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25 Tech Gifts for Tech Challenged Moms

There’s one question that nags at the back of all our minds: is mom really tech-challenged or is she just being stubborn about admitting what she knows? Maybe she likes it when there’s an excuse for her kids to come over and help. It doesn’t matter, thought, because the result is the same. This year, give mom a tech gift to help make her a touch more tech self-sufficient.

Your non-techy mom will love these tech gifts! After she figures out how to use them :)

iPhone for Dummies

We’ll kick this list off with a book that’s more emblematic of a whole range of books you can get your mom, rather than suggestion this book alone. Yes, if she has an iPhone and not a clue how to use it, get her this. But the “(Fill-in-the-blank) Books for Dummies will get her started and whatever she needs most.


Cute Tablet Stand

Thumbs up for this tablet stand. It might just be the reason mom rebels against tech gadgets is they’re not cute enough. Well, with this one, that can’t be an excuse any more. This one is cute, functional, and will make her smile. And on top of all that. It’s pink. Pink!

Prices Vary

Canon Power Shot

Moms love taking pictures of all their loved ones. They used to get them printed and keep them in scrapbooks, but now that social media sharing is all the rage, that’s their go to spot for showing off their kiddos. This camera connects to all the big sites wirelessly and allows her to share on the spot.


Digital Photo Frame

Once mom has all those photos, she’s going to need a place to display them. The amazing thing about these new (well, we suppose they’ve been around for years now) photo frames is that they do all the work for you. No more getting out the photo albums: all the photos are right there on display, all the time.

Prices Vary

Bluetooth Shower Speaker

Does your mom like to rock out in the shower? Okay, probably not. She’s probably more along the lines of listening to NPR or Prairie Home Companion while relaxing in an herbal aromatherapy bath, but either way, this Bluetooth shower speaker is totally waterproof and can make it happen.


Screen Cleaning Kit

Some people don’t realize the reason their screen is so hard to see is that it’s all dirty. It’s amazing how dusty and smudged a laptop, tablet, or phone screen can get. What’s more amazing is how great they look after you give them a clean. Show mom she can see the light again with this easy screen cleaning kit.


Wireless Ergo Mouse

If you have a mom who’s confused by extra wires, or always getting them crossed up or losing them, a wireless mouse is the way to go. And if you have a mom who’s getting a little older, and wants to save her hands for important things like gardening , an ergo mouse can’t be beat.


Smart Jewelery

There’s something about wearing a fitness tracker that’s like a public admission you’ve joined a club you don’t really want to be part of: the step-counting, calorie obsessed club. Fear not. Your mom does not have to join that club, at least publicly. This fashionable health tracker lets her do it on the down-low.

Prices Vary

Instant Mini Photo Printing Camera

Mom loves photos, but something’s keeping her from getting them off her phone and into a form she can put in her beloved photo albums. Web services don’t work. Loading them on a disc and taking them to the drugstore doesn’t work. This will work. We promise you she can do it, and she’ll be very happy.


Bling iPhone Bag

Your mom loves her iPhone but she doesn’t want to be caught walking around carrying a piece of technology. It simply won’t do. She’s far too sophisticated for that. Here’s a blinged-out iPhone carrier that will make her feel like she’s on the red carpet, even if she’s just going to the grocery store for some milk.

Prices Vary

Handbag Illuminator

She still has one of those enormous handbags that weighs like a hundred pounds and reminds you of a survivalist’s bug-out bag. It’s got everything she needs, including her phone, but she can never find it when it rings—this convenient light will help her get to that modern technology when she needs it.


Pocket Sized Backup Battery

Mom gets the idea of the smartphone. She can even use it, when push comes to shove. Where she falls short, however, is keeping it charged. That’s where this battery comes in. Give it to her—in fact, just put is straight in her purse—and she’ll always have a charge when she needs one.


Wooden Docking Station

Give your tech challenged mom a place to charge all her gadgets that doesn’t look like it’s out of a scifi movie. We know she’s tech challenged, but we also know there’s no getting around it: if she’s alive in the 21st century, she needs to charge her things. This dresser top station is just the thing.


Awesome Mom iPhone Cover

Since you’re the one who forced her to ditch her flip-phone from 2002 and get an iPhone, you need to be the one who gets her an iPhone cover that reminds her how awesome she is. This gift won’t make using the phone easier, per se, but it will make having the phone easier, if you know what we mean.

Prices Vary

The Phone Charging Purse

This gift is tailor-made the business mom on the go or the overbooked moms who always forgets to charge her phone. It’s a fashionable black bag outfitted with a battery pack and USB port that has enough power to fully recharge a dead smart phone.


Kitchen Stand with Stylus

This one is a double-whammy. Once you convince mom she can use a tabletin this case an iPadto access thousands of recipes on hundreds of websites, shes going to want this


Bombproof Phone Case

She’s got the phone, but she keeps dropping it and breaking it. We know. She even has the extra insurance, but constantly waiting for a new phone to be delivered, or even worse, going to the phone store once a week—it’s too much. That’s why she needs a tough as nails phone case like this one.

Prices Vary

Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Yes, it’s a true fact that people need to use their smartphones in the winter. And they need to look good while doing it. These touch screen gloves are totally fashionable, and saves mom from the need to take off her gloves every time she needs to text her kids—which is at all times, in all weather conditions.

Prices Vary

Universal Car Charger

Keep mom charged up when she’s out running errands with this universal car charger. It’s as easy as turning the key in the ignition. She just has to plug it in to the lighter—by the way, when was the last time anyone used a car cigarette lighter to light a cigarette—and she’s ready to get some juice.

Prices Vary

Smart Hat

So mom is an avid tennis player, is she? That means she has to keep the sun out of her eyes. Now she can keep her eye on the ball and keep her every step, heartbeat, and calorie tracked, all at the same time. This smart hat is the smartest hat we’ve ever seen. It puts Bluetooth beanies to shame.


Ladies Iron(wo)Man

Ironman watches started a revolution in fitness timekeeping that led us, eventually, to these newfangled Fitbit things everyone is wearing these days. The problem with them has always been their size and, frankly, their pretty ugly. Thank goodness those days are over! Get mom a good looking fitness watch that’s still just a watch.


Windshield HUD

Keep mom safe out there on the road with this awesome heads-up display technology. It’s adapted from high-tech military aircraft for use in a regular automobile. Simply plug it in, and all the information she’ll need when she’s driving is projected right in front of her.


Box Wine Dispenser

Finally a piece of technology that’s really worth it. Forget tablets, cell phones, tablets, wifi this and Bluetooth that. We’re taking wine, people. Mom will never have to wrestle with those confounded box wine nozzles again. We’re proud of you, junior: she raised you to know what’s important.


Ceramic Phone Holder

Mom will love this phone holder because it’s not techy at all. It’s like pottery and craft time instead of chat, surf, and text time. If she doesn’t want to use it to hold her phone, then she can use it to hold her favorite picture of you. But you can say you tried.


Retro Handset

We love this gift, because it reminds us of “back in the day” when phones had some real weight to them. The really cool thing about this one is you can put the smartphone in your pocket, hook this handset up, and walk around. We bet your mom will do it while she’s out walking the dog. Yes: she can still embarrass you.

Prices Vary

6 DIY Gifts for Tech Challenged Moms

Glitter Phone Case

Even if she barely knows how to use it, she still needs to look good pretending to use it. Make this glitter phone case for mom so she can stay on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. You don’t have to tell anyone—and she doesn’t have to admit—that all she knows how to do is answer incoming calls.

Cosmic Mouse Pad

Maybe all mom needs to get her comfortable with technology is something small. Something like this mouse pad, which has a field of stars printed on it. Who knows? If you’ve tried everything else to no avail, this DIY is easy enough to give it a shot. You really have nothing to lose.

Leather Laptop Case

She finally broke down and got herself a laptop—but if it took her this long to get one, it’s likely she won’t run out and get a case. Cut to the chase and make her this super-cool leather laptop sleeve. You’ll just need basic crafting/sewing supplies, a bit of leather, and you’re ready to go.


Okay: this one is meta. Not mega, it’s meta. If your mom is not into tech but she is all about IDY projects, how about this: teach her to start her very own DIY Blog, using this tutorial. See what we mean? Teach her to jump in to the world of the internet for the sole purpose of keeping people off the internet. Now that’s totally meta.

Lap Desk With Storage

Cute, functional, and helpful to the tech-challenged. That’s what this list is all about, and that’s what this DIY is all about, too. It shows you how to make a lap desk with a storage drawer for mom to use her laptop—or even just a calculator, if that’s as far as she’s gotten—with comfort and ease.

Cute Jump Drive

Emphasis on cute! This might be the simplest DIY we’ve ever come across. You might have to tell mom what a jump drive is for and how to use it when you give it to her, though. We suggest telling her it can hold a gajillion kid pictures: that will work. Once in the know, she’ll happily plug it in to her computer. Cause it’s soo cute.

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