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25 Brilliant Toys for Musical 6 Year Old Boys

When you think of toys for 6 year old boys you probably only think of footballs and video games, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If, like so many others, your little boy loves a bit of music, you can use this collection of musical toys to find him something he will enjoy.

toys for 6 year old boys

Acoustic Mini Guitar

Is your little one a big lover of all things musical? Perfect! Then this acoustic mini guitar is the ideal first instrument for him. With 3 strings instead of the usual 6, children will be encouraged as they use the included flash cards to learn how to play simple chords.


Welcome to the Symphony Exploration Book

Would you love for your child to learn a lot more about orchestras? If so, this picture book is the perfect companion for them. With 19 sound buttons, the fun book breaks down the world famous Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as kids learn about each and every section of the orchestra.

Prices Vary

Musical Pat Bells

Bells are an extremely underrated instrument. If your child likes the lovely sound that they make, this brilliant set of bells are all in the scale of C Major and have been designed specifically for even the smallest of hands. The included song cards will teach children how to play simple songs.


Casio Mini-Sized Keys Keyboard

Keyboards are wonderful instruments – they are so versatile. With a simple LCD screen and different tones to choose from, this Casio model is smaller than the usual keyboard allowing for younger children to competently use it to learn how to play a new instrument.


B. Symphony Musical Toy Orchestra

Wow, get a load of this. This musical toy orchestra allows children to listen to all of the different instruments that make up the orchestra one at a time, or in the order of their choosing. With 13 toy instruments included, and 15 melodies to choose from, the musical fun will never end.


My First Karaoke Adjustable Mic & Speaker

Looking for toys for 6 year old boys? Check this out. Karaoke is a lot of fun, so your child deserves to have their very own karaoke machine. With adjustable microphone and speaker, this set allows kids to plug in their own tunes via Mp3 so that they can sing and dance along to their heart’s content.

Prices Vary

KidKraft Lil’ Symphony Piano

Absolutely stunning in design, this KidKraft Lil’ Symphony piano is the ideal gift for the musically inclined child that you know and love. Fully working, this elegantly designed piano would look great in your kid’s room and will give him the perfect place to learn a brand new instrument.

Prices Vary

Cube Otamatone

Have you ever heard of an Otamatone? This awesome and electronic synthesizer instrument is now fully available for you to buy for your child. With a cute design, kids can slide their finger up and down to change the tone, or even squeeze its ‘face’ to modify the volume and bass.

Prices Vary


Help your kid enter the mellow world of the blues with this brilliant harmonica. With 16 holes, your child will love the learning process involved as they become more and more confident with this great instrument. A truly beneficial gift to get for any child.


Festive Animal Ukulele

How awesome is this? Striking in design, this delightfully cool ukulele has been covered in bright colors and regal horses; it truly is great to look at. Perfectly sized for young children, this ukulele is a great way to get them into music and give them a lifelong passion for this brilliant instrument.


Woodstock Kid’s Accordion

Ahh, the accordion, what a truly special instrument it is. This particular accordion comes to us from the world of Woodstock Chimes and really does look awesome in its bright red color. Ergonomically designed for children, it comes in the key of C and is even supplied with instructions on how to play it.


Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Classic Grand Piano

Who wouldn’t want to own a grand piano? If you would like your child to have the chance to own one, this Melissa & Doug piano is perfect. Supplied with an easy to read songbook, the color coded keys will be making sweet, sweet music in no time at all.


B. toys Jungle Jam Toy Drum Set

Kids just love to make noise, and there is no better way to make noise than by bashing, shaking or tapping a percussive instrument. Created to a high quality, this particular set contains 9 percussive instruments that children will enjoy learning to play. Colorful in design, the set even looks awesome!

Prices Vary

Jumbo Sized Animal Carnival Musical Playmat

With this musical playmat, kids can get active as they explore music. With 10 oversized keys and 3 different modes to play, children will be able to learn songs, listen to songs, and even, when they are ready, use their own creativity to compose and play their own songs. Durable and easy to clean!

Prices Vary

Waldorf Musical Hand Kite

Would your child truly benefit from a musical toy? Are you searching for one right now? Great! Hand made with love and care, this musical ribbon streamer is bursting with fun, color, and sweet sounds thanks to the attached bells. This music maker can even be personalized, making it that extra bit special.

Prices vary

NotePerfect Project All in One Music Reading Kit

Music theory is difficult, there is no doubt about that…but maybe that is because it is not taught in an engaging and effective way. With this Note Perfect music reading kit, you can be confident that your child will be accessing a simple, fun and exciting way of learning basic music theory at home.

Prices Vary

Wood Frog Guiro Rasp

Perfect to play and display, this wooden frog guiro perfectly imitates the ribbiting sound that we all know and associate with the world of frogs. If you are looking for toys for 6 year old boys, this exciting percussive instrument could be a definite winner.

Prices Vary

SunnyLIFE Wooden Tambourine Toy

Most of us started our musical days with either a recorder or a tambourine. If you are searching the internet looking for your kid’s first instrument, consider grabbing them one of these delightfully detailed and hand painted rainbow tambourines! Fun to look at, even more fun to play.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box Clap! Clang! Tap! Set

Straight from the world of Melissa & Doug comes this 10 piece musical instrument set. With everything included constructed to the highest of qualities, the range of instruments you will find inside the wooden carry crate will bring a bit of rhythm to your kid’s heart; from the triangle to the maracas.


Personalized Harmonica

Handmade, this harmonica is a wonderful way to get the child in your life interested in the world of music. Wooden in construction, this harmonica could even be the first instrument they ever learn to play! The very best part is the fact that it can be personalized with their name, making it truly invaluable.


AGPTEK MP3 Player for Kids

Music makes everything better. Whether your child is going for a stroll, doing their chores or simply sitting and relaxing, they would benefit from the sweet sound of music. With this kids’ mp3 player, they can take the tunes on their travels. With a digital screen, they will even benefit from the built in games and features.

Prices Vary

Kids Double Karaoke Mic

Everything is better with a friend. If your little one loves to sing and be merry, get them this brilliantly cool karaoke set. With a double mic on an adjustable stand, flashing colorful lights and the ability to plug in an Mp3 player, your kids will be rocking out every minute of every day.

Prices Vary

KidKraft Sing Along Mic and Amp

Has your little one always dreamed of singing to a huge crowd of adoring fans? Help them make their dream come true by investing in this KidKraft microphone and amp. With built-in crowd noises and beats, and the ability to playback music from an Mp3 player, this set will help them on their way to stardom.


Tin Music Boxes Toy

Some toys are truly timeless. If you are on the hunt for some stunningly different toys for 6 year old boys, why not get them a colorful and creative tin music box. With awesome designs covering the box, all kids need to do to hear the music is wind it up!


Singing Machine Karaoke System Home

Every family, and we mean EVERY family, should own a karaoke machine. This particular one is ready to bring some musical fun to your child’s life instantly! With built-in speakers, and Bluetooth connectivity, your little singer will be able to scream their lungs out whenever they want, all in the name of the arts.


3 Diy Musical Instruments for Kids

Diy Kazoo’s

Have you ever played the kazoo? Us too. If you love this simple instrument and would like your child to have access to one, why not consider making it instead? On the following page you will discover the information needed for you to make a DIY, homemade kazoo.

Diy Rain Sticks

Rain sticks have been contributing to music for hundreds of years. This ancient design can now be easily replicated in your home thanks to the instructions that you will find on this blog. Children will love to not only help to make it, but also to play it. You can even decorate it however you like.

Diy PVC Piper Xylophone

Anybody that loves DIY will know that PVC piping is useful for just about everything. If you have been toying with the idea of crafting the child in your life their very own instrument, this is your lucky day as the following page breaks down the information needed to make a xylophone out of PVC piping.

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