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156 OMG-worthy Christmas Gifts for Girls

Can’t decide what to buy the girls on your shopping list this year? Grab a coffee, pull up a chair, and work your way through our extensive list to find the perfect gift for that special girl, whatever her tastes.

77 Awesome Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls

Find the best gifts for teenage girls this Christmas, with ideas to suit every budget. From cosmetics to crafts, and candy to inventive ways to give cash, these gift ideas would even inspire Santa Claus himself! It’s our way of giving you an elf-ing hand.

35 Gifts for the 10 Year Old Girl Who Has Everything

Buying the right gift for someone is difficult. It’s even harder when that someone is a 10 year old girl. Whether you’re after something sentimental, a craft kit, or maybe even something educational, our list of gifts for 10 year old girls is guaranteed to inspire you.

46 SCREECH-worthy Gifts for 11 Year Old Girls

Get it right by using this list of gifts for 11 year old girls. They can be so picky; one minute they like something and in the next breath, they’ve changed their mind and it’s not “cool” anymore. We’ve made sure that these gifts aren’t going to go out of favor any time soon!

23 Gifts for Girls Who Hate Girly Things

Let’s just start off by saying that anything you can give to a boy you can give to a girl, too—with the exception, of course, of gender specific clothing. But is there any such thing, really? Your non-girly girl can do anything thing she wants. The gifts on this list will help her on her […]

61 Gifts for 8 Year Old Girls That She Won’t Put Down

We’re sure you are going to find the perfect gift for 8 year old girls, right here. No matter what the little princess is into, be it mermaids, fairies or crafting, you’re bound to find something she’s going to love.

50 Gifts for 12 Year Old Girls That She’ll Love and Use

From DIY kits to board games, this list has so many great gifts for 12 year old girls that it’ll be hard to pick just one. No matter what her interests are, we’re confident that you’ll find that ideal gift which you’ve been searching high and low for.

91 Unique (And Really Cool) Gifts for Girls That Don’t Suck

Find amazing and unique gifts for girls within this list, and present buying will never be a chore again. From cameras to make-your-own kaleidoscope kits, there’s everything a little girl could possibly want and it’s not likely that she’s already got them, either.

Feminist Gift Ideas: 35 Gifts for Strong Women

Everyone should have strong women and girls in their life, someone who is supporting the feminist movement and fighting for equal rights for all genders. Knowing what to buy them can be a challenge but with this list bursting with inspiring feminist gifts, you won’t go wrong.

750+ Best Toys and Gift Ideas for Girls of All Ages (1 to 12)

These are the high value, epic and screech-worthy gifts girls of all ages want! From the latest new gadgets to age-appropriate toys, use these curated Christmas lists to find the coolest ideas that your unique girl will love, use all the time and remember for years. Best Gifts and Toys for Girls (By Age) (1 […]

34 Great Gifts for 6 Year Old Girls

Gifts for 6 year old girls come in a vast array of creative possibilities. Whether she loves fairies and unicorns, monsters and slime, or something in between, you will find a great suggestion here.

34 Awe-Inspiring Personalized Gifts for Girls

There are so many presents out there which you could choose for your daughter or female relative. We’ve put together this list of amazing personalized gifts for girls so you can show them how much you thought of them when shopping.

31 Life-changing Birthday Gifts for Girls of All Ages

Stop having a meltdown over buying birthday gifts for girls. We’ve made things a lot easier for you by putting together this list – it’s got something for every age and the best part is that they don’t suck. From educational kits to empowering books, that gift you’ve been searching for is in here.

88 Unique Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls to Buy and Make

Searching for wonderful gifts for 4 year old girls? Is she an explorer, princess, astronaut, mermaid, or everything rolled into one? You will find something to delight every little girl’s wish from doctor to medieval knight and everything in between.