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22 Cute DIY Unicorn Valentine Box Ideas with Every Style and Material

Love is a magical thing, so it makes sense to sprinkle a little unicorn glitter on this annual day of love. Get creative with one or more of these marvelous ideas for making a unicorn Valentine box, which range from an all-out steed with rainbow mane and glittery hooves, to a creature that’s back from the future with electronic eyes that flash a special message, and make sure that your child’s Valentine box stands out from the mundane crowd.

The most magical unicorn valentine boxes to diy with your kids.

Panda Unicorn

This Valentine Box has it all – unicorns, pandas, wings, and lots and lots of glitter. What’s more, the tutorial even includes free printable templates for your wings, horn, and cute panda features.

Incredible Colored Paper Unicorn Box

This adorable unicorn box is ideal for Valentine’s Day, although the sweet pastel colors that make up its face, mane, and horn make it pretty enough to stay out all year.

Personalized Unicorn Valentine Card Box

Most of the items needed for this sweet box can be found in your recycling, making this not only a fun project to make, but one which is environmentally friendly, too.

Duct Tape Unicorn Valentine’s Box

Choose the brightest colors you can find to create the mane on this glorious unicorn, which can be decorated entirely using different kinds of Duck Tape and a humble Sharpie pen.

Very Pink Valentine Box

This Valentine Box will stand out for all the right reasons, because it’s made using a store-bought bright pink card box, and adorned with luscious lashes and a glittery rainbow mane.

Painted Wooden Unicorn Valentine Box

If you’re looking for something a bit sturdier than cardboard, take a look at this Valentine Box project, which shows you how to use a wooden box and acrylic paints instead.

Pink Googly Face Unicorn Valentine Box

Cute or comical, unicorns make great themes for Valentine’s Day, and this goofy looking creature sports wonderfully googly eyes to catch everyone’s attention and make sure she scores the biggest haul of cards.

Paper Plate Unicorn Valentine Holder

This holder definitely goes more for quality than quantity as it only holds a few cards, but will be one of the most eye catching card containers in the class this year.

Full Body (And Pink) Box

Why stop at one shoe box when you can use two to make this extravaganza of a unicorn Valentine box, which boasts the prettiest felt heart wings, and golden mane and hooves?

Curly Ribbon Unicorn Box

This pretty creature is going all out in the glitz and glamor stakes, thanks to her show-stopping curly mane and tail, which can be as full and bushy as you wish.

Hi-Tech Rainbow Unicorn Box

Bring their Valentine unicorn to life by using a Micro:bit for eyes, which can be programmed to display a Valentine’s message (coding instructions included in the tutorial).

Wrapping Paper Box Design

Crepe paper adds a wonderful texture to crafts and an almost-furry appearance, which makes it a great choice for this unicorn Valentine box – just add lashes, horn, and some pretty flower embellishments.

Beautiful Floral Design

For a more sophisticated Valentine box, take a look at this version which uses an already-decorated box in beautiful pastel colors, and glittery paper to create the unicorn’s magical horn.

Quick Whimsical Unicorn Valentines Box

All of the beautiful details on this sweet unicorn box come ready to be printed in this tutorial, including eyes, flowers, ears and even a delightful rainbow colored unicorn horn.

Tissue Box with Legs

Ideal for a younger child’s Valentine’s Day, this fun unicorn can be made using an old shoe box adorned with a myriad of ribbons, tissues, and garlands to add a touch of magic.

Shoe Box Style

Grab yourself a pack of unicorn feature stickers, and, together with an old shoe box you might have lying around at home, you’ll be able to rustle up this adorable glittery delight.

Unicorn Valentines Day Mailbox

Sporting those iconic eyelashes, this unicorn is a true mailbox in every sense of the word. Decorate in glitter, flowers, and a beautiful horn, and it’ll be the most magical box around.

Glitter and Ribbon Box

Look how cute the eyes are on this adorable unicorn, and they’re available as a free printable download. Then just add glittery Mod Podge and iridescent ribbon, and you’re done.

Easy School Idea

Golden glitter ribbon makes up the horn on this easy but impressive Unicorn Valentine’s box, and the addition of glitter foam ears in two colors makes this the most sparkly unicorn ever.

Tissue Box Design

Using brightly colored yarns to create a pom pom is an unusual twist on the unicorn, but it adds a fun and playful accent which will make this card box really stand out.

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