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39 Most Unusual and Unique Birthday Gifts for 2 Year Olds

Your toddler isn’t a baby anymore, but they’re not children yet, either, so figuring out what to buy isn’t easy.  Whether you’re looking for toys, a keepsake or an item of clothing, we’ve got a list filled with the coolest birthday gifts for 2 year old toddlers around at the moment.

Use this list to be sure you pick out the best birthday gifts for 2 year old toddlers.

Chromo Bouncy Inflatable Real Feel Hopping Cow

Forget the traditional space hopper, it’s all about the hopping cow. Bouncy has long ears which are easy to hold as your little one is jumping around, and is the perfect height for them to climb on and off by themselves. It’s easily inflated using a pump so they can start playing right away.

Prices Vary

Washable Dot Markers

Unleash their creative side with these dab markers. Looking like the ones you get at bingo, these markers are non-toxic and won’t spill out everywhere, staining your furniture and your toddler! They can use them for all kinds of art projects which you can decorate your refrigerator with.


Pinkalicious Doll Set

A perfect birthday gift for 2 year olds, this pretty in pink rag doll will be their new best friend. Pinkalicious has a sparkly gold crown and matching wand, as well as a beautiful pink dress and lacy wings. If your 2 year old loves the books or TV show, they’ll love this gorgeous dolly.


Fun Sandwich and Bread Cutter Shapes

Are you stuck in a lunchtime rut? Make it fun again with these sandwich cutters in all kinds of shapes and colors. Your 2 year old will love seeing which shape they’re going to have every day; it’ll get them excited and looking forward to eating their sandwiches.


Baby GUND My First BBQ Stuffed Plush Playset

Get them interested in cooking with this five piece soft plush BBQ playset. It comes with a hotdog rattle, hamburger toy, spatula crinkle toy and a ketchup bottle squeaker. They all fit inside the BBQ grill which has a fastener to keep all the pieces together.

Prices Vary

Milestones Subscription Box

If you want to buy something a little different to the usual birthday gifts, a subscription box is the perfect solution. This one ships every month and contains 4-6 premium items which will help your little one with their educational and developmental milestones.

Price varies

Gund My Little Pet Shop Playset

Encourage their love of animals with this plush pet shop playset by GUND. As well as the pet shop which has a Velcro fastener, there’s also four sound animal toys; a dog, fish, cat and rabbit. A coloring sheet is also included so they can doodle when they’re finished playing.

Prices Vary

Keyboard Playmat

We all know that toddlers love to make noise, it’s like there’s something in their DNA. Turn that need into something positive with this keyboard playmat. Not only will they be able to play the piano but it can also be 7 other instruments, including the xylophone and clarinet.


Pretend Play Police Officer Set

If your little one likes role playing and dressing up, this police officer accessory kit will be the perfect addition to their costume box. It includes 3 badges, 1 ticket, a set of handcuffs with a key, and a pretend radio with holster. Nee-naw!


Kids Card Table Playhouse

This gorgeous pink playhouse would make a perfect birthday gift for a 2 year old. Choose whether you want it to be stuck together with adhesive or sewn up, and it also comes with a storage bag so you can fold it up when the weather isn’t nice.

Price varies

Llama With Poncho Plush

Give them a new favorite toy with this llama plush. With a white coat made from alpaca wool, he also has a brightly colored poncho on which adds to his character. His expression is so warm and friendly, your 2 year old will want to bring him everywhere.


Travel Busy Board Toddler Toy

Keep your kids busy with this busy board, a toy which has all kinds of fiddly pieces attached to it. It’ll help them intellectually develop and focus their attention on one thing, and it’s small enough for them to bring with them to restaurants or on road trips.

Prices Vary

Climb Higher Toddler Trucker Hat

This gorgeous little hat will be perfect for a budding trucker. On the front is a patch with the words “Climb Higher” written on it with green trees and a sun. The hat itself is yellow, green and black meaning it’ll go with every outfit you put them in.


Personalized Storybook Pillow

Put your child between the pages of a book with this personalized story book cushion. You’ll be able to keep this forever and remember how they were when they were children. You’ll be named as authors on the front of the cushion and you can even write a “review” on the back.


Dinosaur Personalized Piggy Bank

Learning how to save money is super important, but conventional piggy banks just aren’t that interesting. Grab their attention with this 20” blue dinosaur one which you can personalize. Add their name in a number of colors and fonts to make this a cute keepsake for him or her.


Hoot Subscription Box

Kids are relying more and more on technology to keep them entertained. Sign them up for a subscription box which will engage them and develop important skills, such as sensory and gross motor. HOOT will send them a box filled with sensory toys once a month, which they’ll love receiving in their mailbox.

Price varies

Felt Makeup Toy

Children love to be like their parents. If your child has seen you putting on your makeup in the morning and wants to be like you, don’t buy them the real stuff. Treat them to a felt makeup set which won’t damage their skin and won’t get hard-to-remove makeup on your couch, either.


Little Boys Dinosaur Hooded Jacket

At some point in their childhood, kids become obsessed with dinosaurs. Turn them into one with this really cute hooded dinosaur jacket. In blue and yellow with a dinosaur across the front, and blue spikes across the hood with ears, it’ll be difficult to tell them apart from the real deal.

Prices Vary

The Preschool Box Subscription Box

Start preparing them for preschool with this educational subscription box. An excellent birthday gift for 2 year olds, it includes some fun activities which will focus on the subjects they’ll learn in preschool, like colors and shapes, which will get your child focused and ready to learn.

Price varies

Light-up Bath Toy

Turn bath time into a party with this super cool light up bath toy. Made from durable plastic, it’s safe enough to be used in the tub, a pool or even the fish tank if that’s your thing. Your kid will never want to get out of the bath, because this toy will make it super fun.

Prices Vary

Felt Counting Chocolate Chips On Cookies

This is such an awesome and fun way to get your toddler interested in counting and numbers. Use these felt chocolate chip cookies to familiarize them with number recognition – all they have to do is match the number of chocolate chips to the correct number. Yum.


Tinkering Toddler Crates Subscription Box

Sometimes, coming up with different activities for you and your pre-schooler to do together is tricky. Sign up to this subscription box and you’ll receive several ideas, along with the materials needed, right to your front door every month. But be warned, it could get messy.

Price varies

Personalized Tote Bag Girly Girl

For whatever reason, kids love carrying things around in their very own bag. Instead of giving them one of your old ones or a canvas tote you use for shopping, why not treat them to their very own personalized one, available in a number of different colors?

Price varies

ALEX Toys Rub a Dub Dirty Dogs

If you’re looking for a great bath toy to get your toddler to love time in the tub, this Rub a Dub Dirty Dogs might do the trick. When they’re wet, they get clean. But when they dry, the dirt comes back! Your child will never tire of trying to keep these mucky pups clean.


Kids Travel Tray

A long car journey with kids can seem never-ending when you’re having to listen to their moans about how bored they are. Keep them amused with this awesome travel tray. It’s got space for their snacks, coloring, reading books or watching their favorite TV show on a tablet or smartphone.

Prices Vary

Kids Blanket with Bedtime Stories

Snuggling under a fluffy blanket and reading a book is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Introduce it to your kids from a young age with this awesome blanket and book set. As well as a soft blanket, they’ll also get a giant book which they can attach to it and a free audiobook to help them read.

Prices Vary

LilPals First Responder Truck/Car Bubble Gun Shooters

Every kid loves bubbles, and they’re such a simple way to entertain them. Instead of you having to sit there and blow them, give them this cute first responder truck bubble gun shooter. It even has cool lights and sounds, making double the bubble fun.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Locks and Latches Board Wooden Toy

A great birthday gift for 2 year olds, this locks and latches toy from Melissa and Doug isn’t only fun…it can also help develop their fine motor skills and their hand eye coordination. They’ll have great fun exploring the board and figuring out what each thing does.


Kidorable Unicorn Pop up Umbrella

Everyone has gone unicorn mad lately. Wherever you look, there’s this one horned horse. If your toddler is one of those among us who love the mythical beast, then this umbrella will be perfect for them. Not only does it have a unicorn printed on it, it also has a pop-up horn.

Prices Vary

Milton the Mealtime Companion

Do you have a fussy eater? It can be so frustrating, especially when they won’t even entertain the idea of anything new. Why not introduce them to Milton? This monster is made from food-grade silicon – let your child feed Milton a bite of their food and they might be more willing to try it.


Custom Name Puzzle For Kids

What a great way for your toddler to recognize and spell their own name. This wooden name puzzle would make a great birthday present for them, – not only will it help their reading and spelling skills but it’ll be a nice keepsake in years to come.

Price varies

NeWisdom Toddler Microphone

Channel their noise into this cute giraffe shaped microphone. It sings songs, tells stories and plays music as well as allowing them to sing into it. You can even connect it to a smartphone or tablet to play their favorite songs and music through.

Prices Vary

Amy & Benton Kids Musical Toy Hen and Chicken Eggs

This cute and colorful hen comes with 6 eggs which can be cracked, revealing bright chicks inside. The shells can be stacked together which children love doing and it also plays music. The beak and tail have a sensor on and will make 5 different sounds when they’re activated.

Prices Vary

Custom All Aboard Engineer Hat

Perfect for a train lover, this personalized hat will make their day. Choose the size of the hat so it’ll fit a toddler or a child and then you can add their name onto the front. All you need to get them is a whistle and a pretend train…they’ll love using their imagination to drive the train.

Price varies

Hoppi Subscription Box

Delivered every 3 months, the Hoppi Box is a toy subscription which is designed to nurture and encourage your child’s imagination and curiosity. Filled with high quality, eco-friendly toys, each box is aimed to fit your child’s age and development stage so it’ll help them flourish and thrive.

Price varies

Soft Watering Bath Toys for Toddlers

These adorable bath toys will quickly become your toddler’s favorite bath plaything. This pack of 4 contains a raindrop, cloud, rainbow and a thunder cloud, all of which can be filled up to shower your child with the warm bath water. You could even use them to explain the water cycle to your child while they’re bathing.

Prices Vary

Toy Train Night Light

Forget the generic night lights we’ve become familiar with, this LED train is bigger and better. It’s a 3D light illusion and seems to come alive when the main lights are switched off. It would make an amazing birthday gift for a 2 year old.


Embroidered Finger Puppet Friends House

Toddlers love finger puppets and this cute set comes with a house for you to store the adorable animals in. The house can be personalized too, with your child’s name being embroided onto the roof. It comes with 4 puppets, a frog, a lamb, a duck and a rabbit.


Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set

Have you ever had to battle your child to get them to brush their teeth? Using this finger puppet set, it doesn’t have to be a fight anymore. The four finger toothbrushes also come with a book which you can read together, highlighting the importance of clean teeth.


3 Unique Diy Toddler Gifts

Diy Free Superhero Cape Pattern

Children love superheroes and what better way to encourage that love than to make them a superhero cape for their stuffed toys? Follow this tutorial and you’ll soon be able to make a no sew cape which they can dress up their toys in, or even add it to their bicycle.

Diy Kids Sleeping Bag Tutorial and Pattern

Whether they’re using it to camp out in or take to a friend’s house for a sleepover, this DIY sleeping bag will make a great birthday gift for them or their friends. And because you’re making it yourself, you can choose their favorite colors and patterns so you can be sure they’ll love it.

Diy Drums

Diesel in Bloom have written up this tutorial for you to make your very own drums just for your little rock star. Personalize them by switching up the patterns and colors to suit their taste – you could even make them a whole drum set. Sorry, neighbors!

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