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121 Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters of 2018 (ERMAHGERD!)

Ugly Christmas sweaters are everywhere, but who wants the generic designs that you find in every high street store? There’s no need to get yourself in a sweat-er about it, just peruse our list for a sweater to suit every member of the family, from grandparents right down to pets.

These are the must-have ugly Christmas sweaters of 2018.

Dog Breed Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The coziest ugly Christmas sweater for dog lovers! 30+ dog breeds available.

Prices vary

Shiba Inu Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Shiba inu means ‘brushwood dog’ and this lovable and loyal dog breed was bred to be versatile hunters, and has the genetics that are most similar to wolves than any other breed.
Prices vary

Pug Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Did you know that the Pug’s lineage stretches as far back as 400 BC and were treated like royalty, and that a group of pugs is called a ‘grumble’?

Prices vary

German Shepherd Ugly Christmas Sweaters

German Shepherds are known for their bravery, intelligence and fierce loyality to their people. Once a GSD owner, you’ll never want another breed.

Prices vary

Boxer Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The goofs of the dog world, these doofy, snarky, cuddly, crazy freaks seem to always find a way to make you laugh. They love their people, and their people and all boxers owners know how lucky they are to have a loyal bundle of joy, goofs and chuddles.

Prices vary

Chihuahua Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Dating back to the Toltec civilization, this quirky and lovable breed is many times as snarky as they are cuddly. With that being said, there is no little more willing to curl up with you when you just need some loves.

Prices vary

Soteer Ugly Vintage Xmas Tree Warm Sweater

If you want to flash a bit of flesh as well as your Christmas lights, this cold shoulder Christmas sweater is perfect for you. Featuring snowmen, snowflakes, and a Christmas tree, this is a sweater that will keep you looking festive but there’s snow way it will keep you warm!


Men’s Fireplace Is Lit Light Up Ugly Sweater

Throw some light on your fella’s dance moves this Christmas with a sweater that lights up when he moves! Featuring three stockings hanging above a fireplace, and a festive wreath topping the lot, this ugly Christmas sweater has four hidden LED lights that are motion activated, making this a blinking marvellous woollen to wear.

Prices Vary

3 Santas Men’s Touch My Elf

Show everyone why you should be on the naughty list this year with this ugly Christmas sweater. “When I think of you I touch my elf” gives an insight into the wearer’s wonderfully warped mind, but we think it might be in breach of the Elf and Safety Regulations.

Prices Vary

Yoda Holiday Sweater

Love this ugly Christmas sweater you will. Yoda look suspiciously like the Grinch as he dons his Santa suit, (and sticks antlers and a red nose on the AT-ATs to amuse the younglings). Wonderfully garish and geeky, wear it on Christmas Eve and the twenty forth will be with you!

$Price varies

Alex Stevens Men’s Reindeer Lights Sweater

Oh deer – poor Rudy appears to have gotten his antlers all tangled up with the Christmas lights. Looking slightly bemused, Rudolph is just begging for a cuddle under the mistletoe at the Christmas party, although judging by the forlorn look on his face it might be a pity hug.


Digital Dudz Crackling Fireplace Digital Christmas Sweater

Oh, this Christmas sweater is flaming awesome! Just download the free app on your cell, slip your phone into the space, and tap the screen! The fire will burst into life, and emit the wonderful sounds of a crackling fire while the screen shows the flames. This will certainly put a fire in the belly!


Blizzard Bay Men’s Festive Manatee Christmas Sweater

There’s ugly, and there’s this. In a month populated with colorful elves and rotund men in red, why oh why would you choose to wear a manatee on your front? Ok, the manatee is kinda cute with a goofy smile, but still, this festive floater does make this sweater really ugly! But sweet. Sorta.

Prices vary

LIT Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt

This ugly Christmas seater is totes lit! Made from cotton, the red sweater features a Chrimbo tree graphic on the front with the legend ‘Lit’ above it. Except that it’s not. Lit, that is. Because it’s not electric. It just looks good, ok? Sheesh.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Snow’s Out Pullover

Guys, get ready for a night out on the town this Christmas with this classically colored ugly sweater with a decidedly unclassic message! “Snow’s out, ho ho ho’s out’ is a sweater just made for going out ‘on the pull’, although it does give the idea that you might not be looking for a cracker!

Prices Vary

Bob’s Burgers Holiday Sweater

Festive? Um…not really. Fun? Definitely! Ugly? C’mon, you have to ask? Bob’s burgers is all over this Christmas sweater, with all the symbols of the show featured, from Tina’s butts to Lou’s bunny ears, and of course the burgers. Just like the Belchers, this is definitely in bad taste!


Alex Stevens Men’s Bikini Sasquatch

This is a sweater with plenty of sass-quatch. In a festive green, this Fair Isle knit plays second fiddle to the main star of the show, the beyootiful bikini clad Sasquatch striding provocatively across the front, red lips puckered and ready for that mistletoe! This is one abominable garment.

Prices Vary

TeeStars Santa Riding Unicorn Rainbow Sweatshirt

What happens when Santa’s entire herd of flying reindeer comes down with the flu? Well, he calls the Unicorns, of course! These ugly Christmas sweaters for kids show the big man himself riding through the rainbow on a beautiful, magical unicorn. Snow joke, that’s what really happens!


Blizzard Bay Men’s Gift of Tacos Crew Neck Ugly Xmas

Need an ugly Christmas sweater ta-co to the office party in? At first glance it looks like a traditional yuletide woolly, but it depicts a gift that any truly wise man would give at Christmas – a trio of tempting tacos all wrapped up in a bow. Easier on the teeth than gold.

Prices Vary

Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Elf Vest

Get a head and stay Elfy when you wear this Elf vest this Christmas. From behind it looks like an ordinary vest, but turn around and whoa there Rudolph…you look exactly like an Elf! But remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singling loud for all to hear! So clear your throat, Buddy.


Faux Real Men’s Feliz Navidad Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Mistletoe and mulled wine at the office party can make you pretty hot under the collar, so wear your ugly sweater in a much cooler way! The Feliz Navidad faux sweater looks exactly like the real thing, complete with tie, but in a t-shirt. And after a few rum punches no-one will be able to tell the difference!

Prices Vary

3 Santas Men’s Rudolph’s Mug Shot Ugly Sweater

Uh oh…looks like someone’s been lacing Rudolph’s carrots with brandy this year! Drunk and disorderly, and now his eye is sporting an even bigger shiner that his nose! Santa is not going to be happy with his favorite pet being on the North Pole’s Most Wanted list. But it does make a cool sweater!

Prices Vary

Faux Real Men’s Noel X-Mas Vest Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This top has ugly Christmas down to a tee! Instead of a sweater, this lightweight t-shirt has long sleeves, bow tie, and possibly the most garish Xmas vest you will ever see, all wrapped up in one festive package. The perfect way to keep feeling cool this yule.


Alex Stevens Reindeer Hangover

Drinking heavily at Christmas will cost you deer, and although we can’t tell if this reindeer is Rudolph or not (who doesn’t have a red nose after vomming?) he is certainly going to a red-faced reindeer when Santa finds out! Thanks to this ugly Christmas sweater, now we know never to eat yellow OR green snow!


Uideazone 3D Digital Printed Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Have a roaring good time this season wearing this ‘under stated’ dinosaur sweatshirt. Looks like the Christmas tree has caught fire, and T Rex is in danger of having his chestnuts roasting on an open fire! It’s definitely not ugly though, (would you call a T Rex ugly to his face? We think not.)


Festive Llama Ugly Christmas Sweater

Think time is running out in your search for the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater? Don’t be a-Llarma-d, we have just the thing. Whether you go for white, green, red or grey, this little cutie will lead you into the festive season in style, ‘Peruvian’ that Christmas sweaters can look good!


Faux Real Men’s Ugly Cardigan with Tie

How about an ugly Christmas cardigan instead of a sweater? This long sleeved t-shirt is made to look like a Chrimbo cardi, complete with Santa tie, making you look smart and seasonal at the same time. Who said men can’t multi-task? You’ll be the best dressed at the party, faux real.


V28 Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is a unique-orn ugly sweater for those who like their Christmas magic whimsical. The pretty little unicorn rises above a sea of 3D clouds against a background of red and white jacquard snowflakes, Christmas trees, and yep…more unicorns. A great sweater for girly girls who want to prance around.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Darth Vader Lack Of Cheer Holiday Sweater

Three cheers for Darth Vadar…hip hip…no? No-one? Anyone? Right, well this ugly Christmas sweater came along at just the right time, as Darth Vader is looking pretty perturbed by the lack of Christmas cheer. Wear it to the Christmas party and you just might sabe-r the day.


Alex Stevens Gonna Party Ugly Christmas Sweater

Jesus, where did they come up with the design for this sweater? The traditional design of this sweater plays host to JC himself, as he invites everyone to party like it’s his birthday. Not sure about the buffet though, I just don’t think bread and fish is very festive! But at least there will be wine!

Prices Vary

Faux Real Photorealistic Bad Santa Long-Sleeve T-shirt

Straight off the naughty list, this bad Santa will have his own chair directly under the mistletoe at this year’s Christmas party! With his manly chest and pierced nipple, every woman will want him in their stocking, but better be good because he has a paddle in his back pocket!


Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

Stand well back Misters, the lady in this ugly Christmas sweater doesn’t want your balls anywhere near her Christmas tree! Sporting the minimalist look, this tree likes being naked, and is happy wearing just a hat and a smile. Best go hang your baubles on someone else’s branches.


Alex Stevens Happy Holidays Horse Christmas Sweater

We’re not sure which is uglier – a horse’s head on the pillow, mafia-stylee, or a horse’s head on your chest? If you’re on an e-quest-rian to find a Christmas jumper for this year’s Holidays, you’ll need to snap this one up fast or you may find yourself saddled with something REALLY ugly!

Prices Vary

Snowtorious (TM) Ugly Christmas Sweater

You can have your ugly Christmas sweater shopping all rapped up with the Snowtorious sweatshirt. With swags of attitude, the star of this top sports a crown, bling, and a lit cigar while keeping it real on a candy cane. Please note: it does not come with a ‘hood.


3 Santas Men’s Chestnuts Roasting Ugly Christmas Sweater

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, or could it be pork crackling? Either way, Santa is warming his…hands in the fireplace before he continues his journey across the world on Christmas Eve. Let’s hope he remembers to put his pants back on because icicles…ouch. An ugly Christmas sweater for the irreverent sense of humor.

Prices Vary

Hanes Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Whaaaat??? Cover the kids’ eyes and walk away if you see a Scrooge wearing this VERY ugly Christmas sweater. Definitely one for the kill joy, this sweater will have children traumatized and parents having a lot of explaining to do for many years to come. Meanie.


Blizzard Bay Santa and Jesus Bff’s Sweater

High Five loaves! Santa and Jesus have met at last, through the power of social media (ok, knitting machines) and are getting to know each other on the front of this ugly Christmas sweater. A fun sweater for those who like to mix it up with the spiritual AND the seasonal.

Prices Vary

Forum Novelties Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Be the light and soul of any Christmas party this year with this ugly sweater. From the bright green background to the baubles and candy canes, this sweater screams Christmas and best of all…it lights up! What could be more festive than that? You’ll be the flashiest reveller there.


Faux Real Men’s Santa Suit with Tattoos Top

Make room on the naughty list, because a lot of girls will be fighting over this tattooed Santa! As far as ugly Christmas sweaters go, this one ain’t too shabby, and with the sleeveless ‘jacket’ and heavily tattooed arms, this is definitely the one to Ink-lude on your shopping list!


Blizzard Bay Men’s Big Sparkle Unicorn Ugly Sweater

Even when unicorns puke they do it in style! This majestic creature looks a little worse for wear and red-eyed after a night out on the town, but at least when he hurls, he hurls gemstones! For an ugly Christmas jumper that shows us that everything that glitters definitely isn’t gold, try this one on for size.


Keep The Change Ya Filthy Animal Sweatshirt

This ugly Christmas jumper isn’t typically festive, so could easily be worn throughout December with a nod to Christmas without being kitsch. The off the shoulder design, trees, gifts, and stickmen snowmen (kind of) make this a sweater that’s for winter, and not just for Christmas.


Forum Novelties Adult All Wrapped Up Sweater

Think you’re a gift from the Gods? Then how about wrapping yourself up in this U.G.L.Y Christmas sweater with the massive bow detail that will make you look and feel like the best wrapped at the party. Let’s just hope you’re not the only one left under the tree.


Vizor Merry Christmas Sweatshirt

Dispense with the niceties of Christmas and say what you’re really feeling! Merry Christmas Bitches! Available in 12 colors, you can dress your words up in any color you like, but the thought remains the same when you wear this off the shoulder sweater this Holiday.

Prices Vary

Isabella’s Closet North Pole Sloth Sweater

Take a leaf out of the sloth’s book and sloooow things down this season. This ugly Christmas sweater features an adorable sloth clinging to the candy cane sign post for the North Pole, looking quite happy as the snow falls around him. Just a sloth. At the North Pole.


Blizzard Bay Men’s Festive Llama Sweater

This fluffy cutie sits proudly on the front of this seasonal sweater, with a scarf wrapped round his neck for added coziness. Because, you know, llamas don’t have enough wool already! It would be far better if the scarf was for you! But whatever. A Christmas sweater that’s ugly AND selfish!


Alex Stevens Men’s Slothy Christmas Sweater

“Let it slow, let it slow, let it slow”. This Fair Isle sweater is warm and toasty, just right for throwing ‘slow’ balls, thanks to the happy chappy on the front! This smiling sloth in his Santa hat is too cute to make this an ugly sweater, so we’ll just call it a sweater. For Christmas.


Faux Real Faux Plaid Walrus Long-Sleeve T-shirt

Everyone will walrush out to buy this truly ugly faux Christmas sweater t-shirt, made to look like a plaid sweater with a festive walrus sitting on the front. While others are overheating in their woollies, yule be cool as a cucumber (or freezing to death) in yours.

Prices Vary

Rick And Morty Happy Human Holiday Knit Sweater

This Christmas sweater is Mortyfyingly ugly! Featuring Rick, Morty and Ruben on the front, from the episode “Anatomy Park”, while on the back, sadly, Ruben is no more, the pieces of his body floating through space amid the words “giant naked sky Santa has exploded”. A great sweater for fans of the show.


Blizzard Bay Men’s Cow Crew Neck Ugly Xmas

Other ugly Christmas sweaters will be cow-ering in the corner, shying away from the beefiness that is this winter woolly. Featuring a cow wearing his very own Christmas sweater, this one even has a little bell that jingles when you move. Make no mis-steak, this is a sweater to be reckoned with.

Prices Vary

Alex Stevens Men’s Sad Snowman Christmas Sweater

Frosty the snowman is panicking, as he can definitely feel a warm front coming in on this ugly Christmas sweater. He thought he’d be safe, standing so close to a tree, but no…that darned dog couldn’t hold it any longer! A seasonal and tragic tale for the party season.


Blizzard Bay Men’s All Over Kitties

Men can be crazy cat people too, and this ugly Christmas sweater proves it! With kitties all over it, this festive red number will ensure everyone has a ‘meowy’ Christmas, and if the gentleman wearer ‘pawses’ under the mistletoe long enough he just might get Lucky.


Blizzard Bay Men’s Shirtless Santa Ride

Never mind the brown reindeer, who is that silver fox? Santa’s had a makeover and with a torso like that he’ll have no end of ladies begging to be on his naughty list. This sweater will have them all hanging up their stockings, and asking ‘Has he been working out?’


KSJK Funny Print Ugly Christmas Sweater Jumper

This is a definite throwback to the 90s! Cell phones like house bricks, cassette tapes, and of course the delectable fresh prince mean that whoever wears this sweater will be the Bel-Air of the Christmas ball. ‘Will’ you be brave enough to wear it?


Ugly Christmas Sweater Feliz Navi-Dog Pug Pullover

Look decidedly puggable in this adorable Christmas sweater, featuring a pug who looks suspiciously like Waldo, dressed in his stripy hat and scarf. Unlike Waldo, however, you will definitely not be hard to find in this one of a kind woolly. Feliz Navi-dog everyone, and don’t drink too much or you’ll wake up feeling ruff.


Merry Liftmas Christmas Sweatshirt

Flex some festive muscle with an ugly Christmas sweater. Available in four different colors, this sweater features a badass Santa lifting weights, while his fan club (Rudolph and a snowman) look on. ‘Merry Liftmas’ is the perfect top for casual Christmas Fridays or a wintery workout session.


Blizzard Bay Men’s Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater

Oh man, no wonder this unicorn is looking manic, check out the candy cane background! That’s one hell of a sugar high, and this is definitely not a sweater for the kids or the easily offended, as the unicorn’s excitement is well and truly obvious – he’s a unic-horn!


Daisyboutique Christmas Decorations Stripes Sweater

This ugly Christmas sweater looks like Christmas exploded all over it! With snowmen, Christmas trees, penguins, gifts, Christmas puds, bells, and of course good old Rudolph, this is quite possibly the busiest sweater yule find this season. If you love the overstated, tacky, garish look at the office party, this is a must have purchase!


Alex Stevens Men’s Santa’s Candy Cane Throne Sweater

Instead of King’s Landing, Santa is Lap-landing on his GOT candy cane throne. Any fan of the hit show will appreciate the reference, after all…Santa IS the King, just not of the Andals and the First Men. Resplendent against a background of candy canes, the Christmas sweater just GOT ugly.

Prices Vary

Patterns Of Reindeer Snowman Christmas Cardigan

Let’s hope it doesn’t rain, dear, because this sweater should not be covered up! If you’re fed up with the usual ugly red and green that abounds at Christmas, opt for this winter warmer in red, white and blue with seasonal reindeer, instead. Festive enough to wear for Chrimbo, understated enough to wear all winter.


Blizzard Bay Men’s Rainbow Unicorn Crew Neck

If reindeer aren’t your thing, then what about having this gorgeous unicorn on your Christmas sweater instead? While the background patterns say Christmas, the colors definitely don’t, and far from being ugly, this silver-horned and rainbow-maned unicorn is the prettiest decoration you’ll wear this year.

Prices Vary

NFL Busy Block Sweater

What do you get when you cross Christmas with NFL? An ugly Christmas sweater that shows your allegiance to your favorite team, while also paying tribute to the most wonderful time of the year. Choose your team and we can guarantee you won’t want to claim your quarters back!


Faux Real Santa Striped Ugly Christmas Sweater Printed T-Shirt

This is Christmas down to a tee! The long sleeved t-shirt has been made to look like a real ugly Christmas sweater, complete with jolly St Nick, snowflakes, and trees. But you’ll be having the last laugh when everyone else is sweltering in their woollies and yule be cool. Unless it’s an outdoor party.


Kaifongfu Xmas Vacation Sweatshirt

For a sweater that wouldn’t look out of place on Clark Griswold, check this one out. It might not have the greenery and glitter of some ugly Christmas sweaters, but what it lacks in bling it more than makes up for in tackiness. All in all the perfect yule garment.


Harry Potter Happy Christmas Ya Filthy Muggle Sweater

While we can’t give this sweater a ten out of ten, we can give it a nine and three quarters! “Happy Christmas Ya Filthy Muggles” is the ideal sweatshirt to wear when you’re Home Alone and watching Harry Potter – we bet you’re just quid-itching to try it on for size!


Tipsy Elves North Pole Dancer Santa Stripper Sweater

Looks like Santy drank a little too much brandy on his rounds this Christmas, and as is so often the case with office parties, things got a little inappropriate! Hanging upside down on his North Pole, Santa definitely has some moves, as you can see from this truly ugly Christmas sweater.


Faux Real Adult Ugly Christmas Elf Sweater

Throw some shapes on the dance floor this year to some ‘wrap’ music while you’re wearing this ugly Christmas Elf sweater. Lightweight and colorful, this long sleeved sweater will give you high elf esteem, and at such a great price it won’t cost you many jingle bills!


Couples Ugly Christmas Sweater

In a couple already? Then why not be really naff and wear his n hers outfits to the Christmas party? The bells on the hem of ‘his’ sweater invite people to jingle his bells, while the gloves strategically placed on the chest of ‘her’ sweater asks you to feel the joy. But beware cold hands!


Faux Ugly Christmas Sweater Long Sleeve Shirt

Friend or faux, this ugly Christmas sweater is sure to put a smile on their face. The long-sleeved t-shirt is covered in a photorealistic print of a gloriously garish xmas sweater, while being light enough for even the most energetic of dancers, and as it’s printed front and back it’s festive whichever way you look at it.

Prices Vary

Disney Men’s Mickey Mouse Sweater

Don’t be mouserable this Christmas, and show your whimsical side with this Mickey Mouse sweater. Sporting Santa’s hat, Mickey stands against a background of red and white – Christmas trees, snowflakes, and even his own silhouette. Reasonably priced too, so it won’t make much of a ro-dent in your budget.


Womens Oversized Christmas Reindeer Cardigan

Deer oh deer – this oversized cardigan is just the thing to keep you wrapped up warm this Christmas. We have absolutely no i-deer how anyone wouldn’t want to wear this for the entire season, never mind for just the ugly Christmas sweater competition. Snug and cozy, it would be Rudolph not to!


Dr. Seuss Men’s Grinch Face Sweater

Maybe Christmas, perhaps, CAN mean a little bit more this year, with this wonderfully ugly Christmas sweater featuring the handsome visage of the Grinch. The perfect woolly for the man Who-ville loves to hate Christmas, and we’re pretty sure he’ll steal the limelight wearing it.

Prices Vary

Just My Size Women’s Plus Size Sweatshirt

Get your priorities right with this ugly Christmas sweater that will show your man just where he sits in the pecking order. Of course, he’ll wine when she sees it, but as Christmas is for sharing, pour him a glass or two and he’ll soon forget all about it.

Prices Vary

Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Jesus B-Day Sweater

Put the Christ back into Christmas with a sweater that shows the birthday boy on the front. Flanked by two angels, this pullover and you makes for a perfect communion as you break the bread with your colleagues over the buffet. Now if only you could turn the water into wine.


Isabella’s Closet Santa Claus Octopus Ugly Sweater

This cute Christmas octopus sweater is a gr-eight choice for everyone’s favorite Holiday. With his white beard, Santa hat, and big eyes, be careful that no-one wants to squidnap him! It’s the least ugly ugly Christmas sweater we’ve seen all year. The perfect pullover for the office octoposse.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Men’s R2D2 Holiday Sweater

Ewok have we here? It’s the perfect ugly Christmas sweater for the Star Wars fan, so even if you don’t like Christmas, there’s no need to a-droid the office party! Featuring R2D2 draped in Christmas lights, you’ll really be a force to be reckoned with this year.


Tipsy Elves Women’s Sloth Christmas Cardigan

Look like a ‘slow’ angel at the annual ugly Christmas sweater party when you wear this cute and cuddly sloth cardigan. Snuggling up close, this little guy makes ugly look adorable in his checkered scarf and Santa hat, while the festive red and green buttons keep you wrapped up warm.

Prices Vary

Star Wars Men’s Holiday Sweater

Let’s bring black some Christmas spirit with an ugly Christmas sweater that even those on the dark side will appreciate. With Star Wars emblazoned across the chest, this sweater has the faintest nod towards the Holidays with the Argyle pattern (Star Wars style) at the bottom. Definitely wan for the party wardrobe.

Prices Vary

Alex Stevens Dinosaur Fairisle Ugly Sweater

While you’re mingling under the mistletoe, these dinosaurs are bedrocking around the Christmas tree on the front of your Christmas sweater. In the iconic colors of the season, these prehistoric party animals definitely won’t T-wreck-s your seasonal style as you grab a sneaky kiss from your co-worker and wonder ‘Do you think they saw us?”

Prices Vary

Tacky Tree Light Up Christmas Sweater

Who needs a Christmas tree when you can BE one? This sweater will beat the competition hands down, with its tinsel trim and LED lights, not to mention the 3D snow filled bauble and dangling jingle bells! The lights can also flash, so you can have your very own party all by yourself!


Blizzard Bay Men’s Rainbow Tree Crew Neck

Now this is an ugly Christmas sweater that you would NOT like to look at with a hangover! The colors are bright enough, but when you factor in the gazillion sequins that make up the multi-colored Christmas tree…that’s gotta hurt! Definitely a sweater to get you noticed.


Kaifongfu Floral Print Top Long Sleeve Velvet Sweatshirt

Not many things in life are black and white. Except this Christmas sweater. It’s definitely black and white. Adorned with reindeer and snowflakes, this soft and comfy top is an understated jersey that’s ideal for those ugly Christmas sweater competitions which we all love to hate.

Prices Vary

Alex Stevens Santa Toilet T-Rex Attack Sweater

Santa is going to have a saur-as when T-Rex gets his teeth into him! This is a truly ugly Christmas sweater which fans of Jurassic fans will love. Poor old St Nick is in the right place for getting such a fright, although we’re not sure if T-Rex is going to eat him or candy-cane him!

Prices Vary

Faux Frisky Deer Sweater Long Sleeve Shirt

We know Christmas is a time for giving, but oh deer…it seems Rudy is giving a bit too much on this ugly Christmas sweater! Definitely not one for the kids, watch the expressions on people’s faces as they realize what’s going on right under Santa’s nose!


Alex Stevens Men’s Hannukah Nights

Have a happy Hannukah, Monica! If you’re a fan of ‘Friends’ you’ll get the reference, but if not this is still a great sweater for the ugly Christmas competition. Set against the background of snowflakes, the blue Star of David adorns this super soft sweater in a way that shows that Christmas is not the only festival.

Prices Vary

Blizzard Bay Men’s Santa’s Relief Light-Up Sweater

Pretty sure this is against Elf and Safety rules! This ugliest of ugly Christmas sweaters features Santa and Rudolph peeing in the snow. But just like Unicorns, these magical figures have special pee which glitters with a thousand fairy lights – ok, a few. When you gotta go, you gotta go.


Derek Heart Penguin with Jingle Bells Sweater

There’s nothing ugly about this Christmas sweater. The fluffy little penguin on the front of the sweater is sporting a scarf with jingle bells attached, while the long sleeves make it super comfy and cozy to wear. A great sweater for peng-when you go to the Christmas party.

Prices Vary

Merry Chrithmith Mike Tyson Sweatshirt

This could well be a sweater that’s better suited to Boxing Day! Peeping out from a holly wreath is Mike Tython…we mean, Tyson, wishing everyone a Merry Chrithmith. He may have hung up his gloves, but he is still packing a punch when it comes to ugly Christmas sweaters.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Elf Hoodie Pullover

This sweater will make an excellent outfit for all those Elfies you’ll be taking at the office shindig. Get in tune-ic with your inner elf by sporting this adorable sweater that even features iconic elf ears and a pompom. A great pullover for singing all those old Elfis classics at the karaoke, too.


Alex Stevens Gonna Party Ugly Christmas Sweater

‘Sup JC? Celebrate Christmas scripture style with this red white and green sweater, featuring the birthday boy himself, Jesus! Sporting a Santa hat he looks ready to partay, which makes this a great sweater to take you through the season, to Christmas Adam and Eve and beyond.

Prices Vary

Isabella’s Closet All Over Reindeers

It would be rude-olph not to wear this cute sweater this Christmas! As iconic as the big man himself, Rudolph’s little face all over this sweater will make it a firm contender for the not so ugly ugly Christmas sweater competition this year, because this one will sleigh the other competitors.

Prices Vary

X-Wing Vs. Tie Fighter Star Wars Christmas Jumper

What’re those shining lights in the night sky above Hoth? Darn it, it’s not Santa and his sleigh, it’s an epic battle between X-Wing and Tie-fighter – the fight for the ugliest Christmas sweater of the year! Oh to heck with it, feature them both and have done with it.

Prices Vary

Blizzard Bay Men’s Sharks in Sweaters

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sweater, along comes this ugly Christmas one. Wearing pullovers of their own, these two sharks have bitten off more than they can chew, and it looks like it’ll be a fight to the bitter end.


Festive Unicorn Holiday Ladies’ Sweater

Wearing this Christmas sweater will make you the mane attraction wherever you go this year. The generic festive background makes a great canvas for this pretty little unicorn, wearing a Santa hat on her horn while flicking her magical blue mane. It’s the stuff fairy tales are made of, but it’s definitely not ugly.


Bb-8 Sleigh Bells Holiday Sweater

B B the best dressed party goer this season, in this very ugly Christmas sweater which will delight Star Wars fans everywhere. BB-8 makes a very convincing stand-in for xmas baubles, while the Starkiller base tries force-fully to look festive. The perfect pullover for the geek in the family.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Abbey Road Sweater

This festive green sweater has a red Ring-o around the collar, and while it doesn’t stretch down as far as the McCart-knees, it is certainly roomy and comfortable! Featuring elves instead of Beatles in their iconic Abbey Road pose, this is one sweater that will look as good tomorrow as it did Yesterday.

Prices Vary

Faux Real Mazel Tov Hanukkah Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This is one ugly Christmas faux sweater that the men-horahs will love this year. With the look of a real sweater, but the feel of a tee, this ‘mazel top’ will make a welcome change from all the Santas and elves, making it the real Star of the show.


Star Wars Luke Vs Darth Christmas Jumper

Luke at this ugly Christmas sweater! Whether you are going shopping at the ‘maul’, having a festive Jyn and tonic with friends, or attending the office Sithmas party, this epic sweater featuring Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker will Obi Win you admiring glances from every Wan.


Faux Real Merry Christmas Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

If you are a bit of a ‘bah humbug’ but don’t want to be a total anti-Christmas, this faux sweater is for you! Featuring a very ugly greeting, this long sleeved t-shirt will still show your festive side thanks to the traditional red and white snowflake design.


Tipsy Elves Women’s Christmas Present Sweater

Get your ugly Christmas sweater game all wrapped up this year with this super cute and uber soft pullover. Decorated with a huge gold bow, the parcel design even comes with a label so the right person can unwrap you under the tree on Christmas morning.


Alex Stevens Dinosaur Reindeer Buffet Ugly Sweater

Including the dinosaurs on his list has really cost Santa deerly – his herd of magical flying reindeer has been slaughtered, and now there’s no way of finding his way back to the North Pole because Rudolph’s glowing nose has been eaten! This is possibly the ugliest Christmas sweater of all!

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3 Santas Men’s Elfie Christmas Sweater

If you don’t want to make a hash out of choosing a sweater this Christmas, go for this one. Santa and one of his trusty elves have gotten in on the selfie craze, and have borrowed someone’s polaroid to take a sneaky pic of themselves at the workshop party. Say cheese, fellas!

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Blizzard Bay Men’s Vomiting Unicorn Light Up Sweater

If you have ever wondered what a possessed unicorn might look like, then your search is over, my friend. This creepy sweater has the scariest unicorn you’ve ever seen, and even wearing a Santa coat doesn’t help. But turn the lights out and he glows brighter than Rudolph (but nowhere near as nicely).


Faux Real Weiner Wonderland Sweater Printed Tee

Santa Claws adorns this ugly Christmas faux sweater in various states of festive undress. The wiener wonderland design on this tee is as cute as it is awful, and features three pooches all dressed up for the occasion. The perfect lightweight option for warmer winter nights.


Derek Heart Panda Bear Pullover Ugly Christmas Sweater

This fuzzy festive sweater is as far from ugly as you can get! The cuddly panda on the front of this pullover will warm even the coldest wearer, and with his matching mittens and scarf, once you put this on you won’t be able to bear to take it off again.

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Pokemon Pikachu Holiday Sweater

Take a Pik-at these colorful sweaters, and ‘chu-se’ one for this season, instead of the usual Santa/Elf combos that everyone wears. If you Nintend-o to win the ugly Christmas sweater competition, this gloriously garish design will definitely stand you in good stead, and beat them at their own game, boy.


Alex Stevens I Don’t Know Margo Christmas Sweater

If you find yourself Chevy Chasing through the crowds in December, looking for the perfect ugly Christmas sweater, stop! Nothing says Christmas disaster like Clark Griswold, and this holly green sweater bearing the legend ‘I don’t know, MARGO’ says it all. Just keep the cat away from the Christmas tree!

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Blizzard Bay Men’s Spit Roast Reindeer

It seems Santa has run out of bucks to buy food with, so he’s sacrificing his reindeer instead! This horrendously ugly Christmas sweater depicts Bad Santa barbequing poor ol’ Rudy over an open fire – if he wanted roasted chestnuts there are better ways of doing it!


Hanes Girls’ Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

If you have a few spare dollars in the kitty to spend on a sweater for Christmas, why not go for one of the least festive colors you can think of? This hottish pink sweatshirt shows a kitten wishing everyone a ‘Meowy Catmas’ while sitting on a pile of lights – it’s just purrfect.

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Blizzard Bay Men’s Xmas-Fitness

Santa got fed up with feeling fat and frumpy, so he decided to raise his elf esteem and take up weight training, and just look at him now! He’ll have no trouble sliding down the chimneys, and this look really soots him! A great Christmas sweater for any gym goer.


Tipsy Elves Sea Sleigher Santa Shark Sweater

Water fab Christmas sweater, you should really Triton for size! Rudolph is afraid of the sea, so Santa has to enlist Jaws to help him deliver gifts to the mermaids – he’s not scared, most people o-shun sharks but Santa says there’s no-fin to worry about!


Derek Heart Long-Sleeve Nerdy Reindeer

Ugly Christmas sweaters get nerd-deer every year! Get your geek on by wearing Rudolph on your front, complete with fabulous sequinned eye-wear for that seasonal specs appeal. Tell people it’s an ugly sweater all you like, but they’ll still see through the lies, because this scholar of Santa’s is definitely A-grade.

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Drake Hotlinebling Christmas Shirt

Drake yourself in seasonal splendour this year with a non-traditional black Christmas sweater that isn’t a sweater. This long tee shows the w-rapper ringing those sleigh bells in festive colors, but If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late…they’ve probably already sold out! However, if you do manage to get one, you can Thank Me Later.


Blizzard Bay Three Clever Girls

If you think it was unlikely anyone found one wise man, let alone three, then this ugly Christmas sweater is perfect for you. Featuring three dinosaur kings bearing gifts, this sweater is the ideal tricera-top for any dino-loving diva. Would we lie to you and tell you Jurassic porkies?


Alex Stevens Stegosaurus Santa Ride Sweater

Steggy on there Santa, this ride is a lot more prickly than the one you’re used to and if you’re not careful you’ll get a sauras. The Fair Isle pattern on this sweater makes the perfect backdrop as Santa and his trusty steed bring joy to the world, one gift at a time.


Firefly Holiday Sweater

Spread a little seasonal Serenity this Christmas, with a sweater that is definitely ‘shiny’. The combination of snowflakes and Firefly ships make this a garment that’s out of this world, and every fan of the ill-fated TV show should form an alliance and wear it with pride this yuletide.


Bye Buddy Hope You Find Your Dad Sweatshirt

Pay homage to one of the best characters from the Christmas movie ‘Elf’ this year with this cozy sweater featuring Mr Narwhal. “Bye Buddy, hope you find your Dad” is the adorable line spoken by this ocean unicorn as he bids Buddy farewell on his epic journey from the North Pole to New York.


Space Invaders Holiday Sweater

Make space in your closet for this gamer’s garment, specially made for Christmas. Featuring the instantly recognizable game imagery, along with traditional (if somewhat pixelated) Chrimbo trees, this ugly Christmas sweater will both wow and ward off any alien invasions that threaten peace on earth.


Blizzard Bay Trex Hates Sweater

Looks like Grandma knitted T Rex’ ugly Christmas sweater this year. Although he keeps telling her he’s ‘armless, she does insist on knitting ridiculously long sleeves. But just like you he wears his Christmas sweater with pride. He’d better roll those sleeves up before he trips over them and T Rex all the xmas decorations, though.


Alex Stevens Circle Of Life Christmas Sweater

You Musafa Christmas sweater this year, so why not have one that is Simba-lic of both sides of Christmas with this Circle of Life sweater? As the animals gather round, Santa holds up baby Jesus while his proud parents, Joseph and Mary, look on. “And so we are all connected in the great circle of life.”


Blizzard Bay Women’s Glitter Unicorn

What’s more magical than Santa? Why, a unicorn, of course! This prancing mythical creature features heavily on ugly Christmas sweaters this year, and so does the unicorn! Resplendent in silver with a mane as red as holly berries, this horned wonder graces the front of this festive Fair Isle pullover.


Disney Men’s Olaf Sweater

Turn over a new Olaf this year, and choose a Christmas sweater from Frozen, instead. This super soft Fair Isle sweater is so comfortable you’ll never want to Let it Go, but wear a t-shirt underneath because it’s very warm – then again, some sweaters are worth melting for.

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Faux Real Christmas Tattoos and Suspender Tank

Mommy will certainly be kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe when she sees him stripped down like this! This long sleeved tee shows a different side to everyone’s gift giver, and with those strong tattooed arms you’d better ink-lude a few cuddles on your wish list. A not so ugly Christmas sweat-er.


Stranger Things Ugly Christmas Sweater

On the 11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a Christmas sweater from Etsy. There are Stranger Things to buy for yourself for Xmas, so go ahead, this one is as ugly as the next sweater. And because it’s so warm and comfy, it’s one you can wear when you Netflix and chill.


Peanuts Men’s Minions Holidays Sweater

Score a double whammy this year by wearing an ugly Christmas sweater featuring a minion wearing an ugly Christmas sweater, although we hope you’ll look happier than he does when you do! And don’t worry if it seems too big – you’re sure to Gru into it!

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Alex Stevens Ermahgerd Ugly Christmas Sweater

Erm-ah-gerd…this is the ugliest Christmas sweater, like, ev-ah! Featuring the dweeby star of the popular meme, but instead of holding her fave Goosebumps books she’s ready to partay with her bottles of champagne and a wad of cash. Erts the grossest Cherstmers sweater you’re gonna find.


Alex Stevens Mele Kalikimaka

Hawaii ‘bout a sweater with a more exotic bent this Christmas? ‘Mele Kalikimaka’ is Hawaiian for ‘Merry Christmas’, and with the glittery coconut bra, sexy tasselled arm bands and hairy torso, this sweater is definitely one for the guys to buy Pacifically for the Chrimbo office party.

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RAISEVERN Ugly Christmas Sweater

Sloths always have a smile on their face, and no wonder! Their no-stress, slow pace of life is enough to make anybody happy. Wear that smile with pride this Christmas on this incredibly busy sweater that couldn’t have more Christmas totems on if it tried! Beautifully ugly, and perfect for work do’s.


Motorcycle Santa-Live to Ride

Santa needed some new reindeer but he ran out of bucks, and no-one would lend him any doe. So he did what every self-respecting beardy does and jumped on his Holly Davidson to deliver gifts around the globe. Show the world what a bad-ass ol’ Saint Nick is with this Live to Ride sweater this Christmas.

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Stranger Things Upside Down Sweater

Do we really have to spell out how good this sweater is? In fact, it’s so good we give it an Eleven out of ten. If you want a sweatshirt that really turns the ugly Christmas game upside down, you won’t find any stranger than this.


Diy Ugly Christmas Sweaters

No matter what your budget, you can still have yourself a merry little sweater this Christmas, by making your own. Absolutely any old sweatshirt or tee can be turned into a seasonal sweater by following these tutorials from My Thrifty Chic. They’re sew easy, anyone can do them!

20 Tacky DIY Ugly Christmas Sweaters for Your Holiday Party

Diy Elf On The Shelf Costume

If you don’t know about Elf on the Shelf, where have you been? This (slightly creepy) craze has made its way into homes all over the world, and now you can be the Elf on the Shelf at an ugly Christmas sweater party, with a few red wardrobe staples and some Elfish magic.

Diy Baby’s First Ugly Christmas Sweater

The words ‘baby’ and ‘ugly’ should never be in the same sentence, but this is an exception. Make your baby his or her very own ugly Christmas sweater with this DIY tutorial using a few craft supplies and a suitable plain sweat top, for a homemade hoodie that will steal first prize AND everyone’s hearts.

Virtual Ugly Sweater Party

Don’t have a cold front this Christmas, warm it up with the glow from Rudolph’s nose instead. This superb DIY tutorial will show you how to turn an ordinary sweater into an ugly Christmas one with a few bits of felt, pompoms, giant googly eyes and of course the all-important hot glue gun.

Diy Holiday Ugly Sweater For Dolls

No kids to DIY those ugly Christmas sweaters for? No problem, dig out those well-loved dolls and be-deck them in festive festoons instead. The beauty of this project is that with such small garments to work with you will only need scraps of left over materials to complete the job.

Diy Ugly Christmas Sweater for Baby

Sometimes ugly can be cute, especially when there’s a baby involved. Turn your littlest Buddy into an elf with this tutorial which shows you how to turn a onesie to wondrous with a few craft supplies and a lot of Christmas spirit. It’s an ugly Christmas sweater to diaper for.

Ugly Maternity Christmas Sweater

When there’s no room at the Inn-side of a normal ugly Christmas sweater for your pregnancy bump, do what Mary did and make use of a ‘stable’ item in a man’s closet – a baggy sweater. Really show off Rudolph’s red nose as it sits proudly on your bump thanks to this maternity DIY.

Advent Calendar Christmas Sweater

If you’re looking for a DIY sweater to take you right through December, this advent calendar version is bang up to date. Take a plain sweater, and with some glitter, iron-ons, and whatever else you want to add you can make this interactive sweater that will have you counting the days to Christmas.

Diy Ugly Christmas Dress

Let’s a-dress the question – does an ugly Christmas sweater have to be a sweater? The answer? Hell no. You can uglify any garment you like, as shown in this tutorial from Crazy in Crafts, which will spark-le your own imagination and have you heading for the nearest thrift store.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas

If you’re hosting an ugly Christmas sweater party this year, why stop at sweaters? C.R.A.F.T has some great ideas for party decorations, wine bottle covers, hair decorations, cakes, and even a photo booth to show off all those tacky tops. Don’t sweat-er the small stuff, and be the hostess with the mostess.

Sparkle Ugly Christmas Sweater Star Trek Style

Any enterprise-ing trekkie can rustle up this Trek the Halls ugly Christmas sweater using an old red sweater (or alien green if you prefer), some glitter, fabric paint and a steady hand. Of course, you could use any character you like, but we think this version is just Spock on.

It’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Time

If you are looking for a sickly sweet sweater idea for a couple, then look no further. This pair of sweaters each features one half of a reindeer, with one end barfing and the other end, well, you get the idea. But nobody minds when it’s Christmas cheer he’s spewing and pooing.

Grumpy Cat Christmas Sweater

If you’re feline grumpy about Santa Paws this year, show your distaste for the season by crafting your very own Grumpy Cat ugly Christmas sweater. With just one plain pullover, some felt, and some basic sewing knowledge, you can have the ugliest Christmas sweater ever. Tardar!

Ugly Sweaters For Days.

Can’t find any pants to go with your ugly Christmas sweater? Make it a sweater dress and you won’t need to! Take one ordinary plain garment, cut a tree from felt, and get to work, decking the halls with boughs of holly (well, buttons actually but you know) fa la la la la.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest

Don’t leave your furry friends out of the festivities, they can get in on the ugly Christmas sweater fun too. With some glitter transfer sheets, pompoms, and whatever other baubles you want to festoon your bestie with, you can have your very own Santa Claws coming to heel.

4 Ways To Make Your Own Ugly Holiday Sweater

Whatever your tastes in ugly Christmas sweaters, this DIY project brings you four ways to add some Christmas cheer to your gear. Whether you want a pooping Rudolph, a kitten in a stocking, or you want to tie in the theme with a thrift store tree, you will find some great ideas here.

Diy Ugly Christmas Tree Sweater

Here’s a DIY that’s as easy as one, two, tree! With careful placement of tinsel you can really branch out and make this tree-mendous ugly Christmas sweater, complete with tree topper star. Hang as many or as few baubles as you like, and a candy cane or two will keep you looking even sweeter.


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