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38 Epic Ride on Toys for Active Toddlers – Safe and Mom-Trusted

Toddlers are always on the move, from rolling to crawling or learning to walk. This list of toddler ride on toys will help your little one get up and about, whether they’ve developed the motor skills and balance to ride unassisted, or whether they’re still gaining confidence and need a helping hand.

Toddler Ride On Toys

Toy Tractors For Kids Ride-on Excavator

Keep your little worker busy with this ride on toy truck. Out in the yard, your toddler can practice their motor skills using the manual digger arm to pick up rocks and then store them under the seat. There’s even a safety helmet so they can look the part too.


3 Wheel Mini Motorcycle Trike

Charge and go with this battery powered 3-wheel mini motorcycle trike. The realistic details give the trike the look of a real police bike and your toddler can learn to reverse, helping to develop their spatial awareness, turn the headlights on and off, and press to hear sound effects.


Ride On Fire Truck by Svan

A traditional-looking ride on toy, this fire truck is made from natural wood with a painted-on fun design. It also doubles up as a toy box – once your little one has finished rescuing their stuffed animals, they can tidy them away by removing the seat.

Prices Vary

Disney Minnie Mouse Happy Helper Battery-Powered Quad

Minnie Mouse fans will love this ride on toy with its bow-shaped bumper and lights at the front. It comes fully assembled so all you need to do is charge it up and then it’s ready to be taken for a spin around the neighborhood.

Prices Vary

John Deere Sit ‘N Scoot Activity Tractor

Perfect for tractor lovers, this 3-in-1 design will continue to keep kids entertained as they grow. The removable bar can be used to push little ones along until they develop the motor skills they need to push the toy themselves, and when they’re big enough, they can scoot along to the tune of ‘Old MacDonald’.


Mega Bloks Ride On Caterpillar with Excavator

If your toddler enjoys building and getting creative, they’ll love this Caterpillar toy – it has an excavator arm that pivots 360 degrees and CAT-themed blocks that can be stacked up, encouraging imaginative play. The 3-in-1 toddler ride on toy can be used inside and outside, making sure that the weather doesn’t dampen their fun.

Prices Vary

Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On

Get the parade going with this colorful, musical ride on. Help your toddler to recognize musical instruments with the different instrument sounds, and they can press the keys to create their own tunes, too. The wide wheels help little ones with balance as they learn to steer and push the toy forwards and backwards.


Power Wheels Lil’ Quad

With this awesome ride on, your little one can cruise around the neighborhood in style. The quad design includes footrests and a cargo rack on the back, so they can be prepared for action-packed adventures with just a push of a button, helping kids to feel comfortable and in control.

Prices Vary

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster Ride On

Create the excitement of being on a rollercoaster at home with this fun ride on toy that comes with a 10-foot track. Safety features, including the non-slip stairs for easy access and the car foot rests to keep toes out of the way, prevent the toy from being hair-raising for parents.


Power Wheels Thomas & FriendsThomas Train with Track

With his friendly, encouraging face, toddlers will feel safe riding around on Thomas. The 18-foot track will keep your little one entertained for hours with one push of a button, and when they’re ready to steer by themselves, the toy works off of the track too.


Fisher-Price 3-in-1 Bounce, Stride and Ride Elephant

This fun, bright elephant ride on transforms as your little one grows – start off with a sit-on bouncer, then when your baby is able to pull themselves up, use the handle to encourage them to push it along. More mobile kids can sit and steer the toy without any help.



These hot pink wheels will help your little princess to practice balance and coordination, and get her noticed in the neighborhood. The ride on has a low seat to make it easy to get on and off, while 4 large wheels make sure that it’s stable when she’s on the move.

Prices Vary

Disney Minnie Mouse Toddler Quad Electric Ride on

Ride with Minnie on this bright pink toy. The 50s’ style coupe may be retro, but it has plenty of modern features, including a push-button accelerator to ramp up the power and rubber traction on the tires to travel smoothly over different surfaces, both indoors and outside in the yard.


Radio Flyer Rider Trike Ride On

Updated for a new generation of little explorers, the Pink Rider Trike is both reliable and stylish, with comfort grip handlebars and quiet ride wheels. The seat can be raised as your child grows, making sure they get years of fun from this classic toy.


Rockin’ Rider Legacy Grow-with-Me Pony

It may not resemble a traditional rocking horse, but this clever toy changes as your baby develops, transforming from a bouncer to a rocker and then in to a spring horse. It can even talk and sing with its synchronized moving mouth, and it’s made from soft, huggable plush.


Kiddieland My First Minnie Ride On

An ideal first toddler ride on toy, especially for Disney fans, this interactive toy features lights and sounds and plays Minnie’s favorite songs. Kids can also turn the hands on the clock to help them to tell the time as they scoot along beeping the horn and revving the engine.


Hape Scoot Around Kid’s Wooden Ride On

This toy is as fun as it looks, with its bright green wheels. The 4-wheel scooter is foot-powered, helping with balance and building strength as little ones speed along. It also has rubberized wheels so it won’t mark floors inside, and it can be taken for a spin around the neighborhood too.


Little Tikes Deluxe 2-in-1 Cozy Roadster

Riding around is thirsty work – this toy has two cup holders to keep refreshed and there’s also a canopy for shade. Kids will love the real working horn, while the handle can be attached to the front or the back, allowing parents to pull or push little ones along.


Lil’ Wings Metal Biplane Ride On Toy

Learn how to fly on the Biplane Ride On Toy, which encourages imaginative play and also helps to develop coordination and spatial awareness. Kids can pretend to be piloting the shiny, red, metal plane, which features a moving propeller and steering wheel. It also has durable wheels for playtime both indoors and out.

Prices Vary

Kiddieland Disney Planes Fire and Rescue Dusty Activity Ride On

Toddlers will love pretending to be Dusty, coming to the rescue to save the day. This ride on plane has rotating propellers that create awesome light patterns, and it makes realistic take-off and landing noises. There are also familiar sounds from the movie, and kids will enjoy recreating their favorite scenes.


Little Tikes Princess Cozy Coupe

A classic, American toy that has been reworked for a 30th anniversary edition, this cute, pink coupe is a favorite with toddlers. With a removable floor and a handle on the back to allow parents to push their little princess around, it’s easy to maneuver and encourages active play.


Power Wheels Lil’ Quad

The quad styling of this ride on makes it practical and comfortable for toddlers with a low seat for easy access and built-in footrests to help with balance. Operated by pushing a button on the handlebar, giving kids instant control, it can be ridden on hard surfaces or grass.

Prices Vary

VTech Sit-to-Stand Ultimate Alphabet Train

All aboard the Alphabet Train for fun adventures that don’t stop as your child grows – the 3-in-1 interactive design transforms from a sit-on floor toy to a walker for toddlers to push around, and then in to a pull along wagon that can be filled with toys.


Kiddieland Toys Limited My Lightning McQueen Racer Ride On

If your kids are like lightning riding around, then this Cars-themed ride on is perfect for them. They can take McQueen for a spin and press the ignition key to hear the engine rev. There are also flashing lights and sounds to create a fun, fast-paced driving experience.


Vtech 2 In 1 Learn And Zoom Motor Bike

Toddlers love to speed around, but sometimes their motor skills haven’t caught up – this 2-in-1 motorbike easily transforms from a trike in to a 2-wheel bike when they’re steadier on their feet. Music and motorcycle sounds are triggered by a motion sensor when they’re riding along, encouraging imaginative play.


Little Tikes Dino Cozy Coupe

This popular toy has been given a dinosaur-themed makeover that kids and parents will both love. As well as its big eyes and friendly smile, it also has the features you’ve come to expect, including a removable floor, a working horn and a gas cap that opens and closes.


Chillafish 4-Wheeler “Grow-with-Me” Ride-On Quad

The Quadie is based on a classic 4-wheeler, however, the design is far from traditional – with bright green splashes of color and customizable decals, it certainly makes a statement. The seat can be adjusted to different heights as your child gets bigger, and they won’t want to grow out of this toy.


John Deere Sit-N-Scoot Buck With Lights And Sounds

As you’d expect from a John Deere licensed toy, this ultimate ATV is tough. With wide tires, it remains stable even when it’s put through its paces speeding around in the yard, and the carry racks swivel up and down, encouraging inquisitive hands to play and learn.

Prices Vary

Ride on Toy, Ride on Wiggle Car by Lil’ Rider

This lean, green riding machine isn’t powered by batteries and it doesn’t have lights or play music, but kids will love seeing how fast it can go as they run around powering the engine, bringing it to life. As well as being fun, it’s great exercise too.


Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike

This multi-tasking toddler ride on toy starts off as a rocker, then the base converts in to a push along handle to encourage movement and balance. In no time, kids will be confident enough to pedal around on the bike without any assistance. It’s easy to transform at each stage too – tools aren’t required.

Prices Vary

Hape High Seas Wooden Toddler Rocking Ride On

Cast off in to the ocean in this little vessel – the wooden, painted tugboat is great for imaginative play. Kids can rock and ride through the waves and each motion helps them to get closer to being able to walk, allowing them to develop motor skills.


Mega Bloks Jeep Ride On

This iconic design looks like a real Jeep with classic features including green bodywork and realistic sounds that can be triggered from the steering wheel. It also comes with Jeep-themed building blocks, which can be stored under the seat along with any other toys that are being taken for a spin around the block.

Prices Vary

Radio Flyer Scoot-About

With streamers on the handlebars and a working bell, your little one will stop traffic when riding around the neighborhood on this cool ride on. But the design is also practical too, with wide-set front wheels to glide along and an adjustable seat as your toddler grows.


Brown Hopping Horse

Bouncing around on this plush toy, kids will have hours of fun and be able to burn off energy. The Hopping Horse helps to support balance, whilst improving muscle strength and posture too. And it couldn’t be easier to inflate, as a handy pump is included.


Step2 Whisper Ride II Ride On Push Car

Your little one can cruise around in style in this cute, pink ride on, pretending to drive like Mommy or Daddy. Just like a real car, the hood lifts up to store snacks and toys, and there are realistic decals and safety features including a seatbelt and cup holders.


3 Wheel Motorcycle Trike for Kids by Rockin’ Rollers

It’s simple – rev the engine, press the pedal and go. The battery powered toddler ride on toy is easy to ride and can be used on any hard surfaces indoors in the house or outside on trips to the park. Kids will love the realistic decals and flashing headlights, too.


Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon

Kids can’t get enough of being pulled along and they’ll love this red wagon, which has plenty of space inside for up to 2 toddlers. When they get bigger, they can fill the wagon with toys and enjoy taking their stuffed animals for a ride.

Prices Vary

3 Wheel Scooter & Ride-On Balance Trike

Get 2 fun toys in 1 and choose between a scooter or a trike for walks around the block or to the park. The ride on transforms with a twist and a click and there are 3 wheels to prevent it from tipping over, even during energetic riding.


5 Simple and Fun Outdoor Toddler Activities

Diy Masking Tape Race Track

If your kids drive you crazy speeding around from room to room on their favorite ride on, try this easy racetrack idea to keep them in one part of the house. It’s quick to put down and take up, and you can change the design to stop your kids from getting bored.

Soap Boat Races Activity

Soap may not be your child’s friend, but they’ll love putting it to another use to make these simple boats to race against each other. Read this post to find out what to do in just a couple of steps, as well as how to create a river in your backyard.

Diy Colorful Ice Boats Activitiy

Activities you think up to play with your kids may not always go to plan; however, that doesn’t stop them from being fun. Learn from this mom’s findings when making these colorful ice boats and remember – it’s creating something together that causes a project to be a success.

Diy Cardboard Car Wash

Kids take pride in their toy cars, and this DIY car wash will help them to keep their toys looking like new, as well as being fun to play with on a summer’s day. Read this tutorial on how to create it – kids will enjoy getting stuck in helping to paint it too.

Lego Ice Rescue Activity

With summer around the corner, playing with ice is a great way to cool kids down on hot days. Have a look at this post to create a fun activity for your kids by freezing LEGO for them to excavate. No LEGO people were harmed in the writing of this article.

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