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22 Unbeatable Gifts to Shut Up the One-Uppers in Your Life

Finally put an end to the back and forth one-upping and be sure you’ve got the best of the best, the creme de la creme, when it comes to a range of products. These represent the best money can buy, but you’re going to need a lot of it in order to buy them. Time to break the bank a bit and splurge on something nice, or just do some virtual window shopping and dream of the day you can have one of these exclusive items.

Not that I can afford most of these gifts, but it was really cool to check out some of the best things out there. Maybe if I hit the lotto I’ll get my friends and family some of these amazing items!

ProForm TDF Indoor Bike

Ride stages of the Tour de France, the Giro d’Italia, and the Belgian Classics with the Cadillac of stationary bikes. The iFit computer screen connects to Google Maps and gives you real images of hundreds of routes and preloaded workouts. Includes power output, speed, heart rate, and adjusts both incline and decline.

Prices Vary

Home Tanning Bed

Keep that tan on point with this deluxe in-home tanning system. This top-of-the-line bed from Wolff Systems is tricked out with 32 bulbs, specialized face lamps, and a spacious tanning surface. No more appointments, no more time limits. Tan at your leisure and your pleasure. You’ll look like a sun god or goddess year-round.

Prices Vary

Pac Man Arcade Party

This stand up arcade game is loaded with all the classics, in their original format. Forget home gaming systems that plug into a box that plugs into a TV or a computer. Put this game in your entertainment room and show off with your choice of Pac Man, Galaga, and everyone’s favorite, Dig Dug.


Zero-G Massage Chair

This is the laziest of Lazy-Boys style chairs. It tilts back to space-flight position, then the real action happens. Internal heaters warm your muscles, and high-tech massagers work their magic on your calves, neck, and spine. Put this in your TV room, kick back, and enjoy your favorite movie.


A Trip to Space

A ski trip to Gstaad is nothing. A surf trip to Bali is for amateurs. An around-the-world ticket on Emirates airlines is child’s play. Give someone a trip to space, and you’ll have bragging rights for years to come. This trip, put together by Virgin Galactic, is going to be the first of its kind. Be bold. Be brave. Go where only 551 people have gone before: space.


3-D Printer

Take the home office to the next level with this extra-large 3-D printer. It’s capable of printing objects a foot and a half high, a foot wide, and a foot deep. It connects to your computer via USB, LAN, or wirelessly. No more emailing in your specs to the local tech center to get your latest design—this puts the power of 3-D printing at your fingertips.


The Luminous Sky Portal

Meditation and self-help experts will train you to visualize your happy place by laying back, closing your eyes, and conjuring up a serene picture in your mind. Skip all that mental effort with this space-age device. It’s a three foot high, two foot wide mirror that projects glowing, three dimensional clouds around you when you look into it. Instant happy place, no work at all.


Klipsch Home Theater System

This home audio system won top ratings for the year 2015. It’s designed to complement any flat panel projection system. It comes with a receiver, six speakers, and a sub-woofer. Install this in your home entertainment center and surround yourself with the best sound available on the market today. It’s better than being at the movies.


Luxury Survival Condo

You may have heard of the prepper, survivalist, and end-of-the-world conspiracy crowd. They’re fun to laugh at on reality shows, but the thing is, what if they’re right? Do you want to live out the zombie apocalypse in a cramped tin can, or do you want to do it in luxury and style. We’re guessing you want the latter, and this is your chance.


Exotic Virtual Adventure Run

This treadmill takes the tedium out of home workouts. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to hire someone to do your workouts for you, but with the virtual projection system connected to this device, you can go for a run anywhere on earth. It’s all shot in 1080p HD. Choose from beautiful locations like Joshua Tree National Park, the Pacific Coast Highway, and more.


Pinarello Dogma Road Bike

Ride the bike that carried Bradley Wiggins rode to one Tour de France title, Chris Froome to two in a row, and Alejandro Valverde to countless one-day classic victories. This svelte, sexy, black on black Italian masterpiece is made from a full carbon monocoque lay-up and finished with the latest Campagnolo electronic shifting system.


Audemar Piguet Diamond Sports Watch

When it comes to watches, everyone knows the Swiss do it best. When it comes to luxury watches, the true connoisseurs know Audemar is untouchable. This watch is fit for royalty. The eighteen karat white gold case is set with over 400 baguette-cut diamonds, a diamond paved dial, all held in a white gold diamond bracelet. The hounds will howl in envy when they see this.


Personal Jet Plane

Knock them all back down to earth with this one, because you’ll be flying high above them in this private jet made by Cirrus Aircraft. Nothing says status and power like a personal airplane. This one is specially designed for the personal aviator, and every detail has been tailored to eliminate the need for a full-time pilot and flight crew. Freedom awaits.


Lamborghini Aventador

This is the ultimate sports car. Its sleek look, powerful V-12 engine, and completely automated cockpit put all other cars in the category to shame. It goes from zero to sixty in less than three seconds, and has a top speed of over 200 miles an hour. Car and Driver magazine calls the Aventador “the best Lamborghini ever.”


Luxury Day Cruiser

Cobalt boats set the standard for luxury, personal boating. The new A40 is designed to integrate the best of a hard-top with the open air feeling of coupe. It’s got a spacious cockpit, fully integrated navigation system, comfortable rear lounging area, an aft swimming platform, and room to sunbathe on the foredeck.


Shanxi Granite Hearth Table

Take the backyard patio to the next level with this custom-made outdoor table. It’s made from a single piece of granite imported from the legendary quarries of Shanxi, China. The granite surrounds a two-foot wide propane fueled fire pit, which can be used for personalized barbecuing or covered with a granite cutout when extra space is needed.


Hermes Graphite Porosus Birkin Bag

Prada, Gucci, and Yves Saint-Laurent all turn beet-red in embarrassment when a Hermes bag enters the room. This model is called the Black Graphite Porosus Birkin Bag. It’s a rare find, hand-crafted from glossy crocodile skin and accented with solid gold hardware. You don’t buy this from a store, you acquire it from a curator—Madison Avenue Couture.


Stuart Hughes Tailored Suit

Custom tailored suits command respect in the board room, the club, and the posh avenues from Madrid to Paris to Rome. With all the fashion coming from the continent, it’s still common knowledge that the tailors of Savile Row in London them all to shame. This is simply the best suit of clothes in the world, without question.


Alaska Heli-Skiing

Some people brag about their condo in Aspen, their year-round lift tickets, and the private valet who cleans their gear every night and drives them to the slopes every morning. A heli-skiing adventure in Alaska makes all that look like a day on an east coast kiddie slope. Ride a personal chopper with an expert guide to the top of an untouched ridge for fresh powder, and experience the thrill of real backcountry skiing.


Range Rover Autobiography

This is a gift for the upscale soccer mom who simply refuses to drive an unwieldy Suburban, a plebeian Yukon, or heaven forfend—clutch pearls—a minivan. This high-end SUV comes standard with satellite radio, surround camera system, computer controlled parallel parking, blind-spot monitoring, navigation system, and that’s the tip of the iceberg. This ride will make them all jealous, no doubt.


The Porter Garden Telescope

Place this in the back garden as an afterthought, a few feet from the bird feeder, between the lawn gnomes. You can casually tell guests that it’s one of only twenty on earth. It’s a replica of the telescope designed by telescope pioneer Russel W. Porter. Its hand crafted in bronze, and the optic elements can easily be removed and stored in a leather case lined in velvet.


Solar Powered Outdoor Entertainment Lounger

Outdoor, poolside luxury has never seen anything like this. It’s a totally self-contained, solar-powered, fully waterproof, personal entertainment center all packed into a sleek blue chaise lounge. Just hook up a smart phone to the USB port and stream the media of choice—movies, music, audio books—they’re all there for you. It’s got an adjustable awning, and a 12-gallon water tank for gentle misting.



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