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32 Soul-Satisfying and Healing Tea Gift Sets (Tea Lovers Dream Sets)

There’s not much which can’t be solved by a cup of tea; take the British for example – they will literally have a cup of tea for every single issue life throws at them. So we’ve rounded up some delicious tea gift sets which will solve any problems which are going on in your life or of those around you.

tea gift sets

Tea for Two Gift Box

There is nothing better than sharing a cup of tea with someone else, and this tea for two gift box is the perfect present to give to your tea loving friend. You’ll get everything you need to enjoy a delicious drink including a teapot, teacups, infuser and three types of tea.


Adagio Chicago Gift Series

Available in three different blends, you can choose to buy individual tins or even a gift set where you get to try all three. Peppermint, chai blend, and chamomile teas all come in loose leaf form and in collectible tins which you can use to keep things in when you’ve drunk it all.


Jane Austen Tea Gift Set

This is the perfect gift to give to that bookworm you know. You can’t settle into the pages of a good book without having a nice cup of tea to drink alongside it, and with these Jane Austen teabags, you can read some of her most famous quotes while brewing a cup.

Prices vary

Rustic and Lace Herbal Care Gift Set

No matter the occasion, this tea gift set will be well received by whoever you decide to give it to. It contains everything they need to enjoy a bit of self-care and indulgence, things like a trial bag of tea, organic lip balm, and some carrot and honey sticks.


Adagio Day and Night Gift Set

Drinking a delicious warm cup of tea before bed can really help you settle, but it has to have minimum caffeine in. And having one when you get up in the morning helps you wake up, but it needs to be the right blend. You’ll get the best of both worlds with this trio.


Plenty 4 You Tea Chest Gift Set

Beautifully presented in a natural bamboo box, this gift set contains 80 individually wrapped teabags so you can try different blends and brands you might not have before. As well as the tea, you’ll get 20 honey sticks which will go beautifully with your cup.

Prices Vary

Adagio Body and Soul Tea Gift Set

Many people these days enjoy their tea with a splash of milk and some sugar but did you know that you can use different teas to help with many body ailments? Take a look at this trio of body and soul blends and use them to keep you feeling in tip top condition.


Tea from Around the World Set

If you enjoy travelling, you’ll know that there are many delicious blends of tea available, but you can’t get many of them when you arrive back on home soil. Sample ten of the most delightful teas from around the world with enough of each to brew a 6-8 cup pot.


Japanese Green Tea Set

The Japanese love green tea and have produced some great blends which really get the most flavor from the tea leaf. Green tea is packed with a huge amount of vitamins and anti-oxidants, so you’ll know that you’re drinking something healthy, making you feel good from the inside out.


Cold Weather Comfort Tea Gift Set

Brew yourself a cup of feel good tea in the winter months with this Cold Weather Comfort gift set. Packed full of local ingredients, they’ll be really helpful in trying to fight off the symptoms of a cold or virus, like a cough or even a sore throat.


World Botanicals Tea Set

Perfect for a tea connoisseur, this sample set of ten different teas from around the world will really get your taste buds ticking. From traditional Earl Grey to an orange bergamot blend, this would make the perfect present for someone who loves a good cup of freshly brewed tea.


Adagio Artisan Comfort Gift Set

Open up the box and discover 30 teabags for you to sample yourself or bring out at your next social gathering (is there a better way to end the night than with a cup of tea?) With six different blends to try, you and your guests might discover your new favorite flavored brew.


A Little Bit Of Everything Herbal Tea Collection

Herbal teas are becoming more popular, especially among those who don’t want to drink caffeine or who are trying to be conscious of what they put into their bodies. This would be the perfect tea gift set to give to someone who likes a tea but prefers it to do some good to their insides.


Cacao Tea

You might be looking at this item and wondering if we’ve lost our minds but trust us. With a subtle note of cacao and extra spices creeping through, this blend is perfect for those tea drinkers who have a bit of a sweet tooth – you won’t even need to add sugar!


Herbal Tea Sampler

Is there anything that can’t be solved with a cup of tea? If you’re not into the traditional cup, why not try these herbal blends, instead? Inside this gift set, there are 10 different caffeine-free teabags, all of which are made from natural materials so you know that there’s nothing nasty in your drink.

Prices vary

Saffron Green Tea Blending Set

Saffron costs more per gram than gold or diamonds but here it is in a tea. You’ll feel really fancy while drinking this delicious green blend, and while you’re sipping away, you can feel proud that you’ve helped Afghani farmers and female workers just by buying this loose leaf tea.


Chai Tea Kit

You might have noticed chai tea appearing on more and more café menus and there’s a good reason for this; it tastes delicious. But instead of trying to come up with the perfect blend on your own, this chai tea kit contains all of the ingredients needed, as well as a detailed recipe.


Golden Moon Tea Gift Set

Perfect for any tea lover, this gift set contains four very different blends for you to sample. Fill your strainer with the blend of your choice, fill it up with boiling water and let it brew for just long enough to get the most flavorsome drink.


Wolf Tea Gift Set

Making sure that your loose leaf tea stays as fresh as possible is vital for you to get the most out of your cup. Available in four different colors, this tea caddy from Wolf Tea will keep the air out and your loose leaf will stay fresher for longer.


Gift Box Set Bath Tea Gift Basket,

We all know that a bath is one of the best ways to relax but instead of using a bath bomb, why not try these bath teabags instead? You’ll get four bags inside the box, all of which have different uses. If you’re after gifts for tea lovers, this one definitely stands out among the rest.


Wissotzky Tea Magic Tea Chest

Your guests will be very impressed when you bring out this wooden box at the end of your dinner party and reveal 8 assorted blends of tea. With 10 bags available in each flavor, your friends and family will have a chance to try them all and discover a new favorite.


Tea Forté Lotus Petite Presentation Box

The shape of a teabag affects its ability to brew and research has shown that a pyramid shape is the perfect one for getting your leaf to move around freely. This Tea Forte presentation box contains 10 triangular shaped bags so you can get the most out of your cup.


Cooking with Tea Set

Tea isn’t just for drinking with your friends and a slice of cake. Did you know that you can add tea to a lot of recipes, too? This Cooking with Tea gift set contains a book with 20 different recipes in and five blends of tea which will work wonderfully with the recipes.


Through the Day Tea Set

Teapigs have some amazing blends of tea and this set contains three of their fkavors which can be enjoyed any time of the day. English Breakfast is perfect for the morning, Mao Feng green tea will get you through the afternoon and Chamomile Flowers will wind you down enough for bed.


Trio of Cocktail Inspired Teas

Who said that you can’t enjoy a cocktail at 7am? While an alcoholic version probably isn’t advised, you can get all the flavors of your favorite cocktail from a cup of hot tea! Cosmopolitan, Mojito and Pimm’s tea are available in this trio, giving new meaning to the term ‘tee total’!


My Cup of Tea Gift Set

Treat yourself or a loved one to this 13 Teas gift set. You’ll be able to choose the design of the box, with digital images of Holly Golightly or Andy Warhol among them, and then get brewing. Try every sample included and discover a blend which you might not have tried.


Good Morning Tea Gift Set

You’ve probably heard of English Breakfast tea – it’s the blend which most people drink in the morning, but this gift set contains three other types which are perfect for starting your day off with. Each blend is proportioned into pyramid shaped bags which will extract the most flavor from the leaves.


Green Herbal Tea Kit

Some people just can’t find a blend of tea they like, but if you gift them with this set, they’ll be able to create a unique blend which they’ll love, using the nine different herbs and three varieties of green tea. By coming up with their own blend, they’ll soon discover the flavors they like.


Tea Forté Single Steeps Tea Sampler

Gift this tea set as a birthday present or even as a thankyou gift for your latest party host, it’s a lot more thoughtful than a generic bottle of wine. Inside, there’s five different blends of tea with flavors such as Darjeeling quince and vanilla pear which is different to the usual tea you’d drink.


Tea Forté Herbal Retreat Tea Box

When you hear the words “herbal tea”, you usually think of hippies who drink a lot of green tea but this gift set from Tea Forte is here to change your mind. Herbal teas don’t have to be boring, and the five blends inside this box all have a cocktail theme to them, minus the alcohol.


Adagio Flavor Trilogy Vanilla

Who knew that vanilla would taste good in a tea? This trio of loose leaf teas all showcase a different blend with vanilla added, so that you can sample the different ways in which this sweet spice works with the dried tea leaves.


Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Gift Set

You can make this box totally personal to the person you’re giving it to which is something you want with tea gift sets. As well as a bamboo spoon, tongs, and two organic reusable teabags, you can also choose the two flavors of loose leaf tea which will also be included.


Tea Sampler

Lavender is renowned for helping you to relax and getting you into a deep sleep, but have you ever considered drinking it? This tea sampler contains eight different lavender teas so you can try a cup before bed and see which one helps you drift off the easiest.


Pretty in Pink – Herbal Care Gift Set

This pretty in pink herbal gift set is the perfect gift for you to give to someone in your life who loves to drink a cup of tea to relax. Not only can you choose the blend of loose leaf tea they’ll receive, but also the scent of the garden salve which is also included.


Week of Wellness Tea Set

Sometimes we just need to slow down and listen to our minds and bodies, especially if they’re telling us to have some down time. Use this Weeks of Wellness tea set to reset your body; take time out of each day to enjoy the tea made for that hour and notice the difference in yourself.


Cold Brew Herbal Tea Kit

Not everyone likes a hot cup of tea, but that doesn’t mean that they have to miss out. Iced teas are popular now and with this cold brew herbal set, you don’t need to splash the cash on one from a coffee shop. You can mix and match the different herbs to create your own unique blend.


Numi Organic Tea By Mood Gift Set

Packaged in an octagon shaped box, you’ll find eight different types of tea which have all been made with a different mood in mind. The Breakfast Blend has been designed to focus you while the Chamomile Lemon should help you sleep, and there’s also six other flavors in between these two for you to try.


4 Diy Gifts for the Ultimate Tea Lover

Diy Tea Lover Gift Basket

Use this blog post to help you design the perfect tea gift basket for that friend of yours. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of spare cash, this gift can be made for next to nothing and because you’re making it, you can make sure it’s filled with things they’ll love.

Diy Christmas Tree Tea Gift

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful, especially if you’re running out of cash for presents. Why not take a look at these Christmas Tea Trees and draw some inspiration for your own holiday gifts this year?

Diy Herbal Bath Soaks

These DIY herbal bath soaks are the perfect present to give to someone who you know needs to relax a little. You can choose whichever blend of herbs you like and then pop them into muslin drawstring bags ready to be dunked into the bath water, releasing an aromatic scent.

Diy Homemade Tub Tea

There is nothing quite like a soak in the tub – it seems to take all of your worries away. Instead of reaching for an expensive bath bomb, why not have a go at making these herbal tub teabags instead? The right herbs will do wonders for your skin and you’ll come out smelling amazing.

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