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43 Life-Changing Gifts for Travelers

The soul of a traveler is one that is never happy just sitting idle. But with that traveling comes the nuances of modern day transportation, and the challenge of remaining comfortable while making the journey. Keep them stocked up with everything they’ll need to arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and recharged for a new adventure.

If your loved on loves to travel, these unique travel gifts will change their life forever! They are useful, convenient and sometimes, life-saving.

Argentinian Leather Traveler’s Carryall

We have a specific audience in mind for this gift. It’s for the retiree who plans to spend the next few years of their life traveling around the world, seeing the sights and enjoying their golden years. It’s made from Argentinian leather and has pockets galore for tablets, passports, tour guides, and smart phones. There’s enough room for small binoculars or an old-fashioned wallet.


Brill’Travel Digital Luggage Scale

This is a gamechanger for anyone who’s ever had to pay extra money for overweight bags. We all know that the airlines stick it to you these days, but with this handheld luggage scale you’ll never get caught paying those fees. You’ll know ahead of time exactly what your bags way.

Prices Vary

A Thousand Places to See Before You Die

This is an essential book for any world traveler or travel junkie. It’s the ultimate bucket list. It’s a New York Times Best Seller, and Newsweek says this book will “tell you what’s beautiful, what’s fun, and what’s just unforgettable— everywhere on earth.” This edition comes with two hundred entries and six hundred color photographs.

Prices Vary

The Traveler’s Journal

This travel journal will help you get all those wonderful memories down in black and white so you’ll never forget them. It includes prompts like ‘how we traveled, where I stayed, people I met, places to remember for next time’. The cover has a frame for a picture. You can use one for each trip, or one to keep all your travel memories in one place.


WildHorn Microfiber Travel Towels

When you travel, most hotels have towels for you to use and then forget about. But sometimes you’re far off the beaten path. You might be on a train in China, bus in Thailand, or a ferry to Zanzibar. And there’s a good chance those places won’t have fluffy towels—that’s why you need these quick-drying, easy packing travel towels.

Prices Vary

RAVPower Portable Travel Charger

We all get stuck with a dying smart phone, laptop, or tablet. We might be in the car, out on the town for a night, or traveling. This portable charger puts means you never have to look for a plug, and you’re never caught without a way to make an emergency call.

Prices Vary

The J Pillow

This is the ultimate travel pillow. It’s innovative design won the British Invention of the Year award in 2013. It keeps the neck comfortable and free of stress, and a special element keeps your chin in place, so your head doesn’t fall forward. No more jerking awake. You can sleep comfortably in trains, planes, and automobiles.

Prices Vary

Personalized Travel Poster

If you’re a hardcore traveler, you’ve been so many place you’ve probably forgotten half of them. This scratch off map won’t let that happen. You can keep a record of every place you’ve been, and plan your next adventure accordingly. It’s large 32.5 x 23.4 inches—the perfect size for the home office wall.

Prices Vary

Kensington All-in-One Adapter

Overseas, the electrical plugs are different. Not everyone knows this. What’s more, if you plug your electronic device in with the wrong adapter, it can ruin it forever. This all-in-one adapter saves you time, money, and lets you use your electronic devices wherever you go.


Garmin GPS Watch

This watch will keep you from getting lost. No matter where you are—in the middle of the rainforest, out in the desert, or high on a mountaintop—the Garmin forerunner will peg your location to within ten feet. This one is specially designed to see you in valleys, or between tall buildings in an urban environment.


Travel Stub Diary

This diary is designed to keep track of all the ticket stubs you collect along the way. Believe it or not, there are still ticket stubs out there. Buses, trains, trolleys, and shuttles across the world issue paper tickets, and get stamped by real, live conductors and collectors. You can keep all these cool momentos in this diary.


Money Belt Passport Holder

Tourist destinations in the US and the world are teeming with professional pickpockets. Seasoned travelers know never to keep their money and their passports in their pockets or handbags. An around the neck holder or a belt, like this one, is the only way to make sure your essentials are safe and secure.

Prices Vary

Kolumbo TSA Lock Luggage Lock

Wandering hands take advantage of unwary travelers. And if your luggage simply slides open with nothing to stop it, you’re more likely to have your essential, valuable belongings stolen. This top-rated lock from Kolumbo won’t let you remove the key without locking the lock first.

Prices Vary

TSA Approved Toiletry Kit

It’s hard to remember the rules and regulations for liquids on planes. This toiletries kit takes the guesswork out of it for you. It’s loaded with all the personal hygiene items you’ll need for your vacation, and they’re all TSA-approved size. Problem solved, simple as that.

Prices Vary

Starbucks Travelers Coffee Pack

Coffee lovers know that not all hotels—not even in Paris—come with good coffee. With this travel pack, you’ll always have your go-to cup of joe in the morning. This travel set comes with a hot/cold travel as well as packets of four different Starbucks specialty coffees.

Prices Vary

easygogo Vintage Shoulder Bag

This is a classic, canvas, bronze and leather over-the-shoulder messenger/accessory bag that sits right on your chest where it’s safe. It’s got an old-school, military look, like a pilot’s dispatch bag. The compartments have room for your personal electronics, money, and passport. It’s designed for students, but it’s actually better for adult travel.

Prices Vary

Canon Power Shot Digital Camera

The Canon Power Shot is the 21st century standard in digital photography. It’s tricked out with the best optics for still photos and 1080 p HD video capture. But that’s not what makes it the best. It has an on-board Wi-Fi system that lets you upload images to social networking sites directly from the camera.


Leather PowerShot Case

If you get the Canon Power Shot, then you have to get the case to go with it. This leather case is designed specifically for the Power Shot. It’s made of leather, has a special lining to protect the camera from bumps and shocks, and a layer to keep the lens from scratching. It’s designed like a cell phone cover, so you can operate the camera without removing it from the case.

Prices Vary

Waterproof Dry Bag

A dry bag is a clutch item if you want to travel to the tropics for a diving, snorkeling, or sailing trip. You can throw in your most important and valuable items, such as your camera, smart phone, tablet, and passport, and rest assured that they’ll stay dry as a bone. This dry bag locks tight and won’t let a drop of water in.

Prices Vary

Embroidex Travel Sewing Kit

When you’re traveling, you often choose your favorite, trusty clothing to take along. Then you use it day after day. Sometimes it wears out, and sometimes you get unlucky—you get an unwanted rip or tear. In comes the traveler’s sewing kit. A few minutes in your hotel room, and you’re favorite clothing is back in action.


Safeway Emergency Medical Kit

There are times when you need medical attention right away. It can happen when you’re in the middle of nowhere, or when you’re on the street in one of the biggest cities in the world. When you have this convenient, compact emergency medical kit, you don’ have to go looking for supplies. They’re right there for you, ready to go.


St. Christopher’s Medallion

St. Christopher is the patron Saint of Travelers. If you’re an adventure junkie, it’s good to have someone looking out for you. You might be in the outback of Australia, on the wild steppes of Mongolia, or scaling rock faces in Yosemite. This medallion fits in your pocket, so you can have a saint with you wherever you may roam.

Prices Vary

Samsonite Rolling Duffel

This bomb-proof rolling duffel from Samsonite will take you around the world and back. And then it will take you again. Experienced travelers know that duffel bags can hold more stuff than any other form of luggage, but they’re not easy to carry. The wheels, cinch down straps, and external pocket make this a must-have.

Prices Vary

Maxpedition Carry-on

Rolling carry-on luggage does not have to make you look like a flight attendant or a business traveler. This carry-on from Maxpedition is full-on tactical. It’s water resistant and made from military grade nylon. It’s got YKK zippers and all the stress points are reinforced. If you can pack light, this is all you’ll need.

Prices Vary

Anne Klein Luggage Set

This four-piece set of luggage is custom designed for the fashionable woman who needs to travel in style. The soft gray jacquard fabric is finished with an Anne Klein print, the wheels spin three hundred-sixty degrees for easy rolling, and the handles telescope in and out smoothly. Each bag is fully lined and has valet straps and a zipper pocket in the lid.

Prices Vary

Rosetta Stone Online

The Rosetta Stone is universally recognized as the best way to learn a foreign language—aside from being dropped in a foreign country and left to your own devicecs. This special online package gives you access to Rosetta Stone’s online service for a year, so you don’t have to choose one language. Because we’re guessing you might go to more than one country.


The Traveler’s Phrase Book

If you don’t want to take the time to learn a language before you got traveling, then this is for you. It’s loaded with practical phrases in the major destination languages—French, German, Italian, and Spanish. It’s designed to fit in your pocket, so you can take it out when you need it.

Prices Vary

Nyrius 12 Language Talking Translator

So you don’t want to learn a language and you don’t even want to try speaking bits of it from a phrasebook. Maybe you travel too much and you’re constantly getting sent places at the last minute. This device can translates twelve languages and has 8400 on-board phrases. It speaks foreign languages aloud for you.


Prana Travel Dress

This dress from Prana is designed to take almost no space at all in a backpack or a suitcase. But when you take it out, shake out the wrinkles, and put it on, you’ll look like a million bucks. This is the classic LBD—Little Black Dress—in it’s essential travel version.

Prices Vary

Those Who Wander Pocket Compass

Keep this in your pocket nest to your St. Christopher’s medallion. Pull it out when you lose your bearings, double check yourself by looking at the sun or stars, and then keep going on your adventure. This small compass is engraved with the phrase “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”.

Prices Vary

Traveler’s Tea Tin

You need your spot of tea in the afternoon. But when you travel, you might not always have access to a friendly tea shop that serves tea and serves triangular cucumber sandwiches. With this travelers tea tin, you’ll have the tea, at least. It comes with six bags of Earl Grey.


Traveler’s Coffee Press

This is a coffee press that allows you to make a cup of your favorite cup of coffee right in the travel mug. Wherever you go, you can have your morning brew. All you need is a way to heat the water, and you can be on your way, fully caffeinated. It’s insulated to keep the coffee warm and your hands safe.



A Babybjorn is the only way to go when you’re traveling with an infant. You get to keep both hands free and the child gets the comforting feeling of being snuggled right against mom or dad. The child can face out, to see the adventure, or face in, to take a nice comfy nap.

Prices Vary

BackPack Traveler’s Guitar

Backpackers love this guitar. It’s made by the legendary acoustic guitar maker Martin. It’s got a solid spruce top and tonewood back and sides. It’s got a real-feeling, fifteen fret fingerboard that plays well, the sound is unbelievable for a compact guitar, and you can strap it right onto a backpack.


Waterproof Electronic Organizer

Your electronics are an important part of traveling. You’ll have your ticket confirmations, your itineraries, and your communications devices to take care of. You don’t want any of them getting wet. This organizer has a place for everything, and it’s guaranteed waterproof.

Prices Vary

Travel Bottle Set

This is a set of plastic bottles that lets you take your favorite hygiene products on the road. You might have allergies, or prefer only the best in organic, all natural skin products. This travel set is all TSA approved, so you don’t have to worry if you can’t find your go-to product in a travel-size.

Prices Vary

Travel Pill Organizer

This convenient travel pill organizer has special compartments for morning pills and evening pills. It includes a medical reference card, and has compartments for eight days of pills. Each compartment is labeled. There’s a number for the day. Morning pills are in red plastic and evening pills are in blue.


Travel John Portable Toilet

Not John as in person, john as in “I need to go and there’s nowhere to go!” This emergency travel kit has three disposable urination pouches. It includes an adapter that allows you to do your business seated or standing. If you’re a real traveler, you’ve wanted this product — and you know you’d use it.


Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags

These plastic bags let you organize your clothes and belongings and pack them snug in your suitcase, backpack, or duffel bag. They’re a great way to keep things organized. They’re also crucial for keeping dirty clothes from clean clothes while you’re out on the road.

Prices Vary

Secret Pocket Tank Top

This is a tank top designed for women that has a secret pocket on the chest. It allows you to travel light, wearing a t-shirt, without having to carry around a bag or worry about your valuables getting stolen. It’s light, comfortable, and made from cotton.

Prices Vary

Columbia Long Sleeve Shirt

This is a man’s shirt that can go from the trailhead to a classy restaurant without missing a beat. This is a must-have item. You need a shirt that’s tough and versatile. You might be on a hot train one day, and an air-conditioned lounge the next. This shirt will be there for you.

Prices Vary

Columbia Travel Pants

These are the companion pants to the Columbia Long Sleeve shirt. When you’re traveling, you need clothes that serve a variety of purposes. You need to be able to go out to dinner in the same pants you just went hiking in the day before. These pants are designed to do just that.

Prices Vary

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