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67 Unique and Useful Gifts for Tea Lovers

Tea lovers can be tough to shop for because there are only a few things that go into enjoying a cup of tea. But having the perfect tea accessory and the perfect tea leaves can make all the difference. Here are some of the best tea gifts you can get to make drinking tea less of a daily activity and more of an art form.

67 Unique and Useful Gifts for Tea Lovers- my mom will love these! She is a tea nut :)

Celestial Shaped Tea Bags

Anything celestial has a certain magical air, and these tea bags – which come as stars, moons, and clouds – are no exception, with 5 each of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and White Berry.


Tea Latte Gift Set

Like latte but with tea, this set allows for a smooth, tasty drink brewed like its stronger counterpart, and comes with a box of rose infused sugar cubes for a delicately exotic taste.


Dessert Tea Drops Trio

This gift set reads like a who’s who of delicious desserts, but without a calorie in sight these scrumptious-sounding tea drops will round an evening meal off nicely.


Lunar Phases Bathing Tea

Do you know someone who loves tea so much they could bathe in it? Now they can with these Lunar Phases Bathing Teas, which are each designed with a phase of the moon in mind.

Prices vary

Lemon Peel Tea

Lemon tea has been taken to the next level with this unique packaging idea, in which Californian lemon peels are stuffed with black tea to infuse each brew with a deliciously tangy taste.


Pink Chai Tea

The prettiest tea they’ll ever see, this Ayurvedic pink chai is made from a blend of organic ingredients such as rose petals, cinnamon, and stevia leaf for a delicate, health-giving brew.


Green Herbal Tea Kit

If their ideal tea is a little bit of this and that, let them blend their own with this set which includes herbs and teas which can be mixed and matched to taste.


Matcha Blends Gift Set

Matcha makes a great alternative tea gift for someone who is looking for something different, and with two delicious flavors included, this set makes a fine first foray into this powdered green tea.


Dinosaur Mugs

Even palaeontologists need a tea-break during the day, and what better way to enjoy one than with a steaming brew in one of these incredible earthenware dinosaur mugs?


Fake Coffee

They can fake it til they make it with this ‘pretend’ coffee, which looks and feels like the real thing, but with a slightly spicy and much lighter caffeine hit.


Tea Dust Trio

Sprinkle these tea dusts into hot water and all their cares will dissolve along with the powder, and with three varieties in each set, there’s a brew to match every mood.


Homemade Thai Iced Tea

Thai iced tea is a delicious blend of organic sugar, green tea, and creamy condensed milk, which can be boosted even further with any spice you like, and poured over ice.


Tea Bag Soap Set

Tea is as good for the body as it is for the soul, and this set of four glycerine soaps comes infused with nourishing oils to moisturize, and various tea leaves for natural exfoliation.


Elwood the Rainbow Unicorn Mug

Any tea lover will tell you that the first sip is sheer magic, so have them carry on that theme with Elwood, the enchanting unicorn mug with a sparkling rainbow mane.


Bourbon Infused Tea

If they’re planning on trying sober October or dry January, this bourbon infused tea will make the perfect gift as it imparts all the flavors of American whiskey, without the alcohol hit.


Tea Rest Steeping Mug

Save someone from the horrors of drinking cold tea (unless it’s iced) with this clever stoneware mug which comes with a heat-keeping lid that doubles as a spoon rest or coaster.


Japanese Green Tea Set

Japan exports only 5% of its teas, making it a rare treat for any tea lover. This set contains 4 connoisseur-picked green teas in varieties such as Tamaryokucha Imperial and Genmaicha.


Tea Leaf Reading Kit

Fact or fantasy, tea leaf reading is a lot of fun, and this kit will teach them how to decipher the patterns and symbols left in the bottom of the cup.


Blooming Tea

Utterly beautiful to watch, this jar contains small dried buds which, when dropped into hot water, will slowly unfurl into a flower which is as delightful to see as it is to taste.


Love Gnome Mug

Completely charming, this hand thrown mug features a whimsical gnome sitting on the front, holding a heart carefully in his hands – what a wonderful way to start the day.


Good Morning Tea Gift Set

Take them on a global tour of tea with this set of pyramid bags which contain leaves from China, the Himalayas, England, and Ireland, in deliciously refreshing blends.


Merlot Infused Tea

Coffee might be the go-to post-dinner beverage, but this merlot-infused tea might just change their mind. With flavors of bergamot and vanilla, it’s set to become their new favorite evening sip.


Math Mug

They don’t need a degree to know that tea + hot water equals the best drink of the day, but this chalkboard-style mug is covered with math equations to make it seem like they do.


Steeping Flower Blossoms

Grown close to a Buddhist temple on a single plantation, these steeping flower blossoms make the most picture-perfect teas imaginable as they imbue the hot water with deliciously floral tastes.

Prices vary

Tea from Around the World Set

Take the road less travelled with a set of 10 teas, which will open their eyes and their tastebuds to the delicious blends which can be found all over the globe.


Teas of the Boston Tea Party

History buffs will enjoy learning about the Boston Tea Party of 1773 as they partake of one of the five varieties included in this set, which were among those tossed into Boston Harbor.


Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Ideal for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or even just because, this set of 15 heart shaped tea bags contains 3 different varieties of teas for a romantic breakfast in bed.


Tea Bag Pocket Mug

Now THIS is genius, and could save a lot of domestic dramas – a mug with an integral pocket for used tea bags! No more tea stains and no more rows.


Butterfly Fields Morning Tankard

No mug could be more perfect for greeting the sunrise each day than this Butterfly Fields Morning Tankard, which has been handmade in a beautiful rustic design with an illustrated raw center band.


Self-Care Chamomile Tea Gift Set

Chamomile tea is one of nature’s greatest soothers, and this wonderful set will enable any tea lover to grow and steep their own relaxing brew thanks to a clever hydroponics system.


Wellness Mushroom Tea Duo

If their tea consumption so far has consisted only of leaves, it’s time they tried mushroom tea, because these brews use spices and fruits to impart the most delicious flavor sensation.


Paint with Bob Ross Mug

Every morning is a clean slate, a chance to start anew, just like this Bob Ross mug which features a plain black background until hot liquid is added, and then the magic begins.


Glass Teapot & Warmer

Whether they use dried flowers or ordinary bags, this glass teapot will provide a stunning show of ombre colors and swirling hues, while the tealight underneath will keep the pot warm.


Tea Maker To Go

Takeaway tea rarely tastes great, but with this clever Tea Maker To Go, they can have their tea brewed exactly how they like it, and it will stay warm for up to 6 hours.


Felt Teapot Purse

Cute and practical, this felt teapot is actually a purse and features feet on the bottom to keep it clean and dry, while the inside will hold any small incidentals.


DIY Doodle Mug

Doodling while drinking is encouraged with these mugs which come in graph or lined versions, and include pens which can be wiped off over and over until the design is ‘baked’ in the oven.


Spot of Tea Necklace

Made from gold plate and hanging on a 16” – 18” chain, this teeny teapot charm has a beautiful citrine gemstone droplet coming out of the spout as a tribute to their beloved drink.

Prices vary

Beauty Water Book

With names like Raspberry Moon Brew, there has got to be something magical about the recipes in this book which are all based on ways to make plain old water absolutely delicious.


Black Tea Blending Kit

With 5 organic teas, plus fruit peels and flowers, this kit will allow anyone to experiment with mixing their own blends, either from the included recipe book, or by making up their own.


Tea Drop Sampler

Pressed into tiny drops of heaven, these tea shapes can be added directly to hot water where they will dissolve into steamy, aromatic cups of deliciousness, like blueberry acai and rose Earl Grey.


Beauty Steep Tea Bag Eye Masks Set of 6

Tea bags are well-known for reviving tired eyes, but they do tend to slide off. These eye-masks are filled with aromatic leaves for the same refreshing effect with the convenience of staying put.


Bubble Tea Kit

Bubble tea is everywhere right now, but if you know someone who hasn’t yet tried it, this kit will enable them to create their own delicious Taiwanese treat by just adding milk.


Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set

Treat those winter blues without the need for medicine with this set of Cold Weather Comfort Teas, which includes flavors such as Peaceful Spirit, Cold Comfort, and the delicious Quiet Cough.


Trio of Cocktail Inspired Teas

Cocktails become mocktails with this trio of drink-inspired teas, which contain no alcohol and yet draw inspiration from the flavors of mojitos, cosmopolitans, and good old fashioned Pimm’s.


Literary Mugs

Mix words with a warm drink in one of these literary-inspired mugs, which feature quotes from the likes of Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, Edgar Allen Poe, and of course, the Brontë sisters.


World Botanicals Tea Set

The exotically-named teas in this gift set are certainly delicious, but will they try out Japanese Fleur de Geisha, English Blue of London, or Thé des Moines from a Tibetan monastery first?


Portable Tea Tumbler with Cork Sleeve

Sleek and sophisticated, just as a flask should be, this tumbler features a removable cork sleeve so the borosilicate glass doesn’t get too hot (or cold in the case of iced tea).


Pressed Wildflower Mugs

Handcrafted in Fond du Lac, these porcelain mugs have been hand pressed with real wild flowers to give a unique pattern in one of the three delicate colors available.


The Tea Towel

Packed with fascinating information about tea, this infographic tea towel would make an interesting addition to a tea drinker’s kitchen, and give them something to read while they enjoy their afternoon brew.


Disappearing Civil Liberties Mug

Never more pertinent than now, this Disappearing Civil Rights Mug will give a sobering taste of things to come as the warmth from the tea makes certain rights disappear before their eyes.


Nagoya Teapot

This is a Japanese-style teapot that is hand-molded from cast iron. This is a way to bring some old school qualities to your tea experience. It includes the necessary accessories to properly brew a pot of tea, and the cast iron construction means it stays hot longer.


Glass Kettle with Stainless Steel Steeper

With most tea kettles you can’t see the magic happen because they’re opaque. This kettle let’s you peak behind the curtain and watch ordinary water turn into tea through the steeping process. It can be helpful if you know how strong you like your tea because you can remove the steeper when the tea reaches the proper color.


Assorted Handcrafted Teas

The tea lover in your life will always need a fresh supply of tea, and what better way to go than an assortment of high quality teas for their perusal. This is a good gift if you’re not quite sure of the type of tea they enjoy, and you feel that asking them would be too obvious and give away the fact that you’re buying them a tea-related gift.


Royal English Tea Tower

Go all out with this tea tower! Of course it comes with some English tea, but it also includes a tea set for one, honey, crackers, cookies, and more. It has everything one needs to have a most enjoyable tea time, and the suede hatbox it comes with can become a keepsake.


Stainless Steel Squeezer Tongs

Not all tea gifts need to be elaborate, and if you’ve noticed that they don’t have a pair of tongs, this makes a very thoughtful gift. These tongs are great for grabbing the tea bag and squeezing the last bit of tea goodness from it, without burning your fingers.


Mister Tea Infuser

This little guy maxes and relaxes in your teacup, allowing the tea to come out but keeping the tea leaves safely inside. He’s too cute, and not to be confused with Mr. T, who likely wouldn’t be so accommodating. Just fill him up with tea leaves, close it up, and rest it on the lip of your cup, His arms grab onto the rim and he stays in place.


Chai Tea Kit

This tea kit is trying to capture the experience of walking the streets of India and sampling the teas they have there. It’s been assembled in a way that presents fair trade teas from different locales right in one well-labeled box. With a dozen teas to try they’re sure to like at least a handful of them.


Digital Measuring Spoon

Making sure you’ve got the right measurements is key to the perfect cup of tea. If you add too much or too little you’ll end up with a tea that is too strong or too weak. This digital measuring spoon will make sure you get it just right without any guesswork.


Water Boiler and Warmer

No tea station is complete without a reliable water heater, and this model does a great job of getting the water boiling fast, and then keeping it at just the right temperature for as long as you’d like. It’s always nice to have the water ready when it’s time for another cup.

Prices Vary

Tea Book

This coffee table book about teas is sure to be well-received from the tea lover in your life. It breaks down the different styles of teas, and provides additional interesting details that a tea connoisseur or would-be enthusiast will happily soak up.


Tea Rex Tea Infuser

Here’s a dinosaur themed tea infuser that gives T-Rex a new meaning. You load up this dino with your favorite blend of tea, close him up, and in he goes. He’ll make sure your tea comes out just right by allowing the tea to seep out but keeping the leaves contained inside.


Informative Tea Towel

This tea towel is nice to keep around because it has plenty of information and tips on tea. It’s always nice to have a towel handy when preparing tea, and that makes this a great and useful gift for someone that has all of their other tea needs met.


Cherry Blossom Glass Tumbler

Tumblers are the way to go when you’re on the go, and this one in particular displays a cherry tree branch with cherry blossoms in bloom. This conjures up images of enjoying a green tea in Japan under the cherry blossoms at a viewing party. There are also additional styles available.


Crumpet Sampler

What’s more traditional than tea and crumpets? This sampler package allows you to have a proper tea time, just add your favorite tea. Try out different styles and flavors of crumpets to see which ones you like best.


Tea Pot Hat

If you know they have a quirky personality and are fanatic about tea, this tea pot hat is the way to go. It’s knitted into the shape of a teapot and if that wasn’t indication enough that a tea-lover is wearing it, it has the word tea knitted right into it. It’s cute but don’t be surprised if they only wear it in the privacy of home.


The Tea Spot Steeping Mug

This mug has it all figured out. It’s been said that you shouldn’t get a tea drinker a mug, because they already have one. But they probably don’t have a mug like this, so your gift can usurp what they already have. It steeps right into itself, so it cuts down on the amount of transferring necessary.

Prices Vary

Deep Tea Diver

The play on words with this infuser is just too great. He’s fully equipped for deep sea diving, but his job is to turn that cup of water into a steaming cup of tea. Load him up with your favorite tea and watch him dive. Pull him out of the water when it’s time and give him some fresh air.

Prices Vary

Unique Wooden Tea Box

These wooden tea boxes are all hand-made, and they’re sure to be a big hit for those that love their tea. Tea boxes are a great way to store packets of tea, and every tea lover secretly wishes they had one if they don’t already.


Monkey Tea Infuser

This little monkey just loves to hang around, and his arms will grab the side of the tea cup, allowing the tea in his belly to enter the cup, but making him easy to retrieve when the steeping process is complete. Who says the tea making process has evolved?


8 DIY Gifts for Tea Lovers

DIY Sugar Cube Hearts

When they add sugar to their tea they’re sure to think of you with these sugar cube hearts. It really makes you a part of their daily tea ritual, and they’re easy to make. Add a spoonful of love to their tea experience.

Crochet Cozy

Keep their cup of tea warmer longer with this crochet cozy. It wraps around their mug and helps insulate the tea inside from the room temperature air. It also feels better to hold and protects their hands from a mug that’s too hot.

Pumpkin Tea Set

This tea set is made out of pumpkins, and is a very seasonal gift that they are sure to love. She even includes a recipe for a pumpkin chai latte, which she says is pretty much the best thing you can serve in this set.

Painted Watercolor Mug

Here’s a beautiful painted watercolor mug that is sure to be the new favorite for any tea lover. The really cool part of this project is that no two mugs will come out the same, so you are adding your own personal touch to it.

Sweet Tea Bags

These tea bags are extra special because each one has a heart on the tag. This is a special way to let them know that you are thinking about them and want them to have a most enjoyable tea time, no matter where you might be.

Tea Shelf

Make this tea shelf for the tea lover in your life and they’ll have a place for all of their different tea bags, tea sets, and tea accessories. Tea is good for you, so spurring their habit along is a good idea and this tea shelf is the way to go.

Mother’s Day Tea Tags

Surprise mom on Mother’s Day with these customized tea tags. She’ll love that you took the extra step of making something personalized for her, and it’s sure to be a big hit if she’s a fan of all things tea.

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

These heart shaped tea bags are sure to be a big hit with any tea lover, and they show you exactly how to make them so they come out looking great, and like something you could give as a gift. A very special tea gift they’re sure to appreciate.


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