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62 Unique Gifts for Cyclists

There’s an old saying among cyclists: there are those who love cycling, and those who are wrong. Dedicated pedal pushers spend countless hours on the bike and ride for thousands of miles every year. This gift list is filled with items that will make that saddle time safer, easier, and more fun.

If you have a cousin like mine, you’ll appreciate a list like this with gifts for cyclists. Cyclists get big into their sport, and you have to know the kinds of things they need to get it right.


Safety first! Since dark of night rarely stops a cyclist from getting out there, they’ll need a good headlight to light their way and make them more visible to motorists. This light pumps out a whopping five hundred lumens and recharges via USB.

Prices Vary

Zinn & The Art of Road Bike Maintenance

With all those miles on the road, bikes need love and attention. Trips to the bike shop take way too much time and the expense can add up. That’s why every cyclist needs this definitive bible of home bike repair and maintenance on hand at all times.


Work Stand

Get the cyclist in your life a good work stand so they can treat their bike with tender loving care, the way they want to. No more turning the bike upside down to take off wheels and perform routine maintenance. This work stand brings the shop experience home.


Fridge Magnet

The mantra every cyclist follow without knowing it: when in doubt, ride. A good ride fixes everything. It relieves stress, keeps you healthy, and gets you out in the fresh air. This fridge magnet reminds cyclists that all they need to do is go for a spin, and life will be good.

Prices Vary

Simple Green

It almost goes without saying that cyclists tend to be an eco-friendly bunch. That’s one of the reasons they commute to work and choose a hobby that doesn’t involve driving and gets them out in nature. Get them the bike cleaner that lets them wash their bike with a clean, green conscience.


Pro Bib Shorts

Think about this: cyclists might spend upwards of fifteen hours a week on the bike. So it’s no surprise they might want over a hundred bucks worth of padding between their backside and the saddle. A pair of pro bibs will change their lives. Once they go bib, they’ll never go back.

Prices Vary

Rogue Hoodie

Commuting and riding for daily transportation offer challenges not everyone is ready to face. Rain and cold are big deterrents, as is the style factor. This hoodie solves it all. It’s wind resistant, water resistant, warm, and looks totally cool. The softshell material is a high tech revelation every cyclist needs, right now.

Prices Vary

Pizza Tool

About two slices of pizza per hour—that’s what it takes to fuel a bike ride. One great thing about riding a lot is you get to indulge in post-ride pizza and beer, because you work off those extra calories on a regular basis. This pizza cutter lets them keep riding—mentally, at least—right through dinner.


Fifty Bicycles That Changed the World

Simple, elegant, and direct. The fundamental design of the bike hasn’t changed much over the past century, but inside that basic idea—two wheels driven by pedals and a chain—the variation is astounding. This book takes cyclists on a guided picture tour of the history of the bike.


Tail Light

Keep them safe all day and through the night with a bright, blinking red tail light. It’s a crucial piece of equipment. And what’s more, most states have laws requiring bikes to have headlights and tail lights. While cyclists may be rebels, they don’t want to pay any silly fines, either.


Camelbak Forge Mug

Even cyclists get behind schedule sometimes. That’s when they need to take their java on the go. This Camelbak mug keeps the morning brew hot and tasty all the way to work, and they can sip a bit for extra energy when they wait at stop lights.


Garmin Edge

A cycling computer is a must-have for all cyclists, from serious racers to weekend warriors to everyday commuters. The Garmin is the all-on-one unit that monitors speed, time, and distance. It’s got live GPS and connects wirelessly to heart rate monitors and power meters.

Prices Vary

Commuter Jeans

Leave it to Levis to come up with a pair of jeans that are perfect for cycling. Cyclists can ride in style to work or even head out for a night with these comfortable denims made from a combination of stretchy material and cotton. Because they can’t wear spandex everywhere.

Prices Vary

Pro Tool Kit

Fulfill their wildest bike repair dreams with this tool kit. Your cyclist will have everything they need to change chains, adjust bottom brackets, replace pedals, true spokes, route and clip cables—no job is too large or too small for this set. It’s made from top grade steel and built to last for decades.


The Rules

Cyclists are a funky bunch. The whys and wherefores of what they do don’t often make sense to non-cyclists. That’s because it’s a culture unto itself with a specific set of unwritten—until now—rules. This book is as hilarious as it is true. For a sample, Google Rule Number Five: HTFU.

Prices Vary

Wall Hooks

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear. Cyclists will not keep the bikes outside and do not really even want to keep them in the garage. They want them close, so they can gaze upon them with love and affection at any time. These wall hooks are the cheapest, most efficient way to keep bikes indoors.


Handlebar Bag

Back in the day people used to put baskets on the front of their bikes to carry their stuff. Nowadays commuters and touring riders need more than just a basket. They need a top-notch waterproof handlebar bag that can keep their gear secure and dry. This one is the best!


Wheel Wall Clock

Bring the bike love into the living room with this super-cool clock made from the back wheel of a road bike. Cyclists never get tired of seeing bike wheels. They can watch the minutes go by, and you can bet they’re counting down until their next ride.


Winter Gloves

Gotta have a way to change a tire and make adjustments—it’s part of being a cyclist. They’re sovereign entities when they’re out on the road. This seat pack includes a set of Allen keys, tire change levers, and CO2 cartridges for quick tire changes, and a tube repair kit for those multiple puncture days.

Prices Vary

Stocked Seat Pack

When you’re on your bike in cold weather, your hands lead the way. They sit out there on the handlebars, taking the wind for the entire ride. You can’t hide them in your pockets, so you need a good pair of winter gloves to keep those hands from freezing. This cycling gift will be received with much enthusiasm.


Tubes, Tubes, Tubes

Keep your cyclist stocked up with plenty of replacement tubes. They can never have too many spares lying around, because flats happen. It’s just part of the deal. Find out what kind of bike they ride and get them the tubes they need to keep them out on the road.


The Growler

Bikes and beer are a natural fit. The post-ride beer is a traditional ritual enjoyed by cyclists the world over. This sixty-four ounce growler is for the cyclist who’s into home microbrew. They can get off the bike, reach in the fridge, and wet their whistle after a long, hard ride.


Winter Gilet

It’s pronounced Jill-ay. Jillay. Okay it’s a vest for bike riding—but don’t say it like that. Call it by it’s proper name, give it to the cyclist in your life, and watch their eyes light up with joy. A good winter gilet is clutch for comfy winter riding.

Prices Vary

Pro Jersey

If your cyclist likes to ride in groups or train hard for hours in the warm months, then a race-cut jersey will make their life much easier. Quick-drying material keeps them cool when the weather his hot, the tight cut keeps them aero in the wind, and the rear pockets have room for snacks and a phone.

Prices Vary

Work Tray

A key addition to any home workshop. This work tray attaches to a work stand so the home repair enthusiast won’t lose the parts or tools they’re working with. Nothing is worse than having to stop the flow to look around for something that was just right there in their hand.


Power Meter Wheel System

Power meters revolutionized cycling training in the 1990’s. It’s the only truly objective way to measure your effort. Heart rate is variable, speed is variable, and perceived effort is subjective. But a watt is a watt, no matter what. A power meter and the right software is the absolute best way to improve your cycling, bar none.


Tour De France 100

The Grand Boucle, the rolling circus, the biggest bike race on the planet. Twenty one stages, over two thousand miles. A three-week Super Bowl. The hardest endurance event in sports. Get them this picture guide to the Tour, but be prepared to lose them for hours. Then be prepared to lose them for all of July.


Rain Jacket

The serious cyclist needs a serious rain jacket. One that keeps them warm and dry through the cold, wet months of winter. One that makes it possible to turn those pedals when everyone else—the civilians—stays home and opts for the couch. This jacket from foul weather experts Showers Pass is the best out there.


CycleOps Pro Indoor Cycle

As far as cycling goes, the best way to get faster and better—and transform your body—is to be out on the road. But with an indoor bike equipped with a power meter like this one, you can scientifically design your workouts to get more out of less time. An hour on this bike is like two to three hours outdoors.

Prices Vary

Tool Roll

It’s not a sushi roll or an egg roll—it’s a roll of cycling tools. Fix-it types need a portable kit they can take with them to races, centuries, gran fondos, and keep in the car on those rare occasions when they drive to the ride. This roll keeps the essential tools conveniently packaged all in one place.

Prices Vary

The Feedzone Cookbook

Allen Lim is a sports scientist who revolutionized the way professional cycling teams go about their business. He brought a full kitchen onto the Garmin-Cannondale team bus. While other riders were waiting for hotel pasta, he made his team gourmet meals. This book is a collection of his favorite, athlete-oriented recipes.


Eat, Ride, Repeat

Ask them what they really want to do—or better yet. Don’t ask them, just read this print and know it’s true. When you get this gift for the cyclist in your life, they’ll know you really get them. Because in a perfect world, life should be that simple.


Thermal Skullie

The wind is always blowing when you’re on your bike, so when the weather gets frosty, the head needs some good protection. These little skull caps fit perfectly under a helmet and keep the noggin incredibly warm. Essential gear piece number…we lost count. Trust us. Need. Thermal. Skullie.


Baggy Shorts

Not all cyclists go for the racer-style spandex—but all cyclists do need at least one pair of shorts with a bomb chamois. Pronounced shammy. That’s the padding that keeps it all comfy downstairs. These baggy shorts have a bomb chamois that will most definitely be appreciated.

Prices Vary

Camelbak Hydration

CamelBak invented bladder hydration systems. They’re used by our armed forces, and a favorite of special ops teams. This model is designed for mountain biking. In addition to its water reservoir, it’s got a bike tool organizer and pockets for keys, wallets, and phones.

Prices Vary

Multi Tool

Like inner tubes, good shorts, and water bottles, a cyclist can never have too many multi-tools. It’s a matter of preference. The feel on every multi-tool is different, and sometimes the ones that come in tool sets aren’t the one. Mechanics everywhere swear by this model from Crank Brothers.

Prices Vary

Trunk Mount Rack

True, cycling is a lifestyle, and cyclists prefer to ride down the driveway than ride. But when they must drive, they’ll need a good bike rack for that gas-guzzler. This trunk-mount rack fits most cars and has room for up to three whips (that means bike).

Prices Vary

Waterproof Socks

Yes, that’s right. These are wool socks blended with a special fabric to make them waterproof, too. No more cumbersome overshoes, no more numb toes. All you need to keep your feet feeling great on the bike is a pair of these socks.


The Clean Bottle

Why didn’t you think of this twenty years ago? A bike bottle that has a screw-off bottom for easy cleaning. This bottle answers the question cyclists wrestle with all the time: how on earth do I get the inside of my bottles totally clean? Easy—unscrew that baby.

Prices Vary

Mountain Jersey

A casual jersey that’s made from the same cool, quick dry material as a tight, race-cut jersey is a nice piece of gear to have. Get this one for your mountain cyclist, recreationalist, or cyclist that needs a jersey for those easy days on the cruiser at the beach.


Fleece Bibs

You can read it again and it will still say “Fleece Bib Knickers.” What’s more amazing than the phrase itself is the fact that when you give this gift to a cyclist who rides through the winter, that’s exactly what they’ll say. Followed by “I’ve always wanted a pair of these.”

Prices Vary

Commuter Rack

What a rack! This is the perfect gift for the cyclist who needs to take more than what will fit in a backpack on their daily ride. A commuter rack lets them take a laptop, extra files, a change of clothes, and more. Also clutch for trips to the grocery store.

Prices Vary

Arm Warmers

When it comes to gear, cycling gets really specific. You don’t see these in any other sport: tight little arm socks. Ask a cyclist, though, and they’re tell you there are days when you don’t need a long-sleeve jersey or a jacket, but you simply cannot live without a pair of these.

Prices Vary

Half-Finger Gloves

The miles pile up and the road chatter—that’s the vibration coming up through the handlebars—starts to rattle the bones. A good pair of half-finger padded gloves keeps the hands protected and helps you maintain a tight grip when the hands get sweaty. A must have for long summer rides.

Prices Vary

Truth Mug

It’s not complicated. Cyclists spend their time off the bike thinking about riding, and they spend their time on the bike having fun, just like when they were ten years old. This mug tells it like it is. Give them this cycling gift. They’ll read it quietly, then nod and smile knowingly.


A Sunday In Hell

If you don’t know about Paris-Roubaix, you have to check this out. You won’t believe this race. It’s insanity. One-hundred fifty miles long, with fifty miles of it across cobblestones that have been around since Napoleon. The cyclist in your life knows about this race, of course, and they’ll be happy to watch this DVD with you. Over and over and over.


Waterproof Cell Phone Case

It happens to every cyclist. They’re out on a fair day for long ride. Not a cloud in the sky. Cell phone and snacks aplenty in ye olde jersey pocket. Clouds appear, they’re an hour and a half from home, and Mother Nature brings the rain. Get them this case, and rain won’t mean pain—the pain of a wet phone.

Prices Vary

Training and Racing with a Power Meter

The definitive bible on how to use a power meter to improve cycling performance. Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggin cover every aspect of training, from year-long periodization to power testing to establishing training zones to specific workouts. If the cyclist in your life wants to get stronger and faster, get them this book.


DZ Nuts

Dave Zabriskie is one of the most decorated cyclists in American history. He raced in Europe for years and wore the yellow jersey at the Tour de France. He’s a true gentleman of the sport, and his chamois cream is world famous for obvious reasons.


Leg Warmers

We’re not talking about Flashdance or Madonna 80s leg warmers. Those are all loose and floppy. We’re talking tight leg-socks that come off quick and roll up to the size of your fist and fit right in a jersey pocket. The cyclist in your life wants this cycling gift. Many pairs of them.

Prices Vary

Laser Lane Marker

This gift takes the tail light to the next level—and rider safety with it. It’s no bigger than a regular cycling tail light, but it projects laser beams to create a virtual bike lane that travels along with the bike. This amazing piece of technology will soon be standard issue for all riders.


Commuter Panniers

These cargo bags from Thule are the ultimate gift for any dedicated commuter. They’re totally waterproof and come with a laptop sleeve and a convenient pocket for rear blinkie-lights. They have tons of room, cinch down tight, and can adjust to fit almost any kind of rack.

Prices Vary

Infinity MPG

Like the mug and the wall print further up the list, this cycling gift is a simple truth teller. At the right pace and on the right day, a real cyclist can ride infinity miles. It’s true. Don’t you be the one to tell them any different, because that’ll mean you just don’t understand.


Silver Charm Earrings

For the cycling ladies in the house who want to show the world their cycling love, this cycling gift is perfect. They’re cute little handmade bicycle charms mounted on French hooks. Plus they’re really inexpensive. We think you might agree this gift is winning.

Prices Vary

Barista Coffee Carrier

The bottle cages on bicycles are made for one thing: water bottles. They do that job incredibly well. But for travel mugs, not so much. They almost work, but at the end of the day, they just don’t. Enter this coffee carrier. It mounts like a bottle cage and it’s designed for a travel mug. Rejoice!


Kid Trailer

These awesome pull-behinds from Burley are the safest way on the market to pull your kids around. The key: if you happen to fall over, the trailer doesn’t necessarily go with you. You can also fit a full trunk load of groceries in these trailers if you want.


The New York Chain

Read the Amazon reviews for this bike lock for some quick humor. Almost all of them mention the fact that, in addition to being a great bike lock, the New York Chain also does double duty as a personal defense system. You’ll see why. It’s seriously a big ol’ badass chain.


Cool Shades

Not only is it important to shield the eyes from sunlight, but it’s also necessary to keep road debris out of the eyes. It helps that these cycling shades are designed in Italy and look totally svelte and cool, too. If you read back to “The Rules” you’ll learn just how important style is in cycling.


Foam Roller

A cyclist who’s never experienced the sheer agony—we mean blissful, therapeutic effect—of a foam roller is in for something wonderful. This is the best way to get a deep-tissue massage, aside from forking over the cash for an appointment. Okay, truth: they hurt. A lot. But they work.


Commuter Backpack

Regarding style, some cyclists refuse to add racks or panniers to their bike. They consider it a violation—yet still they commute every day. These cyclist need a dedicated commuter backpack like this one. The designers of this pack thought of everything. Waterproof, expandable, laptop sleeve, the works.


Bike Bookends

Add a touch of the bike the to the living room bookshelves with these bicycle bookends. This cycling gift is stylish and industrial at the same time. They’re handmade from bronze and capture the iconic position of an old-school track rider finishing off a sprint.


Giro d’Italia Trip

There are three Grand Tours and five Monuments in pro cycling. The Grand Tours—Italy, France, and Spain— are three-week races. The Monuments—San Remo, Flanders, Roubaix, Liege, Lombardy—are one-day races. This Giro trip is emblematic: the cyclist in your life will love a luxury trip to any of the Tours and Monuments. Combine it with riding, and it’s a dream.


9 DIY Gifts for Cyclists

Wall Hanger

This DIY is the ultimate in cool. Upcycling, DIY, bike-related, totally practical—check, check, check, and check. This tutorial shows you how to make a hanging wall mounts for a bike out of a pair of road-style drop handle bars. One hour to the best bike storage system a cyclist could ever want.

Tire Belts

You’ve seen them around, you can buy them online, but you know you want to make a bike tire belt as a gift for the cyclist in your life. This DIY shows you how to make a great belt in eight simple steps. All it takes is a tire, an old belt (with buckle) a rotary punch, and a hammer and nails.

Bike Chain Bracelet

This is not your regular bike-chain bracelet. Most DIY-style bicycle chain bracelets you see take the chain as-is, cut it down to bracelet length, then come up with some kind of clasp. This one is better. It shows you how to break down the links and thread them together to make a cooler, more stylish piece.

Bicycle Wheel Clock

You know they’re counting down the hours until their next ride. This gift will make the time got easier, because it’s made out of a bicycle wheel. Or maybe it will drive them insane, staring at wheel, daydreaming. Either way, this bike wheel clock makes a really cool DIY gift for cyclists.

Inner Tube Wallet

Three steps to total cycling hipness. This DIY bike hack shows you how to make a wallet out of an old inner tube. You’ll need the tube, thread, scissors, a heavy-duty needle, a thimble, and only basic sewing skills. The entire process will take about an hour.

Vintage Bike Art

This cycling gift brings a little cuteness to the table. It’s way more pretty and girly than anything else on this list, but by no means are cycling and girly/prettiness mutually exclusive. This DIY shows you how to make a great accent piece for home or office.

Handlebar Bag

Here’s another bit of cuteness for the biking world: a DIY handlebar pouch. This one is meant for a recreational/casual bike—not for a hardcore commuting rig. Does your cyclist want to pedal down to the coffee shop in skinny jeans and need a place for their phone and wallet? Then this DIY is where it’s at.

Saddle Bags

This one will take a bit of sewing skill, but we know you’re up for it. Your cyclist will love you. The product is two awesome messenger style saddle bags for a relaxed cruiser-type bike. The mini-tutorial shows you what you need to make the bags, complete with pattern ideas, materials, and tips for stitching.

Repair Stand

Get ready for a double dose of DIY. It’s a repair stand made for people who like to do their own wrenching—a DIY made by a DIYer for a DIYer. Woohoo! The steps show you how to take a music P.A. tripod, combine it with materials from the hardware store, and create a totally bomb-proof home repair stand.

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