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24 Most Absurd (And Funny) Ugly Christmas Sweaters of 2018

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without wearing a Christmas sweater, would it? But what if you don’t want to blend in with the cutesy ones you find in the stores? Well luckily for you, here’s a list with some of the most absurd and ugly festive sweaters of 2018. Enjoy!

ugly christmas sweaters 2018

Festified Tablet Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater

You thought you’d seen it all when it came to Christmas sweaters but we now bring you this; an interactive Christmas sweater. Yes, you read that right. This garish design depicts a fireplace but there’s no fire…until you slip your tablet into the gap and display a crackling fire scene.

Prices Vary

Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater Long Sleeve Shirt

When you think of Christmas decorations, twinkling lights and garish tinsel is the first thing you think of. With this sweatshirt, you’ll look as though you’re returning from a wild Christmas party, where your red sequin jacket has been covered in tinsel and lights, making you resemble a Christmas tree.

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Oh Christmas Tree Ugly Christmas Sweater

Perfect for that Scrooge we all know, this bright blue sweater looks like a festive Christmas sweater but take a closer look. The nicely decorated tree on the front is actually on fire! Get this for the Bah Humbug to wear and they won’t look out of place in the family photographs.

Prices Vary

NFL Patches Ugly Sweater

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean that you can’t show loyalty to your favorite football team. Combine the two with this awesome 49ers sweater, perfect for fans of this San Francisco team. With both logos on and in their team colors, this is the ideal Christmas sweater for all 49ers.

Prices Vary

Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Sweater

Available in three colors, this is a great alternative to the traditional Christmas sweater. Anyone who is on the Internet daily will recognise Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Williams and her famous saying. Now you get the chance to wear it every day until Christmas Day.


Corgi Ugly Christmas Sweater

The Queen of England’s dog of choice is the corgi, so you’ll feel just like a member of the royal family wearing this ugly sweater during the holiday season. Available in black, navy and yep, royal blue, this sweater will let everyone know what you plan to do during the month of December.


Jingle Bell Rock

Everyone has a favorite Christmas carol, and if your one happens to be “Jingle Bell Rock”, you’ll love this hilarious sweater. With the face of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on the front wearing a Christmas hat, you can be sure that your Christmas will well and truly rock this year.


Merry Liftmas Ugly Christmas Sweater

We all know that one friend or family member who loves the gym, to the point where they won’t even have a break to enjoy the holidays. Don’t let them miss out on the celebrations, and get them this really apt “Merry Liftmas” sweater so they look the part for those annual photos.


RAISEVERN Christmas Cats Crewneck

This Christmas top is perfect if you’re having an “Ugly Christmas Sweater” competition. It’s covered in adorable cat faces…but they’re all just glaring at you! Even the Santa hats they’re wearing doesn’t hide the fact that 20 cats are staring you down, all at the same time.


Oppo Suits Santa Boss Suit

You’ll definitely turn heads at your 2018 Christmas party if you turn up in this. Bright green and covered in cute Christmas objects such as Santa, candy canes, and stockings, this two piece pant suit even comes with a matching tie…just in case the ones you already have don’t go.


Tipsy Elves Cat Sweater with Bells

When you think of Christmas, what pops into your head? A grumpy cat wearing a Santa hat and surrounded by holly? Us neither, but this sweater puts that image together beautifully, complete with red bows and white sparkly pom poms. What more could you ask for?

Prices Vary

Spitfire Dinosaur Crewneck Sweatshirt

Whether he wants to stand out in the crowd or he just wants to relive the craziness of the 80’s, this sweater is perfect for both. Who would have thought that a Santa-hat wearing dinosaur surrounded by fire, presents, and a Christmas tree, would have made such a good design for a sweater?

Prices Vary

Merry Chrithmith Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

If you love your boxing, you won’t want to keep this garment just for the holiday season. In the middle of the sweater, you’ll find Mike Tyson’s face within a wreath with Christmas trees, snowflakes and boxing gloves around the outside. Random, but also kind of cute.


Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater

Pugs are still very fashionable dogs, but if you got one before they were sought after, you deserve this sweater. Looking as though it should belong on an elf with the red and green color scheme, this sweater has an adorable pug right in the center of it; you could say it’s a ‘pugly sweater’!

Prices Vary

uideazone Ugly Cat Eat Pizza Christmas Pullover

Pizza and cats. What is better than that, especially at Christmas time? This sweater has it all; a cat wearing a slice of pizza with baubles, and even two cats riding aboard slices as though they were skateboards. Now we’ve seen everything…and we’ve seen a lot!

Prices Vary

Marvel Men’s Deadpool Sweater

With the release of the second Deadpool movie earlier this year, he’s still a much talked about superhero. If your other half is a fan of Wade Wilson, he’ll proudly wear this sweater throughout December…unlike every other time you’ve asked him to wear one!

Prices Vary

We Gonna Party Jesus Sweatshirt

With all the commercialism and celebration surrounding Christmas these days, we’ve all but forgotten what Christmas is all about. In a choice of four colors, you’ll be able to remind people who the celebrations and festivities are actually for but in a funny and upbeat way.


Light Up Abominable Snowman Christmas Sweater

Does the Abominable Snowman really exist? There are some believers out there as well as some sceptics. But one thing’s for sure; he does look good on a Christmas sweater, especially one which can light up, and this one comes in a choice of 10 colors so you can pick your favorite.


Snowtorious Ugly Christmas Sweater

Perfect for fans of the rapper Notorious B.I.G, this funny sweater will put a smile on anyone’s face whenever they see it. Whether it’s the twist on his name or the little snowman with the candy cane stick, it’ll definitely brighten up their day as you walk by.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Selfie Gift

This would make an ideal Secret Santa gift or even a surprise present for your other half to wear. Personalize this sweater and make someone the star as you add their face to the elf on the front. You can even choose the color of the sweater so they’ll have no reason not to wear it.


Faux Half Ugly Holiday Sweater

Celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah at the same time with this half and half sweater. It’s designed to be bright so everyone will notice, and the best part is that you’ll only need to buy one sweater for the whole festive season!

Prices Vary

Ugly Christmas Sweater Jumpsuit

Take the Christmas sweater memo a little bit further with this Fair Isle all in one. In a mint green with white detailing and red cuffs, you’ll be warm and smug, as well as snug, while everyone else is freezing, wearing their traditional Christmas sweaters. Team it with some woolly socks to ensure all-over toastiness.

Prices Vary

Alex Stevens Santa’s Candy Cane Throne

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never watched an episode in your life, everyone knows what Game of Thrones is. This Christmas sweater is perfect for that die hard fan as it depicts Santa sitting aboard a Candy Cane Throne, much like the Iron Throne from the TV series…just a bit more festive.

Prices Vary

Straight Outta North Pole Sweater

We all have this notion that Santa and his crew are well behaved all the time, but what if that wasn’t always the case? What if they were on the naughty list before they cleaned up their act? Think about that while wearing this sweater which pays tribute to the 2015 drama film.


3 Creative Diy Ugly Christmas Sweater

Diy Ugly Christmas Sweater

It’s difficult to find ugly sweaters for kids, because no one is going to make a Christmas sweater which isn’t going to sell – most parents want their kids to look cute. If you’re in urgent need of an ugly sweater for your child, have a go at making one instead with this DIY tutorial.

Diy Light Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you don’t like any of the ugly sweaters which are being sold in the shops, why not have a go at making one of your own? This DIY tutorial shows you how to make one which lights up, has added bows, and tons of tinsel. It’s the ultimate in ugly!

Diy Christmas Lights Sweater

Christmas lights are without a doubt the best part of Christmas. Seeing the gentle glow they give off makes us feel all warm and tingly inside. This blog post from Studio DIY shows you how you can turn an ordinary sweater into a gaudy Christmas one, covered in knitted lights.

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