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50 Toys Your Picky 7 Year Old Boy Will Be Really Into

If your favorite little guy has an imagination unlike any other, you will already know just how important pretend play is to him. Instead of picking up the latest and greatest toys for 7 year old boys, use this list to find the perfect pretend play set that will allow him to flex his imagination muscles.

toys for 7 year old boys

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

Would you like to find a toy set that will enable your child to practice their math skills whilst they play and have fun? Brilliant, then this cash register from Learning Resources is for you. The 73 piece set helps teach math while allowing children to play the role of cashier. Fun and beneficial.


Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket Electric Motocross Bike

What child would not want a mini motocross bike for themselves? With the wind in their hair, the battery powered motor will hurtle them along at 14 mph, allowing them to safely conquer gravel tracks and dirt without going too fast. Durable and high quality, you can’t go wrong with a Razor.


KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen Set

If you know that your kid would want nothing more than their very own kitchen, buy them an awesome one thanks to KidKraft. This corner kitchen playset is absolutely stunning to look at and has been filled with interactive features and exceptional levels of detail to maximize the fun.


Melissa & Doug Freestanding Wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store

Is your little one a hard worker? Do they long to be able to do the everyday tasks that us adults find monotonous? Perfect, then send them off to ‘work’ with this Melissa & Doug fresh mart grocery store. Ideal for imaginative kids, the set contains all that they could need to both ‘shop’ and ‘serve’.


Lakeshore Let’s Play School

Your child may not enjoy being a student, but we bet they would love to be a teacher? This pretend play set is as close as they can get to being a teacher without having a college degree. Containing a whopping 65 actual classroom accessories and tools, this set will help them learn as they play.


MasterChef Junior Cooking Essentials Set

Trust MasterChef to deliver if you are looking for the ultimate toys for 7 year old boys. Officially licensed and designed to a high quality, this junior cooking essentials set contains all that they could need to start cooking and baking; it even comes with recipe cards and an apron.


Aeromax Jr. NASA Flight Suit

Is your little one an aspiring astronaut? They may be too young to ride in a rocket, but that does not mean they cannot reach the stars in their imagination. Help them to feel like a real life spaceman with this official NASA astronaut flight suit and matching cap; both of which come with exceptional detail.


Peg Perego John Deere Ground Loader Ride On

Help your child to join the elite collection of John Deere drivers with this brilliant ride on toy. Battery powered and easy to control, the John Deere ground loader looks just like the real thing and features a working front loader! With knobby tires and an adjustable, comfortable seat, they will fit right in on the farm.


Ben Franklin Toys Talking Toy Cash Register

Toy cash registers have been a popular choice amongst children for many years; it’s easy to see why. If you are looking for the ultimate pretend play cash register, you should take a look at this interactive, talking register that helps teach math in an exciting way! For a full breakdown of everything included, follow the link.


Rocket Duvet & Pillowcase Set

Bedtime doesn’t have to be boring, just make sure that your little one drifts off to the world of dreams comfortably tucked up in their very own rocket ship. That’s right, this duvet cover and pillowcase will make it look like they are happily seated in their own rocket: the dream voyager.


PonyCycle Ride-On Unicorn

Rocking horses are fun, but imagine having a rocking horse that can actually be used as transport. This ride on unicorn has been brought to us by PonyCycle and will make your child feel as though they are actually riding a mythical beast as their bouncing makes the stunning creature walk forwards!

Prices Vary

Learning Resources Play Tool Set

Does your child longingly watch you in your workshop as you build, construct and fix with your tools? Fortunately, there is a way that your child can imagine and play with their very own implements without the risk of injury. From hammers to drills, this pretend play tool set will make them happier than ever.


Step2 Grand Walk-in Wooden Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are often simple; with just a cooker and stove, they do not offer much in the way of imaginary play. This particular play kitchen, however, comes to us from Step2 and offers a huge variety of fun stuff to do! The walk in design features everything that a modern kitchen would boast, ready for pretend play.


Astronaut Duvet and Pillowcase Set

They say we can go wherever we want in our dreams, and if your child would love nothing more than to go to space, you can use this whimsical duvet set to make them feel like a real life astronaut. The pillow case and duvet cover go together to make your little one look the part perfectly.


FunsLane Dentist Toy Doctor Kit for Kids

Some children are frightened of the dentist, others are fascinated by them; if your child falls into the latter category, this dentist pretend play set will be right up their alley. Not only does it include dress up glasses, but also a wide selection of tools and instruments that will help them fill the role perfectly.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Ice cream is awesome, so if you’re looking for toys for 7 year old boys, this Melissa and Doug ice cream server is perfect. The 28 piece wooden set contains all that they could need to serve up unlimited scoops of ice cream to their friends and family, from the ice cream itself to the counter.


Aeromax Jr. Fire Fighter Bunker Gear

If you know that your child would love to be the hero, grab them this dress up set. With a jacket, overalls and suspenders included, your little one will feel like a firefighter in no time at all. Whether they are saving the cat from the tree or teaching fire safety, they’ll be having fun.


Epic Castle Playhouse

Pretend play is just the best, isn’t it? Give your child the tools to have the very best time thanks to this epic castle playhouse. This foldable set has been constructed using cardboard and will give your child their very own castle, dragons, and even armor to explore and play with.


Jetpack Backpack

Awesome, this fantastic backpack will make your little space explorer happy every time they go to school or on adventures, thanks to the fact is looks exactly like a deep space jet pack! With fabric fire coming from the jets and pockets on the rockets, they will never want to go anywhere without it.


Kids Doctor Set

If your child could be anything, would they be a doctor? Great news, as this exciting play set has everything they could need to feel like a real life doc. With authentic tools and instruments included, they will be able to perform the roles of a doctor with all of the correct equipment!


Veterinarian Pretend Play Print

Being a vet is cool, there is no doubt. If the kid in your life wants to be the best vet in the world, this pretend play set will help them. All you need to do is print out these files and they will have access to prescriptions, ID badges and numerous other veterinary documents.


XFMT Youth Kids Motocross Offroad Dirt Bike Gear

Does the child in your life spend all of their time riding their bike? Invest in this motocross set and give them the gear that they need to feel like a professional dirt bike rider. They can shred the trails around the neighborhood in style and safety, while you can relax knowing they’re protected.


Learning Resources New Sprouts Camp Out!

Camping is fun, but if your little one hates the fact that they can’t go camping every single week, they’re in need of a camping role play set. This particular one from Learning Resources features all of the camping staples from the camp fire to the S’mores, and comes comfortably housed in a duffel bag.


Kids Credit Card Pretend Credit Card Printable

Children love to play with adult things as they assume the role of a grown up. If you know that your child would benefit from their own pretend credit cards, download these files and you will be able to print some! Simply cut them out and laminate them; you can even edit the name.


Learning Resources Ice Cream Shop

Pretend play can be a great way for your child to develop their skills and knowledge whilst having a good time. If your little one has an awesome imagination, treat them to this sweet ice cream shop set. With an apron, menu, and tons of ice cream goods, they will be having fun by the scoopful!

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Doctor Role Play Costume Dress-Up Set

From Melissa & Doug comes this delightful doctor dress up set. Perfect for pretend play, this set contains a jacket, name tag and mask, along with quality toy tools and instruments. Your child will not only look the part, they will feel it too – ideal if you are searching for toys for 7 year old boys.


BBQ Playset

Help your mini griller to turn up the heat on their play time with this pretend BBQ set. Not only will you find a portable grill, you will also discover tons of utensils and food items that your little one can use to maximize their enjoyment. Watch as they stick on an apron and get cooking.

Prices Vary

B. toys by Battat B. Dr. Doctor Toy Pretend Play Set

Every doctor needs a portable box of equipment that they can take with them on house calls. If your child aspires to be a life saving doctor, this box contains all that they could want. Inside they will feast their eyes on an array of pretend medical equipment that any doc would be lucky to have.


Learning Resources Pretend & Play Animal Hospital

Whilst playing with this awesome animal hospital play set, children will begin to gain an understanding of how to care for animals as they play and learn. Open out the award winning set and you will find an entire 3 panel hospital complete with a plastic pup and loads of veterinary equipment.


Liberty Imports Fashion Barber Pretend Play Tool Kit

Barbering is a fine art; if it is something that your kid would love to master, you can start them early by giving them one of these brilliant barbering sets. Full to the absolute brim with pretend play equipment, your little one will be trimming beards and fading hair in no time at all.


Learning Resources New Sprouts Cookout!

Created using quality, crush resistant plastic, this play set from Learning Resources will give your child an appetite for fun. With plates, cutlery, and a wide array of pretend food, your child can host the best imaginary dinner parties and picnics right at home – how cool is that?


Liberty Imports Create-Your-Own Farm Building Playset

The growing of food in one’s own garden is dying out. Spark an interest in having a green thumb in your child and it will benefit them for life! This brilliantly inventive play set features all that your child could need to begin tending to their own garden, including tools, crops and even farmland plots.

Prices Vary

Magic Show Kit

Most children like magic, it is just fascinating for the young mind. If the child in your life has expressed an interest in learning this enchanting art, this is the set that they need. With magic history and trivia included, your child will also be able to learn some simple illusions and tricks.


Learning Resources Pretend and Play Checkbook with Calculator

For adults, writing checks is just not something that is enjoyable, whereas for children, it could be the most fun way to play! This pretend play checkbook doubles as a math set and helps to teach children how to fill in checks, make payments, and manage money. Awesome.

Prices Vary

Brainy Bucks Talking Cash Register Toy

If you are on the lookout for toys for 7 year old boys, you should consider picking them up something that will really benefit them. This talking cash register will allow them to play the role of a cashier whilst also learning. Watch as they scan items, talk on the microphone, and sort money.

Prices Vary

Workbench with Realistic Tools

Do you love to mess around with your tools as you build and fix things? The chances are your child would love to help. Ensure that they have the chance to be as creative as they want in a safe environment with this pretend play tool bench with included tools that is realistic throughout.


T-Rex Dino Toddler Hoodie Tops

Perfect as a Halloween costume, part of a dress up set, or even just as everyday wear, this dinosaur hoodie top is ideal for the prehistoric fan that you know and love. The lightweight and super soft cotton top boasts spikes along the back and a dinosaur graphic on the front – totally rawr-some!


eeBoo Best Pals’ Diner Set

Welcome to the Best Pal’s diner! This awesome play set is the perfect companion to the child that wants to open their own restaurant. With 2 whole menus included, along with a pad of guest checks, pretend money, food, drink and even cutlery, the whole family will be dining at Best Pal’s.

Prices Vary

Pretend Play Bumper Printable Vets

Your child may have access to pretend play veterinary equipment, but is that enough for them to run a pretend animal hospital? With these digital downloads, you can give your child access to x rays, prescriptions, name tags, appointment cards, and tons of other printable documents.


Space Odyssey Playhouse

Send your space adventurer into the stars in their very own ship thanks to this space odyssey playhouse. Made from cardboard, this foldable and portable set gives children access to a highly detailed spaceship that comes supplied with wearable space gear and little aliens that they will love to play with.


Starbucks Pretend Play

Any trip to Starbucks is good, even if it is a pretend one. Your kid will be able to spend all of the hours of the day pretending to make coffee, serve customers, and have fun in this brilliant Starbucks dress up set. With a cap, apron, and name badge included, they really will look the part.


KEDA Durable Kids Doctor Kit Pretend Play Toy Set

Professional booboo fixers are awesome! Treat your child to this set that contains all they could need to be the best imaginary doctor ever. With a carry case included, they will have access to their own equipment from a stethoscope to a blood pressure cuff, and will be able to give you a full check-up.


Battat Dalmatian Vet Kit Interactive Vet Clinic and Cage

With an adorable plush dalmatian included, this vet kit will provide your child with the tools to keep it healthy. Alongside a pet carrier, you will find a cool selection of pretend veterinarian equipment that will provide children with hours upon hours of imagination fueled fun.


Melissa & Doug Pretend-to-Spend Play Wallet

Get ready for your child to squeal with glee when they receive this brilliantly simple yet effective pretend play set. The wallet itself comes with 14 pretend notes, 19 coins, and a selection of cards that kids can write their own name on! They will definitely want to take it everywhere with them.


Big Dig Ride-on Working Crane

Does your kid love getting dirty? If they like construction vehicles and sites, you can give them the equipment needed to start churning up dirt and sand thanks to this exciting sit on digger. Simple in construction, it can effectively and easily pick up material, pivot, and drop it in another location.


Learning Resources Pretend & Play Camp Set For Kids

You can’t go camping unequipped, so why should your child go pretend camping unequipped? Learning Resources have brought out this slick set of camping gear that children will love to play with. Toys for 7 year old boys do not get much better than this award winning 9 piece set.

Prices Vary

Windmill Farm Playhouse

Your kid deserves their own spot in which they can have as many imaginary adventures as they like, and this windmill farm playhouse could be just the place for your little one to play! Cardboard in design, this set looks just like a windmill, is highly detailed, and comes with cardboard farm animals for company.


Kid’s Tool Set

Everyone should have their own tool kit, it’s just practical! If your little one longingly waits for the day they can own a tool box, surprise them with this pretend play kit that comes with a whole bunch of different implements and equipment that they can safely use to their heart’s content.


Pretend Play Animal Clinic Printables

No pretend play animal clinic is complete without the right documentation. Instead of hand crafting your child’s pet prescriptions and paperwork, why not instead download the following files that can be printed at home. Your little one will suddenly have access to all of the pretend play fun they could want.


Stop Motion Claymation Kit

If your child has a keen interest in all things animated, why not allow them the chance to make their very own animated film? This brilliantly cool Claymation kit gives your kid the opportunity, supplies, and information needed to head into the magical world of animation.


3 Creative Diy Pretend Play Activities

Diy Play Credit Cards

It’s no secret that children love to play with grown-up stuff – from keys to purses, they just enjoy pretending to be an adult! If you’re looking for ways that you can give your kid a ton of fun, head over to the following page where you will discover lots of printable and customizable credit cards.

Diy Vet Clinic Free Printable

Free printables are the best. If your child loves nothing more than dressing up and playing vet, this is the printable for them. Highly detailed and professional looking, these veterinary documents can be filled in by hand and will make your little one feel like a real life vet.

Diy School Playset

School is fun for both teachers and students. If the child in your life has a keen interest in becoming a teacher, this DIY school playset is the way to make them happier than ever. Simple to make, you will find all of the instructions on the following page.

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