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34 Toys for 5 Year Old Girls That Love to Sing, Dance and Act

When a girl is 5, she’s discovering who she wants to be and the kind of things which interest her. If she’s showing signs of being a performer, and you’re searching for toys for 5 year old girls, this list is perfect because it contains loads of items which will help her on her way.

Choose toys for 5 year old girls from this list which will help her on her performing journey.

Qaba Kids Lovely Princess Electronic Piano Keyboard

Not only does this keyboard look utterly beautiful, it can also be used to teach your daughter how to play with the educational mode. The keys light up red as the song is playing so she can learn which key to press, and the detachable microphone means she’ll be able to sing along as well.


Karaoke Microphone with Speaker

Perfect for both adults and children, this handheld microphone is the perfect gift for a little girl who loves to sing. Its rechargeable battery has between 4-5 hours life and it can also be used as a speaker to play music through with lovely clear playback.

Prices Vary

Tumbl Trak Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Panel Mat

We all know that children like to roll and tumble to burn off all that excess energy they seem to have. Make sure they can do it safely with this Tumble Trak folding mat – simply choose from a number of different colors and patterns and she’s sure to love it.


Sequined Camisole Ballet Tutu

If your daughter loves ballet, this beautiful pink sequinned outfit will be perfect for her to practice in. The top is covered in shiny sequins while the skirt is made up of 4 layers of mesh tulle, giving it a full look which is perfect for practicing pirouettes in.


Little Pretender Kids Karaoke Machine

Introduce your daughter to the wonder of karaoke from a young age with this Little Pretender machine. It comes with two microphones so you can duet with your little superstar, and there’s also the ability to play your own music through it using Bluetooth, AUX or the radio.

Prices Vary

Charades Kids on Stage Tin

Charades is the perfect game for you to boost your child’s confidence, especially when they’re performing in front of other people. They’ll be acting out animals or objects in front of friends and family and, when the fun has finished, you can store it in the decorative tin.


Karaoke Portable System

Who said that karaoke fun has to stay inside your home? You can take this portable karaoke machine anywhere you like; it comes with a CD with 300 songs on but there is the option for you to play your own tunes through it so you can sing along to your favorite artists.


Light Up Dance Mat

This interactive dance mat will fine tune her dance skills, which is perfect if she wants to be a performer one day. Hop on and follow the flashing arrows which are in time to the built-in songs, or she could even play her own tunes via AUX or Bluetooth.


10-Minute Plays For Kids

Get this book for your little thespian so she can practice her acting skills outside of drama class. 10 Minute Plays for Kids features loads of different scenarios for her to act out so she can become the best she can be, which is especially important if she wants to make it as a performer.


Little PretenderKaraoke Machine with 2 Microphones

Choosing toys for 5 year old girls who love to sing will be made a lot easier with this karaoke machine. It has two microphones so she can duet with her favorite people to her favorite songs, as it also connects to other devices via AUX cable and plays your tunes through the speaker.


Drama Games for Kids: 111 of Today’s Best Theatre Games

Whether you use this book for at home or in her drama class, it’ll help her focus when she’s trying to get into character. It’s packed with 111 drama activities which will make it all the more fun and enjoyable; after all, we all act better when we’re having fun.


TiaoBug Sequined Ballet Swan Costume

 Swan Lake is one of the most recognized ballets, and the costumes the performers wear are just stunning. Your daughter can recreate the story of Odette with this beautiful snow white leotard and tutu, complete with matching white gloves and a sequin and feather hairpiece.


Singing Machine Karaoke System Home

Karaoke is so much fun, and us adults enjoy a good singing session every now and again, so why not pass on that love with this machine? It wirelessly streams music via Bluetooth so you can all sing along to the tunes you love the most, and it even has a stand for a tablet.


Qaba Baby Grand Digital Piano with Microphone and Stool

Learning to play the piano is a great skill to have but a full sized grand piano can be a bit daunting for a child. This pastel pink one looks as impressive as the adult version but it’s been downsized to make it more kid friendly. It also comes with a detachable microphone and matching stool.

Prices Vary

The PlumBand Stretch Band for Dance and Ballet

People think that dancing is easy, but with any sport, you need to warm up and stretch first. Pop this PlumBand into her dancing bag and it’ll help improve her flexibility and perfect those moves she needs to know while performing her latest dance routine.


Juggling Scarves

Use these colorful and lightweight silk scarves to encourage your children to get up and moving along to music. They’re really versatile and can be used in a number of dance activities at home, or in their dance class, it’s a great warm up exercise.

Prices Vary

Ballet Shoes

You can’t be a ballerina if you don’t have a good pair of ballet shoes, and these ones are perfect for a beginner. Made from soft leather and elastic to give a snug fit, these pretty pink shoes will be ideal for your daughter as she’s starting out on her ballet journey.

Prices Vary

Singing Machine

Load up your CD and sing to your heart’s delight with this singing machine. It has two microphone jacks so you can sing alone or in a duet if you feel like it, and the two digit LED display will show you which number song you’re singing along to on your favorite CD.


Athletic Leotards

It’s really important that you can move about easily when you’re a dancer, you don’t want to be wearing clothing which restrict your movement. This pink leotard is perfect for your daughter as the soft and breathable fabric will help her to move gracefully and smoothly.

Prices Vary

Ivy & Bean: Doomed to Dance

If your daughter is showing an interest in starting ballet lessons, this book will give her an idea of what she can expect. Not only will it help her make up her mind about ballet, but it’s also a really fun read about Ivy and Bean and the promise they made to their parents.

Prices Vary

Joysoul Kids Karaoke Machine

Does your daughter love to sing at every opportunity? Nurture that love with this karaoke machine which comes with two microphones so she can sing with mom, dad, siblings or friends and, because it plugs into smart devices, she can choose any song she likes.

Prices Vary

Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Rose gold is on trend at the moment and should be the color of choice when you’re looking for toys for 5 year old girls. This microphone can be easily synced with a smartphone so your daughter can sing along to her favorite songs and, because it’s portable, you can bring it wherever you like.

Prices Vary

Acting Scenes for Kids and Tweens

It’s really important for actors to be able to act out any scene that’s given to them, it’ll help them go far if they decide to perform for a living. This book has loads of acting scenes for kids and tweens, both comedy and drama, which can be used to strengthen their skills.

Prices Vary

LED Disco Ball by NuLights

Disco balls should be a staple in any young girl’s room. They’re perfect for adding a party feel to any space – the swirling multi-colored lights flash to the beat of the song you’re playing, while the digital display can be used to easily switch between manual and automatic control.


Pressman Charades for Kids

This kid-friendly version of charades is perfect for you to play with your little thespian to help strengthen their acting skills. We all know how charades works; you have to act out something without speaking and it’s the first team to guess correctly who will win the point.


Ballet Shoes Slippers

Ballet shoes are the most important part of any ballet dancer’s outfit as they help to protect the feet while performing the difficult moves. These ones are made from canvas so they’re really comfortable, and the non-slip cowhide sole means she’ll be safe while pirouetting.

Prices Vary

Singing Machine Top Loading CDG Karaoke System

You get the best of both worlds with this karaoke machine as it has the ability to play CD’s and stream music from your smart device via Bluetooth. The LED display will show you the track number of the CD you’re listening to, so you’ll be able to find the words for your new favorite song.


Qaba Kids Butterfly Garden Electronic Toy Keyboard Set

With a microphone, matching stool and sheet holder, this beautiful kid sized grand piano will be the perfect introduction to this wonderful instrument. Your daughter will be able to record what she’s playing and then listen to it afterwards with the record and playback function this piano has.


Sugar Plum Ballerinas: Sugar Plums to the Rescue!

The Sugar Plum ballerinas book series will make an excellent gift for any ballet fan. Sugar Plums to the Rescue is the 5th book in the series and is a real feel good read which both you and your daughter will enjoy reading together, whether it’s at bedtime or before her next ballet class.


MIANOVA Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke is an activity which is enjoyed by both adults and children – you’ll often find the machine being brought out at BBQ’s and parties. This portable microphone is the perfect toy for a 5 year old girl who loves to belt out her tunes, as it’s also a speaker, recorder, and microphone all in one.

Prices Vary

ESHOO Sequined Latin Salsa Tassel Dancewear

There are many styles of dance, from ballet to street, but if your daughter is showing an interest in ballroom, chances are that she’ll be learning Latin dances and she’ll need this impressive costume. In beautiful shades of blue and silver, the fringed skirt will look stunning as she swirls her way across the dancefloor.


Dancina Ballet Dance Tights Footed

Tights are needed to finish off a ballerina’s outfit, it’s not just about the tutu and shoes. These beautifully soft footed tights will fit your daughter well and match her ballet costume, protecting her legs from any stumbles she might have while perfecting her moves.


Ballet Slippers

Perfect for toddlers and young children who want to start off their ballet adventure, these slippers are lightweight and super soft, which will make dancing a breeze for her. They even have shock absorbing heel cushions so she’ll be able to jump around without causing herself an injury.


3 Diy Tutus She’ll Never Want to Take Off

Diy Peacock Tutu Tutorial

Whether you make this for your daughter as a ballet outfit or a Halloween costume, this no sew peacock tutu will grab the attention of everyone. All you need to do is carefully follow the instructions in this online tutorial and your daughter will be super pleased with what you’ve made for her.

Diy Ribbon Trimmed Tutu

Every aspiring ballerina needs a beautiful pink tutu in her wardrobe, and you’ll be able to make one yourself using this tutorial from The Ribbon Retreat. Once you’re confident in making them, you’ll soon be able to churn them out in every color there is.

diy Pom Pom Tutu Tutorial

This beautiful pom pom tutu will look stunning on stage or just as an everyday outfit. As soon as you’ve read the instructions in this DIY online tutorial, you can choose the color of the tulle and the pom poms, and then there’s nothing stopping you making more than one in every color!

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