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How to Win as a Parent on Easter: 34 Epic Toy Easter Gifts

Easter gifts are big business – we’ve moved past the traditional chocolate eggs. Whether you choose to keep the gifts Easter themed or not, you’ll find the perfect gift for your child within this list. Pick a couple and make up a little basket for them, they’ll love coming down to find that on Easter morning.

Diy Easter Sensory Bin

LEGO Ideas Women of Nasa Building Kit

Inspire and educate your children by giving them this LEGO set as part of their Easter gifts. Women of NASA has 3 builds, all centered around the 4 featured women of NASA. Build Nancy Grace Roman with the Hubble telescope as well as 3 other minifigures.


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box

Let their creativity shine and watch their imagination go wild as they use this 484-piece LEGO to build anything they think of. As well as all of the classic bricks there’s also windows, wheels, tires and wheel rims. Your child could build houses, cars, animals or something they’ve just dreamed up.


Green Toys Car Carrier Vehicle Set Toy

Made from 100% recycled plastic milk jugs, both boys and girls will love to receive this for one of their Easter gifts this year. It’s sturdy enough to be used outdoors as well as indoors, and the three cars and the truck itself are colored with safe paint, free from any toxins.


LightInTheBox DIY Wood Dollhouse

Your children will be able to make a proper home for their dolls with this adorable wooden dollhouse. It comes with furniture so their dolls can move in straight away, and it even has working lights so both your child and their toys can see what’s going on inside their new home.

Prices Vary

Design Your Own Headphones

Great for teenagers who are too old for the traditional Easter gifts, give them these design your own headphones. A pair of plain white over ear headphones, craft pens and some glittery tape is included within this kit and your teen can express themselves and gain a pair of headphones which are truly unique.


Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Sometimes Easter gifts need to be educational. This design your own video game will show them how to design their own video game using the creation platform. Then they can take their new game from the design board onto an app and play it for themselves.


National Geographic Dinosaur Dig Kit

STEM education is super important for our children and what better way to get hands-on than with a fossil hunting kit? From National Geographic your children can discover 3 real dinosaur fossils, a bone, a tooth and even some poop! What’s better than fossilized dino poop?

Prices Vary

Nerf N-Strike Elite Strongarm Blaster

This Strongarm Blaster from NERF holds 6 darts and can fire them up to 90 feet. It also has a rapid fire feature so you can fire all 6 darts at once and the rotating barrel has an easy to open flip hatch to make for easy reloading.


WowWee COJI The Coding Robot Toy

Your children can learn all about coding this Easter with this COJI the coding robot. He can be programmed via an app you can download onto a smart device, using emoji language which is super easy to understand, so kids of all ages will have fun with this toy.

Prices Vary

Just Play Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital Playset

Join Doc McStuffins and Lambie in their Toy Hospital, helping the injured and sick toys feel better. This playset has a real working elevator and a light up x-ray table, making it seem realistic for your child. And the toy hospital just isn’t complete without Rhonda the Helicopter which Doc can sit in.


Make it Mine Ultimate Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is a great way to display and keep all their memories in one place. Give them this Ultimate Scrapbook kit this Easter and they’ll have hours of fun decorating it to make it personal to them using the stickers, sparkling stones and sequins as well as other items included.

Prices Vary

Best Choice Products Walking Dinosaur T-Rex Toy

This will be their favorite out of all their Easter gifts this year if they’re dino mad! The Tyrannosaurus Rex is possibly the most recognized dinosaur and your kid can own their own one. It moves and roars like the real deal and its eyes light up when it’s going to roar.

Prices Vary

Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch Pachimari Plush

Overwatch is one of the hottest video games around right now and what better way to show your love for this awesome game than to own a plush Pachimari? Super cute and soft, this adorable plush toy has a built in squeaker, just as it does in the video game.

Prices Vary

Fairy Kit

Bring some sparkling fairy magic to their basket of Easter gifts this year with this fairy kit. Inside you’ll find all the bits and pieces to welcome the fairies into your home. Make fairy doors, beds and a welcoming garland. There’s even bits to make yourself a tiny fairy dust necklace.


Green Toys Ferry Boat with Mini Cars Bathtub Toy

Green Toys are made from 100% recycled plastic, making them eco-friendly, and contains no BPA. This cute ferry boat floats really well, great for bathtime fun or maybe take it to the beach and set it sailing on the ocean waves. It also comes with 2 colorful cars for the boat to carry back and forth.


Bike Chalk Trail Kit

We all remember cycling up and down the pavement as kids. We also remember taking some chalk and drawing some pictures on our parent’s driveway. So why not combine the both? This adjustable chalk holder can be attached to any bike wheel, instantly turning their bike into a studio.


LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Dinosaur toy

Combine your child’s love of LEGO and dinosaurs this Easter. They’ll be able to use this LEGO kit to build a fearsome T-Rex out of the 174 bricks, but the special thing about this dinosaur is that it can be rebuilt into either a Triceratops or a Pterodactyl. 3 great dinosaurs for the price of 1.


Just Play Doc Mcstuffins Baby All in One Nursery Toy

Give your child’s baby dolls somewhere to go if they’re feeling poorly. Doc McStuffins is now learning about baby care and your child can learn alongside her. This Check Up Nursery comes with all the necessary tools to look after their baby as well as a rocking cot for when the doll needs a nap.


The Three Little Pigs Toy House

If you add this to your Easter gifts list this year, you’ll be able to bring the classic fairy tale to life. The story of The Three Little Pigs is one we’ve all heard and now your child can re-enact it with the three houses, the pigs themselves and of course, The Big Bad Wolf.


Crayola Paw Patrol Color Wonder Coloring Pad & Markers

Minimize the mess that can happen when coloring with this magic Crayola set. The no mess markers will only show up on the special paper, it won’t mark their clothes, skin or your furniture. Your children will love coloring in their favorite Paw Patrol characters this Easter.


Ticket To Ride

Every family needs a classic board game in their household, one that gets pulled out on every family occasion and holiday. Ticket to Ride could be your new family favorite; it’s based on Phineas Fogg’s ambitious trip to go around the world in 80 days.

Prices Vary

LEGO Holiday Easter Egg Hunt Building Kit

What’s better to give as Easter gifts than a LEGO set based on an egg hunt? Build 3 locations with the 145 pieces and then use the two included minifigures to hunt for the eggs. There’s also various accessories, including a wheelbarrow which the LEGO figures could put their eggy loot in.

Prices Vary

Glowing Slime Kit

Slime is majorly popular right now; it’s the ideal way for kids to get sticky and messy without there being a lot to clean up. Give them this slime-making kit for Easter and they’ll be able to make glowing slime at home as well as doing the other 15 fun experiments included.


Code Master Programming Logic Game

If your child is interested in learning how to code, what better way to introduce them than by using a fun board game? Code Master is a logical game which teaches some of the most fundamental principles of coding while being loads of geeky fun.


Lego Painting Easter Eggs Lego Set

Add this LEGO kit to their Easter gifts and they’ll love you for it. They can build the kitchen scene and then pretend to paint the mini eggs with the palette and paintbrush. There’s also a hen in the garden, laying eggs ready for you to decorate with your paint.


Hatchimals CollEGGtibles Egg Carton by Spin Master

These CollEGGtibles will go down a treat with your Hatchimal mad child. Inside the egg carton, you’ll find 10 eggs plus 2 Hatchimals who have already hatched. Wait for the eggs to go from purple to pink and watch the Hatchimal appear from the egg.


L.O.L. Surprise!

This cute little pearl contains 6 surprise balls plus a Fizz, which is hiding two limited edition dolls. Watch your child unwrap each surprise ball with excitement and then dunk the Fizz in water, waiting for the dolls to reveal themselves, ready for your child to play with them.


Rockeship Connector Kit

A perfect Easter gift for budding rocket scientists, this kit will allow your child to build their very own rockets using recycled cardboard sections and 3D printed clips. Their imagination can go wild, dreaming up their ultimate rockets which will take them to space, among the stars.


Craftivity Dare to Dream Board Craft Kit

Keep your teenager focused on their dreams with a DIY dream board. Using this kit, they’ll be able to make a personalized and unique dream board which they can stick memories, goals and dreams to, which will keep them grounded and heading in the right direction.


Base Kit 2.0 from Let’s Start Coding

Suitable from age 9, this beginner’s coding kit will teach them all the basics they’ll need to code and program. If they’re interested in science or maybe robotics, they’ll love getting this as part of their Easter gifts this year. They’ll be able to start coding within 10 minutes of opening the kit.

Prices Vary

VTech Care for Me Learning Carrier

For one of their Easter gifts, give your child their very own puppy but without the responsibility. This cute plush puppy comes with an interactive carrier and all the accessories needed to look after their new friend. The different buttons on the side of the carrier will teach your child colors, numbers and the alphabet.


Cute But Deadly Overwatch Deluxe Vinyl Figure Blind Box

If your child is a fan of the huge video game Overwatch, they’ll love to find this blind box in their Easter gift basket this year. You’ll get one high quality vinyl figure per box and the best thing is that it’s a surprise until they get inside.


Wooden Block Wagon

Made from sturdy basswood and maple wheels, this wooden wagon is built to last. Use it to transport and store their favorite toys, from cars to classic alphabet blocks. The strong rope on the front of the wagon makes it easy for your child to pull it along.


Eco Finger Paint

Children’s pictures are something to treasure but finding child friendly paint, free of any toxins, can be quite tricky. These Eco Finger Paints are gluten free and have been colored with a mix of vegetable and fruit extracts making them perfectly safe for your children.


5 Diy Easter Activities

Diy Easter Bunny Bag Toss

This simple DIY bunny toss game is perfect to play after you’ve eaten your Easter lunch. The bunny is made from a large piece of cardboard. Cut holes where its mouth and stomach are, then make the carrots to feed the bunny his lunch. Whoever gets the most carrots through the holes is the winner.

Diy Easter Cootie Catcher

We all made these origami fortune tellers as kids. This tutorial will show you how to make Easter themed ones, decorated like bunnies and chicks. Your children will love making them as much as they’ll love playing with them, they’re a great family activity.

Diy Easter Egg Pinata

If you’re having family over on Easter Sunday, this DIY piñata Easter Egg will go down a treat. Perfect for kids and adults, they’ll love hitting the egg to find the yummy treats inside. Make a couple of them and that way, everyone will win something and there’ll be no arguments.

Diy Jelly Bean Color Experiment

A great experiment to do with your kids on a rainy afternoon. Take some jelly beans and place them around the outside of a plate. Add some water and watch the colors start to run off the jelly beans and join up in the center, making a lovely swirling pattern.

Diy Easter Sensory Bin

Rice bins are a super simple way to get your children interested in sensory play and theming them is so easy. This DIY Easter one is made from rainbow colored rice, empty plastic eggs and cartons. Watch your kids get stuck in and be amused for hours.

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