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101 Most Unusual, Weird and Whacky Gifts of All-Time

These gifts will make you smile, laugh, and shake your head. The originality of the selection is inspiring. You can’t go wrong with this unique and unusual selection of gifts! There is something for everyone – from friends to family, and even the hard to buy for co-worker.

36 Most Unusual Birthday Gifts That Will Blow Her Away

A chef’s precision cutting board, glass jellyfish chimes, or a mini terrarium necklace charm – these are the kinds of unique birthday gifts for her you’ll find in this list. Keep her guessing and surprise her with one of these fascinating gifts.

38 Unusual Christmas Gifts All Freaky Dogs (And Owners) Will Love

Your dog is your best friend, right? And how do we show our friends that we appreciate them? We buy them gifts, of course! Take a look at this list and choose some unusual gifts for your dog this holiday season which will be nothing like any other gift you’ve ever bought them before.

29 Unusual Christmas Gifts for Nerdy Dads

We all have something we’re nerdy about, be it a favorite show, piece of tech or a game. This year you can give Dad something he’ll really appreciate, because amongst this list are some of the coolest geeky things around.

27 Unusual Christmas Gifts for the Weird Mom Who Has Everything

Stop worrying about what to get Mom this Christmas, and instead look to this unusual list for inspiration. Full of awesome gift ideas, you are bound to find her something here; whether she likes reading, gardening, or something more avant-garde, you will find the perfect present.

27 Unusual Gifts That Might Not Be for Everyone

Take a walk on the weird side with this list of unusual gifts. You won’t find any crowd pleasers here, these are gifts where you really have to know your recipient pretty well to make sure that they’ll like it. The benefit of giving an unusual gift is that they’ll never forget opening it, so […]

15 Whacky Gifts That Are on the Pervy Side

Here are some of the wackiest gifts you can get for the pervy person in your life. They are sure to get a giggle out of them, and be a gift they remember for quite some time since you threw caution to the wind.

30 Unusual Gifts for Guys under $15

Getting your guy unusual gifts is a sure way to make them special and make him remember them. If you go the mainstream way and just get him things that everyone knows about, or that make complete sense, he’ll likely forget about it because it’s a bit boring. These gifts are sure to stand out, […]

11 Best Websites to Find Unique & Unusual Christmas Gifts

It can be hard finding gifts that are out-of-the-box and just unique enough to be special. If you know which sites to visit, you can be presented with dozens and even hundreds of great gifts that not everyone in the world has. This means they won’t be expecting this gift, but they sure will be […]

26 Most Bizarre & Unusual Gifts of 2013

One way to make sure a gift is original is to make it bizarre and whacky. Just make sure you have a pretty good idea of their personality before you get them an off-the-wall gift, or you run the risk of making things awkward. Here is our collection of outside-of-the-box gifts that’s sure to make […]