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24 Toys That Will Aid in Developing Healthy Habits in 4 Year Old Girls

Searching for toys for 4 year old girls is no mean feat as it can be hard to work out just what they are capable of and what they will like. This list gives food for thought with a varied selection of toys that will stimulate, educate, and entertain.

toys for 4 year old girls

Moonjar Classic Moneybox: Save, Spend, Share

Teach your child how to save, share, and use money with this clever money box that combines saving with planning and purchasing. With separate compartments for saving, spending, or sharing, each with a removable acrylic, they’ll have fun with their gifts or well earned pocket money using this multiple award winner.

Prices Vary

Cuddle Barn Storytelling Dragon

This adorable plush talking dragon makes a great toy for a 4 year old girl as it reads 5 classic fairy tales to your child. Whilst the dragon reads, his head turns and his mouth moves as he recites such favorites as Hansel & Gretel, Rapunzel, and several more.


KD Kids Rescue Runts Husky Plush Dog

For a child that loves dogs, these gorgeous Rescue Runts are the best thing to start out with. There’s an included grooming kit so kids begin to learn how to look after a dog by picking out fleas, paw cleaning and fur brushing, and there are 4 puppies to collect and look after.

Prices Vary

Mom and Me Cookbook

Children love to cook, and this informative and fun cookbook will show you recipes to start with that are not overly complex for a young child. The book covers basic cooking techniques, tips, simple first recipes and tasty and nutritious meal ideas that will get the whole family talking.

Prices Vary

Fitdeck Kids Exercise Playing Cards for Guided Workouts

These fun cards are designed to get kids moving by depicting different exercises which don’t require any equipment to perform. Ideal for classrooms, outdoors, or at home, the set contains 50 cards to work from and also has a games and activities booklet included to give you further inspiration.


Green Toys Tea Set

All kids love the play pretend of gathering together for a large picnic or tea party, and this set gives you the capacity to make such a playdate for them. Durable, strong, and meeting hygienic requirements, this set can be used to serve actual food and drink and is made from 100% recyclable materials.


A Handful of Quiet: Happiness in Four Pebbles

Help your child ease away the stresses of the day with this excellent book that shows simple and easy forms of meditation to calm your mind. Designed to give children a hands-on and creative way to touch their inner thoughts and processes which can alleviate stress, increase concentration and nourish gratitude.


Mindful Kids: 50 Activities for Calm, Focus and Peace

With all the stresses and strains that are affecting kids these days, this set of practical and simple exercises will help ease away the pain and frustration. Included are 50 creative, mindfulness games, visualizations, and exercises on individual cards with full color illustrations which complement the booklet provided.


Curious Chef Kids’ Chef Kit

For kids that love to cook, this apron and utensil set will be an absolute delight. This 11 piece set comprises of a bright pink apron, 6 piece measuring spoon set, a whisk and a large silicone mixing spatula. Dishwater safe and safety tested, these items make for a fun time for all users.


Fisher-Price Little People Animal Rescue Playset

The little people are on the loose and rescuing animals with this terrific playset from Fisher-Price. With a Mia figure, firefighter Rob and 2 animal figures, they take to their jobs on board the fire truck and helicopter which make fun sounds and flash a number of lights.


MyPlate Divided Kids Portion Plate

Getting kids to eat can be a chore at times but this set of fun plates also teaches the little ones about the importance of different food groups. Dishwasher and microwave safe, these plates are made of melamine and have no sharp edges or corners to catch out unsuspecting kids.


Starshine Watchdogs Skye Stuffed Animal Bedtime Toy

Kids can have a fear of the dark which keeps them awake at night instead of heading off to blissful slumber. This adorable toy for 4 year old girls will help her sleep by being a night light and a softly spoken companion as the lights go down on another day.

Prices Vary

I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness

To help young kids relax from the strains and stresses today’s world puts on them, this book gives a range of experiences that help kids express their emotions through direct speech, wonder at the beauty of the natural world, and find empathy through imagination, amidst a myriad of expressive watercolor illustrations.


Kids’ Fun and Healthy Cookbook

This recipe book gives over 100 step by step recipes in full color photographic detail which show that healthy food can be fun. As well as a lot of lively recipes, this book challenges kids to think about how they eat and how it affects their bodies.

Prices Vary

Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book

This kids’ cook book has 65 brand new recipes that are easy to follow and packed with handy hints and fun ways for kids to make them their own. With fun and engaging full color illustrations, this book gets your child cooking but also explains the nutritional issues behind those meals.


Mirari OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

Are your kids getting up before the dawn has even thought about rising? This groovy alarm clock can help with its adorable color changing night light which teaches kids to stay in bed longer. Improve everyone’s sleep with this USB powered alarm clock with interchangeable faceplates and fun animations.


Little Live Scruff-A-Luvs

Give your child a dog to care for but without the effort of everyday walking and hairs on your couch. Arriving as a little matted ball of hair, this toy will teach your child that pets require care and attention, preparing them for the live animals that they may want one day.


The Disney Princess Cookbook

Let the stars of the big screen show your child how to prepare some great treats for the whole family. With step by step instructions, this cookbook is designed for kids of a younger age to follow and make some kitchen magic, spurred on by the Princesses of the Magic Kingdom.


Phresh Chi Yoga Mat with Built in Exercise Game

This yoga mat is a great tool for family bonding, allowing your kids to participate with you in relaxing exercises and workouts. Useable with an iPad app and free online videos, these will help develop children’s breathing and meditation and also the physical alignment of their growing bodies.


Listening to My Body

This book has a wealth of methods for getting kids involved in thinking about their own bodies and how they react to certain situations. An interactive and engaging picture book, it teaches kids to pay special attention to their bodies to help them understand and recognize the feelings they come across daily.


Ben Franklin Toys Kids Talking ATM Machine

It’s important to teach your child about savings, and what could be better than a modern machine that will become part of their life as they gro?. This toy ATM talks, calculates, and totals their account balance and has a bank card, a coin slot, a manual bill feeder and a combination vault.


Doc McStuffins Go Carrier-Whisper

This gorgeous toy for 4 year old girls or boys who love animals lets them carry their furry toys around in safety whilst also bringing along everything a junior vet could require. Complete with a pet stethoscope, hair brush, otoscope, cone collar and paw cast, your child can deal with any toy emergency that happens.


Good Night Little Lamb Essential Oil Blend

This blend of essential oils can help a young child get to sleep and keep them in restful slumber all night. Plant based, these oils consisting of lavender, roman chamomile, petit grain and orange (amongst others), are gentle and safe for kids but bring a calming recipe to your child.

Prices Vary

Smart Piggy Trio Bank

Based around the principles of save, spend, and share, this money box will help train your child to be money-wise. There’s a simple to follow kid’s guide that introduces your child to basic money concepts, and the easy to access boxes allow your kid to be active in maintaining a track of their balances.


10 Diy Banks Every Kid Will Love

Diy Plastic Bottle Airplane Bank

Build this great looking budget airplane from scratch using recycled products and basic paper and scissors by following this money saving blog. Using simple instructions and by taking note of the clear instructional pictures, you can create a toy that looks like no amateur has been near it.

Diy Giant Mail Tube Pencil Piggy Bank

For a piggy bank with a difference, this DIY blog shows you how to create a money saving device that looks like a giant pencil. By following the basic instructions and checking the helpful photos provided, you’ll have a stylish looking piggy bank in no time.

diy Spend, Save and Share Piggy Banks

For a piggy bank built on a budget that still promotes good habits, check out this helpful blog on building a practical savings device. Using the principles of spend, save, and share, this piggy bank not only looks good but promotes to your children the idea of managing their money.

Diy Seuperhero Majon Jar Banks

To encourage a child to begin to save their money, make it a delight by showing that their favorite superhero does it too. With simple instructions and some useful photographs to explain details, this blog will have you making your own superhero savings device in no time.

Diy Spend, Save, Give Piggy Banks

Build a piggy bank for your child based along the lines of save, spend, and share by following the instructions in this handy blog post. With a little DIY and basic wood working, you can achieve a great looking money saving device that won’t break the bank itself.

Diy Coin Sorting Machine (Runs on Gravity)

Take charge of your child’s finances by building them this groovy piggy bank that also manages to sort their coins out for them as well. With detailed instructions and some instructional pictures to help you see the design, you’ll build a bank they can be proud of.

Diy Minion Mason Jar Coin Banks

With the popularity of the cheeky Minions from the silver screen, you’d be daft to miss this opportunity to create your own Minion piggy banks with this DIY blog. With simple instructions and Mason jars at its core, this blog gives simple instructions to create this fun gift.

Diy Disney Savings Jar

Whether you’re getting the little ones to save for a big trip or simply to learn about money, then this blog can help you. It shows how to create, simply but effectively, a savings jar based around a Disney theme but not requiring vast knowledge of crafting techniques.

Pot O’ Gold Diy Piggy Bank

Everyone knows there’s gold at the end of the rainbow, but now with this blog you’ll make sure there’s money there, too. With simple instructions and good visual aids, you’ll make a pot of gold piggy bank with a stylish rainbow sitting on top. Unfortunately leprechauns are not provided!

Diy Ice Cream Fund Mason Jar

Make sure there’s always plenty of loose change available when the ice cream van comes calling, with this gorgeous DIY ice cream fund money jar. With just a few crafty supplies and a trusty mason jar, you can create this gorgeously retro-looking savings jar so you never have to miss out on ice cream again.

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