead? These are great for the avocado aficionado in your life, not only will you be keeping her toes warm and comfy, but they’ll also look ‘ut-toe-ly’ amazing, too – ‘guac’ do you think?


Ann Tarry Gold Plated Orchid Flower Necklace

Isn’t this Ann Tarry Orchid Flower Necklace just SO beautiful? This sensational piece of jewelry is rose gold plated and even comes with its own lovely gift box, so it’s all ready for you to give. Whether it’s for an anniversary or whatever it may be, the lucky lady is sure to adore it.


NatureBox Healthy Snack Subscription Box

With pretzels, cookies, popcorn, chips, waffles and delicious nutty trail mixes, who could possibly say no to NatureBox? Who knew eating healthy could really taste SO darn good? Plus, if she doesn’t like a product (which is virtually impossible) she can even get credit to spend on something she does, instead – neat, hey?

Price varies

Custom Beach Heart Necklace

You couldn’t get a sweeter, more unique gift for girlfriends than this adorable Custom Beach Heart Necklace – she’s ‘shore’ to love it. Encased inside the beautiful heart pendant is sand from a beach of your choice, so it could be where you used to hang out, or possibly where you plan to propose – eek!

Price varies


Meet Prynt; an instant mini printer that connects to your phone and weighs little, so you can keep it in your bag. So, while you guys are off on your fun dates and adventures, you can capture the special moments and have them instantly printed in top quality, ready for you both to treasure forever.


23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Who knew that from just testing a tiny saliva swab through 23andMe, you could find out SO much information, not only about yourself but your ancestors, too. Plus, through the DNA Relative Finder, you can discover, connect and message those who share DNA with you – isn’t that insanely cool?


Past Book Photo Book

Don’t make things hard for yourself – with Pastbook, things all of a sudden become much easier as with this service, you can create a heartwarming, sentimental photo book with just a couple of clicks and in a matter of seconds using your social media accounts to upload the photos you like.

Price varies

Foreo Luna Face Exfoliator Cleaning Device

If you’re going for unique, why not give her the gift of gorgeous cleansed skin? Every girl appreciates a good skincare product and we know that this FOREO Luna Skin Exfoliator Device is sure to be no different – it only takes 2 minutes morning and night to reap the full benefits of this neat gadget.

Prices Vary

SunnyLIFE Rose Gold Flamingo Inflatable Pool Float

If she adores a good soak in the pool (who doesn’t) then why not make all her flamingo fantasies come true with this fluttering fab pool float by SunnyLIFE. This snazzy bird is rose gold, keeping in with the current hot trend, and will definitely make those poolside selfies look totally ‘splashing’, darling!

Prices Vary

Rose Gold Big Crystal Pen Set

Do you really have a girlfriend unless you find copious amounts of stationery everywhere you look? Probably not, but there is always a good reason to add this pretty rose gold pen set to her collection, like love letters to you, gift list ideas for you, shall we go on…?


Dead Sea Mud Mask & Free Face Brush

With anti-aging, soothing and skin-clearing benefits, she’s sure to love this Dead Sea Mud Mask, plus you even get a free face brush, so you’re saving money as you don’t have to go and purchase one, woohoo! (don’t worry, we won’t tell her). This mask can even be used on the back, elbows and more.


Firu-Handmade Vintage Leather Cross Body Bag

This gorgeous Firu-Handmade Bag just screams luxury, doesn’t it? Any lovely lady would be incredibly lucky to receive this great gift. Made from gorgeous genuine leather, this bag not only looks stunning, but it’s sure to match any outfit and last through years and years of use, too.


Winc Wine Subscription Box

With Winc Wine Club she can have a selection of 4 decadent wines sent to her door – don’t you think that’d make her feel super special? She can either choose the wines she likes or have them pick them for her, so each month she gets a wonderful wine surprise.

Price varies

Crystals for Beginners Book

Finding a unique gift for girlfriends who are spiritual can be kind of difficult, but don’t worry, this fab book is sure to rock her socks off. Crystals for Beginners helps aid people into health and wellness by balancing the mind, soul, and body using holistic healing methods that crystals can give them.


The Homestead Box – Homesteading in a Box

Meet The Homestead Box; now this is a gift idea that is certainly unique, and you can be sure she’s never had anything like this before! Through the Homestead Box, she will get project-based information, tools and materials to help her learn a new self-reliance skill each month.

Price varies

My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Hair Band

Aww, isn’t the Lovely Etti Hair Band so adorable? All girls will love this. This sweet cat ear hairband is great for multiple uses too; like when putting makeup on, styling hair, showering, keeping her hair back when reading/cooking, etc – plus she’s bound to look super cute doing so.


Bloomsy Box – Beautiful Flowers Every Month

Most girls appreciate, okay, LOVE receiving flowers so imagine her face when she realizes she’s having them sent to her on the regular! With BloomsyBox you can choose these stunning bouquets of wonderful fresh hand-picked flowers, delivered to her door weekly, every other week or monthly – whatever you prefer.

Price varies

ZaH 3D Panda Mug

Oh gosh, isn’t that sweet little panda just the CUTEST? Yes, we think so, too – and so will your girlfriend! Having that precious face looking up at you every time you finish your brew is just about enough to make anyone’s day, even more so if the brew was made by a doting other half.


Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box

Of course, it wouldn’t be the best idea to shower the health-conscious with chocolates and wine, but don’t worry, there’s still a gift of deliciousness waiting just for her – Daily Harvest. This cool brand is all about delivering tasty, organic, pre-portioned foods to your door, so all you have to do is warm them up.

Price varies

Significant Otter Lapel Enamel Pin

From Tiny Bee Cards is this SUPER adorable “You’re my significant otter” Enamel Pin. On this sweet pin is a pair of little otters holding hands and it’s so cute she’ll probably cry – but don’t fret, it’ll just mean she loves it, a lot. This pin can be placed on her purse, lapel, or anywhere, really.


Yoga Club Subscription Box

No, not the funny little big-eared green guy, yoga. For the flexible kind, why not treat them to YogaClub – the box that hand curates cute athletic outfits to your preferences and body shape. All pieces are up to 50% off RRP – AND each box donates a free yoga class to a child in need.

Price varies

Long Distance Friendship Lamp

Living away from your loved ones can be very difficult at times but luckily there are now products out there that make the time spent apart much easier on the both of you – like these nifty Long Distance Friendship (or relationship) Lamps. Touch the lamp whenever you’re thinking of her and it’ll light hers up.

Price varies

Urbun Elf Earbuds Headphones

Well, you won’t find a more unique gift for girlfriends than these super fun Urbun Elf Earbud Headphones. These uh…unusual headphones are great for those who like to cosplay and dress up or just for anyone who enjoys being different and ‘sticking out’ from the norm.


Cute Marshmallow Shaped Hot Chocolate Mugs

Okay, it’s actually now illegal to drink hot chocolate in any other cup, container, glass, mug, you name it, unless it’s in these insanely adorable Marshmallow Shaped Mugs. There’s not a girl out there who could possibly dislike these precious ceramic marshmallow mugs, so you’re for sure onto a winner.

Prices Vary

Paint Your Life Custom Painting

If you both have a favorite photo of the pair of you, why not have it painted? At PaintYourLife they have incredibly talented artists who will happily paint any photo you like. A painting not only looks better, but there’s something just so heartwarming and sentimental about having a photo come to life like that.

Price varies

Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Storage Case

Looking for a polite way to tell her she simply has far too much makeup? – With these super handy Sorbus Acrylic Cases, she can see everything she’s stored away so it saves all the hassle of routing through bags, boxes etc, trying to find the product she’s after.


Personalized Wine Gift

For a woman, there really is no better gift than a bottle of wine (or a puppy, though the wine is much less hassle and likely tastes better). With Gift Tree, you can have a bottle of sensational, premium California Red Wine engraved with a beautiful template and a lovely message from yourself.


Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

Instead of names or date of births, this innovative Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace displays the birth month gemstone of all your chosen loved ones (you can have up to 10 stones), so they can be remembered and taken with her wherever she goes – isn’t that just lovely?

Price varies

Too Faced Boss Beauty Lady Agenda Set

Help the beautiful boss in your life stay not only organized but beautiful at all times with the Too Faced Boss Beauty Lady Agenda Set. This includes a huge palette full of gorgeous eyeshadow shades that are perfect for day and night, as well as a Better Than Sex mascara and a Melted Matte Lipstick.


3 Diy Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Cherish

Diy Polka Dot Candy Jar Gift

From Classy Clutter comes this lovely DIY Polka Dot Candy Jar. There’s definitely something ‘sweet’ about this make, plus even for crafting beginners it’s nice and simple, and it saves a few pennies as well (and you get to eat all the yummy leftover candies) – what more could you want?

Diy State Themed String Art Tutorial

Over on diyprojects.com is this awesome DIY State String Art Tutorial. It may look a little daunting at first, but once you’ve read this tutorial you’ll soon realize that, actually, it’s really not as hard as you thought – plus you get to be all manly and use a hammer; doesn’t that sound like fun?

Diy Mirror Tray

Some girls are obsessed with prettying up their homes, and let’s face it, they do a great job. That doesn’t mean you’re off the hook when it comes to lending an helping hand, though. Check out this great tutorial which shows you how to make this gorgeous DIY mirror tray to ‘reflect’ your love for her!

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