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43 Unique and Useful Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea lovers can be tough to shop for because there are only a few things that go into enjoying a cup of tea. But having the perfect tea accessory and the perfect tea leaves can make all the difference. Here are some of the best tea gifts you can get to make drinking tea less of a daily activity and more of an art form.

43 Unique and Useful Gifts for Tea Lovers- my mom will love these! She is a tea nut :)

Wine-Inspired Teas

This makes a great gift for those hybrids that love both tea and wine. These teas are crafted so they embody the tea that they’re inspired by. You can even go so far as to pair your teas with specific foods, the way you pair wine with food.


Nagoya Teapot

This is a Japanese-style teapot that is hand-molded from cast iron. This is a way to bring some old school qualities to your tea experience. It includes the necessary accessories to properly brew a pot of tea, and the cast iron construction means it stays hot longer.


Glass Kettle with Stainless Steel Steeper

With most tea kettles you can’t see the magic happen because they’re opaque. This kettle let’s you peak behind the curtain and watch ordinary water turn into tea through the steeping process. It can be helpful if you know how strong you like your tea because you can remove the steeper when the tea reaches the proper color.


Assorted Handcrafted Teas

The tea lover in your life will always need a fresh supply of tea, and what better way to go than an assortment of high quality teas for their perusal. This is a good gift if you’re not quite sure of the type of tea they enjoy, and you feel that asking them would be too obvious and give away the fact that you’re buying them a tea-related gift.


Royal English Tea Tower

Go all out with this tea tower! Of course it comes with some English tea, but it also includes a tea set for one, honey, crackers, cookies, and more. It has everything one needs to have a most enjoyable tea time, and the suede hatbox it comes with can become a keepsake.


SmarTea Tea Set

The European design of this tea set is sure to look great on your countertops. It not only comes with the glass tea pot (pictured) but also has a stainless steel serving stand as well as a candle holder that is meant to keep the tea hot so you can have a second cup at the ready without having to drink your first cup extra fast.

Prices Vary

Soma Tea Cup

This uniquely shaped tea cup was designed with the tea drinker in mind. It has a special handle making it easy to carry without burning your finger on the cup, and it even has a special groove for the tea bag string to go through, keeping it in place so you can sip your tea without it getting in the way.


Monkey-Picked Oolong Tea

This might sound like monkey business at first, but apparently monks have trained monkeys to pick the tea leaves, and the monkeys are able to reach the leaves at the very tops of the trees, where the best leaves reside. This is supposed to give the tea extra flavor and quality, but at the very least you are helping to insure the monkey’s job security by buying this.


Unique Tea Spoons

You can’t have tea without a tea spoon, and they make the perfect accessory to customize just the way you want. There really are all types of tea spoons, ones with tea pots on the handle, others that have a heart for the handle, and even more ornate ones that have roses and different designs to suit any taste.


Rose Tea Pot Set

This rose tea pot set is more than meets the eye, as it folds into itself and expands to reveal several useful tools and tea accessories. There’s a plate, a bowl, two cups, a strainer, a scoop, and of course the teapot which is a separate item.


Vintage Tea Tins

These vintage tea tins are handcrafted and each has their own unique design. Tea tins are great for storing tea of course, and they can add some real charm to a kitchen, as long as you pick one that complements your other appliances or overall look of your kitchen.


Matcha Tea Set

Matcha is the name of the tea used in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, and this tea set comes with all that’s needed to conduct the ceremony yourself. This includes a whisk, a sifter, a scoop, bowls to drink from, and of course the matcha tea. Kimono optional.


Stainless Steel Squeezer Tongs

Not all tea gifts need to be elaborate, and if you’ve noticed that they don’t have a pair of tongs, this makes a very thoughtful gift. These tongs are great for grabbing the tea bag and squeezing the last bit of tea goodness from it, without burning your fingers.


Sharky Tea Infuser

Queue the Jaws theme music. This funky tea infuser “swims” around your teacup spreading tea awesomeness around. The blood pictured is just for show. This can be a fun way to start your morning with your cup of tea and Sharky.

Prices Vary

Eco Cup

The Eco Cup makes it so you don’t have to use disposable cups, and provides many of the benefits, including portability. It basically is combining a traditional ceramic cup with a lid and a sleeve to keep the tea inside and your hand cool. There’s even a special teapot shaped knob to wrap the tea bag string around.


Mister Tea Infuser

This little guy maxes and relaxes in your teacup, allowing the tea to come out but keeping the tea leaves safely inside. He’s too cute, and not to be confused with Mr. T, who likely wouldn’t be so accommodating. Just fill him up with tea leaves, close it up, and rest it on the lip of your cup, His arms grab onto the rim and he stays in place.


Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser

That’s no moon, it’s a tea infuser! The attention to detail on this infuser is pretty awesome, just look at the holder at the end of the chain, it’s a TIE Fighter. You can tell this was designed by a real Star Wars and tea lover, and will be loved by the same.


Chai Tea Kit

This tea kit is trying to capture the experience of walking the streets of India and sampling the teas they have there. It’s been assembled in a way that presents fair trade teas from different locales right in one well-labeled box. With a dozen teas to try they’re sure to like at least a handful of them.


Digital Measuring Spoon

Making sure you’ve got the right measurements is key to the perfect cup of tea. If you add too much or too little you’ll end up with a tea that is too strong or too weak. This digital measuring spoon will make sure you get it just right without any guesswork.


Water Boiler and Warmer

No tea station is complete without a reliable water heater, and this model does a great job of getting the water boiling fast, and then keeping it at just the right temperature for as long as you’d like. It’s always nice to have the water ready when it’s time for another cup.

Prices Vary

Porcelain Tea for Two Set

This porcelain tea set is made for two, but uses the same space as just one cup. It’s a great way to share a cup or two with your favorite tea buddy. The cup is split in two, with a handle on each end. You may have to pour tea twice as often, but the company is worth it.


Bubble Tea Kit

Get caught up in the bubble tea craze by being able to make it yourself at home. If you enjoy getting bubble tea at the local cafe, you’ll have even more fun constructing it on your own and making it just the way you like it.

Prices Vary

Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

These cups look just like the keys on a keyboard when they’re flipped upside down. Flip them right side up and you’ve got some pretty sharp looking cups for tea. It even comes with the perfect sized tray for storing the. Makes a great office gift for tea or coffee lovers.


Buddha Cup

This cup may help you find your center while enjoying your favorite tea. It’s designed to fit into your cupped hands so that you can feel more at one with your tea, and savor the moments that you have with it, fleeting as they may be.


Blissful Moments Tea of the Month Club

One thing you can be sure of is that a tea lover will always be in need of good tea. It’s a consumable product, so a monthly club makes sense. Tea gifts that keep on giving are always nice, and they’re sure to enjoy the selections, as they’ve been picked to provide the most relaxation and stress release possible.


No-Spill Mug Holder

This mug holder may look a bit odd, but it’s designed to make sure that your tea stays in the cup where it belongs. If you’ve had one too many mishaps with a hot cup of tea, you’ll appreciate being able to get your tea from point A to point B without burning yourself of spilling it.


Owl Tea Set

This cute owl tea set includes both the teapot and the tea cups, so you’ll have it all coordinated. The owls on the cups look cute, and it’s almost as if the mommy teapot is feeding her babies when you pour the tea.


Facebook Like Tea Mug

Here’s the perfect gift for someone that loves sipping their tea while cruising their Facebook wall for new posts. This cup as the very familiar Facebook Thumbs Up on it, making this one tea cup that they’re sure to “Like”.


Teapot Lamp

Take your love of tea to the next level by incorporating a teapot into your living room decor. This teapot lamp features an old style teapot as a base, with a lampshade on top. It somehow works, giving a room a feel of antiquity, while also being very unique and even a conversational piece.


Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

For Doctor Who fans this teapot is a must-have. It features the TARDIS time machine from the massively popular series. It’s a great way to serve up your morning tea, and is definitely something they’ll enjoy if they’re a fan of the show and a lover of tea.


Tea Book

This coffee table book about teas is sure to be well-received from the tea lover in your life. It breaks down the different styles of teas, and provides additional interesting details that a tea connoisseur or would-be enthusiast will happily soak up.


Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Here’s a dinosaur themed tea infuser that gives T-Rex a new meaning. You load up this dino with your favorite blend of tea, close him up, and in he goes. He’ll make sure your tea comes out just right by allowing the tea to seep out but keeping the leaves contained inside.


Informative Tea Towel

This tea towel is nice to keep around because it has plenty of information and tips on tea. It’s always nice to have a towel handy when preparing tea, and that makes this a great and useful gift for someone that has all of their other tea needs met.


Cherry Blossom Glass Tumbler

Tumblers are the way to go when you’re on the go, and this one in particular displays a cherry tree branch with cherry blossoms in bloom. This conjures up images of enjoying a green tea in Japan under the cherry blossoms at a viewing party. There are also additional styles available.


Crumpet Sampler

What’s more traditional than tea and crumpets? This sampler package allows you to have a proper tea time, just add your favorite tea. Try out different styles and flavors of crumpets to see which ones you like best.


Tea Pot Hat

If you know they have a quirky personality and are fanatic about tea, this tea pot hat is the way to go. It’s knitted into the shape of a teapot and if that wasn’t indication enough that a tea-lover is wearing it, it has the word tea knitted right into it. It’s cute but don’t be surprised if they only wear it in the privacy of home.


The Tea Spot Steeping Mug

This mug has it all figured out. It’s been said that you shouldn’t get a tea drinker a mug, because they already have one. But they probably don’t have a mug like this, so your gift can usurp what they already have. It steeps right into itself, so it cuts down on the amount of transferring necessary.


Wood Chest of Silken Tea Pyramids

The presentation on this chest of tea pyramids is going to knock their socks off. It looks pretty impressive, and they’re definitely going to like what’s in each pyramid. It can be hard choosing a gift for a tea lover, but this one is sure to impress.


Tea Stick

Insert your tea blend of choice into one side of the stick, close it up, and stir it right into a cup of hot water. They’ve really done their best to make this work simply and efficiently so you can get to the best part of the process: the drinking.


Deep Tea Diver

The play on words with this infuser is just too great. He’s fully equipped for deep sea diving, but his job is to turn that cup of water into a steaming cup of tea. Load him up with your favorite tea and watch him dive. Pull him out of the water when it’s time and give him some fresh air.

Prices Vary

Unique Wooden Tea Box

These wooden tea boxes are all hand-made, and they’re sure to be a big hit for those that love their tea. Tea boxes are a great way to store packets of tea, and every tea lover secretly wishes they had one if they don’t already.


Monkey Tea Infuser

This little monkey just loves to hang around, and his arms will grab the side of the tea cup, allowing the tea in his belly to enter the cup, but making him easy to retrieve when the steeping process is complete. Who says the tea making process has evolved?


IngenuiTEA Teapot

This teapot really is well thought out. It’s designed so that the tea cup gets placed underneath it and the tea pours right into it. This allows you to brew up tea using loose leaves, and then dispense the tea easily right from the bottom.


10 DIY Gifts for Tea Lovers

Decorated Tea Strainer

Tea lovers are sure to enjoy this decorated tea strainer. It holds down the tea bag in the hot water so that it seeps better and they get a better cup of tea. It also makes for a less messy experience so they’re sure to be happy with it.

DIY Sugar Cube Hearts

When they add sugar to their tea they’re sure to think of you with these sugar cube hearts. It really makes you a part of their daily tea ritual, and they’re easy to make. Add a spoonful of love to their tea experience.

Crochet Cozy

Keep their cup of tea warmer longer with this crochet cozy. It wraps around their mug and helps insulate the tea inside from the room temperature air. It also feels better to hold and protects their hands from a mug that’s too hot.

Pumpkin Tea Set

This tea set is made out of pumpkins, and is a very seasonal gift that they are sure to love. She even includes a recipe for a pumpkin chai latte, which she says is pretty much the best thing you can serve in this set.

Painted Watercolor Mug

Here’s a beautiful painted watercolor mug that is sure to be the new favorite for any tea lover. The really cool part of this project is that no two mugs will come out the same, so you are adding your own personal touch to it.

Sweet Tea Bags

These tea bags are extra special because each one has a heart on the tag. This is a special way to let them know that you are thinking about them and want them to have a most enjoyable tea time, no matter where you might be.

Tea Shelf

Make this tea shelf for the tea lover in your life and they’ll have a place for all of their different tea bags, tea sets, and tea accessories. Tea is good for you, so spurring their habit along is a good idea and this tea shelf is the way to go.

Mother’s Day Tea Tags

Surprise mom on Mother’s Day with these customized tea tags. She’ll love that you took the extra step of making something personalized for her, and it’s sure to be a big hit if she’s a fan of all things tea.

Christmas Tea Bags

Help them get into the holiday spirit this year by making them these Christmas tea bags. Each one can be personalized as you see fit, and even comes with its own cover so it looks like a regular tea bag you’d buy in the store.

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These heart shaped tea bags are sure to be a big hit with any tea lover, and they show you exactly how to make them so they come out looking great, and like something you could give as a gift. A very special tea gift they’re sure to appreciate.


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