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33 STEM Toys Your 7 Year Old Girl Genius Will Love

Are you on the lookout for something new and exciting for the 7 year old girl in your life? Brilliant – if your focus is on their education, you can pick up any one of the following STEM kits and toys and watch as they have fun without even realizing that they are learning.

toys for 7 year old girls

JuniorScope Microscope

The microscope was the invention that opened our eyes to a whole new world. If you would like your little one to also be able to witness the magic of science, this JuniorScope microscope set comes with everything that your child needs to not only use their new microscope, but learn all about it too.



Wow! Get a load of this. If you are searching for STEM toys for children, this wearable Jewelbot is perfect for learning. The cool bracelet allows children to learn programming and coding in a fun and manageable way that they can take with them everywhere! Kids can even connect with other users.

Prices Vary

Kano Computer Kit

Check out the Kano computer kit. This exceptionally awesome kit for kids will guide them through the process of building their very own computer. With everything needed in one box, you can feel confident as your little genius learns how to code multiple different things competently. A truly great kit.


Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium

How cool would it be if your child could grow their very own habitat? Well, now they can thanks to this brilliant terrarium kit. With everything needed included, this terrarium is easy to set up and can be customized using the included glow in the dark stickers; children will love to watch as life grows.


Osmo Genius Kit

Does your child have access to an iPad? Perfect, then you should definitely pick them up the Osmo Genius Kit. This multi award winning STEM Set for children helps them with some of their main, core subjects and helps to teach them in an interactive and, most importantly, enjoyable way.

Prices Vary

Crayola Color Chemistry Set for Kids

Straight from Crayola comes this awesome and definitely exciting chemistry kit that is perfect if you are looking for toys for 7 year old girls. With a whopping 50 science experiments included (all created by real scientists), it is a great way for children to learn whilst having fun.


Wonder Workshop Dash

Dash the robot is here and is ready and willing to teach your child coding. Award winning and lots of fun, this cool robot can interact with users and can sing, dance and even navigate objects! With free accompanying apps, the options are endless. Designed specifically for children, they will love it.


Osmo Coding Jam Game

Playing games is a good way to learn. This simple to learn format allows children to place tangible blocks into patterns and sequences as they compose their own music and play games. Kids will be having so much fun, they will have absolutely no idea that they are learning a valuable lesson.


ROCK ON! Geology Game with Rock & Mineral Collection

Geology is cool. If your child has taken an interest in the world of geology, Rock On is the game for them. This brilliant STEM based set allows children to not only begin a brilliant rock collection, but also turns the sorting, arranging and identifying of rocks into a fun and educational game.


LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox and Coding Kit

LEGO have always been great providers of constructive and beneficial toy sets for kids. This particular set exists to help children not only build 1 of 5 models, but also helps them to find out how they can code said models and make them come to life. Educational and exciting all in one.


IKOS Spherical Building Blocks

Are you looking for an open ended toy that will allow your child to build confidence as they explore their creativity? This delightful IKOS set is the perfect way for your child to gain skills through the simple task of constructing; the spherical building blocks can even be used to create a rolling ball!

Prices Vary

MindWare KEVA Brain Builders Game

Say hello to the KEVA Brain Builders game. With tons of KEVA wooden planks included, children must use said planks to turn 2D technical drawings into real life 3D models. Their problem solving skills will be pulled into question as they play, and in turn will be improved.

Prices Vary

BathBlocks Floating Ball Run & Water Fall Set

Turn the bathtub into a brilliant place to play with Bath Blocks. These floating, colorful building blocks included can be used to design and create an infinite amount of bath tub ball runs, or even water falls. Award winning and extremely beneficial to your child’s development.

Prices Vary

Ozobot Bit Coding Robot

Having a robot would be awesome, right? How about a robot that teaches? From Ozobot comes Bit, the miniature sized robot that is ready to play with your little one. This cool little dude comes with one purpose, and that is to give your budding genius a working understanding of coding.

Prices Vary

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Building Set

Gears make the world go around…in some cases, that is quite literally true! This brilliantly fun and colorful play set from Learning Resources is all about gears. With 116 pieces included, boys and girls can make an infinite number of gear combinations as they improve their problem solving skills and fine motor skills.


Osmo Coding Awbie Game

Does your child have access to the Osmo base? If not, don’t worry as you can pick it up here. Osmo has been designed to be the simplest and most enjoyable way for children to not only gain an understanding of coding, but also to gain confidence along with important life skills.

Prices Vary

Shifu Orboot

Would you love for your child to open their mind to the planet that we live on, as they gain knowledge and confidence about different places and the things that happen(ed) there? This fun globe is accompanied by an app that will show your little one the world in augmented reality as they learn and have fun.


National Geographic Mega Construction Engineering Set

From National Geographic comes this amazing 35-in-1 mega construction set. That’s right, this set contains a whopping 121 pieces along with instructions that will allow your little one to snap together any 1 of the 35 models at any time! Add the motor to watch them move, or download the accompanying app for further fun.

Prices Vary

ZOOB Galax-Z Astrotech Rover

Check out the ZOOB Galax-Z Astrotech Rover if you are looking for a STEM based kit for your little one to explore. With 4 designs to choose from, this kit allows kids to create space exploration vehicles using connecting pieces that will provide your little one with a unique yet fun challenge.

Prices Vary

Kids First Thames & Kosmos Automobile Engineer

With a storybook included, this brilliant kit will take kids on a journey that follows the funny story of 2 children who created models of vehicles they had recently seen. As your child flicks from page to page, they will get the chance to build the same models from the included building pieces.


Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit

Does your child have a thing about paper airplanes? They are just so darn cool. Anyone can make a simple airplane, but this awesome book from Klutz will explore tons of different ways that these cool planes can be made. With custom paper included along with all of the instructions, they can’t go wrong.


Learning Resources Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set

Hands on learning is the best, it’sthe best way to pick up new information by far. This hands on learning set from Learning Resources involves a programmable mouse that children will learn to code in a simple way as they complete fun and exciting activities!


Learning Resources Playground Engineering & Design Set

Surely every child has an idea of their dream playground, right? Well, with this simple construction kit, children will have free reign to design and build the playground of their dreams. Whilst they have fun building and playing, they will have no idea they are learning at the same time.


Kids First Intro to Engineering Kit

All engineers had to start somewhere, this could be the starting point for your little girl. Brought to us by Thames and Kosmos, this brilliant STEM based kit contains 21 different experiments that will teach children about the different applications and basics of engineering as they build, explore and play.


ZOOB RacerZ Car Designer

Is your child a big fan of ZOOB sets? Awesome, ’cause this one is pretty cool. With enough construction pieces inside, kids can create 3 awesome and quick ZOOBMobile cars at once! With instructions included, children can choose between following them, or designing their own cars.


Goliath Games Domino Rally Epic Loop

Dominoes are fun to play with; this set has been specifically created to allow kids to make an awesome domino rally. With a loop included, kids can design their rally in any way they want, placing the high speed dominoes where they need a speed boost! A truly fun and educational set.


Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Craft Kit

Award winning and highly regarded, this brilliant Klutz LEGO set is perfect for all of the budding inventors and engineers. With a huge instruction book, along with all of the necessary pieces, this fun set will teach children how to build 10 working, moving machines. Wow!

Prices Vary

Think Fun Roller Coaster Challenge Game

Rollercoasters are awesome – to ride, to design, and to construct! The Rollercoaster Challenge is the fun and beneficial game that has been filled with tons of different challenges ranging from easy, to difficult, that are all based around building a rollercoaster. Check it out here to see the instructions in full.


Educational Insights Kanoodle Brain Twisting Solitaire Game

Brain teasers and puzzles are fun, and also very beneficial to the brain itself. If you would like your little one to spend some of their time training their brain, grab them a copy of Kanoodle, the award winning, solo game that will definitely challenge their mind as they play, learn and have fun.


ZOOB BuilderZ S.T.E.M. Challenge

Building things is cool, especially when the things that you are building actually serve a purpose. This brilliantly exciting ZOOB STEM challenge is the awesome kit that will help kids to design and construct brilliant and working inventions; from trampolines to catapults, this kit has it all.


Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit

Science is and always will be fascinating, especially for children. If your little one has been taking an interest in the scientific world, invest in this cool science kit for kids from Scientific Explorer. With 11 mind blowing and exciting experiments included, this kit will ensure that they are learning whilst having a LOT of fun.


Educational Insights Design & Drill Flower Power Studio

With a safe and easy to use power drill included, this exciting set will allow children to create beautiful and artistic designs and patterns with the included colorful bolts. Perfect for helping children develop, the fun set will improve their motor skills and problem solving skills amongst many others.


Think Fun Rush Hour Junior Traffic Jam Logic Game

From ThinkFun comes the award winning and ever popular Rush Hour game. This junior edition is ideal for children and has been filled with age appropriate challenges to get them scratching their heads! Logic and reasoning will be tested and improved as kids get familiar with the game.


5 Exciting Diy STEM Crafts (So fun!)

Diy Chromatography Butterfly Craft

Does your child love crafting? Awesome, because this DIY craft has a very strong scientific element and features chromatography in an exciting way. With all of the information needed on the following page, and a small shopping list, you and your child will be learning and exploring in no time as you separate colors.

Diy Epic Marble Run

Do you like marble runs? What about the child in your life? Head over to the following page and you will discover all of the information that you could possibly need to create a simple homemade marble run from cardboard. A great STEM activity for your little one.

Diy Upcycled Inventor’s Box

Inventing is awesome. If your little one has an inventor’s head, they need access to the right materials and equipment to come up with something truly brilliant. The following article will act as a rough guide for you to compile and create your own inventor’s box for your little girl genius.

Diy Build a Straw Roller Coaster

Wow! This awesome STEM challenge is perfect for children and can be created right at home. Using straws, glue and a lightweight ball, your little one will enjoy spending their time experimenting and creating a working rollercoaster! Trial and error really is the key to learning.

Diy Printable Constellation Projector

Are you trying to find the perfect way to teach your children about the stars? If constellations are your focus, these printable constellation cards are truly cool. Simply print them out, follow the steps on this article and you will have a constellation projector in no time at all.

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