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94 Unique Gifts That Will Leave Your Boyfriend Speechless

If you’re wondering what might be on a unique gifts for boyfriend list, check this one out for the sheer volume of creative options. Drones, beer-making supplies, gift box subscriptions, electronics, and more are all here. Whether he is a musician, chef, builder, or baker, you will find something he will love.

Check out this unique gifts for boyfriend list. Whether he likes sports, cooking, reading, or relaxing, you will find good gifts for every kind of boyfriend here.

Portable Camp Grill And Charger

Take your honey off-the-grid with this amazing little camp stove that lets you cook, boil, and charge USB devices all using the power of a compact, smokeless furnace. With the smart-charging capabilities, you don’t have to be all the way off-the-grid while you have your morning coffee in back-packing country.


Driftsun Stand Up Paddleboard

Got a sporty guy who looks good in board shorts? Give him the gift of communing with nature with a state-of-the-art paddle board. From a traditional option to an new inflatable version, you can choose multiple styles and colors to give your boyfriend the best present ever.

Prices Vary

Probably Whiskey Enamel Mug

Does your boyfriend drink coffee? And love whiskey? Or vice versa? Give him this cute enamel mug with vintage camp style. Keep people guessing about his morning beverage routine with this cheeky message. Perfect for camping or a lazy Saturday morning, it will always make him smile.


Corgi Ugly Sweater

Dog loving boyfriends will adore this ugly Christmas sweater, which is adorned with the cutest (not ugly at all), corgi on the front, and Christmas symbols scattered all around.

Prices vary

Create Your Own Reel Viewer

Almost every kid had a viewfinder at some point, and this modern take on an old classic allows you to use actual photographs for a gift he’ll look at over and over again.


Man Crates Knife Making Kit

Receiving gifts is cool, but making your own can be even cooler, which is why this kit is SUCH a neat idea – he’ll receive everything he needs to make his own custom-fit knife.


Star Wars Musical Box

Looking for unique gifts for boyfriends who love Star Wars? This handmade, engraved wooden music box sporting phrases and characters from the iconic movie is the perfect gift. When he winds up the handle, the tinkling sounds of the Star Wars theme music will transport him back to his battle ship.


Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Let your man turn up the heat in the kitchen with this DIY hot sauce kit. Now he can take spiciness to the next level with everything he needs to bottle six of his own small-batch sauces. Simply follow the instructions to combine the peppers, spices, vinegars, and brown sugar to create smokin’ condiments.


Personalized Whiskey Barrel

Give your honey the gift of his own, personalized whiskey barrel. Available in two sizes, these monogramed vessels come with a display stand making them an interesting conversation piece sitting on the kitchen counter. For a spirited man, this makes a gift that he will appreciate for years to come.

Prices vary

23andMe DNA Ancestry Test Kit

Give the gift of ancestral knowledge with this 23 and Me DNA test kit. Get a detailed breakdown from 150 populations worldwide. Provide a saliva sample with the in-home kit, and results should be ready in 6-8 weeks…now you can finally prove your boyfriend is a direct descendant of Neanderthals.


New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Give the gift of a beautifully bound history of your sweetheart’s favorite baseball team with this New York Times book. All of the news from the first pitch to the last homerun will be printed with photocopies of the national news coverage bound to fit in this stylish tome.


Fan Chest Subscription Box for Sports Fans

Impress your sports fanatic with a gift box chock-full of memorabilia from his favorite sports team. Hats, t-shirts, insulated mugs, drawstring backpacks, you name it and it will come popping out of his surprise box. Choose from his favorite football, hockey, baseball, or basketball team for a gift he will truly love!

Prices vary

Preseton Bag from Impressed Bag Co

This is the perfect bag for a travelling professional man who needs to arrive at his destination with a perfectly pressed suit. Whether headed to the gym before work or a fancy weekend by train, this ingenious bag allows room for toiletries and other essentials while also expertly carrying a folded suit.

Prices vary

100 Books Scratch Off Poster

Have a bibliophile boyfriend? Surprise him with this scratch-off poster featuring 100 “bucket list” books to read. As each book is read, he will scratch off that title to reveal custom artwork underneath. When done, the poster can be framed as a nice reminder of his literary travels.


Hair Max The World’s Fastest Hair Growth Device

Boyfriend getting a little thin on top? Treat him to a subscription of HairMax dietary supplements and laser therapy to give him that full-body coif you fell in love with. Treat hair loss, rejuvenate aging hair, and repair damaged hair with this system featuring a variety of products for hair and scalp health.


Walabot See Through Walls

Is your boyfriend handy around the house? Are you looking for a stud? Or a plumbing pipe behind the drywall? Give your honey this handy little device which allows him to peer into the walls for studs, pipes, wires, or other building materials when doing a project.

Prices vary

GO PUCK 5X Portable Battery Charger

When checking out a list of unique gifts for boyfriend, you expect to find practical gifts they’ll love, and this Go Puck portable charger hits it out of the ballpark. This little miracle can charge two devices at a time, faster than a wall charger, and multiple times a day.

Prices Vary

Molecular Gastronomy Kit Cuisine

Your boyfriend can take his chef skills to the next level with this innovative molecular gastronomy set. He will love playing with his food as the kitchen becomes his laboratory. Transform liquids into jellies, turn chopped produce into “beads,” morph chocolate into powder and more with this crazy kit.

Prices vary

Bombfell Men’s Clothing Subscription Box

A lot of men don’t like to shop for clothes. If that sounds like your man, give him the gift of a personal stylist. Bombfell will send him a box of polished looks for the modern workplace – he tries them on, keeps what he likes, and sends the rest back. Now he’s stylish without shopping!

Prices vary

Winc Wine Subscription Box

For the wine connoisseur, the best gift is wine, of course. An even better gift would be a monthly subscription where four unique, interesting varietals show up on the doorstep. Give your guy the gift he will love every month – and love sharing with you – a Winc wine club membership.

Prices vary

Ginger Beer Making Kit With Copper Mule Mugs

Why just play bartender when you can make your own ingredients? With this kit, your guy can step up his Moscow Mule game by making one of the essential ingredients – ginger beer – right at home. It also includes two antique-looking copper mugs in which the cocktail is traditionally served.

Prices vary

Daily Harvest Smoothie Subscription Box

Want to make sure your boyfriend starts the day off right? Give him a smoothie subscription box from Daily Harvest. You can choose from a number of plans including flavors and frequency of orders. Give him the gift of good health with this convenient subscription plan that delivers quality ingredients.

Prices vary

Bike Chain Bowl

Got a cyclist boyfriend? Or just one who enjoys artistic, upcycled pieces? This unique bowl made from old bicycle chain is a great catch-all for keys and change. This statement piece is sure to start some interesting conversations with its practical beauty, and is a lovely piece for the entrance hall console or night stand.


Personalized Gold Lp Record

Is your boyfriend off-the-charts? Give him this upcycled gold record wall art that is as special as he is to you. You can customize the label to commemorate any special date or event and add up to five song titles of personal resonance. Top the charts with your favorite shared songs.


Baseball Stadium Blueprints

Is your man a baseball fan? He will love this framed blueprint of his favorite baseball stadium. Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium… choose his favorite. The print comes with an antique finish that evokes the look of a vintage document and is beautifully framed to a museum’s archival standards.


Invoxia Smart Portable Speaker with Amazon Alexa

This ultra-modern smart device with vintage design is a portable speaker, internet radio, hands-free speakerphone, and internet-connected message board all rolled into one. Use Alexa to provide information, news, weather, set alarms, pre-set radio stations and Spotify playlists, and lots of other cool stuff! You can even stick it on the fridge with its magnetized back.

Prices Vary

West Coast Style Ipa Beer Brewing Kit

Does your man dream of a man-cave where he can ferment his own hops? This West Coast-style IPA brewing kit is the gift that can make his dreams come true. Containing everything he needs including yeast, malt extract, and specialty grains, now he can make the leap from drinker to brewer.

Prices vary

Beer Caddy With Bottle Opener

Now your beer lover can carry his favorite brews in style with this canvas beer caddy. And he will never have to worry about forgetting a bottle opener again since this carrier comes with a steel one attached to the handle. All his guy friends will ask where he got it!


Lake Topography Art

Do you and your boyfriend have a favorite lake? This hand-assembled, wood topographical map shows contours and 3-D images of your favorite lake with over 4,000 to choose from. Transport yourself back in time to those sweet days by the water with this artwork. Comes framed in an oak shadow box.

Prices vary

Tile Slim Anything Finder

Tired of your boyfriend losing his keys, cell phone, or wallet? Tile Finder is the perfect solution. As slim as two credit cards, this little miracle can be carried or attached unobtrusively to devices. The Tile app remembers where you last placed it, will make your phone ring (even on silent), and is water resistant, too.


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Give your sweetie a gift that encourages an activity you can share together. This 100 “bucket list” movie poster features a scratch-off list of must-see films from Casablanca to Jaws. Watch, scratch-off to reveal artwork, repeat. The perfect gift for a couple who is looking for 100 date-night ideas!


Diy Tamale Kit

If you’re wondering what might be on a list of unique gifts for boyfriends, how about a DIY tamale kit? Now you will have everything you need to spice things up in the kitchen. From corn husks to dried chilies, you can make up to make 16 tamales for your next party or date night.

Magnetic Levitation Globe with LED Lights

Give your boyfriend the gift of the world with this cool accent piece featuring a levitating globe. The electro-magnetic field sensor makes the gadget float, but you can always pretend it’s magic! It has an LED light feature that illuminates it in the dark for a beautiful nightlight.


Flavair Whiskey Subscription Box

Got a whiskey enthusiast? Sure, wine clubs are all the rage, but for the gentleman who enjoys his spirits, perhaps a whiskey club membership is a better suited gift. Get exclusive tasting boxes, discounts on full bottles, invitations to exclusive member events, and more. Monthly gift boxes are the gift that keeps on giving.

Prices vary

Moving Mechanical Safe Kit

If your boyfriend likes expanding his mind with complicated puzzles, he will love this 179 piece laser-cut, birch wood, three dimensional puzzle that builds a functioning safe. The resulting three-digit combination catch-all can hold small trinkets. It requires no glue or hardware and the customizable combination will keep safe crackers guessing.


DJI Drones

Give your guy the gift of flight with a high-flying drone. DJI offers state-of-the-art drone options including a wide assortment of accessories. Literally, the sky is the limit when you choose a gift from this store, and there are a wide variety of price-points so you can pick just the perfect gift.

Prices vary

Personalized Socks Set

Don’t give boring old socks as a gift when you can give gorgeous, custom, cotton socks in black or gray. You can print up to 8 characters at the ankle – think initials or first name – and up to 20 characters across the toes, maybe full name or a birthday greeting? The possibilities are endless.


Ski Resort Blueprints

If his favorite ski resort is listed here, you’re in luck, because you can have an officially licensed blueprint of it framed and ready to be hung in his living room or bedroom.

$75.00- $175.00

Land Shark

This ‘jaws-dropping’ garden ornament will make a totally unique birthday gift for the boyfriend who likes to stand out, as it languishes on the lawn in terror-ific style.


Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

If he likes to spend his time outdoors, he can travel light with this handy kit which contains all the essential survival items he’ll need, in one hardy aluminum tube.


Personalised Brick Mini Figures

Lego’ of any preconceived ideas about what makes the perfect boyfriend gift, and get him one of these ‘Brick Yourself’ portraits which sees him (and his family) reimagined as teeny tiny figures.


Drinking with the Saints Book

If you know someone who likes to mix his beer and bibles, this book will take him on an evangelical journey through the history (and making) of today’s best-loved booze.


Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set

If you miss him when he’s away, invest in a pair of these bracelets which will vibrate and glow when the other one of the pair is touched, no matter where he is.

$8.00- $98.00

Burrito Blanket

If your fella is your favorite dish of the day, make sure he looks tasty too with this fun burrito blanket that will have him as snug as a bug in a…tortilla wrap.


Snack Crate

Nothing is more fun than a monthly box of goodies, and now you can expand your boyfriend’s snack options with a Snack Crate membership. Each box features the best nibbles from around the world and is based on a single country each month. There is no easier or cheaper way to travel the world!

Prices vary

Gifts for Adventure-Seeking Boyfriends

Seventy2 Survival System

Containing everything needed to make it through the crucial first 3 days of any emergency situation, including space blanket, 2-man tent, and 10-hour heat packs, the Seventy2 Survival System might just save his life.


Rumpl Portable Puffy Blanket

More eco-friendly than ever before, the Original Puffy Blanket is water resistant and filled with warm, synthetic down-like insulation, while being lightweight enough to carry on his outdoor adventures.


OtterBox Venture Cooler

Adventuring can be thirsty work, but the Venture 25 Cooler is so advanced that it will keep ice for up to 10 days, ensuring his drinks stay cool throughout his break away.


Portable Fire Pit

Fire pits are an essential part of camping, both for warmth and ambience, and the Solo Stove Ranger is compact and travel-friendly, producing less smoke, and an easy-to-clean fine ash residue.

Prices vary

REI Force of Nature Discovery Box

Support women in industry with the Force of Nature Discovery Box, which includes essentials made by female-led companies – such as hi-cal macaroons – to make outdoor pursuits a little more comfortable.


Yeti Rambler

If you’re looking for a travel cup that’s as rugged as he is, the YETI, with a magnetic lid to keep the heat (or cold) in, will certainly fit the bill.


Paratrooper Highline Foldable Mountain Bike

Designed to accompany soldiers on a parachute drop, the Paratrooper bicycle is lightweight and sturdy, folds for easy portability, and features an impressive 20 speeds, making light work of cross country riding.


Ultra-Light Acoustic Travel Guitar

Nothing completes a campfire more than the sound of gentle strumming, but if he wants an easier option, this acoustic travel version offers full-size sounds in a 31% shorter body.


Gifts for Boyfriends Who Can’t Stop Eating

ManCrates Exotic Meat Crate

A truly unique gift for the boyfriend who loves to try something a bit more unusual, this crate includes alligator, elk, and duck jerky for a more exotic foodie experience.


Surf and Turf Kit

Surf and Turf gives the best of both worlds, and this gift will arrive with cold water lobster tails and a choice of succulent, juicy steaks, for a delicious meal for two.


Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears

If his food of choice is fruit, treat him to this box of Royal Riviera Pears – the juiciest, sweetest fruits that are so much more than ‘just’ a healthy choice.


Rainbow Cake

Straight from TLC’s ‘Cake Boss’, Carlo’s Bakery will bake and deliver this stunningly beautiful rainbow cake which features six vibrant layers and is finished off with a smooth vanilla icing.


Candy Club Subscription

Even the sweetest tooth will be tempered with Candy Club. Available in 2 sizes, you can choose mostly sweet or sour so he’ll receive a selection of his favorite candies every single month.

Prices vary

Mini Cupcake Set from Baked By Melissa

With intriguing flavors such as chocolate chip pancake and tie-dye, this set of 25, 50, or 100 mini cupcakes will keep any dessert-lover satisfied for quite some time.


Draftaway Coffee Gift Set

If he’s something of a coffee connoisseur, sign him up for a personalized Driftaway Coffee subscription which will start with a sampler kit in either ground or whole bean varieties.

Prices vary

Wolferman's Deluxe Berry Breakfast Box

He’ll feast like a king with this boxful of breakfast items, which includes three varieties of delicious English muffins, scones, cake, and of course Tiffin blend coffee to wash it all down.


Pick a Flavor Customized Popcorn Tin

Whether he’s a cheese or caramel kind of guy, movie night will be sorted with 3 ½ gallons of freshly popped gourmet popcorn in a personalized bright red tin.

Prices vary

ButcherBox Subscription Box

Free bacon? Yes please! With every subscription to Butcher Box, which delivers prime cuts of meat and chicken every month, he will receive a pack of uncured, sugar-free bacon gratis.

Prices vary

Magic Spoon Cereal

Kids’ cereals always taste the best, but they can be less than nutritious. Give him the best of both worlds with this great-tasting breakfast that’s also high in protein and low in carbs.


Thoughtful Personalized Gifts for Him

Nike Embroidered Duffel Bag

With a ventilated pocket for shoes and water-resistant material on the bottom, the Nike duffle bag has plenty of storage space, and can be personalized with his name, initials, or monogram.


Personalized Why I Love You Love Book

Totally unique, the ‘Why I Love You’ book features characters based on the two of you, and each page details just another reason why you love him so very much.


Hidden Secret Message Leather Bracelet

If gold and silver aren’t really his thing, this leather bracelet makes a great alternative. Fastened with extra strong, hypoallergenic magnets, it hides a special message engraved on the inside.


Personalized WIne Barrel

A beautiful addition to any home, this whiskey barrel is both decorative and functional, and can be personalized with 3 lines of text to make it a one of a kind gift.


Personalized Leater Watch Box

If he has something of a collection of watches, this man-made leather box will give him somewhere to store them, keeping them safe while on display underneath the delicately engraved hinged glass lid.


Engraved Pocket Knife

Pocket knives are quite traditional gifts for men, so opt for a classic offering with a handmade tactical knife, which features a partially serrated blade, and initials carved into the wooden handle.


Ermahgerd-worthy Men’s Subscription Boxes

Harry's Subscription Box

If he yearns for the closeness of a wet shave, ensure he’s fully stocked with German engineered precision blades, delivered to his door with a subscription plan that’s tailored to him.

Prices vary

Book of the Month Club

Everyone should read at least one book a month, and with this subscription he can choose one of the five featured volumes every month and maybe discover his new favorite author.



You’ll make a chef of him yet with a bi-monthly delivery from Mantry. With artisan ingredients and featured recipes in every box, he’ll discover a world of food he didn’t know existed.


Lucky Tackle Box

Bait is an angler’s bread and butter, which means the Lucky Tackle Box, which delivers a selection of bait every month, makes one of the most useful gifts he’ll ever receive.


Sketch Box

Unleash his creativity with a monthly subscription to Sketch Box, giving him a selection of art products which are based around a theme, along with access to a how-to tutorial.


UrthBox Healthy Snack Subscription Box

If you’re dating a habitual grazer, make sure his snacks are all as healthy as can be by choosing Urthbox, and he’ll receive a monthly consignment of delicious organic snacks and drinks.

Prices vary

BattlBox for Adventurers

Whether he’s a beginner or a pro, there’s a BattlBox to suit; from basic gear right up to sleeping bags, tents, and even survival weapons, he’ll receive quality hand-selected equipment every month.


Frank and Oak CLothing Subscription Box

Cut out stressful store shopping and set your boyfriend up with an eco-friendly clothing subscription which hand-selects items for him to preview, before they even send them out.

Prices vary


He can enjoy a beach boy vibe even if he lives in the city with a subscription to Beachly, the clothing company which delivers seasonal coastal-inspired clobber 4 times a year.

Prices vary

Craft Beer Club

When any old beer won’t do, you can treat your other half to a consignment of craft beers from America’s finest small breweries, with 4 new brews to try every month.


Most Unique Boyfriend Gifts That He’ll Never Expect

Gravity Blanket for Stress Relief

Insomnia can be a terrible thing, but one thing which has been proven to help is a weighted blanket, which reduces stress and anxiety, and gives the sleeper the sensation of being hugged.

Prices vary

Ugmonk Modular Organizer

If he’s a stickler for a tidy desk, Ugmonk’s modular organizer (in maple or walnut) will keep his work space looking neat and tidy, in a changeable configuration that suits his needs.


Floating Cloud Lamp

Fascinating and absorbing to watch, this levitating cloud lamp hovers above its base like magic, while the sound reactive light inside gives the ambience of a spellbinding thunderstorm.


Soma Glass Water Bottle

Banish single use plastic bottles with the Soma Bottle. Made from shatter-resistant glass, it now features a wider mouth for ease of filling and cleaning, and a super-stable base to prevent spillages.


Retro Patent Prints

Play to his geeky side with a vintage patent print of his favorite gadget or gizmo from the world of computers, games, music, and design, from PayPal to a photographic camera.


New Mac Smell Candle

The Mac Candle No. 2 is all about inspiration. Infused with scents said to stimulate creativity, this sleek candle will enrich his senses with musk, bergamot, and lemon for a clean, inspiring aroma.


Miniature Mail Custom Letters

Bring back the art of letter writing with Miniature Mail, the teeny letter service which allows users to customize a note before sending it through snail-mail for a unique romantic surprise.


Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Made to mimic the posture when standing, the Aeron office chair supports the lumbar spine beautifully, while the incredible suspension design draws heat and moisture away, leaving users comfortable for longer.

Prices vary

Nebia Spa Shower

Although the Nebia Shower provides 10X the surface area of water, it actually reduces water usage by 65%, delivering an invigorating steam and shower experience while also helping the planet.

Prices vary

Custom Map Prints

Wherever his favorite place is in the world, you can have it made into a one-of-a-kind city map in a color of your choice, with up to 3 lines of personalization.


June Smart Oven

With an incredible 7 appliances in one, the June Smart Oven makes light work of cooking; from frying to drying, it will revolutionize how he cooks, and will free up space in tight-fitting kitchens.

Prices vary

Click and Grow Indoor Smart Gardens

Inspired by NASA, the Smart Garden 3 makes light work of growing organic and pesticide-free herbs, fruit, and vegetables indoors, using Smart Soil and adjustable LED lighting alongside biodegradable plant pods.

Prices vary

FlapIt Physical Social Media Counter

A unique gift for boyfriends in business, this social media counter can be displayed in any prominent position to show real-life customers how popular he is on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more.


Cuddle Mattress for Couples

Cuddles are awesome, but what do you do with your other arm? The cuddle mattress is spliced into ‘slices’ so his arm can sit comfortably underneath you, without going horribly numb.

Prices vary

12 Diy Gifts for Men

Diy Hooked on You Tackle Box

If you want unique gifts for a boyfriend who likes to fish, check out this tutorial for a custom candy tackle box. Select his favorite sweet treats – like gummy worms and Swedish fish – and fill a new tackle box to the brim. After the snacks, he still has a useful gift.

Diy Candy Guitar

If you have a boyfriend who plays the guitar, or just loves music, make him this “sweet” candy instrument. Trace the shape on Styrofoam and then use your imagination to place his favorite candies. There are many personalized options, just use your imagination, and then tie it up in a bow for a big surprise!

Diy Mason Jar Matchbox

Whatever he uses matches for, make them a little more interesting by creating a pretty holder for them using a decorative jar, and pasting a strike strip on the lid for easy lighting.

Diy Prints

Here’s a great way to display photographs from your travels together which makes them even more meaningful – frame them against a map of the place the photos were taken.

Diy Xbox Controller Pillow

His gaming obsession might drive you mad, but at least it provides you with plenty of inspiration for making his gifts, like this fun pillow that’s based on an X-Box controller.

Diy Unraveling Letter

What a super-cute way to send the man in your life a soppy message. Simply stamp the text onto a ribbon, and watch as he has to unwind it to read it.

Diy Sticks and Stones

If the great outdoors feature heavily in your relationship, tap into nature’s rich supply of materials and create some of these adorable gifts that cost absolutely nothing to make.

Caramel And Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods

Salty and sweet is the finest taste sensation, and by following this simple guide you can make up a batch of these chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks with a variety of delicious toppings.

Diy Date Jar

Solve the problem of where to go and what to do on your date night with this handy jar which can be filled with his and her favorite things to do.

Diy Message In A Bottle

The message in a bottle has always held such romantic connotations, so why not make your own miniature version by checking out this guide for ideas on how to do it?

The Story Of Us

A really unique gift idea, The Story of Us is a smash book packed full of all the things you’ve been through together, using photos, letters, cuttings, and anything else you can find.

Printable Coupon Book

For a cost-free gift for boyfriends or husbands, print out these coupons and present him with a booklet of date night (and late night) ideas that he’ll really enjoy.

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