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50 Interactive Toys for 3 Year Old Boys – STEM Toy and Gift Ideas

Check out this list we’ve put together. It’s filled with great toys for 3 year old boys so if you’re looking for that perfect present, it’s probably here. And the good thing about this list is that all of the toys are educational in some way, helping them with vital skills they’ll need for preschool.

toys for 3 year old boys

Educational Insights Design & Drill Robot

Snap together this robot and then use the screwdriver to practice putting in the screws to hold him together. It’s a great way to introduce kids to robots and maybe spark an interest in robotics, and who knows – they might end up creating a new generation of them when they grow up.


Little Tikes Stem Jr. Wonder Lab

This Wonder Lab from Little Tikes is designed to improve their STEM skills, something which they will need as they go through school. You can conduct 20 fun experiments using simple items which you’ll find in and around your home, and the 40+ songs and phrases make the whole experience interactive.


LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World T. rex Tower Building Kit

LEGO is a great toy which can expand their imagination but when your child is small, the classic bricks aren’t a great idea. DUPLO is a perfect alternative as the bricks are chunkier; they’ll be able to build this T-Rex tower from the Jurassic World film, complete with dinosaur, car and Owen Grady minifigure.


Personalized M Is for Me Book

Perfect for helping your child recognize their good traits, this book will make a great keepsake for them to look at throughout the years. Beginning with a personal message from you, it’s then filled with an A-Z of positive personality traits which will boost your child’s self esteem and confidence.


LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Spider Man & Hulk Kit

All little boys love super heroes and with this set from LEGO DUPLO, they’ll be able to build a Marvel scene with Spiderman, Incredible Hulk, and Sandman in. Spidey needs to catch Sandman in his web while the Hulk smashes through the sand barriers created; it’s perfect for wild imaginations.


Paw Patrol Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck

When looking for toys for 3 year old boys, Paw Patrol will usually be a big hit. Marshall’s fire truck is here to help save the day! With a 2ft tall extendable ladder and with the water cannons on the front and back of the truck, the fire will always be able to be extinguished.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope

The moon and the stars are fascinating, and explaining space to a three year old can seem like an impossible task. Use the My First Telescope to get a closer look at the moon or the stars and fuel their natural curiosity at the world around them.

Prices Vary

Joyin Toy Educational Realistic Dinosaur Figures

Dinosaurs make great toys for toddlers, they can create many games and adventures using mini dino toys. This pack contains 18 different plastic creatures, all of which are no bigger than 9”, and they all have moving jaws so your toddler’s game can become that little bit more realistic.

Prices Vary

Little Tikes Stem Jr. Builder Bot

The Bot Builder from Little Tikes contains 12 different parts which your toddler can mix and match to create robots which all do different things. Use the Robotics Challenge prompt cards to really test their STEM abilities and see what they can come up with when they’re given instructions.


Scary Bingo

Over 45 silly and spooky monsters have gathered to turn the classic game of Bingo on its head. Instead of trying to make a row of numbers, you and your toddler have to use the monsters instead. It’s the perfect board game to engage and entertain your child.


Milton the Mealtime Companion

Has your child suddenly become fussy with their foods, especially vegetables? Introduce them to Milton. This food grade silicone mealtime companion will chow down on anything you feed him and if Milton likes it, chances are that it won’t seem so scary to your toddler and they’ll at least give it a go.


Dinosaur Toys Take Apart Toys With Tools

Is there a better way to introduce your child to the world of STEM education than with take-apart dinosaurs? They’ll be able to use the tools included to pull apart the dinosaurs and then put them back together, helping them with puzzle solving and hand eye coordination.


Battat Take-Apart Airplane

Take-apart toys are great for curious toddlers as well as improving their STEM skills. This plane is chunky, as is the drill, so it’s perfect for small hands, and the drill is battery powered too so they’ll feel as though they’re working with a real working tool.


Marble Genius Marble Run Starter Set

A marble run is a great toy for both children and adults alike. This one comes with 60 colorful translucent pieces which, when put together, form the run for the 10 marbles to cascade down. See which crazy courses your toddler can come up with.


BathBlocks Stem Discovery Blocks Bathtub Toy

Who said that bath toys couldn’t be educational? These floating bath blocks can be used for building, practicing their fractions, or even just color recognition. They’re mildew and bacteria resistant so you can keep using them to bribe your child into the tub time and time again.


Zip Zap Magnetic Block Set

They might look like plain wooden blocks but they’re actually magnetic and they can be used to build Zip Zap – the topsy turvy monster! Your child can create so many different versions of him, depending on what they want him to do. You might even find him stuck to the refrigerator door!


Skoolzy Shape Sorter Pegboard

This 7-in-1 toy is perfect for practicing a whole range of skills your toddler needs to prepare him for preschool. Numbers, shape sorting, and a puzzle box are just some of the ways this colorful cube can be used. Your toddler won’t even tire of it because it can be used in so many different ways.



Play Doh is a great toy but Eco Dough is safer for your toddler. Eating any kind of dough isn’t recommended but this one has been colored using natural dyes from fruits and vegetables such as beetroot and blueberries. We’re always taught not to play with our food but with Eco Dough, it’s acceptable!


LEGO DUPLO Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

LEGO DUPLO kits make great toys for 3 year old boys because the pieces are a lot chunkier than the classic bricks, making them easier to build with. This set allows you to build a petting zoo full of gentle giants from the movie Jurassic World, including two baby dinosaurs and a minifigure.


LEGO DUPLO My Town Pizzeria

Most children like pizza and they’re likely to eat up every scrap of their meal if you promise them this Italian delicacy. This DUPLO set features a pizzeria which you can build, as well as a pizza delivery bike to feed your hungry customers who can’t make it into the restaurant.


BEST LEARNING My First Piano Book

Introduce them to the wonderful world of music with this educational book. It aims to teach your child how to play 10 different songs using 6 instruments such as the saxophone and piano. Who knows, this might start off a lifetime love of a particular instrument.


Little Tikes Stem Jr. Tornado Tower

The first letter in the abbreviation STEM stands for science which is exactly what this Little Tikes toy will help with – you’ll be able to create tornado and lava experiments in your own home using simple household ingredients. Your toddler will love creating a mess…all in the name of science of course.


Construction Engineering Building Blocks Set

Fuel their imaginations with these engineering blocks which can be used to build just about anything. Your toddler can choose whether to follow the included booklet which comes with 12 designs, or go freestyle and see what they can come up with all on their own.

Prices Vary

NeoBear Smart Interactive Globe

A globe is a great way to teach your children about the planet they live on, and you’ll be able to bring this one to life. With the free NeoAR app which you can use to explore the world, they can also learn about the native animals of countries and even look at famous landmarks.

Prices Vary

Skoolzy Straws Connectors Building Kits

Who knew that you could use straws to build with? These bright and colorful ones can be used in every way imaginable to build anything which comes to mind. It’ll help your child’s imagination as well as their fine motor skills as they bring their vision to life.


1ZBLOK Stackable Building Blocks

Space exploration is still being discovered, and is being modified all the time to try and get us further into The Great Unknown. Spark an interest in your toddler with this STEM kit – the building blocks included can be used to build a rocket which can be customized in any way they want.

Prices Vary

Skoolzy Peg Board Set

Brightly colored, these pegs will grab your toddler’s attention almost instantly. They can be used to help them learn their colors and to improve their spatial awareness from the stacking. They come in a drawstring bag so they’ll all be kept together and you won’t find yourself standing on a loose one.


Little Patient

Show your toddler how the human body works with this plush patient. Zip open its stomach and you’ll find six tiny organs such as the heart and the kidneys. They’re all color coded and can be identified and learned about in the booklet which comes included.


Magformers Space Wow Set

Get them interested in all things space exploration with this set from Magformers. It contains 22 magnetic blocks which can be used to build various spaceships and rockets, either from their imagination or using the activity cards which are also included inside the box.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Jungle Crew Lab Set

Science will become more exciting to your toddler when playing with this 6 piece animal set. Use the Elephant Funnel to pour the liquid neatly, and the Rhino Flask to hold it. You’ll also find 10 activity cards, all with a different experiment on which use ingredients you’ll find around your home.


LEGO DUPLO Town Big Construction Site Best Toy

Little boys love all things construction sites and diggers, so they’ll want to get stuck in with this DUPLO set. It comes with three construction worker minifigures, as well as a crane, bulldozer and a dump truck which they can use to help build using the extra bricks included.


Kimicare Dinosaur Figures

Buying toys for 3 year old boys is tricky but you’re sure to get them something they love if you go with dinosaurs. They’ll be able to use them to learn the different names of the dinos, as well as expanding their imaginations to play with them in make believe worlds.


Fisher-Price Think and Learn Code-a-Pillar Toy

This is the perfect introduction to coding for three year olds as it shows them the basics while keeping it simple. All they need to do is rearrange the pieces of the caterpillar to change its path so they can tell it where to go based on the sequence of the pieces.


100 First Words for Little Geeks

Let’s be honest, when you recall your child’s first words you don’t want it to be something simple like “dog” or “cat” do you? With this book, you’ll be able to introduce them to 100 words which will be perfect for a mini genius who you have high hopes for.


Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. My First Microscope

You’ll be able to turn the simplest of items into something fascinating for your toddler with this microscope. The extra large eyepiece and knob make it easy for small people to work it by themselves and feel independent, all while exploring the world around them.


Star Right Self-Correcting How We Go Puzzle

This simple set of puzzles can teach your toddler a lot. From recognizing vehicles to learning how to match two pieces together, this puzzle set will be a great activity for you and your child to do together, no matter what the weather is.

Prices Vary

Eco Toy Trucks

With all the talk of plastic waste all over the media, replacing our children’s plastic toys with eco-friendly alternatives is a good place to start. These pull apart toys are made from reclaimed sawdust and bioplastic, both of which are durable so will withstand toddler play.


EMIDO Building Blocks

The structures your toddler can build out of these plum shaped blocks are infinite. They easily snap together and come in a little drawstring bag so they’ll always be kept together. As well as being brightly colored, they’re also durable so they’ll be strong enough for your toddler.


STEM Building Construction Trucks

Your toddler will be able to expand his STEM skills with this take apart and buildable truck. It comes with screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts which will help your child learn how a truck works, and it might even stem an interest in mechanics or construction.

Prices Vary

Kids First Thames & Kosmos Automobile Engineer

The First Automobile Engineer first tells you the story of Karlie and Ty Omega who are going to the supermarket with their dad. Along the way, they build models of the vehicles they see, and the story encourages your child to do the same, using the colorful plastic pieces included.


Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set

Looking at how cogs and gears work is fascinating, even to a three year old. Use this deluxe building set to make something different every time you get it out; the colorful cogs will grab their attention straight away and it’ll also improve a lot of their STEM skills.

Prices Vary

BEST LEARNING Book Reader Animal Kingdom

When teaching your child about the planet we live on, don’t forget the animals we share it with. This book is perfect for a three year old as it reads aloud some age appropriate facts about different wild animals, such as camels and sea otters.


Magformers Paw Patrol on a Roll Vehicle Set Building Kit

Paw Patrol is a hit with many 3 year olds so this will make a perfect gift. Use the 19 various pieces inside this Magformers kit to build 12 different Paw Patrol vehicles; the character cards will finish off those builds brilliantly, whether you want Chase or Marshall to be in the drivers seat.


Educational Insights Design & Drill Activity Center

Great for hand eye coordination as well as fine motor skills, this Design and Drill activity will get them interested in STEM activities. The 20 design cards are there for your child to follow, and they can use the chunky bolts to repeat that pattern on their bolt boards.


BathBlocks Floating Ball Run & Water Fall Set

Getting your kids into the tub can be a daily battle, but with these floating bath blocks, you won’t be able to get them out! They’re stackable so you can make waterfalls and ball runs while they’re getting clean, and the blocks are mildew resistant so they’ll be safe for your children to use again and again.

Prices Vary

HABA Town Maze Magnetic Game

Improve their fine motor and problem solving skills with this magnetic maze game. The aim is to get the colorful balls home to their matching garage using the magnetic wand, while the plastic cover ensures that the balls don’t come loose so it’s safe for small children to use.


Tevelo Take-A-Part Toy 3 in 1 Construction Truck

When it comes to choosing toys for 3 year old boys, you can’t go wrong with something to do with construction or diggers. This take apart truck can be rebuilt with the interchangeable parts to turn it into a bulldozer or snow plough which can be used inside or out in the back yard.

Prices Vary

LEGO My First Bricks Building Kit

DUPLO bricks are a toddler friendly version of the classic LEGO ones – they’re a lot chunkier and brighter too, so your child will love building with them. They can be used to build anything they think up, helping their imaginations flourish and improve their building skills.


Blue Orange Games Zimbbos Wooden Game

Stacking blocks are a classic toy, but these ones take it to the next level. They don’t just help their hand eye coordination, they also improve their number skills and color recognition. The blocks are shaped like elephants so they’ll be more appealing to toddlers than the usual cube ones we’re used to.


Festive Animal Ukulele

Introduce your child to a lifelong love of the ukulele with this colorful instrument. Beautifully bright and with painted horses adorning it, it’s small enough for little hands to hold and even after learning just two chords, they’ll be able to play a few songs.


5 Cute Diy Gifts for Toddlers

Diy Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site Play Dough Kit

Based on the book Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, this play dough kit will allow your children to create their own construction site just like the one in the book. It’ll soon become their favorite toy and might spark an interest in story time before bed!

Diy Elmo Inspired Tee

Elmo is a much loved character among our children but the official licensed tees can be expensive. Why not have a go at making one yourself at home? This tutorial is a no sew one which is perfect if you’re not particularly crafty or have no idea what to do with a needle and thread.

Diy Monster Pillow

This adorable monster pillow will make a perfect gift for a three year old. They can take it to bed with them or on long car journeys to bring them some comfort, and because you’re making it yourself, you can choose textures and colors you know they’ll love.

Diy Portable Felt Board

Take this portable felt board wherever you go and you’ll have a simple way to entertain your children. Whether you’re going on a road trip or out for dinner, this felt board will be a great alternative to the technology we’re used to using.

Diy Paper Spinner

Make this DIY paper spinner on a rainy afternoon and you’ll have something which your child won’t get bored with. Choose whichever colors you know your kid loves and then see which patterns you can make with your new toy – super simple to make but so much fun to play with.

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