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50 Underrated Toys for 3 Year Old Girls – Games and Toys That Teach

Choose the perfect toys for 3 year old girls from this list. We’ve done all the hard work for you and gathered together some amazing toys which aren’t only fun but educational too. From classic toys to modern technological ones, these are underrated but so much fun.

toys for 3 year old girls

Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wood Lacing Sneaker

Learning how to tie their own shoelaces is something every parent has to teach their children, but it often gets forgotten. This wooden sneaker from Melissa and Doug will encourage them to practice tying shoelaces and eventually mastering the skill, allowing them to become that little bit more independent.


Melissa & Doug Double-Sided Magnetic Tabletop Art Easel

Kids love to draw and express themselves through art, but it can turn into a huge mess and you’re the one who has to clean it up. Keep everything clean and tidy with this double sided table top easel; one side has a magnetic dry erase surface while the other has a chalkboard.


LEGO My First Bricks Building Kit

LEGO has so many possibilities, but the classic bricks are a bit small for three year olds. These chunkier Duplo blocks are big enough for little hands to hold and build with without being a hazard. Watch as their imagination leads them to create weird and wonderful builds from these colorful blocks.


Milton the Mealtime Companion

Once they’re fully fledged toddlers, they suddenly start to become fussy with their food. Milton is here to help you avoid those mealtime meltdowns when they see any greenery. Feed this food-grade silicone buddy some vegetables and as long as Milton likes it, it shouldn’t seem too scary to your child anymore.


My First Piano Book

This book could be the thing which sparks an interest in your child so that they want to learn to play piano properly. For now though, this book will teach them to play 10 songs, such as The Wheels on the Bus and The Mulberry Bush, using 6 different instruments like the piano and saxophone.


iPlay, iLearn Bath Toy

Sometimes the only way you can encourage your daughter into the tub is to bribe her with some fun bath toys. Add this shower fountain toy to your bath toy collection and you won’t be able to get her out of the water…she’ll always want to play with this interactive and colorful toy.

Prices Vary

ALEX Toys Little Hands String A Farm

Suitable for 3 to 5 year olds, this String a Farm toy will teach her a number of things, including the different farm animals, as well as sequencing and fine motor skills. Use the cotton lacer to create a sequence of farm animals which can be changed again and again.

Prices Vary

Personalized M Is for Me Book

Your daughter is never too young to learn how to be confident and recognize her best traits. This personalized book begins with a personal message written by you and from then on, it’s filled with an ABC of positive personality traits which will help your daughter build her self-esteem.


Funny Faces Educational Game

The best thing about this toy is that you can use it to teach your child from the age of 2 to 6+, creating different scenarios. The eco-friendly plastic face pieces come in a carry case so you can keep them altogether when you’re not using them to learn about emotions or create funny faces.


Personalized Constellation Growth Chart

A record of our children’s growth is something we should all have to look back on, especially when they’re grown up. This one is printed on museum grade canvas with a backdrop of beautiful constellations on a dark blue sky – it’ll make a beautiful keepsake for you to show them when they’re parents themselves.


Lincoln Logs Lake Union Lodge

If you’re looking for good toys for 3 year old girls, you can’t go wrong with this Lincoln Logs set. It contains 88 parts and pieces, made from real wooden logs, which your child can use to create three realistic structures using the instructions included.


Worm Color Wooden Toy

Perfectly simple, this wooden Montessori toy will improve their hand eye coordination, logical thinking, and color recognition as they use the magnet to get the colored “worms” out of the holes in the log. It’s a great early educational toy for toddlers to play independently with.

Prices Vary

Piano Keyboard

Music is something our children can use to express themselves, but instead of them making random noises, teach them to use this multifunction portable keyboard which has 37 keys and also comes with a microphone. You can even record and playback their creations which your daughter will absolutely love.

Prices Vary

iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set

Introduce them to the wonderful game of golf with this portable golf set. You’ll receive an interchangeable club with different heads, as well as 15 balls, and because it’s lightweight you can set up anywhere; the park, your backyard, or even the beach to get their chipping skills perfect.


Make a Match Puzzle Games

Use this Make a Match puzzle to teach your child how to count, recognize different objects, and how to solve puzzles. The twelve pairs have been made with thick cardboard so they’re durable and have been decorated with non-toxic paint so they’re safe for your child.

Prices Vary

Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard

This is a super simple activity which will keep your daughter busy for hours. Take the colored mushroom nails and push them into the picture cards to complete them. It’ll improve her fine motor skills, color recognition, and imagination as she creates wonderful pictures.


Jumbo Counting Bears with Stacking Cups

These adorable little bears may look simple but they’ll help your child improve a number of skills like counting or helping them with recognizing different colors. They also come with matching colored cups so you can sort them by color for a rainy day activity, and are BPA, Phthalate, lead, and latex-free for peace of mind.


EMIDO Building Blocks

A great alternative to LEGO (let’s face it, we hate standing on the bricks!), these plum shaped blocks can be used to create anything your toddler can imagine, like flowers, bikes, or something completely new. They’re perfect for color recognition, counting, and improving fine motor skills too.

Prices Vary


Play Doh is a classic toy and most of us have bought it for our children at some point, but chances are that they’ve tried to eat it. If that sounds familiar, ease your worries and choose Eco-Dough instead which has been colored using the natural dyes which come in fruits and vegetables.


Stackable Pegs and Peg Board Set

Arriving in a carry bag, these pegs can be used for a number of activities which can all help your child’s development. Stack them up to help with counting, sort them into colors to make them more familiar, or improve fine motor skills by putting the pegs into the board they come with.


Peg Board Stacking Toy

Recognizing different shapes is something our children learn at quite a young age and these Montessori pegs come in different colors and shapes. They’re all stackable so you can sort them by color, shape or even in groups of numbers so they’ll help with all stages of your child’s development.


Educational Insights Magic Moves Electronic Wand

Kids very rarely stay still, they seem to have endless bags of energy. Channel that energy into a game with this Magic Moves wand; not only will they be moving and tiring themselves out but they’ll also be learning how to follow instructions and expand their vocabulary.


VTech Spin and Learn Color Flashlight

Sometimes the only way we can get our children to sit down and engage with learning is to incorporate a toy. This flashlight from Vtech has over 50 sing along songs as well as fun phrases to encourage them to learn their numbers and colors.


Matching Shapes and Colors Eggs

These egg toys can be used for a number of activities to improve your child’s skills. When you crack them open, you’ll see a range of different colors and shapes. Encourage your daughter to put them back together by matching the shapes or sorting them in groups of colors.


Spelling Alphabet Letter Game

It’s never too young to teach your children how to read or spell, and educational toys are great for this. If you need toys for three year old girls, this alphabet letter game will improve English skills as well as recognizing different items, such as a clown, zebra, or even a crab.

Prices Vary

Moonio Wooden Lovely Bee Picking Toy

One of the best ways to get our children to learn is by using a toy so they don’t even realize that they’re learning. This colorful bee game is made from eco-friendly wood and will improve their fine motor skills as they use the tweezers to pick up the bees from their hive.

Prices Vary

Lewo Wooden Educational Toys Magnetic Art Easel

Your child will be able to take this everywhere and it will keep them occupied wherever they are. Open up the box to find some magnetic animals to stick to the whiteboard side of the lid which can be drawn on using markers, or flip it over to the chalkboard side for a different fun element.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Kidnoculars

Go on regular nature walks and take these with you; the only binoculars designed for kids. They’re focus free and have big eyepieces which make them super comfortable for your daughter when she’s using them. The breakaway neck strap is great for her to keep them (and her) safe and handy whenever she spots a bird.


Garden Plate & Utensils

When our children start getting fussy with their food, we’ll do anything to try and get them to eat. Why not try out this pretty plate and utensils set? Instead of regular cutlery, they’ll be able to use a hoe, shovel, and rake to eat and the matching plate finishes the whole look off.

Prices vary

rolimate Wooden Preschool Board Block

Big enough for little hands, these wooden toys are covered in a non-toxic paint so you can be sure that they won’t be dangerous. Teach her how to recognize colors and shapes as well as improve her number and counting skills with this sorting toy.


Melissa & Doug See & Spell Wooden Educational Toy

Prepare her for school and teach her how to read, recognize letters, and spell with this wooden letters set from Melissa and Doug. It comes with over 50 colorful letters which fit into the 8 cut out boards to spell out three or four letter words.


Queena Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

This might look like a simple dressing up game but it can teach children so many things. For example, spatial awareness because they’ve got to work out which shape fits in which hole, as well as emotions as each bear can have their face changed, depending on how they’re feeling.

Prices Vary

Educational Insights Shapes Beanbags

You’ll be able to create so many fun games and activities using these beanbags. They’ll be able to learn shapes and colors, and even read as well, no matter how you decide to use them. Keep them all together in the carry bag provided and you’ll always have a rainy day activity ready.


100 First Words for Little Geeks

We all remember what our child’s first word is, even when they’re an adult. If you want it to be a little bit more exciting than “dog” or “milk”, this book contains 100 first words for geeks, from STEM terminology to movie references. She’ll be a genius in no time!


Wooden Blocks Colorful Tetris Puzzle Blocks

Tetris is a classic game which most of us have played. Instead of showing your children the electronic version, use these wooden blocks to show them how to play. You can teach them their shapes, colors, and spatial awareness all while playing your favorite game.

Prices Vary

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

Perfect for introducing them to the world of science, this microscope is ideal for little people with lots of curiosity! With 8x zoom, they’ll be able to find out loads about the world around them up close, from leaves on a tree to shells they’ve picked up at the beach.


Microscope Science Toy

The fun monkey design on this microscope will grab their attention straight away before they’ve even realized what it can do. Gather up some everyday items and place them under the lens to show your child how interesting an ordinary garden stone can be.


Thumball Numbers 6

No one really enjoys learning from a textbook, and children are more likely to retain information if they’ve had fun while learning it. Use this ball to improve their number and counting skills; you’ll be able to create fun educational games using it and they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Prices Vary

Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot

Robots are exciting so why not use this kit to show your children how they work? A perfect toy for three year old girls, she’ll be able to put build him by drilling in the bolts which hold him together. Who knows, she might grow up to become a robot engineer because of it?


Lewo Wooden Magnetic Maze Toys

This 3-in1 puzzle is perfect for keeping your children entertained when you want 5 minutes’ peace. On one side is a bead maze which will improve their fine motor skills, and on the other there’s a jigsaw as well as a dry erase board so they can doodle without making a lot of mess.

Prices Vary

Make A Match Game

Everyone has played at least one game of Snap in their life, right? These thick cardboard cards could be used for playing Snap or maybe a simpler version where your child picks out the matching pairs. It’s a great rainy day game for you and your children to play together.

Prices Vary

Melissa & Doug Abacus

Is there a more classic toy than an abacus? Made from durable wood with colorful beads, this one from Melissa and Doug will double up as a lovely accessory for your room when your child isn’t playing with it and improving her number skills.


Little Patient

Kids are naturally curious, they want to know anything about everything and that includes the human body. This cute plush patient has a zippable tummy so your child can open him up and look at the different organs inside and learn what their functions are.


Make a Match Opposite Puzzle

Opposites can be a pretty difficult concept to grasp for kids, but these flash cards can help. They have to match twelve opposite pairs including high and low, and open and closed, and they’re made of thick cardboard so they’re durable, while the bright colors will grab your toddler’s attention.

Prices Vary

LeapFrog Scribble Write

The old fashioned way of learning to write still works, but with technology so prevalent these days, maybe it’s time to rethink that. Use the LeapFrog Scribble and Write to teach your daughter how to draw both the upper and lower case letters of the alphabet as well as the numbers 1-10.


Melissa & Doug Beginner Wooden Pattern Blocks

Melissa and Doug make strong and durable wooden toys for children and this set is just one of them. Your daughter has to use the wooden shapes to match up to the design templates – it’s great for spatial awareness as well as recognizing different colors and shapes.


Chinatera Wooden Magnetic ​Apple Tree

Use this toy for 3 year old girls to teach your daughter how to count. Both the brightly colored tree and the shiny red apples have magnets in so you can stick the fruit in the tree – get your child to count how many you’ve put in there and then have a go herself.

Prices Vary

Scary Bingo

Bingo is a classic game but your three year old might not want to play the normal way. Buy Scary Bingo to get her interested. There’s over 45 funny and silly monsters who want to play as well. All you have to do is get a row and call “Bingo!” first.


Red Lace, Yellow Lace

This book is perfect for teaching your children how to tie their shoelaces. With a little rhyme and full color illustrations, they’ll be able to put their own shoes on by themselves in no time and gain some independence, just in time for preschool.

Prices Vary

Alphabet Foam Bath Toys

Make bath time more fun with these foam puzzles. With a mixture of both animals and letters, your daughter will be able to learn while she’s getting clean. They’re eco-friendly and non-toxic so she can play as much as she likes without you worrying.


5 Super Fun Diy Gifts for Toddlers

Diy Sensory Board

Sensory toys are great for improving a whole range of skills in your toddler but the toys in the store can be expensive. Why not follow this tutorial and have a go at making one yourself? Cover a board in different sensory items and your daughter won’t get ‘board’ with it too quickly.

Diy Frozen Silly Putty

Frozen Fever is still gripping our children, with Elsa and Olaf still super popular. If you’ve seen the movies more times than you’d like to admit, have a go at making this Frozen inspired silly putty. Bright blue and sparkly, it looks as though Elsa herself has conjured it up.

Diy Doctor Play Kit

Children love role play and dressing up, they create make believe worlds which they can get lost in for hours. Make this DIY doctor’s kit and your daughter can run around and fix everyone’s boo boos, from yours and her dad’s to her cuddly toys’.

Diy Velcro Ball Set

Super simple but loads of fun, this DIY Velcro Ball game will improve your daughter’s hand eye coordination and teach her how to catch. Using cheap gloves and a simple ball with Velcro attached, you’ll be able to play this in all seasons and weather.

Diy Mix and Match Alien Magnets

Are you shopping around for toys for three year old girls? Whether you’re watching the pennies or you don’t know what to buy her, these DIY alien magnets will be a hit with her, especially when she figures out that she can mix and match them to create weird and wonderful space creatures.

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