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26 Thoughtful Birthday Gifts That Will Leave Mom Speechless

We always want to buy the best birthday gifts for mom, but finding that meaningful present is tricky. Showing our gratitude for all she’s done for us over the years deserves special gifts and they’re not easy to come by. Luckily for you, we’ve found some of the most meaningful gifts we know Mom will love and put them together in one list for you. You’re welcome!

Choose birthday gifts for mom from this list and you’ll be in her good books for a long while.

Thank You For Your Part In My Journey Necklace

Mom is always there for you, so how do you show her that level of gratitude? This necklace may help you, with lapis stone wrapped in wire and a silver charm showing the moon phases, it also comes with a meaningful quote from 13th century poet Rumi.


Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal

While we can take photos and videos of ourselves and our children, nothing beats a hand-written journal full of memories. This one has daily questions for you to answer and record milestones you share with your children. Fill it in every day for 5 years and you’ll love looking back on it in years to come.

Prices Vary

Letters to My Mom

Finding the right words to put to paper can be difficult, especially when you’re trying to express your gratitude and thanks to mom. Use this letter set to write to her; the cute situation prompts will tell her when to open your letters and make herself feel better instantly.


Willow Tree Quietly

Willow Tree figures have such cute sentiment behind them. This one is of a mother holding her two children, one who’s still a baby. The card which comes with it reads “Quietly encircled with love” and your mom will put it in pride of place in her home.


To My Mother Personalized Jewelry Box

If you don’t want to buy her some jewelry this year, why not get her something where she can store all her lovely pieces? This silver plated box can be engraved with a personal message to let Mom know just how much she means to you.


Personalized Long Distance Mug

Children don’t stay little for long, one day they’ll be grown up and fly the nest, and maybe even fly a little further than you’d like. This mug will remind Mom that you’re never far away and then you’ll always be connected. Personalize it with a number of different countries or states and choose the color scheme too.


Dearest Mother Poem Personalized Clock

This simple clock can hold the most beautiful message, especially for your mom. Engrave it with any message you like, one that you know will mean the world to her. Then she’ll put it on her mantelpiece to read any time she looks at her new clock.


Willow Tree Mother and Son

A bond between a mother and her son is like none other. Celebrate that bond with this Willow Tree figure, which depicts a mom holding her son close. One day, he’ll be towering above you and this beautiful figure will remind you that he was small once.


All That I Am I Owe To You Ring Dish

Engraved with the words “All that I am, I owe to you”, this small dish can be put on display or even used to hold her jewelry. You can have it in a number of different colors so you can be sure Mom will love it, no matter what she chooses to do with it.

Price varies

Spa Bath Bomb Birthday Theme Gift Basket Box

All women like to feel pampered and relaxed – for some women that means a nice long bubble bath. If that sounds like your mom, this spa bath bomb box would make an excellent gift for her. It’s filled with everything she needs to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub.


Anatomy of a Parent’s Heart Mug

This adorable mug will be perfect for any mom, whether she’s new to it all or has grown up children. It features hand drawn depictions of the anatomy of a mother’s heart which include things like “sweetness”, “mixed up feelings” and a “center of strength”.


What I Love About Mom Fill In The Love Journal

If you’re stumped on what to get as a birthday gift for mom this year, this adorable journal is just the thing. It has blank pages where you can fill in all the things you love about your mom, what makes her special, and all the things she’s done which you’re grateful for.


Lucky To Call You My Mom Wood Picture Frame

They say a picture says a thousand words but what about the frame it’s in? This simplistic wooden one will not only fit in to any room or space it’s put into, but it also has the words “Lucky to call you my Mom” engraved into it. If that doesn’t say it all, what does?


Loving Words To Her Personalized Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are so relaxing to listen to, on a warm summer’s evening when you’re out on your porch trying to soak up that last bit of sunshine. Give Mom this one to hang outside her back door and engrave it with a meaningful message and your choice of design.


Home Is Wherever Mom Is Throw Pillow Cover

When your children grow up and leave home, that’s a really difficult thing to handle. Luckily, this cushion might make it a bit easier for Mom to deal with. She could place it on her bed, the sofa, maybe in your old room to go into and hug when she’s really missing you.


Willow Tree Memory Box

Whether she chooses to keep this in her bedroom or her work space, this memory box will always remind her of the amazing relationship she has with her daughter. With space for jewelry, hand written notes or keys, she’ll cherish this Willow Tree box forever.


You Are The Mom Everyone Wishes They Had Mug

Make her smile every morning when she fills this mug up with her tea or coffee. The black background with the words “You’re the Mom everyone wishes they had” in white writing, it’s easy to read and lets everyone know the message your kids want you to know.


Baby Handprint Keepsake Ornament Kit

The perfect gift for a new mom. She’ll forever be able to remember how small her baby’s hands and feet once were with this clay impression kit, which comes with colored ribbon and personalization kit so you can add their name and the date the impressions were done.


This Lady Is One Awesome Mom Coffee Mug

Show your gratitude to your mom with this mug which she can use to drink her hot beverage of choice. With black and pink writing and some lovely flowers painted on the bottom, she’ll be able to show everyone that her kids think she’s a great mom.


Willow Tree Close to Me

This adorable Willow Tree figure captures the love between a mom and her child perfectly. It comes with a card which says “Apart or together, always close to me” which is how a mom wants to feel about her children. No matter what life brings, she’ll always be there for her children.


Most Mothers are Instinctive Philosophers

She’ll be able to hang this print on the wall or have it displayed on her desk at work, but wherever she has it, she’ll always be reminded of how strong a mother’s instinct is. With a quote from Harriet Beecher Stowe and some hand drawn flowers, it’ll look at home wherever Mom puts it.

Price varies

Mother & Daughter Letter Book Set

If you’re looking for a unique birthday gift for Mom this year, this mother and daughter letter set will be perfect. It has 40 letters which mothers and daughters are supposed to fill in and send to each other, containing memories and meaningful words.


Silver Swallow Necklace

Made from sterling silver, this minimalist necklace has a single swallow on which represents freedom and coming home. It’s presented on a card with the words “To the world you’re a mother but to your family, you’re the world” which is a really meaningful message to moms.


Mama Bear Necklace Bar

Mama bears are fiercely protective of their cubs and now you have something to show the world that you’re the same over your babies. This silver bar necklace features a silhouette of a Mama Bear and 3 baby bear ones, to show the bond between a mom and her cubs.


Sterling Silver Mother and Child Pendant Necklace

This necklace is made from sterling silver and cubic zirconia, giving it a super sparkly look. It hangs on an 18” chain and the pendant has the outline of a mom and child, entwined together to make the outline of a heart to represent the love between a mother and her children.


3 Thoughtful Gifts for That Special Mom

Diy Photo Backed Clock

By following this tutorial from Making Lemonade, you’ll have a gorgeous photo clock which your mom will adore. Choose one of her favorite photos – whether it’s of you, her grandkids or something else she loves, this clock will take pride of place on her wall.

Diy Personalized Cutting Board

To make these cute personalized cutting boards, all you need are some bamboo boards, stencils and a wood burning tool and voila! You’ll have some unique homeware which your mom will love. Make her some matching wooden kitchen utensils while you’re at it.

Diy Photo Magnets

Make her these photo magnets for her birthday this year and she’ll be able to display her favorite photos in a different way than just in a frame. Magnets make a fridge less boring and by using the faces of the people she loves, she’ll always smile when she opens the refrigerator door.

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