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39 Unique Ideas for 1 Year Old Birthday Gifts

Unique 1 year old birthday gifts are hard to find! You’ve come to the right place to discover a list full of special gift ideas for children. Whether it’s for your own child, a niece or nephew, or a friend’s little one, these gifts will delight them.

This is a one-stop shopping list for unique 1 year old birthday gifts that will excite and delight young children.

Periodic Table Building Blocks

Hope your little one will grow up to be the next Einstein? Well, here’s a way to give them that head start. These periodic table building blocks are a unique gift that will begin their education in chemistry. Handcrafted out of Basswood, each side contain an element’s name, atomic number, and symbol in bright colors.


Daball Toddler Soft Soccer Ball

Are you looking for unique 1 year old birthday gifts? These soft soccer balls with animal prints are a fun way for kids to learn basic motor skills such as grabbing, throwing, and kicking. The balls have fun animal designs and colors making learning an imaginative and fun activity.


VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

Your little ones are learning about the world from the moment they open their eyes to bed time. The VTech Learning Carrier is a fun way for your child to begin interacting with the world around him in a safe environment. Comes with a cute plush puppy, carrier, and accessories. Great for role-playing with dogs.


Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector

Watch the universe light up your child’s room. The starry sky will swirl around the room as the night light projector rotates 360 degrees. You’ll be as mesmerized as your little one! There are many colors to choose from, as well as a removable, plastic, white cover to change it to a simple night light.

Prices Vary

Personalized Constellation Growth Chart

Remember when your parents used the wall or a door frame to keep track of your growth? Now you can get a personalized chart for each of your children. It hangs on the wall, and you can mark each growth spurt – take it with you when you move. Makes a unique 1 year old birthday gift.


Memory Gift Tree

Get this unique memory gift tree to celebrate a child’s first year. Whether it’s for your own child or another, this memorable gift will last a lifetime. The evergreen tree seedling comes in an eco-friendly and attractive bamboo package, and includes a guarantee to arrive healthy and ready to plant, plus a personalized message.

Prices Vary

Play and Go Storage Mat – Road Map

To minimize the toy mess around the house, this play-and-go storage mat road map will bring you the solution. The road map (printed on the material) provides hours of imaginative and interactive fun for children. Convenient to take anywhere with you and set up in a corner. It’ll be a popular birthday party hit!


My Little Black Dress Girls’ Lace Tutu Dress Set

Attending a formal affair with your baby girl? Now you can dress her up in this fancy 3-piece, black lace tutu with headband and foot accessories. Made with 100% cotton, it’s suitable for formal occasions or celebrations. The bodysuit is soft and comfortable; made with breathable material.


Boon Building Bath Pipes Toy Set

If you’re looking for unique 1 year old birthday gifts, these bath pipes will be a hit with the little ones. Bath times will be fun and playful, and kids will look forward to them. The bath pipes suction to walls and are used individually or together to create a chain. Makes a wonderful, creative gift!


Ice Cream Truck Playhouse

Syrup, vanilla swirls, and magic rainbow sprinkles bring back precious childhood memories. Remember that familiar melody announcing the ice cream truck? Your little ones will reenact these memorable times with this easy-to-assemble playhouse, by handing out cool treats to friends. Made from 33% recycled cardboard and fun graphics, it will bring hours of fun and play.


Sloth Plush

Finding unique 1 year old birthday gifts is not as easy as it may seem, but this sloth plush toy is so cute it will be worth the search. Hand knitted from soft alpaca wool, your little one will fall in love with this squeezable plush friend and may never let it go.


Vibrating Saw Grasp Toy

Grooming your little one to become a lumberjack? This plush buzz saw toy will introduce your child to his or her first power tool. It will also give adults a chuckle, when the plush tool’s built-in motor begins to vibrate in your child’s hands. The vibrations will keep their young minds engaged and aware.


Bedtime Prayer Personalized LED Light Shadow Box

If you want your young one to learn the ritual of prayer at bedtime, this personalized light shadow box is a good start. The framed box holds a sweet bedtime prayer to recite with him or her. On a shelf, it acts as a night light, with its soft light glowing in the dark.


Board Shorts With Built-In Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper

Tired of dealing with soggy diapers when going swimming with your little one? These board shorts with built-in reusable absorbent swim diapers are perfect for avoiding a mess. Simply machine wash after swimming and they’ll be ready to reuse. These shorts are approved for public pools, so swimming will no longer be a chore for parents.

Prices Vary

Sock Monkey Blanket

Here is another idea on the list for unique 1 year old birthday gifts. The sock monkey blanket is made from leftover materials that would otherwise be discarded. Because of this, these blankets are one of a kind in color and pattern. The monkey design on the blanket follows the same iconic sock monkey’s colors.


Straight Outta Timeout Sweatshirt

Looking for your baby’s first hoodie? This infant unisex “Straight Outta Timeout” hoodie is perfect for small children aged 0–5 years old. This cotton blend can be hand-washed, machine washed, or dry cleaned, and can be worn for any occasion as it fits comfortably.


Milton the Mealtime Companion

Looking for unique 1 year old birthday gifts can be a daunting experience, but so can eating a new meal for parents and little ones. “Meet Milton! The Mealtime Companion” offers parenting tips for little ones to try new foods. When children offer Milton bites of food, he accepts with a wide open smile.


Snuggle This Muggle Romper

This super cute Snuggle this Muggle romper will be a hit with your little ones. The print will bring a smile or laugh to others and is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor play. Perfect for any occasion, blending formal wear and comfort in one suit, it’s made with quality material, and easy to wear.

Prices Vary

Choo Choo Train Dining Set

If you’ve tried looking for unique 1 year old birthday gifts, you’ll know they can be difficult to find. This choo-choo train dining set is a special way of introducing the routine of meals at the table. Playing with your food is encouraged as it activates little ones to be engaged and imaginative.


Dinosaur Zip Up Hoodie

You’ve got a little one who’s obsessed with dinosaurs. Look no further as this hoodie, zip-up jacket magically turns your toddler into a living dinosaur. Made with 95% cotton, this jacket is breathable and soft. Dynamically designed with orange spikes on the hoodie and bright colors, you kids will roar their way through the day.

Prices Vary

Gentleman Set

You have a wedding to attend and your little one needs to be dressed formally. This baby boy tuxedo suit casual outfit will steal the show. He’ll be dressed to the nine, feel comfortable, and won’t fuss. It’s also a sweet outfit to wear to any occasion, even Christmas. Perfect for ages 1–4.

Prices Vary

Elephant Finger Puppet Blankie

Here’s another item that’s a great find for unique 1 year old birthday gifts. Your young one will love snuggling up with the elephant finger puppet blankie. During the day, the elephant springs to life bringing much joy to your child. Hand-knit by the artisans of Peru with 3D elements incorporated into the design.


My Lil’ Cottage Personalized Kids Play Tent

This personalized lil’ cottage play tent will bring endless hours of interactive and imaginative play. It looks like a real cottage with front, side, and back views, and fits up to three young children. Assembly required with easy set up, it’s ideal for installing inside or outside. Handy bag for storage or travel included.


Pickle & Olive Baby/Toddler Bandana Teething Bibs

Now here’s a useful item you’ll find in unique 1 year old birthday gifts. When your young ones are teething, this bandana bib will come in handy with its BPS free silicone teether that children can chew on. These bibs are adjustable and absorbent. Make great birthday, shower, or christmas gifts for new parents.

Prices Vary

ESPN and Chill with My Daddy Clothing Set

Even girls love to watch sports! This “ESPN and Chill With My Daddy” body suit and socks will thrill your little one when she shares her Sunday afternoons watching sports with Daddy. Comes with romper, leg warmers, and a bow headband. Great quality wear. Your little girl will never forget her time spent with Daddy.


Blast Off! Personalized Kids Space Play Tent

Blast off with your personalized space play tent! Easy to set up, this tent can be used inside or outside for many hours of interactive and imaginative play. Walk or crawl into this tent and imagine rocketing off into space. Designed to look like a space module, it includes hatch flaps for easy entry.


Lil’ Monkey Personalized Plush Monkey

These lil’ personalized plush monkeys are one of the best items found as unique 1 year old birthday gifts. These monkeys wear T-Shirts with personalized messages. Cuddly and lovable, your little one will love snuggling with their new friends. The T-Shirt design features a heart with an arrow pointing down plus your message.


Magbot Magnetic Block Set

Your little one’s imagination will run wild with the Magbot magnetic block set. Each block is printed with nuts and bolts that, when put together, form a robot. Comes with nine pieces made with sustainably harvested wood. This vibrant set of magnetic blocks will keep your young one busy for hours.


Personalized Pewter Choo-Choo Train Bank

If you’re searched for unique 1 year old birthday gifts, you’ll be pleased to know you’ve landed on the right site. With this special choo-choo train bank, you’ll begin your child’s savings. This pewter train is beautifully crafted and can be engraved with up to two lines of a personalized message. Makes a wonderful keepsake.


Noah’s Ark Personalized Children’s Bank

This unique Noah’s Arc personalized bank for children is a great way to teach your young children the concept of savings. Detailed images of the animals on Noah’s Arc are carved into the pewter bank. You can also have your child’s name engraved on the roof of the Arc. Makes a wonderful keepsake and gift.


Garden Plate & Utensils

Shovel, rake, and pitch your food with this plate and utensils. Your kids will use their imaginations while eating and finishing their meals. It’s a little of work and play blended to turn routine into fun. Even picky eaters will forget what they’re eating when using this colorful set. Plate and utensils sold separately.

Price varies

Disney’s Dream Big, Princess Personalized Storybook

Introduce your child to the magical world of make believe and fairy tales with one of the most unique 1 year old birthday gifts. Disney’s “Dream Big, Princess” storybook is personalized for the special recipient. Your little one will explore the stories of Disney princesses in this 36-page hardcover book. A great gift for girls!


Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set

Getting your little ones through the routine of brushing their teeth can be a real struggle! These finger puppet tooth brushes and a read-along book will help your child over that hurdle. Your child will ask one of their new friends—Momo, Pinkey, Chomps, or Willa—to help brush his or her teeth. Go brushies!


My First Tackle Box Personalized Playset by Baby Gund®

Here’s a great play set that is found in our list of unique 1 year old birthday gifts. Introduce your child to the fun activity of fishing with this personalized tackle box. It’s an adorable toy set for young children including a rod, a crinkle worm, a squeak fish, and a sound toy.


Her Heart Personalized Mirrored Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

Looking for a special keepsake for your little girl? This music box is a personalized mirrored ballerina musical jewellery box. On the cover you’ll find an inspirational verse, her name, and a loving sentiment that she will treasure for always. When the box open, a ballerina swivels to “Swan Lake.” She’ll keep this gift forever!


Hebrew Alphabet Blocks

Present a different alphabet to your children with these hebrew alphabet blocks. A love of languages and history will be imparted on your little ones as they play and grow up with these blocks carved with the ancient Hebrew language. Makes a wonderful Bat Mitzvah keepsake, even if it’s years away.


Floral Bandana Teething Bibs With Attached Teether

If you’ve been on a hunt for unique 1 year old birthday gifts, these floral bandana teething bibs are a wonderful addition to a shower basket. These stylish bandanas have silicone, BPA free teethers for your little one to chew on. These machine washable bandanas are adjustable, made with high quality materials, and absorbent.


Curious Otter Bucket Bib

This bucket bib is “otter” this world, turning dining with your child into a fun experience. Made with high grade, soft silicone, the bib catches spills, crumbs, and sauces. Wash and sterilize after each use, with less cleaning to do at dinner’s end. Your little one won’t be the only one grinning at each meal.


Mermaid Adventure Personalized Playset by Baby Gund®

Here’s another great find to add to your list of unique 1 year old birthday gifts. This personalized mermaid’s adventure play set will get your little girl’s imagination soaring. The colorful set includes a seashell case, a mermaid, seahorse, starfish, and dolphin that your little one will love playing with for hours.


3 Unique Diy Gifts for One Year Olds

Diy Recycled Cloth Pull Toy

Follow the instructions in this DIY blog and create your own wipe towelette pull toy. Your little one will be fascinated for hours pulling out the cloth wipes and you’ll save yourself clean up time. Just return all cloth pieces to the empty wipe container and start from scratch.

5 Baby Bibdana Free Pattern

Expecting a little one? Here’s a cute DIY project to create “bibdanas.” Follow the instructions on the blog and you won’t ever run out of bibs. They make an amazing gift for anyone with little ones. Wipes food from mouths and chins, and catches drool when your little ones are teething.

Diy Interactive Toddler Purse

This DIY blog shows you how to create a unique interactive toddler purse. With a sewing machine, a glue gun, and other accessories including a hook, zipper, button, snap, and velcro, you’ll make a bag with interactive pieces on the outside. It’s a fun bag with lots of features to keep your toddler busy.

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