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50 Toys for Artsy 5 Year Old Boys That Other Kids Will Love Too

Think of toys for 5 year old boys – what comes to mind? With this collection of art supplies, craft kits, and even DIY projects, you can bring a ton of creative fun into your little one’s life. Whether they love art, or you are just trying to get them into it, this list is for you.

toys for 5 year old boys

Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel

Melissa & Doug are recognized worldwide as being one of the best producers of children’s toys. If you are trying to find a way of getting your child more in touch with their creative side, this magnetic tabletop easel boasts not only a dry wipe side, but also a chalkboard surface along with added accessories.


Pix Perfect Pixel Art Kit

From Pix Perfect comes this pixel art kit that crafty kids will love. Use the included sequins of various colors to create a pixelated masterpiece that can even be displayed in the house for everyone to see; the best part is, everything is reusable allowing the fun to last for longer.


Kiwi Crate

Kiwi Co. is the company that will bring your child into their element and help them learn, create and play at the same time. This awesome subscription box will provide your child with hands on projects that will keep them entertained, inquisitive and simply having fun, and is available for 6 different age groups.

Prices vary

Crayola Ultimate Art Case with Easel

Crayola have been providing kids with artsy fun for a very long time now. If you love their brilliant products, grab your child one of these ultimate art cases that are full to the brim with colorful fun. Inside they will find crayons, pens, scissors, paints and a lot more, along with a built-in easel.


Klutz My Pom-Pom Pet Shop Craft Kit

Pom poms are a crafty person’s dream – they can be used for so much. If you’re searching for crafty toys for 5 year old boys, this pom pom pet shop book & craft kit is an ideal way to get them stuck in and creating. With accessories included, they will have an entire zoo in no time.


Dinosaur Reversible Boys Art Apron

Whether they are getting messy with paints, or whipping up a treat in the kitchen, your child needs an apron, right? This double sided apron is suitable for any and every young dinosaur lover; with pockets included, their clothes will stay clean and dry whilst they have fun and get messy.


Melissa & Doug Decorate-Your-Own Dinosaur

Wow! Check this out. Brought to us by Melissa & Doug, this fun art set will give your child the chance to paint not 1, but 2 solid resin dinosaur figurines. With 6 pots of paint included, the fun can begin right out of the box. Your little one will love decorating their dinos.


On-the-Go Art Set

Do you and your children get out a lot? Do they simply love to be creative? If so, it may be time for them to get their first portable art set. This particular one contains the materials and instructions for completing a number of projects, and storage space for any added extras they like to have.


Color the Earth Kit

This art product for kids really is cool! The inflatable globe shows all of the different countries on planet Earth and is great to look at. The best part about it is that it is supplied with a number of colored pens that are designed to allow children to color in the countries however they like.


Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush & Drawing Pad

When children are young, us as parents may limit their art time due to possible mess – think of paints and pens going everywhere! If you would like your child to be able to express themselves in a clean way, this no mess magic light brush and drawing pad from Crayola are the way to go.


How to Draw

Do you know anyone that wouldn’t want to be able to draw? Neither do we. Start your little one off early and watch as they build their skills and confidence whilst having a ton of fun with this step by step ‘How to Draw’ book, which contains 30 different projects.

Prices Vary

Mimtom Drawing Stencils

If your kid is a real lover of all things arts and crafts then this is the set for them. Brought to us by Mimtom, this stencil kit comes with a sketch pad, colored pencils, a carry case and, of course, loads of stencils! With so many included, children can create just about anything they want.


Crayola Silly Scents Twistables Crayons

Crayola have been at the forefront of crayon technology for a while, and these silky scents crayons are the best of the best. Their twistable design allows for a sharpener to be overlooked, leaving kids to spend more time enjoying their delicious scents (that’s right, they smell great) whilst they draw.


USA Jumbo Coloring Poster

With outstanding levels of detail throughout, this enormous map of the United States of America comes in black and white, allowing children to color it in in its entirety. From coast to coast, kids can learn the states as they color, whilst also learning about the facts and history of this great country.


My Hand Art

Everyone has drawn around their hand at some point in their life, it’s just so much fun. If you would like your child to have just as much fun drawing around their hands, get them one of these book & craft kits that center around hand art. With accessories included and full instructions, they can’t go wrong.

Prices Vary

Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection

Forget buying generic toys for 5 year old boys and instead focus on their arty side. This immense crayon set from Crayola has been dubbed ‘the ultimate crayon collection’ and it’s easy to see why. With 152 crayons of varied colors and effects included, there is no limit to the creative fun that can be had.


PAXCOO No Spill Paint Cups Set

Painting is a whole lot of fun, and simultaneously a whole lot of mess…or at least it has been until now. This 28 piece set contains not only paintbrushes, but also spill proof paint cups that will allow you to relax and enjoy your child’s art as opposed to being a nervous wreck. Enjoy!


Crayola Color Wonder Mess-Free Art Desk

Check out the Crayola mess free art desk that will enable your child to get as creative as they like without the worry of the tidy up procedures afterwards. The magic markers only show up on color wonder paper, meaning their skin and the furniture will stay clean; kids will especially love the included stamps.


Make Your Own Kaleidoscope Set

Have you or your child ever looked through a kaleidoscope? It is not something one easily forgets, they are simply mesmerizing. Your 5 year old will revel in the fact that this set will give them the tools and knowledge to actually create their very own kaleidoscope at home. A fascinating project for inquisitive kids.


Kid’s Art Apron Smock

Personalized gifts are awesome, always have been, always will be. Treat the 5 year old in your life to one of these art aprons that can be personalized with their name, and your choice of color and design. They even boast large pockets for paintbrushes, pens and more.


How to Draw Dinosaurs

What looks more awesome than a dinosaur? If your child cannot answer that question either, it’s safe to say they love dinos! This brilliant art book for kids is ready and ‘roaring’ to teach them step by step how to draw 28 different dinosaurs. Not only is it fun, it is great for their development, too.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel

The easel is a very important piece of equipment for artists everywhere. If your budding illustrator is on the lookout for one, invest in this brilliant and high quality standing easel from Melissa & Doug. With a dry wipe board, chalk board, paper clips and storage space, it’s perfect!


Natural Face Paint Kit

Face painting is fun, however there are some truly nasty products out there on the market. If you would prefer non toxic, organic and safe face paints to use on your child’s delicate skin, you need to pick up a set of these. Worry free role play fun for kids and parents alike.


Klutz My Egg Carton Animals

Are you a fan of Klutz kits? Check this one out. Not many toys for 5 year old boys include egg cartons, and that is what makes this award winning craft set so much fun. With instructions and materials included, your little one can create loads of awesome egg carton animals straight out of the box.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Combo Scratch Art Set

Do your child’s eyes light up every time that they see colorful, bright scratch art? Melissa & Doug have ventured into this brilliant and creative world and have brought us this deluxe scratch art set. With 16 assorted scratch boards and all of the necessary tools and accessories, your little one will love it.


We Craft Box

Subscription boxes really are the gift that keeps on giving, literally. If you would love for your child to receive exciting and constructive craft projects on a monthly basis, the We Craft Box is the way to do it. The fact that the projects are seasonally themed makes it even cooler.

Prices vary

Crayola Neon FX Light Board

Does your child feel lost without a pen in their hand? Chances are they love to draw. With this neon FX light board from Crayola, children can use the included pens to draw whatever they like; once their drawing is complete, use the light board to bring it to life in their choice of colors!

Prices Vary

Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Club

Join the sticker revolution and sign up to Mrs. Grossman’s Sticker Club. This exciting and artsy subscription box will ensure that your child receives a themed selection of premium Mrs. Grossman stickers every single month, along with other goodies that will delight and enthral, from iconic designs to exclusive examples.

Prices vary

Giggles On The Go

Giggle on the go is the subscription box for the budding artist in your family. Perfect for 5 year olds, these art boxes are designed to bring your child a whole load of creative magic on a monthly basis in the form of art supplies and projects. Watch as they get to work creating and crafting.

Prices vary

Donut Sidewalk Chalk Set

You wouldn’t think it by looking at them, but these donuts can draw! That’s right, these epic looking tasty treats are actually made from chalk and are absolutely ideal for the sidewalk. Handmade and hand painted in the US, they have been designed to excite and engage children in a creative activity.


Crayola Create ‘n Carry Case

Crayola are a trusted company when it comes to children’s art supplies, their consistent high quality makes them a market leader. If you like Crayola, grab your little artist one of these portable art sets. Filled with some of Crayola’s best products, the set features a carry case that can double up as a lap desk.


Eco Finger Paint

Finger painting is great! What could be more fun than getting your hands covered in paint and creating a messy masterpiece? These eco paints are the perfect way for you to allow your child to enjoy this fun experience, without having to worry about the ingredients or toxicity of the all natural paints.


Eco Stars Recycled Crayons

Fun to draw with and great to look at, these star crayons have been created entirely from discarded and pre used crayons that would have otherwise ended up in the garbage. Colorful and creative, these handmade stars are perfect for any and every young artist as they can still be used to draw.


Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Art can be created from anything, but any artist worth their salt has a collection of cool equipment that will help them to make magic happen. This enormous set from Crayola contains not only crayons, but tons of different and exciting art equipment that can all be comfortably organized within the carry case.


Dinosaur Arts and Crafts Kit

If you’re looking for toys for 5 year old boys, and you know that the 5 year old in your life loves anything toothy from the Triassic period, this brilliant art set has been filled with accessories and equipment that allows children to make as many dinosaur arts and crafts as they like.


How to Draw 101 Animals

Having the ability to draw 101 animals is no small feat…just think how awesome it would be. If your child is taking a keen interest in the world of art and could benefit with a little bit of extra knowledge, this step by step instruction book will leave them with that awesome ability in no time.



Messy play is the best play. Playing with dough is perfect for children as it allows them to be creative, whilst also aiding in their sensory development. If you worry about the nasty ingredients that can be found in commercial products, pick up a pack of this handmade, safe and economic dough now.


Creativity for Kids The Big Creativity Can

Brought to us by Creativity For Kids, this big creativity can is ideal for the inquisitive and artistic mind in your life. Filled to the absolute brim with craft materials, the set itself gives children the opportunity to use their own mind to invent, design and create their very own projects.


Melissa & Doug Sand Art Bottles Craft Kit

Do you remember being a child and making your own sand art at a beach stall or craft fair? Make sure that your little one grows up with the same fond memories thanks to this sand art kit from Melissa & Doug. With 3 bottles included along with 6 different colored sands, the options are endless.


Artlicious Chubby Wubby Kids’ Paint Brush Set

All paintbrushes are not the same, period. If your child loves to paint and make beautiful art, this selection of assorted brushes from flat to round will be the ultimate way to kit them out to make a masterpiece. They are even supplied in a range of different colors.


Flipbook Kits

Flipbooks are simple, yet extremely effective! If you think it would be fun and beneficial for your child to have some flipbook time, grab them this set that includes 2 pre-drawn and one completely blank flipbook for your child to complete at their leisure. With markers included, the fun can begin straightaway.


Eco Crayon Sticks

Traditional crayons are great, but sometimes you can find that they are not the safest things in the world. If you would love for your little one to have a natural alternative to draw with, these eco crayon sticks are handmade and come in some truly awesome colors.


jackinthebox Art and Craft Felt Kit

Have you ever felt felt? It feels amazing! This craft book kit includes 3 different felt activities that are all safari themed. With full instructions included, along with the necessary materials, this educational and constructive set is perfect for not only kids, but for the whole family to enjoy.

Prices Vary

Hey Clay Birds Colorful Kids Modeling Clay

Modeling can have an outstanding effect on children’s developments. Not only can it improve their creative mind, but also their motor skills (and a lot more for that matter). With an included educational app about modelling, this complete kit is ready to bring modelling fun into your child’s life.

Prices Vary

Two Pink Balloons

Looking for toys for 5 year old boys? This activity subscription box service will provide your child with entertainment every month. With different themes monthly, often educational, your kid will have access to felt based activities that will ensure that they use their mind as they play and learn.

Prices vary

Crayola Washable FingerPaints

Washable from both skin and clothes, this set of non-toxic finger paints are safe to use and will leave you relaxed and worry free as your children play and create. Brough to us by Crayola, these 6 bottles of finger paints will give your child all of the messy, creative, artsy fun that they could want.


Arts & Crafts Racer Car Toy Kit

Take a look at this award winning creative craft kit if you are looking to enrich your child’s life. As opposed to just playing with their toys, this kit allows your child to undertake the role of designer and creator as they get hands on and build their very own race car.


Kahootz Spirograph Design Tin Set

Straight from Kahootz comes the original spirograph design set. If you know that your child would love to create these stunning and equally exciting designs, this is the way to do it. With 15 pieces included, children will be spiraling, spinning and drawing in no time.


Color and Trace the Letters of the Alphabet

Learning the alphabet is an important part of growing up, but it is not always necessarily fun. With this exciting paperback, children can practice their handwriting in an arty, colorful and creative way! They will learn all of the letters in no time at all.


5 Creative Diy Art Ideas for Your Little Picasso

Diy Travel Coloring Case

If your kid is a lover of all things color, you should create them an on the go DIY coloring case that will keep them occupied during transit. Whether in the car, on a plane or even on the school bus, this easy to complete project will leave your child with a gift they will love.

Diy Cardboard Easel

If your budding artist needs a surface to complete all of their work on, it’s time to start looking into easels. Instead of buying one, however, you can use the following article to find out just how to create one at home out of cardboard. Fun to make and your little one will love it.

Diy Light Table Ikea Hack

Light tables are important, especially for artists. Unfortunately though, they can be a bit expensive. If you would love to find a way to make your child a working light table, use this series of instructions to discover how. With just a small shopping trip and a little of your time, you can make the perfect one.

Diy Chalkboard Easel

If you would like access to the instructions on making a folding chalkboard easel at home, all you need to do is follow the link. Perfect for children that like to craft and create, this project is fun for everyone involved and is a good alternative to toys for 5 year old boys.

Diy Drawing Paper Roll

DIY is fun, right? Save money and hassle and make your child an artistic gift as opposed to buying one. This brilliant list of instructions will allow you the opportunity to make a drawing paper roll right from home without breaking a sweat. Constructive and beneficial to your little ones.

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