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34 Yummy Tea Gift Baskets and Gift Sets for the Tea Obsessed

Tea gift baskets are the ultimate gift for any recipient, because no matter the occasion, whether it be a birthday or Mother’s Day, they show serious appreciation and care – nothing else says ‘I love you’ like showering someone in delicious, relaxing teas and the yummiest snacks and candies.

Tea Gift Baskets and Sets

ingenuiTEA set

For those who may be just dipping their toes into the world of loose teas, this will make a great gift as it comes with a 16oz InginuiTEA teapot and 4 samples of their yummiest, best-selling loose teas, guaranteed to get anyone hooked and want more yummy flavors to try out.


The Guide to Tea Gift

This ‘Guide to Tea’ set will make a heartfelt gift for any tea enthusiast, no matter who they may be. The set comes with a gorgeous porcelain china teacup that can either be used as an ornament in a possible collection, or as the best fitting companion to drink the Harney & Sons delicious black tea.


Calming Tazo Teas Gift Box

With 10 assorted tea bags, anyone will be spoilt for choice in the best of ways. The box also comes with a lovely teapot shaped tea bag plate, yummy assorted hard candies which will make a great snack to accompany the teas, delectable key lime cookies, and more. Yum.

Prices Vary

Tea Chest Gift Set

Whether you just love tea, or you plan on throwing a tea party soon, this Tea Chest will be perfect as not only is the display case an absolutely beautiful hand-carved wooden chest, but it comes full of 30 whole-leaf individually packaged tasty teas.

Price varies

The Ultimate Tea Mixology Box Gift Set

No matter their tastes, they can now make their teas to suit them with The Ultimate Tea Mixology Set. At first glance they may look like they’re part of a science experiment, but they’re definitely not, they’re just going to create amazing taste explosions in your mouth, instead.

Prices Vary

Gourmet Tea Lovers Gift Gold Box With Bow

Anybody would be lucky to receive this amazing gift. It comes full of a variety of teas and lovely honey spoons, and everything comes beautifully displayed inside of a gold box that’s finished off with a hand-wrapped bow – perfect for any occasion, whether it be Mother’s Day, a birthday, or even Christmas.

Prices Vary

Sweet Medley Gift Set

For those who aren’t too fond of loose teas, they can try out this selection of sensational pyramid shaped tea bags. If they’re a fan of fruity teas, they’ll enjoy the Peach Oolong and Blueberry White teas, or if they enjoy mint flavors, Peppermint will surely become their new favorite.


Unlocking Greatness You Are Simply Priceless Gift Basket

This set is sure to make anyone feel loved, cared for and appreciated. With handmade soaps and a lovely mesh body sponge, you can give someone the gift of an at home spa treatment and pamper, which they can then follow up with a lovely calming cup of tea and a delicious chocolate snack.

Prices Vary

Day and Night Tea Set

Why drink they same dull tea throughout the day? Here’s 3 teas with their own purpose – Jump Start does what it says on the tin, it gives you that boost to get started in the morning, Daydream gives you energy to get through hard afternoons, and 40 winks sends you off to a deep sleep.


You’re My Cup of Tea Gourmet Snacks Gift Basket

Let someone special know just how much they mean to you with the ‘You’re My Cup Of Tea’ tea gift basket from Art of Appreciation Gift baskets. All of the tasty teas, yummy chocolates, and other appetizing snacks are displayed inside of the delightfully charming teacup shaped basket that’s decorated with an adorable bow.

Prices Vary

Celebrating Mom Gift Set

The precious pink porcelain tea infuser makes this a brilliant gift for any mother in your life, whether it’s yours, a mother in law, or even your partner; they’re sure to enjoy the wonderful floral and citrus flavors of the 2 included tins of loose teas to relax and unwind with.


Sunlit Blooms Tea Set

Let your lovely mother feel just as wonderful as she is with this perfectly fitting mothers day gift. All moms are serious tea enthusiasts, so they will undoubtedly enjoy this set. It comes with 3 loose teas packaged inside of delightful floral tins that’ll look lovely displayed in any kitchen.


Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Presentation Box Set

Tea aficionados are sure to take pleasure from the craftsmanship that’s been put into these stunning handcrafted pyramid tea infusers and the beautiful, luxurious packaging. These boost-giving delicious herbal whole leaf teas are selected from small sustainable, high quality gardens and are naturally caffeine-free making for a surely serene, relaxing moment.


Tazo Tea Gift Set Featuring Large Bistro Style Mug

Who doesn’t enjoy taking a few moments out of the day to just sit down, get comfortable and relax while sipping at a lovely warm cup of tea and having a few naughty cookies to dunk into it? Sounds simply divine, doesn’t it? You may even want to buy this set for yourself..

Prices Vary

Care and Comfort Tea Set

Be kind and help a mama out with this Care and Comfort tea set. It has 3 caffeine-free blends that exclusively help out expectant mothers; Great Expectations eases pregnancy, Mamma Mia encourages lactation, and Red Tent helps to ease the pain of those horrible monthly mother nature visits.


Mother’s Day Morning Tea Gift

Treat those hardworking, much appreciated mamas with this Morning Tea gift. The set comes with a beautiful floral ceramic mug that has a pretty gold handle and the phrase ‘hey mama’, as well as a whole tin of Harney & Sons tea to keep all to themselves – ready to gift as it’s wrapped with pretty ribbon.


California Delicious Tazo Tea Temptations Gift Basket

If flavored teas are your ‘bag’ try out this amazing array of deliciousness. The box comes full to the brim of gorgeous ginger biscotti cookies, an organic dark chocolate bar – which will complement any flavor of tea – a mug, and of course those yummy teas.

Prices Vary

Tea Forté Tea Tasting Petite Presentation Box Set

Any tea party is sure to be a massive hit if you have these teas out on show, and up for grabs – we guarantee they’ll be asking questions on where they can get their hands on them themselves! With so many decadent flavors, there will be a flavor to suit anyone’s specific tastes.


Tea Forté Lotus Petite Presentation Box

With the menu of flavorful teas printed inside of the beautiful floral box, picking out your tea of choice to relax with will be no tough task. The handcrafted pyramid tea infusers come in many flavors, such as vanilla pear, orange jasmine, lemon lavender, and more.


Wissotzky Tea Magic Tea Chest

Who wouldn’t want to receive this amazing gift box collection from Wissotzky? It’s absolutely brimming with a massive array of 80 bags of luscious flavored teas to enjoy however you please, all displayed inside of the beautiful wooden gift box to keep and treasure forever.


Assam Tea Gift Basket

Teapot collectors, or just fans of tea in general, will love this Assam Tea Gift Basket. The basket comes with a stunning yellow gloss teapot that’ll make a gorgeous centerpiece in any style of kitchen, Assam tea, a helpful tea bag squeezer, delicious custard creams, and more.


Gourmet Tea Lovers Gift Purse

This gift set comes encased in a beautiful gold purse box, tied up with a stunning bow which really does give it a luxurious feel and will surely make any recipient feel super special. Inside, you will find many delectable delights from English Breakfast Tea, to Premium Black Tea, and even Biscotti cookies.

Prices Vary

Gifts Unlimited Tea Lovers Gourmet Basket

This is one seriously amazing gift. Not only does it come in a box that’s detailed with a stunning English garden, making it not merely a box but a beautiful keepsake, too, but it also comes with lots of tea time goodies and gourmet treats, for that special someone to enjoy.

Prices Vary

Numi Organic Tea Flowering Gift Set

Numi are well known for only sourcing from Fair Trade Certified gardens and use biodegradable, sustainable packaging, so while brewing up a delicious warming cup of rather decadent, luxurious flowering tea in your beautiful glass teapot, you can rest assured you are doing your part to help the planet, too. Ahh bliss.


Cottage Lane Hot Tea Mug Boxed Set

If you’re looking for just that little something to show some appreciation or cheer someone up, this is definitely the right gift. With this set you get a lovely teal colored mug, 5 Tazo Chai Tea bags, 5 Biscoff cookies, 3 honey spoon stirrers for some extra sweetness, and Nonni’s Biscotti, yum!

Prices Vary

Tea Forté Tea Tasting Assortment Tea Chest

Whether you’re looking to impress a new work client, or you just have a serious tea enthusiast in your life, you couldn’t possibly go wrong with this giant tea tasting assortment box from Tea Forte. Inside you’ll find 40 pyramid tea infusers full of the most delectable tasting leaves.

Prices Vary

Basket of Tea and Honey

It’s time to take a break and have a snack with this basket of Tea and Honey. The basket comes with a pack of the tastiest shortbread biscuits, 2 types of amazing honey (1 being made from the blossoms of orange trees), and 3 types of Tazo teas to try out.


Teabloom Blooming Tea Set

Have a completely unique tea party and impress all of your friends with this Blooming Tea Set from Teabloom. This stunning set comes with a beautiful glass teapot, a matching glass infuser and 4 double double-walled glasses that complement the charming floral tea, perfectly – making for a ‘blooming’ good time.


Organic Tea Gift Basket

Anyone who enjoys their tea strong will be over the moon to receive this Organic tea gift set. You can even have a go at making some ever so delicious scones with the included mix and fill them with traditional double Devon cream and sweet strawberry preserve for a truly delightful treat.


Wine Country Gift Baskets Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Pamper yourself or someone you love with this tea and coffee assortment. Packed full with decadent double hot cocoa, scrummy sea salted caramels, pure shortbread cookies, Ahmad English Tea, a pair of generously sized mugs, and lots more to enjoy, all wrapped up in a basket and topped with a pretty bow.

Prices Vary

Tea Time Treasures Snacks and Treats Gift Basket

This tea gift basket is absolutely beautiful, any tea lover will appreciate the charming packaging – a floral green teapot decorated with a matching colored bow. Just like the others, this basket is also full of the tastiest snacks, like zesty lemon wafer bites and cookies, as well as a great variety of flavored teas.

Prices Vary

Full Leaf Tea Tasting Crate

This set will make a surely wonderful gift for any loved one, like grandparents, or even as a gift to welcome a couple into a new home – nothing will settle them in more than a calming cup of tea in their new abode and of course the white porcelain teapot will match any decor.


Tea Lovers Care Package Gift Box

If you have a sweet tooth, or know someone who does, this collection of yummy delights is definitely the perfect treat. The set is obviously designed to ‘celebrate everything tea’, and it truly does that. So brew yourself a tea of your choice, grab those yummy candies, and chill out for a while.

Prices Vary

Tea Time and Madeleines Crate

Nothing goes hand in hand quite like Madeleines cakes and a hot mug of herbal-infused tea, so show someone just how much you care by sending them this unique, yet utterly thoughtful gift – what’s even better is that you don’t even need to wrap it as it comes ready in a gorgeous wooden crate.


3 Easy Diy Tea Gift Baskets

Diy Mother’s Day Tea Basket Video Tutorial

By watching this video tutorial over on Gift Basket Appeal’s Youtube channel, you can find out everything you need to know about making a gorgeous tea basket for Mother’s Day. So whether you’re on a budget, or you just enjoy making DIY gifts, why not try it yourself.

Diy Thrift to Gift Tea Basket

Take a look at this DIY to find out how you can ‘thrift to gift’. She encourages you to take a look at your local thrift stores and see what you can grab together to make a super thoughtful, and still seriously beautiful gift basket – just add a touch of creativity and paint.

Diy Tea Gift Basket

In this tutorial she uses a lovely reusable canvas basket that once finished with can be used to store snacks, books, or toys in. Throw in a simple teapot, a couple of pretty mugs (you could thrift these), some flavorful teas, a couple of thoughtful extras, and you’re good to go.

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