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22 Really Funny Thank You Cards They’ll Never Expect

It’s important to let friends and family know that you’re grateful for everything they do for you. While thank you gifts might be out of your budget, you cant go wrong with a really funny thank you card. This list has a wide range of cards, perfect for all senses of humor.

Hilarious thank you cards for any occasion.

Elvis Thank You Card

When you think of the King of Rock and Roll, his famous catchphrase will likely be the first thing that pops into your head; it’s the perfect phrase for a thankyou card.


Old Fashioned Thank You Card

In this new modern age, we often miss the “good old days”. Turn this nostalgia into a funny card, complete with an Old Fashioned thank you.


Vladimir Putin Thank you Card

Whether you and your friends are into world politics or not, everyone knows who Vladimir Putin is. This hilarious card features a witty pun; something everyone can appreciate.


Golden Girls Thank You Card

This card is perfect for someone who is a fan of the American sitcom, Golden Girls. While the language might not be for everyone, it’s perfect for those who love the show.


Thanks a Bunch

Everyone needs a friend in their life who appreciates a good pun. Luckily for you, this hilarious underwear themed card is ideal for raising eyebrows and getting a few laughs.


I want to thank you so hard

You don’t always have to go over the top to show someone you’re grateful. Take this simple card, write a few meaningful words inside, and it’ll be simply perfect.


Mike Tyson Thank You Card

Mike Tyson is a legend. What better way to show the legend in your life that you appreciate them with a picture of the former boxer and his trademark lisp?


Ferris Bueller Danke Shoen

We should all take a leaf out of Ferris Bueller and take more days off. Show your thanks to someone by taking inspiration from the iconic parade scene in the movie.


Things I'm Thankful For Bar Graph Card

Having a friend you can rely on is one of the most important things in life. Let them know they mean more to you than chocolate chip cookies with this card.


Yoda Best Thank You Card

Make their day with this Star Wars inspired card. Perfect for someone who loves the science fiction movies, they’ll think that “Yoda Best” when they receive it.


Many T.Hanks (Tom Hanks)

Finding perfect thankyou gifts can be a mission. If you want to get them a card that will make them smile, T. Hanks is here to save the day!


Grateful Appreciation

Life just isn’t worth living without a witty pun here and there. Fans of “cheesy” puns will “Brie” delighted with this card; it’s an ideal thankyou for friends and acquaintances.


Grassy Ass

Language is a wonderful thing, and learning how to speak one that isn’t your native language is a skill. But we’re pretty certain that this isn’t how you spell thankyou in Spanish.


Toy Story Card

Whether your favorite character is Woody, Buzz or even Jessie, every fan of Toy Story knows why these aliens are grateful. Use their gratitude to show your friends why you’re thankful.


Cat Alphabet

You don’t have to be a cat person to appreciate how cute these furry felines are. Cats make everything better; even the alphabet. It’s bound to crack a few smiles.


Thanks a Ton

Letting someone know how grateful you are for them is important, especially if they do a lot for you. If they’ve got a wicked sense of humor, this card is perfect.


Such Thanks

Take inspiration from the world of memes with the classic one, Doge. Only those who live in this online world will understand it, making it ideal for your nerdy friends.


Thank You, You Suck

No-one likes a friend who has an overinflated sense of self-worth. With this card, you can express your thanks while reminding them that they need to keep their ego in check.


Thank You Very Matcha Card

What do you get when you cross matcha powder with your gratitude? A witty pun on the front of a thankyou card, of course. You weren’t expecting that, were you?


Feel Special

The whole idea of thankyou gifts is to show your friends how special they are. This card will definitely let them know, seeing as you went to the trouble of writing it out!


You Slay All Day

Wouldn’t we all like to have the confidence of Beyoncé? While you can’t gift it to your friends, this card will remind them that they can be fierce too.


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