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50 Brilliant Toys to Fuel Your 1 Year Old Girls Mind, Body and Soul

There are so many toys for 1 year old girls available out there on the market, but you want to narrow down the ones that your child can benefit from, right? If that is the case, simply follow the link and feast your eyes on the collection of toys that you find there.

toys for 1 year old girls

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn First Words Smart Puppy

Straight from Fisher-Price comes this adorable Laugh & Learn puppy. Designed to help little ones with their first words, the interactive and engaging pup is ready to teach your child all about words, numbers, and even colors through song and play! Your child will take one look and fall in love.


Personalized Constellation Growth Chart

The stars are infinite, and so is your love for your child. With this constellation growth chart, your kid can track their height as they grow taller and taller into the skies above; the best part is, it can even be personalized with their name, and a loving message.


VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk Deluxe

Fill your child’s mind with knowledge when you introduce them to this brilliant activity desk from Vtech. This exceptionally awesome desk teaches your children so much more than the average educational toy. With an LED display, 5 activity pages and tons of other features, you really can’t go wrong! Suitable for little learners aged 2 years and over.


LeapFrog Musical Rainbow Tea Set

If you are searching for a brand new toy to help with your little one’s development, this could be it. Brought to us by Leap Frog, this delightful musical rainbow tea set is full to the brim with educational, colorful, and musical fun that is guaranteed to help your child learn through play


Fisher-Price Giggles ‘n Growls Monster Plush

How adorable is this little guy? Perfect for toddlers and plush in construction, this cool Giggles ‘n Growls monster toy is perfect for accompanying developing minds on their journey. With sound effects included, you will also discover tons of different textures that are ideal for sensory exploration. He even boasts a clever pocket mouth!


VTech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads

The Vtech Lil’ Critters Moosical Beads toy is something that your child would instantly love. This delightful dairy cow has been designed to include loads of textures to engage children, as well as being surrounded by a bead ring that even features light up buttons! Musical, mooing, marvelous fun.


VTech Baby’s Learning Laptop Toy

Kids just love to play with adult stuff, which is why this great looking learning laptop will suit your little ones. With jumbo sized, easy to use keys and even a light up screen, it will help guide your child through some early learning concepts in a fun, inviting and engaging manner.


Personalized It’s My Birthday Book

Searching for toys for 1 year old girls? This personalized keepsake book is just the thing to get her on her first birthday. The customizable book will be all about your child’s grand birthday adventure, and the bright and colorful illustrations make the story even more exciting!


VTech Rhyme and Discover Book

Nursery rhymes have always been a fun and whimsical way of helping children to learn; this particular nursery rhyme book is unlike any other. Brought to us by Vtech, this electronic book features 7 well known rhymes and teaches them with fun, color, and music! Kids will love discovering what it has to offer.


UTEX Pop Up Play Tent with Tunnel and Ball Pit

Wow! Check out just how exciting this pop up play tent set looks. Featuring a square tent, a teepee, and a connecting tunnel, this adventure set is sure to bring hours upon hours of joy into your child’s life, and as the individual pieces are not adjoined, you can configure it however you want.


VTech Alphabet Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, a Vtech alphabet apple a day keeps the boredom away. This ingenious tablet toy contains tons of interactive features and activities that are all designed to help your child progress in their education. With songs and lights also included, you know they will enjoy it.


Discovering Music Activity Table

Activity tables are awesome, everyone knows that…but which activity table should you buy? If you know for a fact that your precious child loves music, this particular table features a piano, drum, guitar, and even a French horn that kids can experiment with as they compose their very own tunes.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Sweet Manners Tea Set

For centuries, children have been hosting pretend tea parties; who can blame them, they’re a lot of fun! Developed by Fisher-Price, this musical and interactive tea pot comes with everything needed for a tea party, and helps introduce children to some valuable lessons including sharing. Awesome.


Bamboo Suction Baby Bowl Set

Children are messy little creatures aren’t they? But who cares when they’re so darn cute? Keep mealtimes tidy and contained thanks to this bamboo dinner set that features a baby bowl with a suction cup attached underneath to keep it in place…there is even an accompanying spoon included in the set.


Nursery Rhyme Blocks

Handcrafted with care and attention, these nursery rhyme blocks are ready to bring some classic fun to your child’s life. Perfect for play or display, each of the 28 wooden blocks have been embossed with 2 images, and the text from a well known, well loved nursery rhyme.


Finger Puppet Tooth Brush Set

These finger puppet tooth brushes are accompanied by a brilliant book that will help children in their quest to become the best at keeping their teeth clean. Designed by doctors, this fun set has the sole purpose of teaching kids about the importance of a good dental hygiene routine. Make those molars magnificent!


Little Tikes Splish Splash Sink & Stove

Are you searching for toys for 1 year old girls? If your little one spends every waking hour watching you in the kitchen, this Splish Splash sink and stove from Little Tikes is the perfect toy for them. Great for roleplay, it contains all that they could need to cook, clean, and wash up after themselves.


VTech Touch & Teach Word Book

With touch sensitive pages, interactive features, lights, sounds, and much more, this Vtech Touch & Teach wordbook is ready to bring a ton of educational fun straight into your child’s life. With 4 different modes, your little one will be learning a whole new vocabulary in no time at all.


Portachair Harness

How useful is your baby car seat? Extremely, right? Well, what happens when you are out at a restaurant and need to be confident that your child is secured comfortably and safely in their seat? This Portachair Harness is just the product to ensure that your little one is always secure. Suitable up to 35lb.


My First Purse

Would your kid absolutely adore having their very own purse full of generic adult goodies? If you are nodding, this set is for them. Ideal for pretend play, this delightful looking purse contains a phone (with sound effects), a credit card, makeup, keys, and much more that your child can’t wait to explore.


Counting Hands Blocks

Counting with your fingers really is one of the oldest tricks in the book and is a great way to become comfortable with the art of numbers. These cool looking, handmade wooden blocks have been designed to help children to learn how to count using their fingers thanks to the diagrams on each of the blocks.


Baby Ballerina Socks

Make her feel like the best ballerina in the whole wide world with these ballerina socks. With 6 in the set, these comfortable and well-made baby socks have been created to look almost identical to adorable ballerina slippers. With different styles included, you can keep your prima ballerina looking as fresh as a daisy.


Personalized Mountain Growth Chart

Does your child want to grow to be as big as boulders? Help them to keep track of their progress with this personalized mountain growth chart. Add your little one’s name to the top of this cool chart and you will be able to watch as they grow towards the peak of the mountain.


Melissa & Doug Stainless Steel Pots and Pans

If your kid has access to a pretend kitchen, they need to kit it out with all of the right equipment. From the trusted toy manufacturer Melissa & Doug comes this 8 piece kitchen toy set. With a colander and pots and pans included, they can get ‘cooking’ immediately. The set is even available with wooden utensils.


Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House Dust! Sweep! Mop! Play Set

As adults, play time definitely does not consist of cleaning; however, for growing kids, cleaning can be so much fun. If you are looking for toys for 1 year old girls, you should consider getting them one of these brilliant pretend play housekeeping sets from Melissa & Doug that will keep them entertained for hours.


Fisher-Price Bright Beats Smart Touch Play Space

Technology has helped to make some baby toys so much cooler. This particular play space by Fisher-Price boasts a touch sensitive light bar that will respond to your little one’s touch. With lights, colors and sounds this educational toy has 3 modes of play allowing it to grow with your child and their needs.

Prices Vary

VTech Touch & Swipe Baby Phone

This Vtech Touch & Swipe baby phone is the perfect, compact educational toy for little ones. With a working screen, the included light-up pretend apps help to make the phone look even more real. With songs, phrases, and educational benefit, it is the ultimate companion for your child.


Garden Plate & Utensils

If you would like nothing more than carefree meal times for your little one, this plate set is for you. Colorful and cool to look at, this dining set has been designed with different ‘zones’ for different foods and a whole array of garden themed eating utensils that they will love to use.

Prices vary

Number Puzzle Board

Number puzzles have been keeping kid’s brain’s whirring for decades now. With so many different options available, which one should you get? If they like color, animals, and high quality toys, then this wooden number puzzle board could be the way to go. Safe, sturdy and a lot of fun.


Melissa & Doug Latches Wooden Activity Board

Take a look at this unbelievably cool activity board from Melissa & Doug. Designed with safety in mind, the wooden board contains a bright and colorful image, along with 6 different types of latches. Kids will develop their motor skills, problem solving skills, and more as they work out how to use them.


Wooden Race Track Car Ramp

Straight from Top Bright comes this awesome toddler ramp race track that has been designed to help little ones to play and learn. Kids can place their cars at the parking lot on top of the track, and then watch with amazement as they tumble and race their way down the track.


VTech GearZooz Spin & Laugh Gearaffe

Children do not only need to develop their mind, they also need to develop their entire body as well! To help them not only learn, but also improve dexterity and fine motor skills, introduce them to this brilliant Spin & Laugh Gearaffe from Vtech. The toy itself even teaches kids about animals.


Fossil Blocks

Fossil blocks; whether your little one uses them for play, or even display, they will learn a lot more about fossils and paleontology as they do so. With printed graphics on every block showing each fossil and its location and history etc., children will be fascinated as they work their way through all of the blocks.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Cookie Play Food Set

Cookies are great, even when they are make-believe! This pretend play cookie baking set from Melissa & Doug looks simply awesome and will definitely give your little one hours of fun. Inside you will find sliceable cookies and even some brilliant accessories that will make the whole experience a lot more realistic for kids.


Animal Learning Sound Book by Boxiki Kids

Animal sounds are always a great way to engage and excite kids, they just seem to love them! Help teach them more about the animals that grace this planet thanks to this educational sound book that contains over 90 different sounds and songs that kids will adore.


CifToys Musical Learning Workbench

Your child would have an absolute field day if you let them loose in your workshop…unfortunately, that just isn’t safe! If you are searching for toys for 1 year old girls, you should consider grabbing them one of these pretend play musical learning workbenches that come complete with tools.


Fisher-Price Smart Stages Grow ‘n Learn Garden Caddy

Gardening is an enjoyable pastime that has been enjoyed for generations. Start your little one as young as possible with this beneficial grow ‘n learn garden caddy from Fisher-Price. With sound effects and the ability to watch the plants ‘grow’, it will excite and educate children.

Prices Vary

Fisher-Price Little People Loops ‘n Swoops Amusement Park

Buying your child their very own amusement park sounds expensive, but don’t worry…it really isn’t. Designed by Fisher-Price, the Loops & Swoops toy set will bring so much excitement to your child’s life. Send the included car down the coaster and watch and listen for fun lights, colors, and sounds.

Prices Vary

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Spin and Discover Ferris Wheel

Check out this high chair accessory now if you would like a fun way of keeping your child occupied while they are strapped in their seat. With a suction pad on the bottom, this awesome Ferris Wheel is the perfect early learning toy and boasts songs, phrases, and other fun learning material that little ones will love.


Personalized We Go Together Book

Strong, good relationships are one of the best foundations for a good life. With this brilliant and personalized book, you can show your children the companionship of themselves and one of their friends, siblings, family members etc. in a fun and relatable way with their names included! They will also adore the great illustrations.


VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

Watch as your baby babbles and rattles with this delightful microphone from Vtech. This musical toy features so many awesome songs, phrases, and early learning material that will keep them engaged and excited – the microphone itself even amplifies your little one’s voice which is entertaining for both them, and you!


VTech Pull and Sing Puppy

Does your 1 year old love to play and laugh? Great, then they will enjoy this pull and sing puppy from Vtech. Adorable to look at, this fun little guy will help teach children through songs, music, and cool phrases as they pull it around with them everywhere that they go.


Fisher-Price Bright Beats BeatBo Boogie Boom Box

Say hello to the boogie boom box from Fisher-Price. With fun characters atop the toy, and tons of different ways to play, children will enjoy learning how to get the music to start, introducing them to the concept of cause and effect. With so many cool features, you can’t go wrong!

Prices Vary

Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone

Little Tikes have been creating awesome indoor and outdoor toys for kids for many many years now. This particular 3 in 1 set features a soccer goal, a basketball hoop, and even a mini bowling alley for kids to play with! With an electric backboard boasting educational fun, it’s a great gift for kids everywhere.


Melissa & Doug Shapes Knob Wooden Puzzle

Shapes make up a lot of the world, and so it is important for children to learn all about them. If you are searching high and low for toys for 1 year old girls, consider getting them one of these wooden shape puzzles from Melissa & Doug that will help them to learn as they play and explore.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Magical Lights Fishbowl

This magical lights fishbowl from Fisher-Price is a colorful bowl of fun for little ones. With lights, songs, and sound effects included, along with some cool fishy friends, children can learn about the alphabet, numbers, and more when they explore this awesome toy. Check it out.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Smart Purse

Would your little one just adore their very own purse and all of the trimmings that come with it? Of course they would, so invest in one of these smart purses from Fisher-Price. Containing 5 accessories, songs, sounds, and even phrases, they will learn so much just from having a play.


VTech Wiggle & Crawl Ball Toy

If your child is at the right age to start crawling, brilliant! Encourage them to start moving with this wobbling ball that they will want to chase. Not only does it wobble, it also benefits from interactive learning features, fun characters and built in sounds, lights, songs, and more.


VTech Pop-a-Balls Pop & Play Snail

Give this snail’s head a pat and watch as his shell starts to spin the included colorful balls around and around to the surprise and amazement of your child. With 3 interactive buttons also included, children will have the chance to learn about numbers, words, and even shapes in an engaging manner.

Prices Vary

Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone

From Fisher-Price comes this cool chatter telephone. Classic looking in style, the telephone has a friendly looking face, a pull cord, and a numbered dialer that kids can spin! Bright and covered in color, you just know that your little one will appreciate their time with this toy.


5 Easy Diy Tag Blanket Tutorials

Diy Heart Taggie Blanket

Are you trying to think of something that you can get your 1 year old that they will really benefit from? Save your money and instead create one of these heart taggie blankets right in your very own home. With all of the instructions situated here, you won’t be able to go wrong!

Diy Lovey Tag Blanket

Are you a fan of tag blankets? If you are considering getting one for your 1 year old, why not make your own? If the idea scares you, all you need to do is have a read of the following page and find out how it is done…it’s a lot easier and cheaper than one might think.

How to Make a Tag Blanket

If you admire everyone that has a tag blanket, but cannot justify paying for one yourself, do not panic! Your child can still have access to a tag blanket thanks to this DIY article that will take you step by step through the process of making one with your own hands.

How to Make a Diy Tag Blanket

Babies are associated with tag blankets…or it could be the other way around; either way, this tutorial will teach you how to make your very own! Much more personal than a store bought blanket, your baby will adore it for years and years to come.

Diy Tag Blanket Tutorial

If you’re reading this, then you are already interested in getting something awesome for your baby. Instead of buying them a gift, buy the materials and make them a DIY, homemade tag blanket. If you think you can’t do it, the following article will tell you otherwise as it contains detailed instructions.

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