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38 Traditional Father’s Day Gifts (With a Twist)

Buying traditional Father’s Day gifts for Dad is an easy option, right? But you don’t want to get him the same thing every year, you want something different which is going to show him how much you care. Take a look at this list of traditional Father’s Day gifts with a twist and find him something he’s really going to love.

Ultra Slim BiFold Cork Wallet

Brass 40 Caliber Bullet Casing Cuff Links

Whether Dad is someone who’s around guns for work or pleasure, these cufflinks will be the perfect accessory to his formal wear. They’re made to look like 40 caliber bullets, made from brass, and they’ll smarten him up for any occasion, be it for the office or when he’s out with Mom.

Prices Vary

Papa Bear Screwdrivers

Dad will never need another screwdriver in his toolbox again. The Papa Bear looks super cute, but hidden within are 6 different types of screwdriver. Split the bear into 3 parts, choose the head you need and attach it to the bear’s cranium and voila! A fully functioning tool.

Price varies

Xcellent Global El Wire Black Neck Tie

Give Dad’s wardrobe a bit of a makeover with this light-up tie. A great Father’s Day gift, it’s ideal for any fancy dress party or whenever he wants to make someone laugh, and the adjustable neck length can be made to fit most people. Just add 2 AA batteries, hit the switch and he’ll be illuminated.


World’s Okayest Dad Tankard

Tell Dad how you really feel about him with this giant tankard. Okay, maybe not exactly how you feel but if your old man has a sense of humor, he’ll love this glass. It’s dishwasher safe so he’s able to pop it in there when he’s done and it’ll be ready for his next drink.


5-in-1 Tool Pen

Are you fed up with searching for the different tools in the junk drawer? You won’t have to any more with this 5-in-1 pen. As well as being a writing implement, it’s also a ruler, stylus, screwdriver and a bubble level. The only thing it’s missing is a clock.


Ice Cream Cone Tie Mens Neckties by Three Rooker

Perfect for a Dad who doesn’t like to dress like everyone else, these ice cream ties look good enough to eat. With scoops of ice cream printed down the front, he’ll be the talking point of the office with his tasty ties and everyone will be asking him where he got it from.


Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

Toothpicks are a necessity in life, especially when we’ve been eating something juicy like chicken or maybe some corn. Traditional picks don’t taste nice at all so why not give these ones a go? They’ve been infused with a single malt scotch which will make you think you’re having an after dinner tipple.


Tabletop Cornhole

Are you looking for games to play during your summer BBQ’s? Why not give Cornhole a go? This one is perfect for any tabletop, so even the older members of the party can join in. Launch the beanbags across the board onto the opponent’s board and into the goal. Super easy but loads of fun.

Price varies

Coin Mate Pocket Organizer Change Holder

Does Dad always complain about the loose change he’s got jingling in his pocket? Help him keep them organized with this pocket change holder. Coin Mate is a must have for anyone who hates those loose coins sitting in their wallet; it’ll help him keep them all together, for a change.


Roco Minimalist Slim Wallet

Never again will Dad have to deal with an uncomfortable wallet sitting in his back pocket – this design is the future. Perfectly slimlined, it can still hold up to 20 cards as well as notes, and it even has a blocking chip which stops thieves being able to access your personal information!


Cooking With Beer

Beer is good to drink but it’s great to cook with. Within the pages of this cookbook you’ll find 75 recipes which include some form of beer, whether it’s a stout or an IPA, and don’t be fooled into thinking you can only make dinners from this book; lunches and desserts are included too.


DSLR Video Camera Cuff Links

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, you want to buy him something meaningful. This pair of cufflinks is perfect, especially if Dad is into his photography. They’re silver plated, and under the clear dome there’s a digitally printed picture of a DSLR camera.

Prices Vary

Tiger Wrench

If Dad is the one in the family who fixes all of the odd jobs and does a bit of DIY, the Tiger Wrench is something he definitely needs in his toolbox. It combines 48 different tools into one, making any job easy to do using a singular item.


Covink® Bullets Shaped Cufflinks

These cufflinks aren’t like your usual pair; they’ll definitely give Dad the edge in the office or to the parties he goes to with Mom. Metal plated and shaped like bullets, they’re also presented in a beautiful black box, making it easy for you to wrap and for him to keep safe.

Prices Vary

Dark Blue Circuit Board Cufflinks

Made from an actual recycled circuit board, these cufflinks are perfect for your old man if he’s a computer nerd. 18mm and silver plated, they’ll be a great addition to his formal wear and will show a side to him that most people might not know about.


Cats Animal Ties

We’ve all heard the term “cat lady” but why isn’t there a name for a male who loves cats? This tie is sure to show everyone just how fond he is of felines, because there are gorgeous cats printed all the way down. If this doesn’t get people’s attention, nothing will.


Universal Socket Tool

Make Dad’s DIY jobs a lot easier with this universal socket, so he won’t be rooting around for the right tool anymore. It can be adjusted to tighten any type of bolt, nut or screw, and you can even attach it to a power drill and turn it into a socket driver.


Beer Bottle Chilling Coaster Set

These stone coasters are a must have for your summer BBQs and parties this year. Pop them all into the fridge to get them nice and cold, and then when your friends arrive, stick their bottle into the coaster and they’ll have a beautifully cold beer all day.


BaKblade Back Hair Removal

Do you always get asked by your husband to shave his back because he hates the hair that grows there? Buy him the BaKblade 2.0 and his shaving game will be changed forever. The curved handle makes it easy for him to shave his back himself, and the blades can work on wet or dry skin.


Eye Chart Tie by Ralph Marlin Ties

Everyone will keep their eyes on Dad’s new tie with this Father’s Day gift. Printed down the front of this 100% microfiber tie is an eye chart, the kind you’ll find in an opticians. People won’t need to go to the eye doctor to get their eyes checked, they can just look at Dad’s tie.


Vintage Cowhide Leather Wallet With Zipper

A wallet is a safe present for you to get for your dad on Father’s Day, and this one is extra special as it’s been made from 100% handcrafted cowhide leather. It’s got enough space for all your necessary cards and a window for your ID, and, because of the leather, it’s super durable, too.

Prices Vary

23andMe DNA Health + Ancestry Personal Genetic Service

It’s important that everyone knows where they come from, and that goes far beyond your immediate family. For Father’s Day this year, buy him this DNA ancestry kit and it’ll be able to tell him exactly where his roots are. All he needs to do is provide a saliva sample – it’s that easy.


Mighty Wallet

This wallet looks different to any other wallet you’ll find, purely because it doesn’t look like one! It actually resembles a piece of folded up paper, the kind you’d write a shopping list on. There’s plenty of room inside for all of your cards, ID and money, though.


Star Wars Men’s Millennium Falcon Tie

Perfect for any Star Wars fan, this tie will show off his love when he has to be smart. He’ll be the envy of the office or party when he wears this tie which has the blueprint of the Millennium Falcon printed down the front.

Prices Vary

Watch Movement Cufflinks

If you’re looking to buy a pair of cufflinks with a difference, these ones could be exactly what you’re searching for. They resemble the inner workings of a clock or watch, which looks super interesting, and they come presented in a beautiful black box.


Men’s Herbal Warming Slippers

Nothing beats coming home, kicking off your shoes and slipping your feet inside some comfortable slippers. But here’s a pair with a difference. With lavender buds inside the material, you can heat these up so they’re really kind on your feet after a long day.


Measure King 3-in-1 Digital Tape Measure

Tape measures are necessary for any type of DIY but finding one to accurately measure what you want is tricky. The Measure King can measure in 3 different ways and can even stretch around curves and corners, giving you the correct measurement you need.

Prices Vary

LED Animated Neck Ties by Electric Styles

Does Dad get bored of the generic ties he has to wear every day? Buy him this one for Father’s Day this year and up his tie game. Not only does it have the pattern of piano keys running down it but at the touch of a button, it’ll light up, making it come to life.

Prices Vary

BBQ Toolbox

Perfect for camping trips or impromptu mini barbeques, you won’t find any screwdrivers or hammers inside this toolbox. Instead, there’s a stainless steel grill, a place to warm the buns and plenty of space for your marinades and condiments. All you need to bring are the BBQ tools and some meat to grill.


Game-Used Hockey Puck Bottle Opener

If you’re looking for a unique present for Dad this year, they don’t come more one of a kind than this. Each bottle opener is different because they’re made from reclaimed hockey pucks which have been played on NHL rinks, so they all have the various chinks and marks of the game.

Price varies

CIFIDET Cube Magic Cuff Links

If your Dad loves throwbacks to his childhood, these cufflinks will make a great Father’s Day gift. Made to look like the game we all know (and get frustrated by), these Rubik’s Cube shirt cufflinks come presented in a box along with a polishing cloth.

Prices Vary

Steven Harris Mens Albert Einstein Scientist Necktie

We all have a hero we look up to, someone who inspires us on a daily basis, and if your Dad just happens to idolize Albert Einstein, then this is the tie for him. As well as his portrait, it also has his world famous equation printed along the length.

Prices Vary

Personalized Socks

Socks are one of those presents that we all dread receiving, but what about personalized ones? This set of 5 pairs can be monogrammed with your father’s initials and then his full name or a message can be embroided along the toes, making them one of a kind.


Shifting Gears Cuff Links

It’s a well known stereotype that men love their cars, and if that sounds like your Dad, he’ll love adding these cufflinks to his smart dress to show off his passion. Under the clear dome of the cufflink, there’s a picture of the gearshift you would find in a car.

Prices Vary

Kelvin Urban Ultra Tool

Never again will he need to use another tool while doing his odd jobs and DIY. This unique tool has 23 different features which all come in handy when doing home improvements such as a screwdriver, LED light and a spirit level, as well as other tools.


Beard Cape Apron

Keeping their beards neat is a priority to most men with facial hair. But they seem to lack the ability to clean up after themselves and it clogs up the sink! Gift them this beard trimming apron, which also comes with a shaping comb, and they’ll be able to trim their hair without making a mess.

Prices Vary

3 Unique Diy Gifts for Him

Diy Cufflinks for Dad

The idea of getting Dad a unique gift for Father’s Day is lovely, but these things cost money and quite often a lot of it. Instead of heading to an online boutique, give this tutorial a read and make some DIY cufflinks at home using buttons.

Diy Stitched Vinyl Wallet

Make Dad a one of a kind wallet at home using the instructions in this tutorial from How About Orange. Not only does it look professional and super smart, Dad will know that you’ve taken the time to make this for him, and it’ll mean more than any store bought gift.

Diy Nautical Rope Bracelet

If you think your Dad needs some help becoming more fashionable, this DIY nautical rope bracelet will do the trick. The instructions in this tutorial not only have written words but there’s also pictures which should make it easier to follow. You’ll be making a load of these for every man in your life.

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