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26 Ugly Christmas Clothing to Get Yourself (And the Kids)

Everyone knows that come the festive season, ‘ugly’ Christmas sweaters start to make their mark. If you have not yet bought one (or made one), this list is the place to start your shopping. With so many on offer for either yourself or someone in your life, you can’t fail to stand out among the competition.


Oh Chemistree, Oh Chemistree! Sweatshirt

Are you a fan of both science, and the magic of the holidays? If so, you need to find an item of clothing that reflects your likes. This ‘ugly’ yet likable jumper reads ‘Oh Chemistree’ and features a tree of elements surrounded by sciencey symbols. How cool is that?

Prices Vary

Ugly Christmas Sweater Men’s Hoodie-Boss Elf

What would Santa be without his elves? Without a workforce there would be no presents! If you are an admirer of these pointy eared, eggnog drinking employees, use this pullover hoodie to look just like one, designed with brilliant levels of detail and even a velvet hood, complete with a pom pom.


Tstars Meeowee Christmas Sweatshirt

Some people like cats, some people like dogs; if your child is one of those people that is crazy for cats, it makes sense that your Christmas jumper should reflect that fact! Thanks to this awesome ‘meowy Christmas’ sweater, your child can enjoy the holidays surrounded by kittens.

Prices Vary

UNICOMIDEA Kids Sloth Dinosaur Hoodie

Wow, no matter how long you look at this jumper, there will always be something exciting and new to look at! Featuring a whopping great sloth riding a T-Rex, the sweater is as imaginative as it is incredible. With a 3D appearance, it is one way to make an impression this holiday season.

Prices Vary

Santa Paws Pug Ugly Christmas Sweater

Trying to find the perfect xmas sweater for your little one? If they are the biggest pug fan in the whole entire world, this holiday themed item of clothing showcases the words ‘Santa Paws’ alongside an adorable pug picture. Available in a range of colors, just take your pick.


Big Trex Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Simple and full of prehistoric fun, this long sleeved t-shirt is ready and raring to make the child in your life look incredible this winter time. Covered in snowflakes and simple festive patterns, the t shirt boasts a T-Rex in a Santa hat…now how awesome is that?


RAISEVERN Kitty and Pizza Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Kittens and pizza, what more could you want at Christmas? If you cannot have the real thing, why not slip on this sweatshirt and carry them with you everywhere. 3D in design and absolutely bursting with color, this holiday themed sweater has to be seen to be believed.

Prices Vary

BesserBay Christmas Long Sleeve Shirt

Novel yet still stylish, this Christmas shirt will make your kid look extra special this December. Designed to look like a festive jacket matched with a festive tie, the shirt looks good, feels good, and is extremely comfortable to wear! Get them in the holiday spirit and pick one up now.


Tstars Kung Fu Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater

Every year, it is customary to pick yourself up a brand new ‘ugly’ Christmas sweater. With advent on its way, you need to start looking for one for your child. Whether they practice martial arts or simply like to watch it, this Kung Fu Santa top is as funny as it is comfortable.


Hanes Men’s Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

You don’t have to like Christmas to wear a holiday sweater, all you need to do in this case is like pugs! That’s right, this Hanes jumper reads ‘Bah Hum Pug’ and even benefits from an image of a pug in a Santa hat. Soft, plush and a real conversation starter.

Prices Vary

Let It Snow Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Ok, so now that winter is coming, if the only ‘Snow’ you’re getting this yuletide is of the frozen variety, you can still feel warm and cozy with this not-so-ugly sweater. Available in 8 colors, including festive red or green, this sweatshirt is suitable for both men and women, and ranges from small to XXL.


RAISEVERN Sloth Christmas Sweater

Sloths – these brilliant creatures are slower than a snail yet are a favorite animal amongst people everywhere! With a fun and festive background, this jumper contains an enormous image of a Sloth’s head stylishly donning a Santa’s hat. What more could anyone want? Cute, comfortable and soft.


Camii Mia Filthy Animal Ugly Christmas Sweater

Want to kick it old school this December? If so, this is the Xmas sweater that you are going to need. With the words ‘Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal’ surrounded by festive designs, the simple jumper is available in red or green and will fill everyone that sees it with the holiday spirit.

Prices Vary

Sister Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Does one of your girls need a new sweater in time for the arrival of Father Christmas and his sleigh? Not to worry, this awesome example reads the word ‘Sister’ surrounded by festive symbols and looks awesome. It is even available in a range of different colors.


Forum Novelties Light-Up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Yes! What can automatically make just about anything ten times as Christmassy? Lights of course, as proven by this cool sweater. Black in color and covered in festive images, the jumper itself has been designed with red and green lights that you can turn on and off as you desire.

Prices Vary

Drake Ugly Christmas Sweater

High quality and extremely comfortable, this Christmas sweatshirt is a fun item of clothing for any and every Drake fan. Printed onto the sweatshirt you will discover an image of the man himself dancing alongside the (amusingly incorrect) lyrics ‘I know when those sleigh bells ring’.

Prices Vary

Wild Bobby Merry Chrithmith Mike Tyson Sweatshirt

Whether you like him as a boxer, actor or tv personality, there is no denying the fact that Mike Tyson is an absolute tank! If you or someone you know is a big fan, grab this Wild Bobby Mike Tyson festive jumper that reads ‘Merry Chrithmith’. Available in an extremely wide range of colors.


Santa Jaws is Coming Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

Do you think you are on the naughty or nice list? If you’ve been bad you’d better remedy it soon as Santa Jaws is on his way! This hilariously funny Xmas sweater is comfortable and warm to wear, and benefits from an image of Santa Jaws himself. Great for film fans, it is a real head turner.


Cfanny Lady Cat Sweatshirt

Are you trying to find an ‘ugly’ sweater in time for the snow and sprouts? Look no further than this cat lady jumper. The image on the front of the garment features a cat with a Christmas tree for hair complete with baubles. If you are looking to win your ‘ugly’ sweater competition, this is how.

Prices Vary

Tstars Gamer Retro Ugly Christmas Sweater

Now gamers will have even more reason to look forward to Christmas – not only will they open up the latest game on Xmas morning, they will also be able to wear this fun retro gaming jumper. Available in kid’s sizes, it is high quality and offered in multiple different colors.


KSJK Carlton Ugly Christmas Sweater Sweatshirt

Do you want to own the single, funniest, and most awesome festive jumper available? If you are a fan of sitcoms, this particular jumper is bright, colorful, and contains a fan favorite character that just about everybody loves! Nobody would lose you in a crowd wearing this garish garment, that’s for sure.

Prices Vary

Santa Riding Unicorn Rainbow Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt

No matter how much you love Rudolph, you must admit that a unicorn would really spruce up Santa’s sleigh for his Christmas deliveries. With this exciting kid’s jumper, you can ensure that this dream lives on through your child as it features Santa himself riding bareback on a unicorn.


T-Rex Santa Ride Funny Ugly Christmas Sweater

With a bright red nose to guide the way and long sharp teeth to…well…we’re not sure what use Santa has with long sharp teeth; however, seeing him atop a T-Rex is pretty darn awesome. Bright and engaging, this sweater features exactly that and is ready for ugly sweater day this year.

Prices Vary

Santa Video Game Ugly Christmas Sweater

If the little one in your life has taken a shine to the world of gaming, specifically arcade games, then they need to be paired with this item of clothing in time for the holidays. With the words ‘Level Up’ printed alongside Christmas trees and more, it is a fantastic way for them to feel festive.

Prices Vary

Batman Holiday Hat Kids Ugly Christmas Sweater

Even superheroes enjoy some time off over Christmas. If your little one is a humungous fan of the Batman, this jumper will make them happier than ever in the build up to the big day. Featuring an image of Batman himself wearing a fuzzy Santa hat, it really is awesome (and comfortable).


Santa Unicorn Christmas Sweater

No holiday celebration is complete without the inclusion of ‘ugly’ Xmas sweaters, right? If you are searching for one that you and all of your friends will find hilarious, take a look at this example from Tipsy Elves. Featuring Santa riding a unicorn in space whilst carrying a sword, it is guaranteed to get some looks.


3 Diy Ugly Christmas Ideas

Diy Snow Globe Ugly Sweater

Do you want the ugliest sweaterr in existence? The perfect way to accomplish this in time for the holidays is with this brilliant tutorial. Simple to make and a lot of fun to wear, it is a wonderful head turner! There is even one for you, your children and your dog.

Diy Ugly (Cute) Christmas Sweater for Kids

Use your creative talents alongside the instructions you find here to put together your very own ugly yet strangely beautiful Christmas sweater. With lights built into the front, you will be able to illuminate more than just people’s smiles at the party this year. Fancy a go? Then head to the blog for more.

Diy Kitten Mittens Ugly Sweater

Say hello to the Kitten Mittens ugly sweater if you are on the hunt for the perfect one. Awesome to look at and completely homemade, the sweater itself will put you in the holiday mood every time you slip it on! Ideal for you or as a gift for anyone else.

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